Imagine Dragons - Loveloud Festival 2018

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Imagine Dragons Live at Loveloud Festival 2018
01- Radioactive
02- It's Time
03- Whatever It Takes
04- Yesterday
05- Natural
06- Walking the Wire
07- Next to Me
08- Shots
09- Every Breath You Take
(The Police cover)
10- I'll Make It Up to You
11- Start Over
12- Rise Up
13- Three Little Birds
(Bob Marley Cover)
14- I Don't Know Why
15- Mouth of the River
16- Demons
17- Thunder
18- On Top of the World
19- Believer


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29 jul 2018

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JaWatDenn Jonge
JaWatDenn Jonge Hace 4 meses
SETLIST: 0:01 Radioactive 6:05 Dan's speech 10:15 It's Time 15:55 Whatever It Takes 22:05 Yesterday 27:08 Natural 31:40 Dan having Fun 34:16 Walking The Wire 38:32 Dan *Crying* 42:15 Next To Me 47:46 Shots 53:55 Every Breath You Take 55:27 I'll Make It Up To You 1:01:27 Start Over 1:06:35 Rise Up 1:12:00 Three Little Birds 1:15:50 Platzman Solo 1:16:55 I Don't Know Why 1:21:21 Dan's Spech 1:26:43 Mouth Of The River 1:32:41 Demons 1:36:52 Thunder 1:40:50 On Top Of The World 1:45:24 Believer
BetaRayBill Hace 3 días
aliaa abdo it’s Ben
ABE LALO Hace un mes
La mejor banda fan 100
Samuele 2717
Samuele 2717 Hace 2 meses
Nice good job!
thank you😘😘😘
Luca van Holten
Luca van Holten Hace 3 meses
JaWatDenn Jon
christian dall'olio
christian dall'olio Hace 4 días
In questo momento sono i migliori!!! THE BEST!!
Chayanne Bzaih
Chayanne Bzaih Hace 5 días
Proud to be a fan
Niki Kai
Niki Kai Hace 7 días
Loved their Three Little Birds version! ❤️
Lorenzo Latini
Lorenzo Latini Hace 10 días
Thor can sing 🤣
William Woods
William Woods Hace 10 días
Love is forever Respect ✊the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈
Chicken Nugget Bae
Chicken Nugget Bae Hace 10 días
24:09 lol
Chicken Nugget Bae
Chicken Nugget Bae Hace 10 días
11:00 I know you love Id and all but you don't have to cry abt it geez lol
Nicky Tucker
Nicky Tucker Hace 10 días
Can't get enough of Dan the man!!!
BREAKPOINT• •ブレークポイント•
Lurana Glória Guimarães
Were Mike Shinoda's and Imagine Dragon's shows in the same day????
Chinmay Shukla
Chinmay Shukla Hace 16 días
1000 likes to this concert from me ....
Chicken Nugget Bae
Chicken Nugget Bae Hace 17 días
His mum should have like a Grammy or somethin for raising this beautiful, handsome, young man who want to change this world 😘😘😘😍😍😍 Also rip his sister? Or his friends sister idk lol 😢😢😢
Erick Medeiros
Erick Medeiros Hace 18 días
Sou fã da banda certa
Bella McHugh
Bella McHugh Hace 19 días
I'm so proud of dan!
Mauro Cavaliere
Mauro Cavaliere Hace 20 días
I love imagine dragons
claudia alvarez
claudia alvarez Hace 21 un día
Espero tenerlos en uruguay en concierto😉
とも Hace 21 un día
I love you.in japan
comet 2
comet 2 Hace 22 días
Please come to South Korea...
Andreza Barbosa
Andreza Barbosa Hace 23 días
Banda fantástica
Bonglynna Tran
Bonglynna Tran Hace 24 días
Concert 2 dollars ticket?
Bonglynna Tran
Bonglynna Tran Hace 24 días
Electric guitar guys fuck me men ưhy u sứck good!
Sports Man
Sports Man Hace 27 días
Go imagen Dragons
magic wolf
magic wolf Hace un mes
Dan, we have soo much luck to have you and your inspirational speech!
Janet Gorman
Janet Gorman Hace un mes
truly fantastic news!!
nhật Hace un mes
Sân khấu quốc tế có khác... .có ai hiểu chữ này k (VN) điểm danh
Carla Alford
Carla Alford Hace un mes
Cassie McCracken
Cassie McCracken Hace un mes
Oh god i love you imagine dragons!!! this is so powerful!! thank you!! you brought tears to my eyes thank you!! imagine dragons is my favorite band!!
Matab Shaweesh
Matab Shaweesh Hace un mes
Did dan lost his sister???😰😨
Beyza Arı
Beyza Arı Hace un mes
HaNeul kim
HaNeul kim Hace un mes
viva el pan
NinjaGamer22 Hace un mes
I wish I could've been there.
NinjaGamer22 Hace un mes
Dan should run for president.
Kayleen Vinuya
Kayleen Vinuya Hace un mes
I love Dan Reynolds..and his voice...but I think he has to rest...he's struggling with his voice ..
Quester Hace un mes
Am I the only one that loves Elliot just for what he is?
카이주림 Hace un mes
I hate LGBT.. but i love imaginedragons
Mariusz Chalupka
Mariusz Chalupka Hace un mes
best ever 53m Sting coover
Ana lima
Ana lima Hace 2 meses
😘😘sem palavras amo, amo demais...
tuli aranda
tuli aranda Hace 2 meses
Catchy Cat
Catchy Cat Hace 2 meses
Concert inside or outside
Samuele 2717
Samuele 2717 Hace 2 meses
Samuele 2717
Samuele 2717 Hace 2 meses
フォトキキ Hace 2 meses
good face! 49:15
Laura Colombini Costa
Lindo da minha vida!!!!! Amo vcs!!!!
Chaiane Gois
Chaiane Gois Hace 2 meses
Prova que não precisa ser LGBT pra respeitar os LGBT
Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez Hace 2 meses
Maiju Hace 2 meses
i have no words how much do i love them.
Lucas Piovesan
Lucas Piovesan Hace 2 meses
Incrivel! Não sei vocês mas eu chorei
jaden newton
jaden newton Hace 2 meses
It feels like church but for gay love and kik ass music 🏳️‍🌈❤️
Juniper Snap
Juniper Snap Hace 2 meses
Dan s bicep ❤️❤️❤️
Falon Bennett
Falon Bennett Hace 2 meses
I have NO problem saying this is the 5th time I watching this in 3 weeks! KICKS ASS
maybesoon Hace 2 meses
So emotional so powerful
alena fojtikova
alena fojtikova Hace 2 meses
Wauuuu beautiful Singer
Depression Talks With Immanuel
I've never cried so much watching a concert. Imagine Dragons are truly such a great light in this world.
Pamela Manuela
Pamela Manuela Hace 2 meses
16:30 podemos ver uma intérprete da ASL (língua de sinais) ❤️ eu amo esse grupo
Jose Roman Jimenez
Jose Roman Jimenez Hace 2 meses
Sois los mejores músicos en la actualidad, llegáis tan brutalmente al corazón simplemente MARAVILLOSO.
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma Hace 2 meses
Who downvotes such concerts😑😑
Julian Jimenez
Julian Jimenez Hace 3 meses
I was there
Lary Holmes
Lary Holmes Hace 3 meses
I can't express how much this means to me that Imagine Dragons is supporting Lgbtq and that they are doing this festival. It's everything.
Cesare Nava
Cesare Nava Hace 3 meses
The same setlist they did in Milan in 2018
Edu Cypher
Edu Cypher Hace 3 meses
Christina Greene
Christina Greene Hace 3 meses
This is life. This people, is why we live.
Marco Costa
Marco Costa Hace 3 meses
Cara, a melhor de todas! Respeito... é só o que pedimos! Respeito por TODAS AS DIFERENÇAS! Um sonho? Ir a um show desses, onde todos possam ser iguais e tratados como iguais. Emocionadooooooo...
Dora Carranco
Dora Carranco Hace 3 meses
Niyazi Arslan
Niyazi Arslan Hace 3 meses
no more tatava pleaseeeeee
Nihad yeah
Nihad yeah Hace 3 meses
The OA dance 😂😂
Kim Stephens Rudd
Kim Stephens Rudd Hace 3 meses
Dan's speech is inspiring. I love what he is doing for the LGBTQ community and challenging the Mormon church. Thank you!!
Chicken Nugget Bae
Chicken Nugget Bae Hace 15 días
Kim Stephens Rudd What does the "Q" mean lol
Cola Coca - Cola
Cola Coca - Cola Hace 3 meses
Ахуе** огонь концерт!)
Jean B. B.
Jean B. B. Hace 3 meses
hey dan half naked showing off your chest for some stupid gratification ..... you are pathetic....
Jean B. B.
Jean B. B. Hace 2 meses
i did not judge his physic you are very stupid i just said that he is wrong to show off his chest like a vulgar stripper its very different God will judge him and you too in time you should repent
Vanessa Damie
Vanessa Damie Hace 2 meses
If you judge someone just by his physical, not by his acts and messages I'm sorry but it's you, you are pathethic. Xoxo 😉
FELIXOMGE 1 Hace 3 meses
Deby Pandiangan
Deby Pandiangan Hace 3 meses
Dan I love you so much.. There is something genuine in your music.
Алёна Винокурова
Who is person, Which stay dizlakes? 🤬
Francesco Hace 3 meses
Li segue da quanto anno scritta laura non ce
callum orourke
callum orourke Hace 3 meses
This was a great concert by a great band. I’m pleased that they’re still singing shots it’s one of my favourites by them which is hard considering I like all their songs.
Дима Махинов
Dusko Stojanovic
Dusko Stojanovic Hace 3 meses
For some reason, I find this version of 'Next to me' (42:15) insanely emotional. And their performances just keep getting better and better.
Sam The leviathan
Sam The leviathan Hace 3 meses
I want dan the lead of this band to be are president. He is goddamn amazing
Mino Gizmo
Mino Gizmo Hace 3 meses
Daniel was wearing a unicorn pj 😂😂
Mino Gizmo
Mino Gizmo Hace 3 meses
Wow, a free concert! Enjoy kids
Alejandro Hace 3 meses
I don't get this such a support for LGBTQ+.That really makes me cry and remember that I need to be proud of myself🌈.Thank you Imagine Dragons.Loves from Turkey 🇹🇷
Ivy Sultan
Ivy Sultan Hace 3 meses
Isotta Balconetti
Isotta Balconetti Hace 3 meses
Johnny Carrar
Johnny Carrar Hace 3 meses
don't tell me he's gay 😨🤢
Crazy Bazy
Crazy Bazy Hace 28 días
maybe, it does not matter
Tntjoko Hace 3 meses
Everytime i see the Imagine Dragons perform, Dan always has such an amazing speech.. And this band is so underrated, Dan is such a great guy, and says such positive things all the time
Aaron Abrahams
Aaron Abrahams Hace 3 meses
He is a sexy man
Giovanni Debiase
Giovanni Debiase Hace 3 meses
Jessica Jeanbaptiste
HÂŅŤĘŔ PŁÀÝ Hace 4 meses
I love you Imagine Dragons❤
Amelia Andrade
Amelia Andrade Hace 4 meses
Show espetacular ❤️❤️😍
Tony PG
Tony PG Hace 4 meses
My favorit song is Natural! I like this... the music...
Survivor Dogs34
Survivor Dogs34 Hace 4 meses
I like them so much, because their songs are REALLY beautiful and they understand how people feel, for example, Demons. As they wrote this song, Dan felt really sad. I hope my english is Ok, 'cause I'm young, so I don't know all the words and meenings. Greetings from Germany, Baden-Württemberg.
WanderinginaDream Hace 4 meses
i still cant believe i was lucky enough to be there
Kate Maystrova
Kate Maystrova Hace 4 meses
Imagine Dragons - Natural (Piano Cover) esvid.net/video/vídeo-dvy3mcFjlm4.html
loren1955 Hace 4 meses
Dang, tears to eyes. Indeed, the power of love can change and make us so much better. In contrast fear is what limits, destroys, and belittles. The festival captured well a powerful message.
karan singh
karan singh Hace 4 meses
the guy at 10:59
LPS FOREVER Hace 4 meses
I was there but in Alabama
Siv xD
Siv xD Hace 4 meses
I wish that you have bleeding out😭 but it's okay
Dominic Woodcock
Dominic Woodcock Hace 4 meses
I was there
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