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vil Lain
vil Lain Hace 6 días
That's a wake up call for Mormons
I_Am A_Messenger
I_Am A_Messenger Hace 6 días
Daniel and Ellen: Jesus loves you both. Turn to God and watch what God will do in your lives. You Don't have it all until you know you can't fall. Repent and believe. Be baptized by both water and spirit so you might live forever! Be Born Again and let God make you new. Once you know you're forgiven- there's no room for guilt. Jesus is so amazing. The kingdom of God is at hand.
Cindy Church
Cindy Church Hace 9 días
I am so proud of him. I was a Mormon. Joined when I was in college. The church has so many good things to offer someone. I could not reconcile the church stance on the LBTQ community. Speak your truth... Love you. Ellen speaks the truth. What Adam Lambert did...Super Fruit and Pentatonix is doing. Will save so many lives. We all need to accept and love others for who and where they are. There are no "mistakes".
Donna Marcellus
Donna Marcellus Hace 9 días
I just adore him.
ToutCQJM Hace 9 días
The word he was looking for was “cult.”
Shanette van Zyl
Shanette van Zyl Hace 9 días
Suicide seems to be the modern-day epidemic on earth!
John Anderson
John Anderson Hace 10 días
I feel like the shamming is wrong and people should be more focused about loving people even though they make mistakes.
Darthstardustv2 Hace 10 días
I think this is an unaccurate representation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I myself am a member of this churc which they deem the "mormon" church. They are pinning this stigmaof intollerance on the church itself, but having lived in utah i can tell you that it is not the church as a whole, but a disconnect of individual members because if not knowing how to deal with thinds like homosexual feelings. I know that God loves all his children, but that he has also given us a plan to be like he is. Those who feel conflicted do not truely understanf what the teachings of Jesus Christ are. I belive it is insensitive of Ellen specifically not to use proper terms of the church as well as making a quick assumption of what the church stands for. I commend the notion of raising awareness but i am also saddened by this misrepresentation.
The Ruddz
The Ruddz Hace 10 días
I can really relate to this being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, no longer apart of it. Lots of guilt being raised that way, being indoctrinated into a religion that doesn’t tolerate. All the power to those wanting that way of life but no judgment to those who don’t.... I’m glad he has a relationship with his mom .... mine views me as dead because I left.
The Ruddz
The Ruddz Hace 4 días
Jolayne Burnham thank you for your kind words. So many are speaking out about their experiences with abuse and shunning. Its empowering.
Jolayne Burnham
Jolayne Burnham Hace 4 días
Yes! Since leaving the mormon church I have found a huge kinship to the exJW community! We are sooo similar its almost eerie! Glad you found your way out and I am so sorry that you are being shunned!
Phylicia Morgan
Phylicia Morgan Hace 11 días
Kayla Mayeux
Kayla Mayeux Hace 12 días
Sounds like Brendan Urie...
J G Hace 13 días
I am very familiar intimately with Ladder Day Saints and their religion. People forget..."John 13:34" "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." I think people forget...this is ALSO a commandment...not just the TEN most are familiar with. He speaks...as I have loved you...not as we love each other, because we are unable to feel that kind of love. One of complete empathy, understanding, and acceptance. Just Love...Dan Reynolds is the man.
Ella Arevalo
Ella Arevalo Hace 15 días
Whoever you are, i love your music. That's enough! 😍
Kirstin Kyle
Kirstin Kyle Hace 15 días
This makes me sad. I wish there were more popular interviews being done on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their actual teachings/doctrine and statistics than stuff like this. This man, Ellen, and countless others have felt oppressed by certain religious groups, but there are countless others who find mercy, love, knowledge, and solace from these very religions. I wish they could seperate their painful and sometimes even scarring experiences from the churches. It's such a sensitive and difficult topic to address, but I wish people in their prospective religions would be more loving and caring for those who are different and those that do not practice the religions to be loving and understanding to those that do
Jolayne Burnham
Jolayne Burnham Hace 4 días
The church is what's causing the damage. How can you separate that?
Amy Howell
Amy Howell Hace 16 días
Who else says imagine dragons is your favorite band?
luv_nane28 Hace 17 días
I’m a post-Mormon.
RandomVidz TV
RandomVidz TV Hace 17 días
My favorite Imagine Dragon song is Underdog!
Izzy Olson
Izzy Olson Hace 17 días
As an LGBT youth raised in the mormon church, this interview is one of the reasons my mom accepted me. She even left the church because she couldn't be apart of a religion that treated LGBT people the way that they do. I have nothing against the mormon church and am only speaking through my own experiences. But thank you Dan Reynolds for what you've done for me and my family just through speaking your truth
Luke Ward
Luke Ward Hace 18 días
He is such a nice guy I would love to meet and speak to him...
Karl Bonacua
Karl Bonacua Hace 19 días
Mormons are judgmental, like the mormon dudes in the Philippimes are the most judgental people of the planet, I tell yah
Enrique Parra
Enrique Parra Hace 15 días
Everyone in the world is judgmental
Elsa Huffman
Elsa Huffman Hace 19 días
He looks so much like Scott hoying from the side
nsgraff 5
nsgraff 5 Hace 19 días
I still believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Being LGBQT no matter the circumstance should not be frowned upon. I whole heartily support anybody’s choice of sexuality. 1st commandment: Love One another. I stand by this. I know I’m not perfect, but I try the hardest not to judge anyone based on race, sexuality, religion, etc. I hope you guys do to.
Zouya 007
Zouya 007 Hace 19 días
I just love this guy
Ether 12:27
Ether 12:27 Hace 21 un día
"this thing that feels right is getting me kicked out of college". He does not understand the importance of the law of chastity.
Ether 12:27
Ether 12:27 Hace 21 un día
it is not "beautiful and perfect" to break the law of chastity.
Fat Tick
Fat Tick Hace 22 días
Congrats n thanks..
Macky Ferrer
Macky Ferrer Hace 23 días
I love imagine dragons. With this video, i love them more.
Eddie Mares
Eddie Mares Hace 25 días
Much respect for you Dan and Ellen. ....wow....powerful.
Jaye Jay
Jaye Jay Hace 26 días
Wow. That is so sad. "Leading cause of death for Utah teens 11- 17 is suicide. Suicide , in general, amongst Mormons has increased 141%." Time to wake up.
柯Jeff Jyunyan
柯Jeff Jyunyan Hace 26 días
He was raised in a religious but he was born to be an artist and an advocator for the LGBTQ its aways in his gene to be "rebellious".
Maria Angrisani
Maria Angrisani Hace 27 días
Wow, he' s fantastic and I didn't know that he was a mormon...wow
Medina Alibasic
Medina Alibasic Hace 28 días
( 2:41 ) Well good they told you that bcs if they didnt then you wouldn't be sooo amazing like you are ❤❤❤❤ loove you IMAGINE DRAGONS
C.A. Lopez
C.A. Lopez Hace 28 días
very much needed this 💪🏽💪🏽
Claire D
Claire D Hace 28 días
Dan Reynolds. This English rose has only just discovered you and your music and its epic! Well done. Big hug. X
Elisheva Morton
Elisheva Morton Hace 29 días
I'm a religious/ Orthodox Jew. Fun fact: I'm in middle of Passover. I still love him tho. I'm also bi sooooooo....
Carrie Liebergen
Carrie Liebergen Hace 29 días
Thomas Nørgaard
Thomas Nørgaard Hace 29 días
I all most Crei.. sorry my english. Respekt... I wish i cood doo it.. Thank you and the hole Band.
Renée Smart
Renée Smart Hace 29 días
Oh, Ellen. I liked you until you incorrectly blamed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the Utah suicide rate.
Angela 1989
Angela 1989 Hace 29 días
Ellen is too happy with the work you do and the transmission you conduct ... how nice to have artists of this immense caliber in front of you and to be able to interview them in peace. Thanks to the sky that I am Italian, between me and your studio we share an ocean and I am not part of your audience ... otherwise you would have had an invasion of mine during the off-wave in two specific episodes ... one is this .. I would have hugged my dragons by the beautiful deep and intense voice and the other episode is the one with Chris Martin ... well there I would have risked the total expulsion not only from your studio but from America ... Chris is the maximum ... Chris is the most beautiful happiness and feeling that no one can ever give as he does with his every smile, with every song, with every single word, breath or interview, with every work of his life or even sound. Embracing Chris would mean embracing the happiness and tranquility done for yourself ... Embracing Chris would mean to solidly touch your soul ... Chris Martin would embrace you like embracing life and I don't think it would be easy to break away from this emotion. A kiss and thanks for the programs that Ellen gives us ... even if I am in Italy, as soon as I can I follow you. A kiss from Matera.
Sam Smoot
Sam Smoot Hace un mes
Big pander here to the LGBTQ (aka Ellen).
Sam Smoot
Sam Smoot Hace un mes
“My girlfriend, of four years”. Hummmm.....
Ivan Arias
Ivan Arias Hace 27 días
LOL... Ikr
Nerdy Hannah
Nerdy Hannah Hace un mes
My mom took me to a imagine dragons concert willingly because of how great of a person Dan is
jish dun
jish dun Hace un mes
why’d e look so uncomfortable djjd
Precious Odunayo
Precious Odunayo Hace un mes
Everytime I see him, I see Scott hoying
Carolyn Lyford Sullivan
We are all created in GOD'S image .
matea katavić
matea katavić Hace un mes
haha one time i ran away from home to go to Imagine dragons concert. My mom found me 7 miles away from home. hehehe imma black sheep like him gege
Megan Freemole
Megan Freemole Hace un mes
He does ALL of this while also suffering from an auto immune disease called ankylosing spondylitis which I also have. He speaks out on the disease to bring awareness and does a live show called This AS Life live. These videos have helped me SO much to not feel alone with this disease. What an amazing human being!! 😁❤
themicoism Hace un mes
Its not FAITH that separates people, its RELIGION. If people can only see through one's faith and not one's religion, the world will be a better place.
Mega Mind
Mega Mind Hace un mes
Love and acceptance is different than accepting that whatever you do should be accepted. Now, let me say something about what we can become. We become what we are is based on what we learn by experience and applying what we learn and believe it. I accept the fact that not all the mistakes aren't final, but we become what we are by the way we think and accept that thinking as a rule and we act upon it in our daily life. So you can't become a criminal in one day if you were taught that stealing and killing goes against the commandments and the logic of our society. So the concept of becoming is deeper than what people think.
Kibsie G
Kibsie G Hace un mes
I went to see him in concert and he gave this amazing speech that really touched me, it changed my life ever since and I thank him for it. ❤️
edith kim
edith kim Hace un mes
💖💖💖 this is so touching
Cher M
Cher M Hace un mes
I knew I liked him, but now I know he is an amazing artist and I love him as a fan!
Omphile M
Omphile M Hace un mes
I just have to mention how cute the greeting was 💕
Karolyn Michelsen
Karolyn Michelsen Hace un mes
Love this guy, his voice, his Truth, his music. Thank you for speaking out against judgment. 💖
Glenn Gatlen
Glenn Gatlen Hace un mes
Great guy! I grew up with that Catholic guilt!
Brad Cunningham
Brad Cunningham Hace un mes
I absolutely love him he’s awesome and I love imagine dragons
I_Am A_Messenger
I_Am A_Messenger Hace un mes
No, for real. Do you know that Jesus loves you? Yeah, for real. I hope you know cause.. He's waiting on you.
Anthony Durante
Anthony Durante Hace un mes
Your mom needs therapy after asking that question of her
melissa porte
melissa porte Hace un mes
Imagine dragon has 1 bil views
Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen Hace un mes
I z
I z Hace un mes
He's hot
cmdub97 Hace un mes
A wise "Mormon" authority said "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you do." A true member would never shame someone who isn't perfect because we all aren't.
Skye O'Shaughnessy
Skye O'Shaughnessy Hace 5 días
I love President Utchdorf!💓 Great thing to remember.
shugi9000 Hace un mes
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint DOES NOT TEACH INTOLERANCE! Just like any other Christian denomination we believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. He taught us to LOVE EVERYBODY as they are.
sdidora5 Hace un mes
I just love the heck out of him
sdidora5 Hace un mes
Love love love
IW Nunn
IW Nunn Hace un mes
We all need to live under one religion... Unconditional love.
IW Nunn
IW Nunn Hace un mes
In a word.. Hot
Holly Kurmis
Holly Kurmis Hace un mes
Bravo, bud!
Lianne Groenendijk
Lianne Groenendijk Hace un mes
He is sooo hottt! I can’t. Omg 😍 omg 😍
Margaret Isme
Margaret Isme Hace un mes
Holly father don't need us mortal to save HIM . If He test us like that, He will say , good for you to save your child, that's every parent should do.
Where You Been Syn
Where You Been Syn Hace un mes
I love him
Agnieszka Przygodzka
waw YOU amezing!
Cerulean Noel
Cerulean Noel Hace un mes
Beautiful Earth Tarot
This man is gifted in so many ways.
Dijana Kovacevic
Dijana Kovacevic Hace un mes
After I watched his documentary on HBO, it was so good and made me a fan of his and his wife bc of how much work they did for the Mormon community and the increased LGBT/teen suicides.
Blonde Star
Blonde Star Hace un mes
He's beautiful!
Skye Guy
Skye Guy Hace un mes
As a devout Christian I know Jesus Christ commands us to LOVE whether or not we agree with someone. He also does not want us to judge others. I am proud to be a born again Christian and I am also proud to love.
britney serrano
britney serrano Hace un mes
As a Christian I can soo relate! It breaks my heart to think that their are people even kids told they arent welcome in the church bc of something they are born with! We dont choose our sexuality!
Robert Toma
Robert Toma Hace un mes
Religion.... What is commun sense...??!! What do you know about the ORTHODOX RELIGION...??!!
a kazzuo
a kazzuo Hace un mes
He is such a cool person.
Julia Taylor
Julia Taylor Hace un mes
I love imagine dragons and you have such a good voice and you are awesome I am a huge fan
C Su
C Su Hace 2 meses
Fake Reynolds.
C Su
C Su Hace 2 meses
D. Reynolds is not Mormon. He plays for the devil. Sending kids to their suicides while claiming Jesus Christ. Bunch of bull!!!!
Gender is Eternal!
darkstorm84 Hace 2 meses
Im legit in love with Dan. He's my man crush 😍😍😍
Daniel Karlsson
Daniel Karlsson Hace 2 meses
He is amazing. She rambles on about suicide and stuff... for the first time I think she doesn't understand this issue.
Khushbu Tyagi
Khushbu Tyagi Hace 2 meses
I love this guy for his honesty!! Love his music soooo much
Anthony Evangelista
Anthony Evangelista Hace 2 meses
Who else thought he was going to come out during a point in this interview? Lol
Raking God
Raking God Hace 2 meses
OMG aim going to your next concert hi I’m your number one fan omg
Dana s
Dana s Hace 2 meses
I have an enormous amount of respect for him NOT HAVING ANY excessive TATTOOS 🤔🤗
Game Feast
Game Feast Hace 2 meses
I love you dan
Jess Hace 2 meses
I've always understood the lyrics of Imagine Dragon songs! My son loves the band so much!
Rolhivcerp W
Rolhivcerp W Hace 3 meses
I’m a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I think the point he said about seeing the difference between you and your church could not be more false, everyone in the church has their own unique personalities and gifts, and they also have church responsibilities as well, there is a difference to my day to say and things I like to do for fun, then my religion
Cicera Lima Souza
Cicera Lima Souza Hace 3 meses
Dan é demais, o admiro muito.
Feda Yasin
Feda Yasin Hace 3 meses
As a Muslim Youth we feel the same And we like your songs it speaks to our souls and I think our experiences are the same with religion
Deborrah Trueman
Deborrah Trueman Hace 3 meses
I LOVE LOVE this man! I have a mom crush on him. I just want to hug his neck. He’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. If we clone a human, can it be him????
IgnitedIce81 Hace 3 meses
Dan is an absolute legend, no doubts in that.
web browser
web browser Hace 3 meses
the truth speaks for its self
Yorch Ztorys
Yorch Ztorys Hace 3 meses
They just spoke my struggle, My Family is Mormon and I don’t feel “Peace” or “right” when I do or be what they said instead of do or BE what I want, everything of my life it’s base on my mom, for example I was exited to be in a party and I was ready to go, I ask my mom if I can go... she said:...mmmm.. yes, but I know by her face and that I know her, that she don’t, after she told me yes... I came to my room and decide no to go because she thinks that. :( she is so Mormon, and I gonna go to BYU cuz she thinks it’s good, but I don’t want to, but I do what she thinks cuz Jesus gonna judge me. Yeah that is my thoughts :) omg I’m sooooo amazing, and hungry, if you finish reading this, U R AMA-ZING, AMAZING
Brandy Curtis
Brandy Curtis Hace 3 meses
Oh my gosh dan reynolds is an amazing person.
Pati Gugberidze
Pati Gugberidze Hace 3 meses
I've fallen in love with Dan Reynolds
Blaze Thomas
Blaze Thomas Hace 3 meses
He fine 😍
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