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Imagine Dragons - Boomerang (Lyrics)

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Imagine Dragons - Boomerang (Lyrics)
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Lyric video of Imagine Dragons track 2 titled "Boomerang" from their new album "Origins".


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9 nov 2018

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Comentarios 133
Intergalactic Hace un mes
I f*cking love this song
TheRafabh Hace 15 horas
Me too. Even I made a video about too. 😊
Linuxy Hace 3 días
I love too, but my family says its bad :(
The Kobe Neal show
The Kobe Neal show Hace 5 días
Me too
Dannis AmeZcua
Dannis AmeZcua Hace 15 días
Intergalactic me too🥰🥰
Billy Jovanovich
Billy Jovanovich Hace un hora
Алия Рысаева
Что-то я не поняла, где русские? Братья-славяне, восстаньте! (пхпхпх, да я татарка, лол)
Viral Screen
Viral Screen Hace 15 horas
Intergalactic Will appear In Next ESvid Rewind #Next_Pewdiepie_Best_Of_Luck_For_Your_Journey
Nick 16
Nick 16 Hace un día
I love this song
Kishan Rao Viswanathan
My gosh, this is like the millionth Imagine Dragons song I have herd and not one of them is bad. Every song of theirs is my favorite. Love you Imagine Dragons...
itsfunnierinenochian n
The lyrics aren't right sometimes
Brandon Kludt
Brandon Kludt Hace 2 días
hey dont say that
Noel Noir/Cure Naganadel Poké!Pretty Cure
Imagine Dragons is live, Imagine Dragons is love
Little Lezbean
Little Lezbean Hace 2 días
Holy f*cking lesbian Jesus! This song is my life! ITSSSS SOOOO Good, haters can f*ck off!
Embrace of Brazil
Hector Orquiola
Hector Orquiola Hace 3 días
Good Song For 2018
chopper tony-tony
chopper tony-tony Hace 3 días
I love music 😍😍😍
Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi Hace 3 días
Love!!!after thunder ...amaazzzzing song!
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Hace 3 días
Did you provide some extra bass?
Bára Forštová
Bára Forštová Hace 4 días
I can’t help, but I love every single song from Imagine Dragons...
oneshot deadshot
oneshot deadshot Hace 4 días
Imagine dragons is really bad at making bad songs
oneshot deadshot
oneshot deadshot Hace 3 días
YellowField LPS
YellowField LPS Hace 4 días
And you can make better?
βəɳ ðɾøɰɳəð
the one reason i dont like imagine dragons as much as i should: they didnt make these songs sooner XD
BiBi :v
BiBi :v Hace 5 días
I personally don’t like *TOO MUCH* this song, I just /like/ it ;-; but this video made it cool either :p
jerick delrey
jerick delrey Hace 6 días
nice song i like this
Gaurav Gosar
Gaurav Gosar Hace 6 días
Best song
Mahesh Agrawal
Mahesh Agrawal Hace 6 días
1:46 Life of every jee aspirant teacher when u have spend hours on a question and the teacher solves in seconds with a hell of a easy method
I'm dEMIgood
I'm dEMIgood Hace 7 días
Thanks for making the lyrics
Magic Kitti
Magic Kitti Hace 8 días
This band is my favorite band ever. I don't normally pick favorites in music. Let's forget that. This band has been with me since they got big. I first heard believer on the radio, and I immediately fell in love. Thank you for making lyric videos!
Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V Hace 8 días
Phoenix Wild-Machen
Phoenix Wild-Machen Hace 9 días
😃 every song
amie-ANAvi Hace 9 días
Bricksoldier 123
Bricksoldier 123 Hace 10 días
Kyper Gaming
Kyper Gaming Hace 9 días
420 Yeet
crepinho ricardo
crepinho ricardo Hace 10 días
Lets'go dragons 👏
Rebecca Sirberg
Rebecca Sirberg Hace 11 días
This song is art
Ozoliux Hace 11 días
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Diler Żelków
Diler Żelków Hace 3 días
Ozoliux Actually I don't want to be in a relationship xD
Merle Bravo
Merle Bravo Hace 5 días
Bold of you to assume I want somebody in my life
Majka žáková
Majka žáková Hace 6 días
U really believe this? Poor you :/
Kyper Gaming
Kyper Gaming Hace 9 días
+Bricksoldier 123 lmao
Bricksoldier 123
Bricksoldier 123 Hace 9 días
I'm asexual
Oksana Luckyj
Oksana Luckyj Hace 12 días
=))))))) hello
Natalie & SOFI R
Natalie & SOFI R Hace 12 días
Cooll song👍
M R Hace 14 días
Love 😍 it
Greypine Lyrics
Greypine Lyrics Hace 14 días
this keeps on getting better n better
jpach jpachmara
jpach jpachmara Hace 14 días
2:23 booma-booma-rang-rang-retting you go lolz
Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson Hace 15 días
I fell like this the type of song that gets better every time u hear it ( like machine)
Annette Only Has This Account For School
I didn't realize how fun it was the say the word boomerang (and how tongue tying it is) until I tried singing this song!
MyNuggetGames Hace 15 días
I like how you do your backgrounds it goes really well with the songs
Redshoes Productions
Redshoes Productions Hace 15 días
The song was great. But, I was also watching the background... I was wondering if wether or not we're a shaft going in and out of a time/space pussy. What do you guys think?
Janya Shrivastava
Janya Shrivastava Hace 16 días
I always listen to Imagine Dragons on road trips... NO MATTER WHAT
LOS ORTUBERS!!! !!! Hace 17 días
In the final the song is like falling or the world is 🤯
Bella Clo
Bella Clo Hace 17 días
I'm in love with the album
Phoenix is Awesome
Phoenix is Awesome Hace 17 días
Sokka from ATLA be singing this
anvita sharma
anvita sharma Hace 17 días
And I am bad at letting it go , letting it go This lit song 😍😍😍
LARIVIERES Hace 17 días
La best de best des chanson du CD
LARIVIERES Hace 17 días
C est vrai
Bilal Fareed
Bilal Fareed Hace 18 días
Freakin' awesome.
Abby Weingarten
Abby Weingarten Hace 19 días
How do you decide on the lyrics for your songs and your songs are the best. Your band is also an amazing group of people. I love it
Robyn Broyles
Robyn Broyles Hace 20 días
Mateus Dark
Mateus Dark Hace 20 días
my favorite song of origins
Ossiar Hace 21 un día
Soooo goooood😍😍🤙🏻❤️🔥
yolanda barrientos
yolanda barrientos Hace 22 días
This is my first time listening to this song and I think it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Aidan Byers
Aidan Byers Hace 23 días
Journey Kingdom
Journey Kingdom Hace 24 días
Я не понял, а где легендарный русский чат? (I'm with you, I love it too)
Katy Angharad Pepper-Chamberlain 11A
это не перевод
Nadun Wijesinghe
Nadun Wijesinghe Hace 25 días
I'm ready to go but tbh I'm not this song knocked on my heart and It explains me
prince osars
prince osars Hace 25 días
Legends strike again! 😢
Nova Enforcer15
Nova Enforcer15 Hace 25 días
Reminds of the smoke and mirrors album
Griffin Lynn GL Racing
So at the end I only have a few concerns from the actual lyrics I’m bad at letting you go letting you go Bommerang lettting you go letting you go boomerang ready to go moving on ready to go moving on boomerang ready to go moving on ready to go moving ready to go ready to go ready to grow ready to grow your my bommerang boomerang your my boomerang
Griffin Lynn GL Racing
Timothy McMahon grow is in the official lyrics released by them
Timothy McMahon
Timothy McMahon Hace 18 días
It’s “ready to throw” as In throwing a boomerang
Bryce Rentschler
Bryce Rentschler Hace 26 días
You know what i absolutely hate about every song by Imagine Dragons The haters that come with the songs
sandeep pathak
sandeep pathak Hace 8 horas
You hate their song.. So ..you know all of them.. right..😋
Kythra Kel
Kythra Kel Hace un día
I hate when the song ends
huskie central
huskie central Hace 6 días
The haters
huskie central
huskie central Hace 6 días
Ya but this way they experience the song and we get to go all out on them
Magic Kitti
Magic Kitti Hace 8 días
Aditya Bharadwaz
Aditya Bharadwaz Hace 26 días
Creative video for an awesome song. Just a small suggestion: you might wanna select a font matching the background. Everything else is perfect
Majka žáková
Majka žáková Hace 6 días
You are right. Animation is so good,but the font is terrible.
Star. lord504
Star. lord504 Hace 26 días
Love your lyrics, keep going like that, your the best❣️
Intergalactic Hace 26 días
thank you so much!
JGinHD Hace 26 días
Every single imagine dragon song is so good, Jesus
Merle Bravo
Merle Bravo Hace 5 días
AceColorsRed ^^
narato345 Hace 10 días
+AceColorsRed and what songs might those be ?
AceColorsRed Hace 10 días
JGinHD not all ! I lvoe them but they had some really bad song
Rainbow Corn
Rainbow Corn Hace 27 días
Nemůžu přestat poslouchat to znovu a znovu,sakra! Jedna z mých oblíbených písniček z albomu. Jste můj boomerang💜
Rainbow Corn
Rainbow Corn Hace 22 días
Micro joooo,taky skvělá!!! Líbí se mi message tuhle písničky. Například, we don’t wanna change,we just wanna change everything. Zní to nějak ironické,že nikdo se nechce měnit sám,ale chce změnit všechno kolem sebe
Micro Hace 25 días
Co rikas na digital? :D
TheRandom Hace 29 días
This song is so f*cking good, I swear to God, I love it and I like just discovered it.
jothy D
jothy D Hace 29 días
Too good
Nazlı Özel
Nazlı Özel Hace 29 días
Mükemmel! Love from Turkey 🤘🏻
Karson Morris
Karson Morris Hace 29 días
Im loving the new album
amy bochenek
amy bochenek Hace 25 días
who isnt!
abo falah
abo falah Hace un mes
I hope you upload the hole album 💕
Manal Kazmi
Manal Kazmi Hace 4 días
Dan Rude
Dan Rude Hace 24 días
I have album soooooooo good.
Jack Ryan Ediong
Jack Ryan Ediong Hace 25 días
+CCVevo Haha
CCVevo Hace 25 días
abo falah they don’t have an album called hole????
abo falah
abo falah Hace un mes
I'm ready to grow not throw
abo falah
abo falah Hace un mes
it seems like grow but I'm sorry your right. I love you
Intergalactic Hace un mes
It is "throw"! You can look up on google if you like!
abo falah
abo falah Hace un mes
Nice 😎
Emberdragon Hace un mes
Stefan and Damon is all I can think of for this song 💙
Easy Lyrics
Easy Lyrics Hace un mes
i love your lyrics man
Intergalactic Hace un mes
Easy Lyrics thank you! That means a lot :)
Mr Radio
Mr Radio Hace un mes
wajahat abbasi
wajahat abbasi Hace un mes
aawwww shit the beat tho
suzana soares
suzana soares Hace un mes
Aí vlw
believer_ x_
believer_ x_ Hace un mes
Klaus & Elijah anyone?
Hila Tsulker
Hila Tsulker Hace un día
Jasmin Watson
Jasmin Watson Hace 2 días
Yes I so see that
Kennedy Carrier
Kennedy Carrier Hace 26 días
Βασίλης Σκου
Υπέροχο! Love from Greece
booksmademeanerd EnAuCa
Marina Hace un mes
Όπα Ελλάδα 😂😂😂
Anon Nom
Anon Nom Hace un mes
Nostalgic ♥
A continuación