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Imagine Dragons - West Coast (Lyrics)

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Imagine Dragons - West Coast (Lyrics)
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Lyric video of Imagine Dragons track 6 titled "West Coast" from their new album "Origins".


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9 nov 2018

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Intergalactic Hace un mes
This is one of my favorite songs of the album, anyone’s too?
ANONYMOUS COPY Hace 22 horas
I like Bad liar and Walking in the wire
Rebeca Amaral oficial
Rebeca Amaral oficial Hace 22 horas
Birds ♡
Jaydn Elson
Jaydn Elson Hace 4 días
I like this and monster by imagine dragons
Riley Teel
Riley Teel Hace 5 días
+Safrie Arrian weird.
Mr Infected
Mr Infected Hace 5 días
I like most of the new songs, bit dissapointed about evolve but this one really got me ... I feel like I can relate to most of the songs here!
Damian Prusik
Damian Prusik Hace 3 horas
How yours preparations for Christmas ?
Landin Kerner
Landin Kerner Hace 18 horas
first hearing it and it's pretty good
Edgardo P. Aricula JR.
Good to pair while relaxing :)
Recon 3139
Recon 3139 Hace un día
I listen to hard rock and metal, not a big fan of weird stuff and pop, but imagine dragons are just that one pop group that I like
Dylan Parmeter
Dylan Parmeter Hace 2 días
good song
MASHEPU Hace 2 días
Oh, nice!♥
Shadow Raven
Shadow Raven Hace 3 días
Is this a tribute to Avicii by Imagine Dragons?
FlyingIntoTheStorm Hace 3 días
I love every ID’s song...they never miss one!
Jena Scott
Jena Scott Hace 3 días
I like this song because the style isn't as modern, but it isn't old. It's right in-between in the best way :)
Courtney Waller
Courtney Waller Hace 4 días
This is where i am at this time.
Tupac Hace 5 días
Best part of this song is 0:00 - 3:37
Hayes Causey
Hayes Causey Hace 6 días
“I’m gonna make this place your home”... shit wrong song. Are they just straight up ripping other bands off now?
Roger Garcia
Roger Garcia Hace 7 días
thats love idiot¡
Denise Donis
Denise Donis Hace 7 días
Omg 666k views 👀
Regina Bautista
Regina Bautista Hace 7 días
I'm getting some country vibes!!
Lego fan
Lego fan Hace 7 días
Хабиб хабиб хабиб хабиб ест кость жоры!
Oxana Manoli
Oxana Manoli Hace 7 días
Kinda reminds me of Monsters and Men
Beatriz Croce
Beatriz Croce Hace 7 días
I guess i was Born to be at war😍😍😍😍😍
Beatriz Croce
Beatriz Croce Hace 7 días
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Hace 8 días
Matthew Navarro
Matthew Navarro Hace 9 días
camryn pharr
camryn pharr Hace 9 días
right when i clicked it there was an ad about imagine dragons, coincidence much?
Hally Peterson
Hally Peterson Hace 9 días
It’s like me and my cousin leave each other he’s the only one I play with😰😥😥😥😥😥😭😰😥😭😰😥😭😰😥😭😰😥
Xavier Maassen
Xavier Maassen Hace 9 días
masively under rated song
For all those people who say this album not good in genral I am sorry but you people are only false fans of meaning full songs in particular.You guys just listen to the songs for there tunes and rhyming and how catchy it is ,without paying attention to what the song is about.Personally I believe origins is same as other imagine dragons albums,its about different phases of life just put in a different way, that is beautiful in its own way, a wonderful way.The comments I see people being critical about songs they never understand is just sadnig.I am both disappointed in the humanity that supports shit like despacito and the real gold,no antimatter(most expensive thing in the world btw}is looked down,but also proud that I am part of those few who actually enjoy music and the real essence of the songs Go on Imagine dragons u never let us down,u never will. But if u ever will,i hope I am not around. I should really stop and do my homework
Arctic FOOX
Arctic FOOX Hace 10 días
Selling times if u broke ur replay thing 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Payment: a like or a reply
Sajid Shagoto
Sajid Shagoto Hace 10 días
This made me cry.
BiBi :v
BiBi :v Hace 10 días
When someone asks me what’s my favorite gender of music I only can say imagine dragons :p
Bonnie Sue
Bonnie Sue Hace 10 días
Reminds me of a Nelly Beat!😊
vani sharma
vani sharma Hace 10 días
Imagine dragons 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shax H
Shax H Hace 11 días
Imagine Dragon fans we unite as one .... 😁😍
redhotchilifan98 Hace 11 días
Such an unbelievably beautiful song
Khanh Nguyen Cong
Khanh Nguyen Cong Hace 11 días
What is love ? Oh wait wrong song
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Hace 11 días
The way he said Superman
Wes Fosdick
Wes Fosdick Hace 12 días
this is my favorite song in this alblum
Wes Fosdick
Wes Fosdick Hace 12 días
How do they make every ONE of their songs different.
Gulliin V
Gulliin V Hace 12 días
This is the type of song I wanna have in my car while all of the windows are open
Magic Kitti
Magic Kitti Hace 13 días
This, cool out, and bad liar are my favorite songs of the album
Esias Kohler
Esias Kohler Hace 13 días
I love what you have in the background
Fufu51 Hace 13 días
This is a wonderful Song and one of my favorite song from origins
cel mai mare barosan
cel mai mare barosan Hace 13 días
the link to the video> the background pls
Gośka Hace 13 días
Nie ma fal
superdupermihnnea Hace 14 días
i cried so much on this song
Laura  SN
Laura SN Hace 14 días
Estoy harta de las propagandas de rappi :)
Sonja A
Sonja A Hace 14 días
you are my sun, my waves, the one I love the most, you are my west coast, honey...
Sonja A
Sonja A Hace 14 días
You can be all you want to be guys, be patient and keep going I believe in you
i love this song and no one can change that who with us
Leon de Feijter
Leon de Feijter Hace 15 días
Best song ever
Mixed Bag
Mixed Bag Hace 15 días
yet another masterpiece by ID....
TheRandomDuck Hace 16 días
Needed some music for a school project, always knew I could count on Imagine Dragons to have just what I needed 👀👌🏼
yogesh kumar
yogesh kumar Hace 16 días
East coast dislikes this .
Yassy Rboub
Yassy Rboub Hace 16 días
71 people liked this song so much they turned there laptop upside down to like it again
Flash Games
Flash Games Hace 16 días
this sound just like their old song Thief... :D
cybernibba Hace 16 días
PyroInferno 57
PyroInferno 57 Hace 17 días
Reminds me of the revivalists- wish I knew you, probably because of the words "holy ghost"
Multi-Malik-Media Hace 17 días
_I'm going to be singing this at a a talent show my school is doing òwó_
Simrun Sarn
Simrun Sarn Hace 17 días
Dan Reynolds Is SUPERMAN And Tyler Joseph Is BATMAN.
That one Guy
That one Guy Hace 18 días
This song reminded me a lot of Oregon, dunno why
Noah Gardner
Noah Gardner Hace 18 días
kept waiting for so I, I BET MY LIFE
Kendall Taylor
Kendall Taylor Hace 18 días
This song is beautiful! I love imagine dragons so much there songs I always listen to while I do my homework
Ve Mo
Ve Mo Hace 18 días
One of my absolute favorite songs by them.
MoH_ AmeD
MoH_ AmeD Hace 18 días
Guys where do you hear the songs??
Kim Hace 18 días
If only the rest of Origins was as good as this ;;
Soumya Ghosh
Soumya Ghosh Hace 19 días
Ed sheeran vibe..lovely song
Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson Hace 20 días
so imagine dragons just became a country band LOL
MyNuggetGames Hace 20 días
this song is kinda like a story in my opinion
Marie sarfati
Marie sarfati Hace 20 días
this song is so incredible . I love imagine dragons from France 💜🇫🇷🇫🇷
Janya Shrivastava
Janya Shrivastava Hace 21 un día
You what I absolutely hate about Imagine Dragons songs???? The haters that come with the song Imagine Dragons is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Hace 21 un día
Starting sounds like far cry 5 theme
Luanny Victória C. S.
Luanny Victória C. S. Hace 21 un día
thandamytube Hace 22 días
I wonder if this song is about his marriage. Telling her not to give up.😭😭
Didi Didi
Didi Didi Hace 22 días
Mi favorite song is west coast
FullTimeDreamer 7
FullTimeDreamer 7 Hace 22 días
Beginning is pretty similar to Alexander cardinale - Made for you.
NERDY K Hace 23 días
This song is the best
Omar Fawaz
Omar Fawaz Hace 23 días
I got avicii vibes i donno why
adriana navarro
adriana navarro Hace 23 días
es una de sus mejores canciones7u7
Menno Verburg
Menno Verburg Hace 23 días
I really get Of Monsters And Men vibes from this and I love it
Melissa Nuriyeva
Melissa Nuriyeva Hace 23 días
Reminds me a little of Amsterdam
Kenshi Morgan
Kenshi Morgan Hace 23 días
I’ve just lost my cat today and before they faded i sung this song to them!
Kenshi Morgan
Kenshi Morgan Hace 23 días
She was named milly
Andrea M
Andrea M Hace 24 días
I get a renegades feel....
Samantha Gentz
Samantha Gentz Hace 24 días
The feeling would be warmth, calming, and covering
pota potabi
pota potabi Hace 24 días
Love the country song style... Feel kinda nostalogic whn u listen to this song while u drive home
Sara S 05
Sara S 05 Hace 24 días
Noah Birke
Noah Birke Hace 24 días
This sounds so much like their old songs, without the powerful choruses, and rock sounds. Night Vision vibes indeed.
jay terra
jay terra Hace 24 días
But boo west coast is on fire I would be outside if it was raining the beach is the best when raining
Kenshi Morgan
Kenshi Morgan Hace 25 días
I ain’t super man or a Holy Ghost! I’m the best warrior cat ever named moonswift but nobody knows yet!
Blue Constellation
Blue Constellation Hace 25 días
This gives the feels of a late night drive or a walk/run on the beach in the night with some friends and a lover. ♥️
Francisco Paiva
Francisco Paiva Hace 25 días
Best song of origins
Lindsey Dolan
Lindsey Dolan Hace 26 días
My boyfriend told me he didnt know how to tell me the way he felt about me so he told me to listen to this song and when it was over he told me he loved me .
Swati Amle
Swati Amle Hace 18 días
Quit your BS
Stan Verbeek
Stan Verbeek Hace 21 un día
Dont ask for likes
Theo Gillan
Theo Gillan Hace 24 días
Lindsey Dolan Well the song kind of implies that and it’s the kind of long distance post people make.
Lindsey Dolan
Lindsey Dolan Hace 24 días
+Theo Gillan how do you know its long distance
Theo Gillan
Theo Gillan Hace 24 días
Long distance isn't worth it if that's the kind of pickle you're in.
Salma Fawzi
Salma Fawzi Hace 26 días
Cattleya Hace 26 días
Amo esta bandaaaa me encanta, me encantaaaa 😁😁😁 Amé este album
Dorfalos Hace 27 días
Avicii.. Are you?❤
Slide Grind
Slide Grind Hace 27 días
It was such a change to all the other songs in Origins
Slide Grind
Slide Grind Hace 27 días
Elizabeth Hidlebaugh
Elizabeth Hidlebaugh Hace 27 días
Who else thinks this song is kinda like I bet my life? Love the song tho =)
Kristia Valeria
Kristia Valeria Hace 27 días
Beautiful. I Love this song, this band!😭😭😭
Lara Blub
Lara Blub Hace 27 días
Shooting Dalfa
Shooting Dalfa Hace 28 días
fav song
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