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Imagine Dragons - Real Life (Lyrics)

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Imagine Dragons - Real Life (Lyrics)
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9 nov 2018

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Comentarios 151
Intergalactic Hace un mes
The instrumentals makes me wanna dance, but the lyrics makes me wanna cry I think this is maybe my favorite song of "Origins", what about you?
Oz Racing Network
Oz Racing Network Hace 6 días
Intergalactic my second favourite behind Boomerang
Sidney Macharia
Sidney Macharia Hace 9 días
Intergalactic listen to west coast its just as good
Moonlight Wolf
Moonlight Wolf Hace 14 días
Depends on my mood. I can't pick one, this Album is a masterpiece
Andy Vargas
Andy Vargas Hace 18 días
KNYStorm Hace 24 días
I’m drawn between this and ‘only’ the both are such amazing songs
Arcticx369 Hace 4 días
I rarely get emotional with songs... But this hit me in the heart idk why, just the thought that we have such a small time on this earth and most of it is us on electronics. 2018 was a fast year and i feel like January was just a couple of days ago.
Sweet Flavor
Sweet Flavor Hace 4 días
"Turn your phone off" Acho que meus pais ajudaram a escrever essa música...
Praise Hope
Praise Hope Hace 6 días
This is so me that is actually scary
SashaVivi Hace 6 días
i cryed i love this
JMZ-MUSIC. LL Hace 8 días
I hear On Top Of The World's vibess
AceColorsRed Hace 8 días
My favorites are : stuck zero bad liar only real life boomerang burn out natural birds and west coast
Obrince Designs
Obrince Designs Hace 12 días
I didn't like the song. Not because it's not good, but because it's real and it hurts everytime I hear it.
Augusto Figueredo
Augusto Figueredo Hace 15 días
Another anthem!! How can they do that???
Alyson Frederick
Alyson Frederick Hace 15 días
Dude, your so good at these!
StickyBeak26 Hace 16 días
This is deep...
Emma G
Emma G Hace 19 días
Foxpath Hace 19 días
We are "Warriors" that are "bleeding Out," so all I can say is "I'm So Sorry" for letting you down. I will destroy the "Monster" that is a "Radioactive" "Demon" who is a "Natural" "Machine."
Mason Barendsen
Mason Barendsen Hace 19 días
The song is demons not demon
Dua Lipa Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa Dua Lipa Hace 21 un día
So you came back on yt??
Nils Henninger
Nils Henninger Hace 21 un día
I wish my sister would do at least do one thing with me (she's on her I phone all the time)this song has a great message for her
Triggerhappy 720
Triggerhappy 720 Hace 25 días
I'm kinda getting Night Visions vibes
Bosenirl1 Nixck
Bosenirl1 Nixck Hace 26 días
It just hurts
Salma Fawzi
Salma Fawzi Hace 26 días
First it was talking about 9/11, Then Boston bombing. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH 😭😭❤️
Andy Vargas
Andy Vargas Hace 9 días
Salma Fawzi
Salma Fawzi Hace 19 días
Mason Barendsen you can’t assume shit without knowing the actual facts. Plus I said I love them so much TO imagine dragons Bc they have sympathy for the disasters. So stop assuming and start knowing.
Mason Barendsen
Mason Barendsen Hace 19 días
You liked the Boston bombing and 9/11? Terrorist
Krruze Dragonface
Krruze Dragonface Hace 27 días
This is the only album of Imagine Dragons from which I like all the songs. #imaginedragonsorigins
yolanda barrientos
yolanda barrientos Hace 27 días
Did anyone see this one guy moving in the back?
Raven S.
Raven S. Hace 27 días
My mom for sure.
kemmi7 Hace 28 días
Tune reminds me of "I bet my life"... I thinks Origins' the most varied album so far...
susan Jansen
susan Jansen Hace 29 días
ANOTHER Great song!! #ImagineDragons
God, I love this song
Art Mapping
Art Mapping Hace 18 días
Me too ... The best from origins
Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips Hace 29 días
My favourite is bullet in a gun. With this, birds,bad Liar and machine all very high up there
Rodrigo De la Fuente Granados
Im not sure. What are all the songs in the album. Im a bit lost 😅😅
colton boss
colton boss Hace 20 días
MynxJohn Hace un mes
Damn,first time i heard this song on the album and damn is it deep
aerhm __
aerhm __ Hace un mes
This song gives me night visions vibe
Uncle Terax
Uncle Terax Hace 17 días
It's because I loved it! 😍
boneless books
boneless books Hace 22 días
Probably why I liked it so much
jacky 23
jacky 23 Hace 23 días
bowman hath
bowman hath Hace 24 días
me 2
Art Mapping
Art Mapping Hace 25 días
Right... Good old days
Jade West Rules
Jade West Rules Hace un mes
It's just so ironic that this song is all over the internet.
Chad NotChat
Chad NotChat Hace 6 días
Really? I cant see it anywhere if i dont search for it.
Hash Hace un mes
Probably the best song in the album tbh.
Bricksoldier 123
Bricksoldier 123 Hace 16 días
My faves are this and love
Art Mapping
Art Mapping Hace 25 días
Really good... It makes me think
Random dud
Random dud Hace un mes
Origins gets allot of unnecessary hate, sure it changed allot and there is always somebody who does not like change, but once you understand their methods have changed these become some of my favourite songs from them.
yingxia wei
yingxia wei Hace 2 días
This comment should get more likes.
Rafał Gruszka
Rafał Gruszka Hace 20 días
All of their albums are diffrent from each other I don't understand this hate at all, they are orginal, they do not follow the schemes and I love them for it
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel Hace 22 días
tbh I don't get why. I mean, Origins sounds a lot like S+M with some NV on it
Random dud
Random dud Hace 24 días
+D a w n I agree with you
Muadz Mahathir
Muadz Mahathir Hace 26 días
+D a w n agreed Though I prefer their Smoke and Mirrors album, still like most of ID songs
Disk Jockey Mozart
Disk Jockey Mozart Hace un mes
The chorus reminds me so much of the night visions album
Art Mapping
Art Mapping Hace 18 días
Wendy Dunne
Wendy Dunne Hace un mes
I love this song.
Queen Kun
Queen Kun Hace un mes
This reminds me about my mother, she's just like this song. She always prays to God for everything will be ok and I'm like "Mommy, don't cry. World is trash, I know, but someday everything will be alright. So! Please, smile, Mommy". Anyway, love this song. Actually, all the song I heard of ID are just beautiful and perfect (Sorry for my english, I'm still learning ;;u;;)
Omar Adil Adil khan
Such thing we need Now❤️
ThinkCookie Hace un mes
Great video overall, and I can tell you tried extra hard to make this lyric video look nice... however, as you probably already realize, the looping 5-second footage was AGONIZING. I get that stock footage is expensive and royalty-free stuff is difficult to find, so I don't blame you at all, but maybe next time you can choose footage that loops more smoothly?
Remington Ward
Remington Ward Hace 29 días
Intergalactic, Maybe you could make the loop reverse back and then restart so it doesn’t jump. :)
Intergalactic Hace un mes
ThinkCookie thank you for your feedback! You’re right, I use free-royalty footage and they’re usually just 10 sec long, so I have to put them on loop, I could have used a pic but I don’t like it haha but in this video, the loop indeed isn’t smooth at all and it really is agonizing. It’s totally my fault and I’ll make sure to pay more attention when choosing the footage in the future! Thanks again ;)
Adrián Díaz
Adrián Díaz Hace un mes
I've just seen 3 videos and I think that you're doing a great job, your videos are awesome. I already suscribed
Intergalactic Hace un mes
Adrián Díaz Thank you so much! That means a lot :)
my name is Raul
my name is Raul Hace un mes
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Hace un mes
"Wont you lool me on my eye" not "only"
Mason Barendsen
Mason Barendsen Hace 19 días
no u
I have been watching all your videos and i think you are amazing! Keep it up!
Intergalactic Hace un mes
EL COMENTARISTA thank you so much! That means a lot!!
Lucien Traxler
Lucien Traxler Hace un mes
My fave song from origins is bad liar
D a w n
D a w n Hace un mes
“Turn your phone off” I can’t because it’s playing Imagine Dragons
Antoine Huot-Aubin
Antoine Huot-Aubin Hace un mes
Am i the only one who thinks the beat of this song sounds like some other song? But i just cant figure out what it is... help me
Oyun Kaçkını
Oyun Kaçkını Hace 29 días
Antoine Huot-Aubin on top of the world
SHAGED Hace un mes
Yes :3
Emily Lily
Emily Lily Hace un mes
Antoine Huot-Aubin ya it’s fallen I thought that true and it kinda sounds like Nothing Left To Say and possibly Rocks
SHAGED Hace un mes
I think its "fallen", i think
SHAGED Hace un mes
From the first or second album
Disk Jockey Mozart
Disk Jockey Mozart Hace un mes
No Dan, I can't turn my phone off after this album came out
jothy D
jothy D Hace un mes
Oli Ayag
Oli Ayag Hace un mes
abo falah
abo falah Hace un mes
The album is awesome I hope you will upload the hole album cause your lyrics is very Nice 😎👍
Alex Cerjinog
Alex Cerjinog Hace un mes
I dont get it, could some one tell me what is the song talking about
RappingRyan Hace 25 días
+MATTHEW PICHETTE I like this theory. If you want to delve deeper into it, it shows how the singer has only one positive thing in his life (You)
I think its trying to say that theres a lot of bad stuff that goes on (9/11, mass shootings, boston bombing) and that its hard to have faith when things keep happening like this but you kinda just have to focus on the positives in your own life and find your own faith cuz thats really all thats left to do. Thats what i took away at least
Eli C
Eli C Hace un mes
Sad that Dan lost his faith
Eli C
Eli C Hace 16 días
+Sebastian Wilson i'm sorry what?
Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson Hace 20 días
is that he is making so many songs at once?
Eli C
Eli C Hace 21 un día
+WLT 30 like totally but is there a better place to do it than ESvid comments?
WLT 30
WLT 30 Hace 21 un día
Eli C I would love if you explained your reasoning as long as you're prepared for an open-minded discussion.
Taran Amrit kaur
Taran Amrit kaur Hace 28 días
Eli C aja?
Lele Freitas
Lele Freitas Hace un mes
thank u so much for this
Intergalactic Hace un mes
Lucas Mols
Lucas Mols Hace un mes
My favorites are natural, west coast, bullet in a gun and bad liar
yingxia wei
yingxia wei Hace 2 días
+AceColorsRed that is just your opinion.
yingxia wei
yingxia wei Hace 2 días
My favorites are machine, zero, natural, and boomerang.
AceColorsRed Hace 8 días
souayeh nadia no the worst
hmood gamer
hmood gamer Hace 13 días
Lucas Mols my favorites are literally all 😂😂 No one can decide which imagine dragons song is the best cause when you say this is my favorite and then you say yeah and this and this and this one....
Lucas Mols
Lucas Mols Hace un mes
All the songs in the qlbum arr great but these stand out
BiathloNNolhtaiB Hace un mes
My favourite
Lucas Mols
Lucas Mols Hace un mes
I think the album is oke but i think they should make more songs like radioactive gold and whatever it takes
Little mac 3498
Little mac 3498 Hace 29 días
Eli C agree to disagree
Eli C
Eli C Hace un mes
Radioactive is trash
Lucas Mols
Lucas Mols Hace un mes
+Joey Young I also like they change music style every album but their are some songs in the album that are not bad but just don't feel like the imagine dragons from smoke+mirrors and night vision
Joey Young
Joey Young Hace un mes
Lucas Mols every album they do something different. And although they made better songs, I like that they try different styles.
sebastian vega
sebastian vega Hace un mes
Thanks for the lyrics genius
All Andy
All Andy Hace un mes
I’m so glad you hopped right on it and made the lyric videos lol I don’t think I would’ve been able to realize what this song was about till way later if I hadn’t seen the lyrics 😅 really beautiful but dark song. My fav song is West Coast
MynxJohn Hace un mes
West coast is easilly top 3
Intergalactic Hace un mes
All Andy haha thanks! Indeed beautiful but with a dark meaning behind it
Biena Veselaj
Biena Veselaj Hace un mes
I am living for the vibes this song is giving,the real Imagine Dragons vibes!
Nancy Bogado
Nancy Bogado Hace un mes
This album is siiick
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Hace 23 días
Agreed!! My favorite is evolve
Natan Del Real
Natan Del Real Hace un mes
Improved version of the music style the tried with Evolve. AWESOME.
Nancy Bogado
Nancy Bogado Hace un mes
+Abyrex [HG] The lyrics, the tune, is soooo good.
Abyrex [HG]
Abyrex [HG] Hace un mes
yoda seattle
yoda seattle Hace un mes
This song makes you think
Trey MEYERS Hace 27 días
MynxJohn Hace un mes
It really does
D a w n
D a w n Hace un mes
Yeah, and the reason I love it so much is how it makes you think. It’s just... I love the song.
The Kobe Neal show
The Kobe Neal show Hace un mes
JustNailingIt Hace un mes
Thank you so much for uploading these! ❤
Intergalactic Hace un mes
You're welcome! <3
Tierliebhaberin !
Tierliebhaberin ! Hace un mes
I love that. But my favorit is Natural
Gamemaker 17
Gamemaker 17 Hace un mes
I love bad liar the most
Tet, Dios de los Juegos
Me too
M. KiNG Hace un mes
A continuación
Hace un mes