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You don't want to miss these incredible IMAGINE DRAGONS songs in The Voice! What's your favorite?
1. Rebecca Brunner sings 'Believer' (The Voice US):
2. דר ואורין -sings 'Radioactive' (The Voice Israel):
3. Jennifer Vargas Antela VS Giuliana Ferraz VS Claudio Di Cicco sings 'Demons' (The Voice Italy):
4. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz sings 'Warriors' (The Voice of Germany):
5. Viorel Grecu sings 'Radioactive' (The Voice of Romania):
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The Voicethe voice globalimagine dragonsthe voice imagine dragonsthe voice global imagine dragonsrebecca brunnerbelieverthe voice believerדר ואוריןradioactivethe voice radioactivedemonsthe voice demonsthe voice italyjamie-leewarriorsthe voice warriorsviorel grecuthe voice usthe voice israel






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Fu Lin
Fu Lin Hace 33 minutos
Tammam Bin Masud
Tammam Bin Masud Hace 8 horas
Romania was awsome 🔥❤
Raicantdoart Hace 12 horas
The first one was really good though
Surachat Santhip
Surachat Santhip Hace 14 horas
and is my fav name
Surachat Santhip
Surachat Santhip Hace 14 horas
i sing them
Noah _
Noah _ Hace 19 horas
8:16 When your cat sleeps in a cute position
Callum Ormsby
Callum Ormsby Hace 23 horas
the 1st girl...
S_Nino 5
S_Nino 5 Hace un día
Bro i cant anymore imagine dragons is the best like bro
Marwa Sedoud
Marwa Sedoud Hace un día
there’s no Israel 😏 🇵🇸♥️🇵🇸🙏🇵🇸💕💕
Shoto L'éliatrope
Shoto L'éliatrope Hace 2 días
Germany and Israel are the best!!!
Stacy Dreamwolf
Stacy Dreamwolf Hace 3 días
Am I the only one who thought the First person was gonna get at least 1 chair? :/
Aryan Hegde
Aryan Hegde Hace 3 días
Who thought the Israeli duo were below mediocre
Luli MM
Luli MM Hace 4 días
La primera cantaba re bien y tenía la re voz, pero me desesperaba cada vez que decía "pain", eso es lo único :/
حسن هادي
حسن هادي Hace 4 días
(Are we entitled to dream? ..) Breath tightness and tears and time refuses to return .. Do we have a morning. Or that night is eternal and we claim a reason .. My wishes are impossible and no one accepts .. I want the past back and the flowers in the spring .. First .. I want a smile from the heart. A distant sadness did not pass and I will not get used to it .. I want to be a phoenix wherever I go after the fire. I'm new ..
Galaxia Wolf
Galaxia Wolf Hace 5 días
3:50 is it me or he sounds like the real imagine dragon
Lucas Reinol
Lucas Reinol Hace 6 días
Creatorof Chaos
Creatorof Chaos Hace 6 días
Imagine dragons can have new members
Channel Kejiwaan
Channel Kejiwaan Hace 6 días
Dia yang nyanyi. Gua yang tahan nafas
Wahaj Basil
Wahaj Basil Hace 6 días
What do people have against Thunder
caleb bautista amador
No se si sea el unico mexicano aqui pero yo creia que estarian los cantantes de imagine dragons como jueces y sorprenderian a los cantantes. Edit:me equivoque quise decir a los participantes XD.
Flipbook. VN
Flipbook. VN Hace 8 días
It's MoNoChrome
It's MoNoChrome Hace 9 días
Second one : Breeting the kemikels
DiTech Hace 10 días
First performance is better than the rest
GamingwithAsh XoXo
GamingwithAsh XoXo Hace 10 días
There they all are singing imagine dragons songs on the voice while am here eating a packet of chocolates and a cracking voice tho😂😂😂
Kiruba Edward Styles
Kiruba Edward Styles Hace 10 días
The girl who sang warriors was best among all ...💕
Gataazul 9
Gataazul 9 Hace 11 días
And Portugal?
Gabriela .Gacha
Gabriela .Gacha Hace 11 días
7:38 romani?
FNAF Gang 2018
FNAF Gang 2018 Hace 11 días
Same i thought that to that they will sing
lucky cat
lucky cat Hace 11 días
Nithish Vincent
Nithish Vincent Hace 12 días
Imagine dragons ✌ yeah!!
beatriz lima
beatriz lima Hace 12 días
Alguém q fala português aqui????
Ruchi Singh
Ruchi Singh Hace 13 días
We want part 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 infinity
Mousa Alwazir 555
Mousa Alwazir 555 Hace 13 días
There no such a country called Israel , it was Palestine ,ITS STILL PALESTINE ,it will stay Palestine Freedom for Palestine 🇵🇸
Thanos Mighty
Thanos Mighty Hace 9 días
lil mole
lil mole Hace 14 días
What's the name of the italian girl wearing a white dress
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Hace 14 días
Stevie McCrorie vs Tim Arnold. The Voice UK 2015. WHERE?
Walter Moraes
Walter Moraes Hace 15 días
i love an music RADIOACTIVE!!!
sansky Hace 15 días
Se fosse um br cantando aí........ Ia ser muito bom ;w;
Abdellah Boudaa
Abdellah Boudaa Hace 17 días
That was note israël but Palestine
Dark S.A
Dark S.A Hace 17 días
Bad singer..
kaneki luna
kaneki luna Hace 17 días
Roberta silva
Roberta silva Hace 18 días
My dream are Sing natural in the voice
Stefano Ristuccia
Stefano Ristuccia Hace 19 días
Italy is fantastic... Amazing.
Faez Chill
Faez Chill Hace 20 días
Didn't know Israel is a country...like wtf are people accepting them now
аноним Hace 20 días
Слова глотает
NarwhalNinja The Dragon
I was hoping for someone to sing Polaroid, Levitate, I’m So Sorry, Next To Me, and so many more songs. I’m glad they sang the songs they did though. Imagine Dragons have awesome songs, so it doesn’t matter to me!
Azura Fuma
Azura Fuma Hace 21 un día
The girl from US so bullshit🤢
yaddyel floretino
yaddyel floretino Hace 21 un día
We're is natural
Shantha Jeyarani
Shantha Jeyarani Hace 22 días
4:21 hahaha donoooohhhh get to close
Shantha Jeyarani
Shantha Jeyarani Hace 21 un día
1337_No0bP1ayz_HD Hace 23 días
The Italian one is best!!
Ninja 8 Forever
Ninja 8 Forever Hace 23 días
1:42 Isreal ?! this is not even a country how the hel they have the voice ?!!? Hahah and what a bitches They doing songs and shit when they killing the people in the same time ..what to say ?
MusicSpot VEVO
MusicSpot VEVO Hace 24 días
Imagine dragons-believer -female Cover-👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GrDHLTTVrNk.html
Rebeca Aline
Rebeca Aline Hace 24 días
8:16 a menina deu uma de mc melody e fez meus timpanos "sangrar".
iso Hace 25 días
Waiting for the day someone like Dan will sing his songs...
Fahim Rahman
Fahim Rahman Hace 25 días
First one was gross.
Thalita Fagundes
Thalita Fagundes Hace 26 días
Quem tá assistindo em 2019 curta ai
Carlos Campos
Carlos Campos Hace 26 días
Viva México kbrones >:v
Gaming Master Anthony
Gaming Master Anthony Hace 27 días
Radioactive: two people waited for the beat drop(s) to press the buttons
Sally Berri
Sally Berri Hace 28 días
Italy was the best but Israel is not a country
Scarkid47 Hace 29 días
First things ---- (I push the button because I love beliver)
deivide souza
deivide souza Hace un mes
Eu gosto de dinossauros imagine dragons
Samanthaj Orozco
Samanthaj Orozco Hace un mes
Like si le diste dislike a l video
Dimitri Petrenko
Dimitri Petrenko Hace un mes
I don't like germans but german girl's voice Awsome!
this is my kingdom come
Germany and Bresilia was perfect. but others.. :-\
Excellent its amazing i love its the most no words for can't compare it amazing
Heidi Joy Schroeder
Ane Doerr
Ane Doerr Hace un mes
ganda. shet. 👽💕
The Manny Cabo
The Manny Cabo Hace un mes
now watch this one...... and tell me what ya think!!!!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pl_LdWbcIRY.html
Sarkis Matta
Sarkis Matta Hace un mes
I love kids talented and very good at the World wide Talent ESvid video sharing this feature of the best for your time and your Artists Arte Contemporary and modern for the World wide Art And My Features the S.M.Art.Museum Sarkis Matta Facebook and Google and Twitter and yahoo and LinkedIn and Instagram are all the best for your time and your family and friends with all the great news on the road to your home and My Space in the S.M.Art.Museum.1 and the perfect experience for you Features the S.M.Art.Museum Sarkis Matta ESvid video sharing this feature of Talents
منوعات سبايسي - SPICE TIME
The last one is amazing
Assaf Ashkenazy
Assaf Ashkenazy Hace un mes
ישראלים תנו לייק אם אתם אוהבים את imagine dragons
Crazy Boy
Crazy Boy Hace un mes
1:45 ну разве это не шлак?
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid Hace un mes
Love that that the judge timed the button press with the music at 2:12😂 and the Italy one was my fave
Saurabh Agre
Saurabh Agre Hace un mes
MetxNoi Hace un mes
Anyone else look up anime voice covers?
Ur mum fat
Ur mum fat Hace un mes
This is one of the greatest auditions of all times
Lazy Aziii
Lazy Aziii Hace un mes
😍😍😍.... 2019?😂
Ronalldo Patrocínio
*ROMANIA- I'M IN LOVE FOR HIM😍😍😊😍❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷*
Anthony Carr
Anthony Carr Hace un mes
*first act goes on* *watches* FUCKING HIT THE BUTTON!
geokris kenz.magsino
beliver girl is someon bad song 😅😅😅😅😥😥😥😆😂😂😂😂😂
Fun ToPlay
Fun ToPlay Hace un mes
Scarlet Madagona
Scarlet Madagona Hace un mes
the first one could do it way better if she just would've changed some certain notes
Sireen Al harbi
Sireen Al harbi Hace un mes
There’s no country called isreal !!
Yağmur Çınar
Yağmur Çınar Hace un mes
Taha Mosbeh
Taha Mosbeh Hace un mes
Fuck israel this is not country
Abeer Jamal
Abeer Jamal Hace un mes
What the hell first one was good😐
min exol
min exol Hace un mes
no one can sing like imagine dragons .. this is a fact
Islem Touil
Islem Touil Hace un mes
There is not country isreal. !
ZDIAL _YT Hace 21 un día
Islem Touil you spelled Israel wrong
Amador Jimenez Jimenez
FAN NUMERO 1 DE IMAGINE DRAGONS mi passion 🎆🎆🎆🏆🎸🎸🎸💥♪ vravo
Gusirkin Hace un mes
8:16 -ears :D
TTeRDOKRIL Hace un mes
Jason Cullen
Jason Cullen Hace un mes
Yeah your a natural
LOLS Hace un mes
Romania had it won he has such powerful voice
Christler_ gaming
Christler_ gaming Hace un mes
Imagine dragons fans here 😁😁😁
Alya And Andrew Pierrott
This videos is copying Imagine Dragons which is I do not like cuz that's their songs you should get a singer that people will know and they sing a different song
Fat Tick
Fat Tick Hace un mes
Moha mmad
Moha mmad Hace un mes
Best one is the Italian man who sing demons 👌
Amira Hamd
Amira Hamd Hace un mes
The worse is Israel
Kathryn Tiu
Kathryn Tiu Hace un mes
Like if your a big fan in imagin dragon
Ashley Deysi
Ashley Deysi Hace un mes
The first person siging skipped Second thing second dont you tell me what that I can be I'm only at the sail I'm the master my sea oh pooh the master of sea oh oo
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