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In the upcoming ESvid Red Originals drama series IMPULSE, 16-year-old Henry Coles is an outsider in her new town of Reston, New York. With a major chip on her shoulder and no friends, she remains withdrawn and isolated, but everything changes when a traumatic encounter with a classmate triggers something deep within Henry- unleashing a power she cannot control.
All ten episodes coming June 6.
ESvid Red Originals - esvid.net/u-Red. If you live outside the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia or Korea, click here for more details on availability in your country: goo.gl/UEojxv.


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10 may 2018

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Comentarios 2 656
basher kadum
basher kadum Hace 4 días
Why episodes do not show early
beingright Hace 8 días
Thankfully it stopped me and asked me to buy premium before I finished. Not a good show and not worth the premium price.
Balprist Gonzales
Balprist Gonzales Hace 9 días
so this is yt original means? a combination of jumper and stranger things
Lovely Boy
Lovely Boy Hace 9 días
Really nice series
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose Hace 10 días
LOL when your movie can't even make it's to Netlifx, go to ESvid..
robinkhaira1 Hace 11 días
annie, i mean jumper, i mean stranger things ughh sorry impulse.
Wolf Hace 12 días
Looks good, surprised it's connected to you tube and is still worth watching.
Vvicto UdeS
Vvicto UdeS Hace 13 días
I was gonna watch it, but the trailer seems to have spoiled most of it.
Nicki Plays
Nicki Plays Hace 14 días
My sister thought that was cizzorz 0:33 I was like bish that looks nothing like him
Fiona J.
Fiona J. Hace 14 días
Amazing series - we need a season 2!
Angel Negro
Angel Negro Hace 15 días
La temporada 2 ?
HanziDrownable Hace 16 días
Eleven's big sister is on the loose.
michael higgins
michael higgins Hace 16 días
Great season. Can’t wait for season 2
Shae Winchester
Shae Winchester Hace 19 días
This was actually a good show.
Dorian dori
Dorian dori Hace 20 días
Completely boring ,even the trailer is bad
SpiralCee Hace 20 días
It's Elora Quarry, everyone! I've been there, swum there, and even jumped off a lower ledge. They don't allow people to jump off the top because it's actually quite dangerous. People split the soles of their feet open to the bone when they hit the water. It's not far from Toronto. You can go anytime in the summer. It only costs a few bucks to enter. It's always crowded when it's hot.
omgiamsocoolru Heyheyhey
The lake that she jumped into at the end is the same one that was in stranger things
lulano Hace 22 días
*i said no*
Shilla Elfiadri
Shilla Elfiadri Hace 22 días
Is this any good? A little help pls.
Gamer Gaming
Gamer Gaming Hace 23 días
Why didn't i know about this?
joao vitor
joao vitor Hace 23 días
melhor série q já vi
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 24 días
This is actually a sequel of jumper. This should be the third part of jumper series, but 2nd one didn't happen so this is the sequel. Google Steven Gould :D
Everett Sykes
Everett Sykes Hace 24 días
Its refreshing that youtube has decided to give us some real entertainment thats not targeted at 10 yr olds. Bravo youtube keep up the great work.
Hellsing7747 Hace 27 días
Cool! Maybe the next series will be jumper
Gia Khang Pham
Gia Khang Pham Hace 28 días
Is this Carrie or not
darthdude sith
darthdude sith Hace 29 días
utter garbage.
MSB 1381
MSB 1381 Hace un mes
So when season 2 shows up?
Tushar Mangraj
Tushar Mangraj Hace un mes
punk rock
punk rock Hace un mes
Darn how long since jumper... remember seeing it in cinema a long time ago
Sonny Hace un mes
Why they always make reboots with females
Kodie Russell
Kodie Russell Hace un mes
jumper had better special effects...
Smeg Hace un mes
Stranger things feels
MARDUK Hace un mes
Jumper are you?
Thomas Giles
Thomas Giles Hace un mes
Anyone know what track that was? I know it's a blondie cover...
BAYNE / Turn The Page
Well I'm glad I saw the show before the trailer, this spoils so many things... What a terrible trailer for an awesome show
Houston Travillion
Houston Travillion Hace un mes
cesar Rabelo
cesar Rabelo Hace un mes
Cat 52
Cat 52 Hace un mes
Has anyone watched any of these episodes? I am curious if its worth purchasing on youtube.
Ankur Bhaskar
Ankur Bhaskar Hace un mes
Sounds like good old Hayden Christensen’s voice towards the end. “ I have delivered peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire!” XD
Gilb3rt Rizk
Gilb3rt Rizk Hace un mes
This is an amazing series !!
David Gray
David Gray Hace un mes
Umm....Jumper 2?
Juli Ardita
Juli Ardita Hace un mes
when she called the guy "clay!" it reminds me of clay jensen in 13 reasons why
McDrunkerson Hace un mes
Heroes meets X-men?
Lilique Jael
Lilique Jael Hace un mes
Seriously... I am pretty sure this concept has been covered.
robert bradford
robert bradford Hace un mes
Really Big Show
305 Angling
305 Angling Hace un mes
So jumper 2
oddtomas haid
oddtomas haid Hace un mes
This series is wondeful
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith Hace un mes
Isn't "Henry" a boy's name ? Oh wait, its officially "Henrietta", but "Henry" for short. Even still though...
Liza Queen
Liza Queen Hace un mes
this is great a piece of art i watched all episode and its all worth it
ansaree97 Hace un mes
Hey that's finna woke
Jotunn Dovregubben
Jotunn Dovregubben Hace un mes
She looks about 30 years old.
Vadym Klimovich
Vadym Klimovich Hace un mes
I made it about three weeks ago. On woodprix website I learned a lot about it. Check it mates.
Windfall Thomas
Windfall Thomas Hace un mes
They made a series based off the impulse grenade in fortnite. Wow.
Ahmed 35
Ahmed 35 Hace un mes
فلم ممتاز
kennedy jones
kennedy jones Hace un mes
Interpret function go properly right slice exhibition funeral print concentrate.
Chem Hung
Chem Hung Hace un mes
Jumpress Begins The Dark Jumpress The Dark Jumpress Rises
Maleficent Khaleesi
I love it!
Next Scion
Next Scion Hace un mes
Thank you for giving us the entire plot in the trailer. now I don't need to watch it :)
Lady Love
Lady Love Hace un mes
why does she have a male name tho, why can't a strong female lead have a female name?
mrSongSOOah Hace un mes
Lady Love Her real name is Henrietta, and somehow Henry happens to become her shortened given name.
Eric Simcox
Eric Simcox Hace un mes
Jumper returns!
Taras Kobets
Taras Kobets Hace un mes
just google woodprix :))
Brezzy World
Brezzy World Hace un mes
The concept for this movie reminds me of the music video for Titanium by David Guetta.
Cxoffin Hace un mes
is that billie eilish?
unknown virus
unknown virus Hace 27 días
Jorge Maurice
Jorge Maurice Hace un mes
I love it whole season!!!
Blake Hace un mes
2:22 Is that the same spot as in Stranger Things?
Djelari Ghana
Djelari Ghana Hace un mes
They are naming women with male names now...Henry? Michael Bernum on Star Trek who was Sasha on Walking Dead. We're heading toward one gender folks.........thanks to Jewish feminism and females still don't see it coming. Destroy the female and you destroy the entire world. Money doesn't matter if you're dead and can't spend it.
Cole Johnston
Cole Johnston Hace un mes
I might have been interested if it weren't for the main character being depicted as completely unlikable. Smoking vandal trying to cause trouble.
Red Ztrom
Red Ztrom Hace un mes
can you add legend in portuguese? Will be perfect
psaikee Hace un mes
Read Hace un mes
Just got done watching idk is she was that unlikable or if she was really the most fucked up person on the show
forever Us
forever Us Hace un mes
It’s like Jumper
Pamela Woodward
Pamela Woodward Hace un mes
I wanted to watch this.But I don't like the Canadian rookie blue actress.
brady turner
brady turner Hace un mes
stranger things
Frostbitloser Hace un mes
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell Hace un mes
Whole lotta bitching in the comments so I quit reading them. Note to everyone else, if you don't like it don't watch it (it really is that simple). Thanks to those of you who provided info that it's loosely based on the novel, "Impulse." This looks like it might be okay, so when my schedule slows down I'll take a look at it.
Лев Дьяконов
2:22 that place from Stranger Things?
dbzking02 Hace un mes
OH, SO THIS IS BASED ON JUMPER?!?! I didn't even know until I just started looking up the Jumper books! NOW I'M INTERESTED!!!
Surestang Hace un mes
This reminds me of something I watched a while back. Regardless, it may do while waiting for Season 3 of "Stranger Things". Right, "Stranger Things". That's what it reminds me of.
keaton c
keaton c Hace un mes
no Bart Allen? not MY impulse lol
Nothingness Hace un mes
teenager with a superpower, wow thats fresh.
Nothingness Hace un mes
no, it is not
Ruby .Vegso
Ruby .Vegso Hace un mes
the story is so much more than that
Super Alexman
Super Alexman Hace un mes
So uh Carrie??
Brandon Guzman
Brandon Guzman Hace un mes
BooMan TheGhost
BooMan TheGhost Hace un mes
SOMEONE CALL PROFESSOR X oh wait hes dead someone call .... uh deadpool? yeah deadpool should invite her to XFORCE!!!
Displaced Potato
Displaced Potato Hace un mes
whats that song that the dood with the high pitched voice is singing? i hear it where i work but dont know the name. its an old song and has a way happier mood in the original song. i also think the words are changed in this version
michael myers
michael myers Hace un mes
I already saw the 1st season and this needs a season 2!
Ruby .Vegso
Ruby .Vegso Hace un mes
it will probably have
SavagePandora324 Hace un mes
LOL same cliff from IT
Hailey Tube
Hailey Tube Hace un mes
Umm was that just Makayla’s sister?
Noahsprinkless :3
Noahsprinkless :3 Hace un mes
That cliff is from stranger things!
Poizon Hace un mes
Do we know anything about a second season? Do we even know for sure it there's even going to be another one? Ugh that ending got me mad
Poizon Hace 17 días
Noromas Yay! :D
Noromas Hace 17 días
Now its official, new season is "coming soon". They dropped the trailer at Comic-Con.
ExaGerardo Hace un mes
¿Lo traducirán al español?
black lightning
black lightning Hace un mes
Love the way they doing BLONDIE TRACK SLOW.
Chris Losey
Chris Losey Hace un mes
Is this supposed to be based on the third book in the Jumper series? Where's Cent?
Arc Crush
Arc Crush Hace un mes
Abhay Suji
Abhay Suji Hace un mes
This trailer doesn’t do this epic show justice it’s honestly way better than the trailer makes it seem
Ruby .Vegso
Ruby .Vegso Hace un mes
trailer make it look so cliche :D
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Hace un mes
More like Carleven than Henry...
katie scott
katie scott Hace un mes
On volume please barn meanwhile athlete noise assist function.
Body Decay
Body Decay Hace un mes
no waay, I've watched jumper like a dozen times, so happy they finally made sequel to it. hoping chronicle or i am number four gets another movie or show as well
skaterccchick Hace un mes
I thought this was an actual movie . Reminds me of jumper
Duduik Bana
Duduik Bana Hace un mes
"YOU CAN'T CONTROL WHAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND" You're damn right. This is what it should be. Unlike most superhero movies, they can easily control their new power.
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