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Imagine Dragons - Live at Pukkelpop 2018 (Full Show HD)

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1:12 - Radioactive
7:17 - It's Time
13:17 - Whatever It Takes
18:32 - Yesterday
23:58 - Natural
27:48 - Shots
33:40 - I Don't Know Why
39:42 - Mouth of the River
44:47 - Demons (with "Forever Young" intro tease)
49:49 - Thunder
54:05 - Three Little Birds (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)
57:04 - On Top of the World
1:00:58 - Believer
Thank you for watching!!!
Imagine Dragons - Live at Pukkelpop 2018 (Full Show HD)


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18 ago 2018

Imagine DragonsLive at Pukkelpop 2018LiveImagine Dragons - LivePukkelpop 2018PukkelpopFull Show HDHDFull ShowRadioactiveIt's TimeWhatever It TakesYesterdayNaturalShotsI Don't Know WhyMouth of the RiverDemonsForever YoungThunderThree Little BirdsThree Little Birds (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)Bob Marley & The WailersOn Top of the WorldBelieverimagine dragons liveImagine Dragons liveDan Reynolds






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Joanna Rucińska
Joanna Rucińska Hace un día
Amy Merritt
Amy Merritt Hace 2 días
Please come to Orlando Fl....
Gabriela Svetlana Luna Barsukova
The best speech ever!!!❤️
withcherry apple
withcherry apple Hace 4 días
네츄랄듣고 온 한국인 요요붙어라~
Tracie Duncanson
Tracie Duncanson Hace 4 días
loving Ben's outfit and Dan's!
エストレジャP A I N
*_No autotune 100%_*
Mariusz Chalupka
Mariusz Chalupka Hace 6 días
beast for beast
Екатерина Федосова
eeeeeeeeee КЛААСС уууууууууу
Jonathan EM
Jonathan EM Hace 8 días
Excuse me somebody knows what does sign mean at 9:57 min during "its time" song?
Luis David Martínez
it's just a dance move he used to do when performing "It's Time". There's an acoustic version on their ESvid channel in which you can notice that move.
Ima Misfit
Ima Misfit Hace 9 días
Roids kickin in!
Ligia Spigolon
Ligia Spigolon Hace 9 días
Ahhhhh Dan !!! Veste uma camisa, desse jeito não consigo me concentrar no show !! 🤤😌😏😝
Daniela Camargo
Daniela Camargo Hace 8 días
Praticamente impossível kkkkkkk Que corpo é esse
richal ulimann
richal ulimann Hace 10 días
Here we go again... The band that don't need rest just to perform for us, entertain us, and to feel that we are united whoever and whatever we are.
Alice A
Alice A Hace 11 días
Wow, he looks amazing! I hope he understands how special he is in this confusing world!
Sol Rac
Sol Rac Hace 12 días
Dan Reynolds! Sexiest rocker on earth! Superb performance! His attitude on interpreting every song is just WOW! Love from Ph🇵🇭
Fatharani Faza
Fatharani Faza Hace 13 días
iam. mara
iam. mara Hace 15 días
Their songs have stories, have meanings, have sense. I enjoyed watching them. Feels like I'm one of the crowd.
Wildside Colame
Wildside Colame Hace 16 días
What is the point performing without tshirt?
Susanneh Nilsson
Susanneh Nilsson Hace 17 días
Roy Stanley
Roy Stanley Hace 18 días
Came here for the shoulders stayed for the beautiful heart felt music xxx
Mustafa Tarık Şen
Mustafa Tarık Şen Hace 20 días
i watch all concert thank you
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma Hace 23 días
All systems gone, Sun has not died ❤️
Joseanne Luiz
Joseanne Luiz Hace 23 días
Cecilia Policarpo
Cecilia Policarpo Hace 24 días
Que chido que subieran su concierto, desde ahora soy su fan BANDOTOTOTA✌
waldo gonzalez
waldo gonzalez Hace 24 días
Recién los vi en Monterrey, México y son otro pedo! Sigo viendo los vídeos en mi teléfono y se me pone la piel de gallina. Son garantía... tienen mucha energía, hacen vibrar a todo mundo. Felicidades!
- Firebreather -
- Firebreather - Hace 24 días
That was a NICE radioactive performance, I'm sad 'cause it was better when the song came out, it's nice to see they are still able to make it that good
happy I care
happy I care Hace 26 días
Great! wondeeful
-ImSniper- Hace 26 días
Pedro MC lucas luz
Pedro MC lucas luz Hace 26 días
Jinwoo Kwon
Jinwoo Kwon Hace 27 días
why's he half naked.. huh?
Caon Hace 29 días
That guitar at the end of Radioactive. Just amazing.
ThePGee Hace 29 días
Their best live performance of Shots....EVER
Charrúa wonderful
Charrúa wonderful Hace un mes
4:10 ❤Dan you are very sexy in the piano,without clotths and shoes on ❤
Laura Morillo
Laura Morillo Hace un mes
Love them so much!!!!
GUILLERMO Hace un mes
cuando te pasas un mes en el gym y quieres mostrarle tus resultados a todos.... XD
Norma Báez
Norma Báez Hace 16 días
If you could have that body with only a month of gymnastics.
Veronica Brown
Veronica Brown Hace 29 días
GUILLERMO jajaja!:-)
Andreas Posteiner
Andreas Posteiner Hace un mes
Endlich wieder eine Neue Band die einen Hit nach dem anderen Produzieren echt super Musik
Gino tulkens
Gino tulkens Hace un mes
The best!!!!
Jack R
Jack R Hace un mes
This will be controversial, but: The Beatles v2
happy I care
happy I care Hace un mes
happy I care
happy I care Hace un mes
Amazing, wonderfuuul
여서구 Hace un mes
if he had claws he would be wolverine
Isa Sartori
Isa Sartori Hace 12 días
Lmao how have I never thought about that
Mantas Rokas
Mantas Rokas Hace un mes
can you call this rock music?
- Firebreather -
- Firebreather - Hace 24 días
They don't call it rock either, so what's the fucking problem
Nope, but I like it
William Garcia
William Garcia Hace un mes
Hermoso escuchar Demons
happy I care
happy I care Hace un mes
you are the jewel of Vegass
happy I care
happy I care Hace un mes
Denny Darrington
Denny Darrington Hace un mes
love them....
Humanum Life
Humanum Life Hace un mes
This Mouth of the River is just perfect.
David Alejandro Montoya
Joice Fernandes
Joice Fernandes Hace un mes
CREDO !!! que homão ...
TiiLL3 Hace un mes
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes Hace un mes
They are truly amazing absolutely love them.❤✌🔥👏👏👏👏👏
Lydie D
Lydie D Hace un mes
Love love
Beyza Arı
Beyza Arı Hace un mes
Imam Fauzi
Imam Fauzi Hace un mes
NESC`Krusty19 Hace un mes
Indo 👋👋
Alguém Sendo Alguém
Por que tão lindo Dan?
trending star
trending star Hace un mes
Guitar sound 🔥
Jens Sammann
Jens Sammann Hace un mes
thank you. natural is grat, i love this song so much
Queen Rock
Queen Rock Hace 2 meses
coc badshah
coc badshah Hace 2 meses
I love you
Hubur Galula
Hubur Galula Hace 2 meses
first song and he's already naked. wig is flying
jason delgado igarce
red hot??
Nguyên Trương
Nguyên Trương Hace 2 meses
wow, that man really got a hard work-out.
dArKi Hace un mes
not a hard work out-- he must do sick gymnastics cause his chronically ill.. without it he couldn't walk in a few years ... he is so full of strenght !!!!!! depressions cause always pain over years and he made it !!! now drugs when the pain is to heavy ... his illness calls Ankylosing spondylitis.. hope he has a good live for decades .. the world needed heroes like him his band and the music!!!
jupieda Hace 2 meses
GREAT! Love from three fans from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe - me and my two daughters (13 and 9 yrs) :-)
happy I care
happy I care Hace 2 meses
very good
happy I care
happy I care Hace 2 meses
sunset glow
sunset glow Hace 2 meses
Damn! He's so hoooottt!
Татьяна Пахоменкова
Татьяна Пахоменкова
+Екатерина Федосова, да!
Екатерина Федосова
ты русская ?
홍성진 Hace 2 meses
What does the cross mean on Dan's hands?
Jamie Fowler
Jamie Fowler Hace 19 días
+Just Anidiot he's not too young to be served alcohol. He is in his 30s
홍성진 Hace 24 días
Thanks everyone
Deana Prine
Deana Prine Hace 24 días
+Debra Dukes thanks i appreciate the info& as the new year is right around the corner wish you & all fans a Happy 2019 & filled with more IMAGINE DRAGONS to enjoy I was thunder⛅b4 ⚡...
Just Anidiot
Just Anidiot Hace 24 días
It is an "X" meaning he's too young to be served alcohol (or wants to be one of those straight edgers who don't drink or do drugs).
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes Hace 26 días
+Deana Prine I don't know what it means ,I do know he lost a close friend recently but not sure.last concert I watched he spoke about it but have no idea.
od d
od d Hace 2 meses
6:36 MIN
blast Hace 2 meses
He looks fit af at this one. No homo XD
Shaun Todd
Shaun Todd Hace 11 días
Saying "no homo" is completely homophobic. It's against everything Image Dragons is about.
Junak _23
Junak _23 Hace 2 meses
legends :)
Tellma Alves
Tellma Alves Hace 2 meses
ansiosa por eles no Brasil! a melhor banda!! Amo demais!!!
HDAVIS Hace 2 meses
Damn. Dan is is such a beautiful and genuine person
happy I care
happy I care Hace 2 meses
Wise words, people who may need help ask for it!
happy I care
happy I care Hace 2 meses
great concertttttt
happy I care
happy I care Hace 2 meses
wooow visit Bilbao!!
Infamous Gamers
Infamous Gamers Hace 2 meses
"Thank you Poeckelpop" - Dan 2018
Tábor Tünde
Tábor Tünde Hace 2 meses
Georgi Marinov
Georgi Marinov Hace 2 meses
what is all the playback all about > ?
Vinicius Borelli
Vinicius Borelli Hace 2 meses
LM 10
LM 10 Hace 2 meses
Get this man a shield.... 😉😉👏👏🔥🔥
Southern Sky 99
Southern Sky 99 Hace 23 días
Ann Perry I think Dan proved you wrong on this one. That quip is n/a in this case.
Ann Perry
Ann Perry Hace un mes
Clothes make the man!
Granny Killer
Granny Killer Hace un mes
Corina Nancy Lupu
Corina Nancy Lupu Hace 3 meses
haha ha
haha ha Hace 3 meses
Việt Nam!
Thanos infinity
Thanos infinity Hace 2 meses
me too
Tatianá Ibañez
Tatianá Ibañez Hace 3 meses
Awesome 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Mihailo Čugalj
Mihailo Čugalj Hace 3 meses
Men like Dan is NEVER gonna born. He is the one man who can make me happy when I'm sad. I've heard Radioactive before 5/6 years. I forgot the name of the song, but I didn't know english that much, but I sang that song every day. We don't really need politics, religion, stress, work we need Equality. My dream is to see Imagine Dragons in Zürich. Respect
Southern Sky 99
Southern Sky 99 Hace 23 días
Mihailo Čugalj I think the words "equality" and "respect" have come to be "trigger" words themselves now days, sounds demanding. Let me shake your hand and enjoy the awesome band.....(hey, they/we can't be that bad if they love these guys too, right?) ID is about expressing the soul and even our vulnerability. When people with good souls gather together for the soul purpose of expression and fellowship and are willing to become vulnerable and to embrace a stranger in their vulnerability then we are for that time free from the divisions society stresses upon us. Even though we each step back into form tomorrow I know if I turn on ID I'll find a friend. 😁
Pedro MC lucas luz
Pedro MC lucas luz Hace 26 días
Pedro MC lucas luz
Pedro MC lucas luz Hace 26 días
Deana Prine
Deana Prine Hace 27 días
I thought they had perforned in Zurich already? I think Imagine Dragons WILL IF, it's at all possible there's no reason not to to &hope u get your wish in Zurich!!
Veronica Brown
Veronica Brown Hace 29 días
Mihailo Čugalj beautiful😊
Katryel L
Katryel L Hace 3 meses
Brazil ❤
Niff2005 Hace 22 días
Katryel L well this was in belgium so stfu
Анна Бондаренко
It's ravishing, but I'm missing drums at the end of Radioactive.
Nayber Hace 3 meses
ik stond vooraan!!!!!
kenjo geypen
kenjo geypen Hace 3 meses
Nayber ik stond aan de grote camera
Sakora Hace 3 meses
Hun show was zo goed! Als je twijfelt om ze een keer te zien, echt gaan kijken!
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