IMPOSSIBLE GOALS from Level 1 to Level 100 

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2 mar 2023






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@CoconutJewce Hace un a帽o
Level 1: Son running 80m by two defenders and finishing past the keeper. Level 25: Mbappe sprinting the same distance past no defenders and passing it into an open goal. ...wut
@Zyxl. Hace un a帽o
I think he did it so people would be hooked into the video, maybe??? Still unfair for Son 馃槙
@notzephery Hace un a帽o
Its probably because it was a last minute goal
@Caution954 Hace un a帽o
Also french, they looooove mbappe
@davidford4551 Hace 11 meses
Son鈥檚 country is stronger than mbappe so son can just declare war on france and win
@Caution954 Hace 11 meses
@@davidford4551 I don't think鈥f Son declares war to France that Korea will actually do it-
@raiyanahsan8165 Hace un a帽o
Fun fact: That level 1 goal brought Heung-Min Son the Puskas award in 2020
@mrcheese5395 Hace un a帽o
Yeah i don鈥檛 know why was it level 1
@theresacai6932 Hace un a帽o
My fav player
@MSsixtynine69 Hace 11 meses
I鈥檓 also South korean
@sportingene Hace 11 meses
Messi Getafe goal or Bilbao goal should have been here
@TheOfficialTwo Hace 11 meses
First award he鈥檚 ever got with spurs lmao
@armencida5749 Hace un a帽o
Rooney's goal still give me chills He was a beast back then!
If him and Gerrard where in the same team =馃敟 馃敟 馃敟
@mrsoikawa Hace 9 meses
@@UnitedKingdomOfWrittle huh???? They were, and they were shit
@isabellegazdagh723 Hace 8 meses
Hay these guys are blowing my head there so good with impossible kicks
@urasozduman5908 Hace 6 meses
i am at urk and alex did very good bicycle kick link: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-c61US9Te1t8.htmlsi=sbCzjeqzjDZzvq4Z
@urasozduman5908 Hace 6 meses
a turk
@MrRmF7 Hace un a帽o
*3:04** man that jump 馃馃殌馃*
@urgentneed2806 Hace 11 meses
youssef en nesyri did a higher jump
@@urgentneed2806 NO
@urgentneed2806 Hace 11 meses
@@recargasdecodpointsmasjueg2593 he did the highest jump ever in a world cup
@hizmartyn8957 Hace 11 meses
@@urgentneed2806 There a difference between in WC and in football. Cr7 did the highst vertical jump vs Sampdoria then it was matched by a Ugandan-British player playing in Scottish PL.
@adi.1815 Hace 11 meses
@@urgentneed2806 man only watches wc
@yederickcruz3567 Hace 11 meses
Hey. Can you do one of impossible saves level 1 to 100? Thanks for the video.
@vawcreations5887 Hace 5 meses
Great video. Cool editing. No BS. Thank you!
@SirRuneson Hace 5 meses
Zlatans goal still give me chills He was a beast back then!
@AlfresSasuke Hace 3 meses
That lion
@erikythun Hace 11 meses
I'm hungarian, and lvl 97 was amazing from Zs贸ri D谩niel馃憦
@urasozduman5908 Hace 6 meses
level 97 was from Nani
0:35 Kaka just killed 2 players.馃槀馃槀
@GavinTack Hace 11 meses
Shooting lasers. Wow. Saved to my *BEST* Pro Futbol Videos playlist.
@rahulgnair8529 Hace 11 meses
Missing "Too far for Ronaldo to thinks about 馃敟" Ankara messi 馃敟 Bales legendery run 馃敟
@chris00dey Hace 2 meses
bro that van Persie header got me rolling on the floor laughing.
@brandonr5117 Hace 11 meses
Thanks for giving Zlatan the credit he deserves! Great video as always thanks!
@mikasaackerman7397 Hace 11 meses
Zlatan doesn't need credit, CREDIT NEED ZLATAN 馃槄
@brandonr5117 Hace 11 meses
@@mikasaackerman7397 Your right, ZLATAN IS ZLATAN
@flarashgamin6774 Hace un a帽o
Pjanic bicycle kick and Messi鈥檚 dribbling left the chat
@lucasvanlammeren7946 Hace 11 meses
As a dutch, glad to see 2 of the best goals in Dutch history on lvl 60 an 82
@hermankranendonk Hace 11 meses
True, but the goal of marco van Basten during the Europa final of 1988 seems to be forgotten. It was considered as an impossible goal and that during a final.
@ferdinand_WS Hace 11 meses
@@hermankranendonk or his bicycle kick against Den Bosch.
@hermankranendonk Hace 11 meses
@@ferdinand_WS or the fabulous header goal with AC Milan against Real Madrid.
@koendohle4118 Hace 11 meses
Flying Dutchman
@Danezone Hace 9 meses
I鈥檓 Dutch too but Marco van Basren in 1988 was just 馃ぉ
@chrismuimbwa6424 Hace 7 meses
It 's good to see one's favourite player closing a video.
@zuthungokikon5950 Hace 11 meses
He has scored a beautiful goal today, but he should try from 40 metres 馃榿馃榿馃榿. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a killer 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ. This guy always amazed me with his humourous dialogues.
@benjackson6260 Hace 11 meses
He's literally the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson of football... Just an entertainer of the best level... I think his presence is enough to give a few chuckles in a game... Also... I didn't see the superb spinning back kick goal from Robert Lavendauski (I know i butchered his surname)
@adnanhaind Hace 8 meses
it's amazing goal , but it's 29.6 meters. You can check on Google.
@user-fd6ls8jo8z Hace 8 meses
Son and mbappe, who is faster?馃槷
@urasozduman5908 Hace 6 meses
@mohamadchokair1936 Hace 10 meses
All the bicycle kicks are fire馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟
@artmarkham3205 Hace un a帽o
I love how Scholes is so relaxed before the ball has even gone in, after he's hit that absolute beast at 4:57.
@vesnafouskas9697 Hace un mes
@gu1lty99 Hace 4 meses
Great editing! Entertaining to watch
@TeeforTheWin03 Hace 11 meses
Loved too see ibras goal as no.1 as I agree fully with his goal being the best goal I have ever seen 馃槷
@cortoestudio Hace 2 meses
Watch Mauro Bressan鈥檚 bicycle kick, it鈥檚 probably the best goal ever!
@ccaj1369 Hace 8 meses
Bro the 2014 robin van persie goal was just super duper good it was amazing 馃憦
@EzraMillerHater Hace 11 meses
Carlos just scores goals that will defy laws of physics
@Dennis-ck7mf Hace 11 meses
Thanks god ,finally someone who makes sense
The level 98 was insane like the next one
@venompalyt5847 Hace 7 meses
Great editing video I really loved it and level 100 was actually 馃挴 level goal 鉂
@gabismadu Hace 2 meses
@alitsuki Hace 11 meses
This video is so good I love you so much! 鉂わ笍馃敟鈿斤笍
@francescariviere3211 Hace 11 meses
Goal ! esvid.netuaL2K8UaADQ?feature=share
@templolegendario Hace un a帽o
admiro mucho tu tecnica
@samuelblack7314 Hace 4 meses
Zlatan's bicycle kick goal in 2013 won him the Puskas Award that year.
@tonyorobsky Hace 6 meses
I am very disappointed that Carlos running near corner goal isn't on this list. That goal is too underrated.
@urasozduman5908 Hace 6 meses
but how about a goal directly from he corner kick esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JH1st0zNzBc.htmlsi=mTEVLREifFCTh_hT
@Darmani2MB Hace 3 meses
@@urasozduman5908 great too, but doesn't even compare
@zaweriawanjohi4131 Hace 2 meses
鈥婡@Darmani2MB?xszx4ee za
@JanLunde-xg8sm Hace 2 meses
@@urasozduman5908no it is too normal, we as amateurs do it as well
@edmondm22 Hace 7 meses
Zlatan, he scored the beautiful goal against the legendary Buffon. You should have probably tried one against that Juve defence and Buffon and see if it goes in.
@user-mt4ic2im6h Hace 20 horas
very timely, incredible
@ArgaDiasS Hace 6 meses
rooney, subri, bale, r.carlos, ronaldo and giroud are amazzzzzing
Zlatan being the hardest is pretty iconic
@Mrkichta2000 Hace 5 meses
Zlatan goal was the most epic bicycle kick in world football
@frog3946 Hace 11 meses
7:07 Sir Alex Ferguson鈥檚 reaction was everything
@simbataka23 Hace 4 meses
Messi鈥檚 chip goal against Betis kills all the goals listed here
@AlwaysPlayinFIFA Hace 7 meses
Zidane and Alex Ferguson鈥檚 goal got me on the floor
@SARI_KIRMIZI Hace 7 meses
陌mpossible goals i like it馃憤
@BFS_BACHOO Hace 6 meses
I like it when they shoot outside the foot it's so satisfying
@pessig9349 Hace un a帽o
Where's CR7's free kick vs Arsenal
@nonnon-uo2kn Hace 11 meses
Trop bien merci!!!!
@Yeah47573 Hace 8 meses
40 meter bicycle kick is just crazy
@RadinAsg Hace un a帽o
voice reveal pog
@muhd987 Hace 11 meses
Ronaldooo!馃敟馃敟馃敟 goosebumps
@mcfootball2734 Hace 8 meses
beautiful video, very very good
@tejaswihosakeri7983 Hace un a帽o
yo what about ancara messi its one of the best goals
@Funwithcubingworld11 Hace 11 meses
Its ankara bruh
@ChubbyCat1412 Hace 11 meses
When they said don't shoot to vini he took that personally馃槀
@marcblum5348 Hace 4 meses
Level 100 is Zlatan before he gets his first coffee in the morning.
@ellie-mayscott9742 Hace 8 meses
Great vid!
perfect kicks are amazing
@rateit1474 Hace un a帽o
Zlatan should have several other goals added in this video.
@Adnanpeer10910 Hace un a帽o
Why u put son on level 1 That goal was absolute fire
@DIMANALEMAKO Hace 3 meses
All the players are great 鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳
@emilss8072 Hace 4 meses
level 15 uffff its good i cant wait for level 100
@smithwill8209 Hace un a帽o
A Nice Movie...鉂
@bradnathan9996 Hace 10 meses
Rooney truly has amazed me
@althafhussain1226 Hace 11 meses
Dybala's goal underrated
@user-vd8yl6tn3l Hace un a帽o
Man please do a video like this one but with the worst mistakes or own goals
The fact that a gk scored a bicycle is crazy
@bimalabhatta7293 Hace 11 meses
2:48 definetely that superman kick was epic
@michelleper5065 Hace 11 meses
to think they did not put diego armando maradona goals here... lol literally the best athletey in histroy with the most impressive most beautiful goals... just stunning this generation.....
@bimalabhatta7293 Hace 11 meses
@@michelleper5065 yeah u are right his shots are also awesome
@michelleper5065 Hace 11 meses
@@bimalabhatta7293 lol like before they even start the video they should have put 10 goals of diego armando maradona explaining what the art of football is... then they should have started the official video lol
@brodesfilms Hace 8 meses
are you dizzy mush
@SBY2580 Hace 9 meses
The goals are incredible one the liks of the Wayne Rooney and son heug min they are wonderful.
@manjubhattarai7831 Hace 9 meses
Your editing is also best馃槀馃槀
@brodesfilms Hace 8 meses
na its not as good as shadow of a swordsman
@ganjjaisjodd3702 Hace un a帽o
Bro I can't believe you put son goal at level 1, you should keeps more goals of son at higher level
@GoldArtsWithLewis Hace 11 meses
The edit on level 60 馃ぉ
@Mxvz17 Hace 11 meses
Roberto carlos + jabulani = magic
@brodesfilms Hace 8 meses
me + your mum = kids n that
@user-qd2xm6on6z Hace 10 meses
The last was extremely good
@bradnathan9996 Hace 10 meses
Van persie truly is a superman
@GW-Hydra Hace 11 meses
Nice editing bro
@theredguy8746 Hace 9 meses
I feel like if you're going to have that goalkeepers bicycle kick goal then Alisson's header against West Brom should also be included.
Alison header lvl 10 ig
@Yeshuaisthetruth33 Hace un a帽o
no matter how many times The gol of Roberto Carlos is the best goal I ever seen and scored
@rateit1474 Hace un a帽o
Carlos have another goal which was really impossible.
@travelwithsounak6293 Hace 11 meses
Ronaldo free kick vs Arsenal
@user-lv5ts5kf7f Hace 7 meses
My mind could not comprehend the last few goals鈥
@hadiraya2204 Hace 10 meses
2:55 That grandpa was doing sigma
@upzse5160 Hace 11 meses
Zlatan is level lion, that's why he is the best
@cecilehonda2234 Hace 10 meses
0:15 Chigiri!馃榾馃榾
@IsaacLynch11 Hace un a帽o
If the zlatan one was 40 meters then how was the ronaldo vs Porto 36 meters out
@PureRambo Hace 5 meses
HOW can you not have Ronaldinho's impossible goal here? That is one of the best goals ever....Ahh that goal was lvl 150, this list only to lvl 100 I see.
@mystical_Moon Hace un a帽o
Son's goal was on of the best I've seen
@Uttuofficial18 Hace 8 meses
3:41 it should be 100 level 馃槉 馃槷
In my mind I think higher than 80s level there must be a goal of Richarlison in World Cup 2022
@user-yi4xn5mm8i Hace 7 meses
a perfect shot!
@sanjivprakash2987 Hace un a帽o
Zlatan showing levels on how to do a bicycle kick
@flipfish7500 Hace 11 meses
So much for Messi鈥檚 famous run with Barca
@awshakim5763 Hace un a帽o
The goal by kaka (level 5) I laughed what the defence did
@kevinpalma6038 Hace 11 meses
Bicycle kicks the best 鈾ワ笍
@MahliChannel34 Hace 5 meses
0:01 my man did a voice reveal
@user-im3zy8zm8r Hace 9 meses
0:34 had me laughing hard
@user-im3zy8zm8r Hace 9 meses
Oh no 0:35
@asimff8888 Hace un a帽o
Love from kerala by Asim 馃挐馃挐馃А
@swabahswabah9511 Hace un a帽o
@tanumaybrahma5336 Hace 8 meses
All goals not a stage of skill, 100% these goal's was IQ level ...jadge with things... Thank you鉂
@xaxer_shadow Hace 11 meses
Level one son went from a defender to Mbapp茅 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃
@hope-zk8fi Hace 8 meses
Ankara Messi was so good that it can't be ranked between 0 and 100
@fifa23noob2 Hace 8 meses
4:12 little did messi know that the second leg would be an amazing comeback
@ggghyhhhhg780 Hace un a帽o
Tbh I think the Roberto Carlos goal was better then the Ronaldo bicycle kick
@hizmartyn8957 Hace 11 meses
Third only to Juninho and Beckham.
@abdurrehmanmd2238 Hace 11 meses
Messi fan?
@ggghyhhhhg780 Hace 11 meses
Not Messi fan I respect both Messi and Ronaldo馃
@Chacha-ln3en Hace 11 meses
The level 99 just wasted with Zlatan dialogue 馃槀
@-NIGHTMARE-7 Hace 5 meses
Zlatan should try it in big games and against good goalkeeper
@user-wy4mn4gp4s Hace 2 meses
Son's goal has been wonderful.
@sheezsol1288 Hace 11 meses
you should have mentioned cristiano ronaldos free kick goal vs arsenal when he was in manchester united in 2009 incredible
@zaidghlies1722 Hace 6 meses
Respect for CR7 he had to do it twice, but there is another... The longest free kick they didn't show it
@thedripking1543 Hace 9 meses
That is real cold ngl
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