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Jéssica Gonella
Jéssica Gonella Hace un día
Lindooooooo 😍
Karla Marriane
Karla Marriane Hace 4 días
Homão da porra, Dan Reynolds..😁😋😍
mememan Hace 4 días
Shao Kahn v.s kotal Kahn This is there boss music Who would win Like=shao Kahn Reply=kotal Kahn
ali3nch1ck Hace 9 días
This hits something within me that I can’t quite explain but its so encouraging
Didier Terver
Didier Terver Hace 14 días
best of the best
Hanalaiz Ginting
Hanalaiz Ginting Hace 15 días
This so great concert ever i see till now 🤷‍♀️ Dan... you always kill my day with the truth by your song Can u made a concert in indonesia 🙆🏼‍♀️ I hope someday
Izabella Ferraz
Izabella Ferraz Hace 16 días
Os melhores❤
Santi Rodriguez
Santi Rodriguez Hace 22 días
1:47:41 My fauvorite part
jerry Frost
jerry Frost Hace un mes
Love his comforts with the gay community ..Love his compassion
Danna Rainbow
Danna Rainbow Hace un mes
I love these guys too much 😭❤️
Giovanni Manograsso
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez Hace 2 meses
If I could do ANYTHING in the whole ENTIRE world I would want to go to their concert SO SOOO BAD😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cami Solo
Cami Solo Hace 2 meses
I was there it was an outstanding concert!! 💓
ITz_yordan_ Mr
ITz_yordan_ Mr Hace 2 meses
magically magic
magically magic Hace 2 meses
Thank you for being there for us for showing the you love and dont tell to love
João Lucas
João Lucas Hace 2 meses
IceAngel Hace 2 meses
pls make imagine dragons evolve tour dvd
IceAngel Hace 2 meses
pls upload Imagine Dragons Turkey Concert Pls we want watch again
Manddye Hace 2 meses
Le sourire de Dan est contagieux mais ses larmes aussi. J'adore Imagine Dragons , ça ce voit que ce sont de bonne personne avec beaucoup de passion dans leurs musiques 💖
Johshio Colors
Johshio Colors Hace 2 meses
What can be said that an excellent and talented musician supports this satanic nest of these perverts. Shame on him and his group.
Мария Архарова
Ауу! Русские вы где?
Egor Tarasov
Egor Tarasov Hace 4 días
Sol Rac
Sol Rac Hace 2 meses
Oh god! This man has really something in him. While watching this, i feel blessed.. Thank you for making me feel that i am (everyone is) special. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Luana Serrado
Luana Serrado Hace 2 meses
amo mais que chocolate!
Воронюк Виктория
Не могу наслушаться, не могу насмотреться !
Robin Hace 3 meses
Imagine dragons my favorite band
Eduarda Dias
Eduarda Dias Hace 3 meses
isso é de arrepiar ❤️
DaNoNe do EdU
DaNoNe do EdU Hace 3 meses
Angela Slater
Angela Slater Hace 3 meses
Dan I’m a huge fan I have madicle issues and you really help my brother LOVES YOU💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂
Dwijaya Kusuma
Dwijaya Kusuma Hace 3 meses
beautiful show
Paul Schober
Paul Schober Hace 3 meses
It's unbeliveble how much power you guys have... Just incredible! 💪🏻💕 Love your songs and your way of using your fame to change the culture etc. Best band of the world ❤️
Marina Ana
Marina Ana Hace 3 meses
Melhor banda, melhor artista, pra mim q antes era só U2. Agora esta maravilha. Já amo vcs e obrigada senhor por estar vivendo esta época com esta banda 💓💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛
Negretto Hace 3 meses
nose, pero esta enorme
E SeMar
E SeMar Hace 3 meses
Una de las mejores bandas. Very very good!!
Ajeng Rahadila Utami
Suka 🤩
Last Name First
Last Name First Hace 4 meses
They should keep this fifth guy. Elliot or something I think his name is.
Joao Nobrega
Joao Nobrega Hace 4 meses
Massive !!
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
its 2019 time for change
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
so much People in Holland love you gayse do you want to Do a concert in Holland so much People have not enuf mony to Go to Amerika for aan concert so if you want to Do anorther concert you always can Go to Holland ❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
are you gonna Do a concert in Holland that wil be so cool
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
are you gonna Do a concert in Holland that wil be so cool
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
my englisch is not Very good❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘😘
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
this is wy People exist
nikki Janssen
nikki Janssen Hace 4 meses
i looooooooooooove you gase ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤so much u never cry so much in my hole live it was butiful
☆Clifford☆ Hace 4 meses
This video is the reason why I live.
Last Name First
Last Name First Hace 4 meses
OMG!!! WoW!! The mic drop at the end was hilarious.
monika shrivastava
monika shrivastava Hace 4 meses
They forgot zero
monika shrivastava
monika shrivastava Hace 4 meses
Bharat k log 👍thoke
Rudolf NZ
Rudolf NZ Hace 4 meses
“ this is the beginning of change” ♥️💯
thekid_lara Hace 4 meses
That speech tho It was so good
Viviany Carrijo
Viviany Carrijo Hace 4 meses
Minha banda preferida!! Arrasam sempre!!👊🖤👏👏
major Hace 4 meses
cadê os BR
FCL Hace 4 meses
Im loving😍
Fabrizio fabioneri
Fabrizio fabioneri Hace 4 meses
Il concerto più bello che abbia mai visto. Ci aspetto a Firenze.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Hace 4 meses
christian dall'olio
christian dall'olio Hace 5 meses
In questo momento sono i migliori!!! THE BEST!!
Chayanne Bzaih
Chayanne Bzaih Hace 5 meses
Proud to be a fan
Niki Kai
Niki Kai Hace 5 meses
Loved their Three Little Birds version! ❤️
Lorenzo Latini
Lorenzo Latini Hace 5 meses
Thor can sing 🤣
William Woods
William Woods Hace 5 meses
Love is forever Respect ✊the lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈
Paris Gacha
Paris Gacha Hace 5 meses
24:09 lol
Paris Gacha
Paris Gacha Hace 5 meses
11:00 I know you love Id and all but you don't have to cry abt it geez lol
Nicky Tucker
Nicky Tucker Hace 5 meses
Can't get enough of Dan the man!!!
Lurana Glória Guimarães
Were Mike Shinoda's and Imagine Dragon's shows in the same day????
Chinmay Shukla
Chinmay Shukla Hace 5 meses
1000 likes to this concert from me ....
Paris Gacha
Paris Gacha Hace 5 meses
His mum should have like a Grammy or somethin for raising this beautiful, handsome, young man who want to change this world 😘😘😘😍😍😍 Also rip his sister? Or his friends sister idk lol 😢😢😢
Erick Medeiros
Erick Medeiros Hace 5 meses
Sou fã da banda certa
Bella Ricci
Bella Ricci Hace 5 meses
I'm so proud of dan!
Mauro Cavaliere
Mauro Cavaliere Hace 6 meses
I love imagine dragons
claudia alvarez
claudia alvarez Hace 6 meses
Espero tenerlos en uruguay en concierto😉
とも Hace 6 meses
I love you.in japan
comet 2
comet 2 Hace 6 meses
Please come to South Korea...
Andreza Barbosa
Andreza Barbosa Hace 6 meses
Banda fantástica
Bonglynna Tran
Bonglynna Tran Hace 6 meses
Concert 2 dollars ticket?
Bonglynna Tran
Bonglynna Tran Hace 6 meses
Electric guitar guys fuck me men ưhy u sứck good!
Sports Man
Sports Man Hace 6 meses
Go imagen Dragons
magic wolf
magic wolf Hace 6 meses
Dan, we have soo much luck to have you and your inspirational speech!
Janet Gorman
Janet Gorman Hace 6 meses
truly fantastic news!!
Carla Alford
Carla Alford Hace 6 meses
Cassie McCracken
Cassie McCracken Hace 6 meses
Oh god i love you imagine dragons!!! this is so powerful!! thank you!! you brought tears to my eyes thank you!! imagine dragons is my favorite band!!
Matab Shaweesh
Matab Shaweesh Hace 6 meses
Did dan lost his sister???😰😨
Beyza Arı
Beyza Arı Hace 7 meses
HaNeul kim
HaNeul kim Hace 7 meses
viva el pan
NinjaGamer22 Hace 7 meses
I wish I could've been there.
NinjaGamer22 Hace 7 meses
Dan should run for president.
Kayleen Vinuya
Kayleen Vinuya Hace 7 meses
I love Dan Reynolds..and his voice...but I think he has to rest...he's struggling with his voice ..
Quester Hace 7 meses
Am I the only one that loves Elliot just for what he is?
카이주림 Hace 7 meses
I hate LGBT.. but i love imaginedragons
Mariusz Chalupka
Mariusz Chalupka Hace 7 meses
best ever 53m Sting coover
Ana lima
Ana lima Hace 7 meses
😘😘sem palavras amo, amo demais...
tuli aranda
tuli aranda Hace 7 meses
mark smiley
mark smiley Hace 7 meses
Concert inside or outside
Samuele 2717
Samuele 2717 Hace 7 meses
Samuele 2717
Samuele 2717 Hace 7 meses
フォトキキ Hace 7 meses
good face! 49:15
Laura Colombini Costa
Lindo da minha vida!!!!! Amo vcs!!!!
Chaiane Gois
Chaiane Gois Hace 7 meses
Prova que não precisa ser LGBT pra respeitar os LGBT
Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez Hace 7 meses
Maiju Hace 8 meses
i have no words how much do i love them.
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