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In the upcoming ESvid Red Originals drama series IMPULSE, 16-year-old Henry Coles is an outsider in her new town of Reston, New York. With a major chip on her shoulder and no friends, she remains withdrawn and isolated, but everything changes when a traumatic encounter with a classmate triggers something deep within Henry- unleashing a power she cannot control.
All ten episodes coming June 6.
ESvid Red Originals - esvid.net/u-Red. If you live outside the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia or Korea, click here for more details on availability in your country: goo.gl/UEojxv.


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10 may 2018

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marco fitz
marco fitz Hace 16 horas
I 'm not still paying, goo try
Pauline Khuduga
Pauline Khuduga Hace 2 días
Wow...where is this show available other than here. It is awesome
Jeane Rodrigues Nunes
Amei essa essa série. Tomara que saia a nova temporada logo.
TheGreatMunky Hace 2 días
Ugh..... Don't name it after the book if it really doesn't follow the book.
Adriel O'Dell
Adriel O'Dell Hace 2 días
Ugh! Another great book ruined. Hard Pass!
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius Hace 3 días
Henry coles its so beautiful wonderful actress.
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius Hace 3 días
Very Nice ! I l Loved
Steve Mano
Steve Mano Hace 5 días
How much it costs to watch the entire season one?
yes your father
yes your father Hace 5 días
Liam Ronin
Liam Ronin Hace 9 días
Awesome series! Looks like the movie Jumper but female lead.
TheGreatMunky Hace 2 días
It's (VERY) loosely based on one of the books from the Jumper series. It's the main character's daughter. Haven't watched the series yet, but judging by the trailer and the massive destruction/seizures whenever she jumps, it looks like they ruined another Jumper book. Seriously, if you get a chance then read the books or listen to them on audible. They're so different and SO much better than the movie or what this series appears to be.
M T Hace 10 días
This series is bullshit. Its not really about sci-fi, its anti rape propaganda with a tiny bit of sci-fi mixed in to the show. Ordinary people who have no intention of raping people don't need to see this garbage thank you very much.
Que pena podia ser em portugues
Vorgaz en la Grieta
Vorgaz en la Grieta Hace 13 días
Already watched first 3 episodes, pretty damn good so far!!
Steve Mano
Steve Mano Hace 5 días
But I guess you'd have to pay to keep watching.
Nick Dawn
Nick Dawn Hace 13 días
yawn, no thanks.
aand april
aand april Hace 13 días
Like jumper
Michael Melo
Michael Melo Hace 14 días
1 EP , deu foi vontade de fumar 1 Beck ! RS😅 #420
Michael Melo
Michael Melo Hace 14 días
Comecei a assistir o 1 EP agora, 16 minutos do 1 EP, tô gostando! 👏😍
Douglas Silveira
Douglas Silveira Hace 15 días
Trying too hard ESvid
yamouf1 Hace 20 días
Lucas tavares
Lucas tavares Hace 22 días
Song theme ??
Logan Moon
Logan Moon Hace 23 días
Dang when I saw this I thought it might be DC’s Impulse
yugo's bananas
yugo's bananas Hace 24 días
Cuando saldrá la segunda temporada
The Cherry Martini
The Cherry Martini Hace 26 días
youtube perineum,, meaning you gotta pay for it
The Cherry Martini
The Cherry Martini Hace 26 días
I watched the entire season all 11 episodes, it's OK, i give it a 8 maybe 8.5, lots of teenage sex scenes, if thats your thing, also the main character loves smoking weed , only suckie thing is, it's on youtube
ItzDarlex Hace 27 días
CW v 2.0?
Brekner Catalin
Brekner Catalin Hace 27 días
In what alternate reality does that actress look 16? O_O
joanne martin
joanne martin Hace 28 días
Seriously unfair we can’t get this outside of a few select countries that don’t include the one I am in!
Danah Gaming
Danah Gaming Hace 29 días
Hey I want to say something to the makers of Impulse and the ones who made it only for people with ESvid Red, Hello I am telling you what other people including myself want to happen.This show is awsome but it sucks that only people with ESvid Red can watch it after the 3 episode me and a lot of other people are wishing that you make it so everyone can what ao can you please take it of Premium please lots if people want to what it but cant after episode 3 then they stop whatching it altogether even though they really want to continue it.So please take it of premium so everyone can watch it.Please And Thank You Sincerly, Danah Gaming.
Luke Kage
Luke Kage Hace 29 días
When is season 2?
DeepNine Hace un mes
who else thought this was cara delevingne at first??
Corentin Barlet
Corentin Barlet Hace un mes
kagetsuki23 Hace un mes
Women and their rape fantasy. Yawn.
Дима Виниченко
Vadym Scalene
Vadym Scalene Hace un mes
so long old beloved youtube(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
The Spectacular Marques
Another teen drama.
Eddy Spaghetti
Eddy Spaghetti Hace un mes
Вот же бред
Nastya Shtonda
Nastya Shtonda Hace un mes
Why I'm thinking about HP fanfiction while watching this EVEN THE NAME OF THE MAIN CHARACTER, SUPER POWERS, AND THAT GUY IN THE GLASSES AT 2:15
Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer Hace un mes
Reflex and EXO Next
TheGreatMunky Hace 2 días
Wouldn't it be nice if they actually followed the books? We could've had 4 (or more) fantastic movies, but instead we get a mediocre movie and what appears to be a mediocre internet series. Worst part is the director that messed up the story in the Jumper movie is also in charge of aspects of this series.
meghan ramirez
meghan ramirez Hace un mes
This looks too spooky for me
A S Hace un mes
Вроде неплохо
The 80's Wolf
The 80's Wolf Hace un mes
Who the f would pay for youtube crap?
Bornonthecusp Hace un mes
This looks interesting, I am going to give it a go!
Adam Foster
Adam Foster Hace un mes
rain unknown true originally need slap cut chemical link publisher
Tyra Mb
Tyra Mb Hace un mes
Who else though it was Cara Delevingne in the thumbnail 😂
Eva Gag Reel
Eva Gag Reel Hace un mes
trailer looks super boring plot super boring everything super boring super!
Whitemc93 Hace un mes
Looks like Jumper had sex with Lucy
The Mom
The Mom Hace un mes
All that's missing is the Natzis. They must have forgot to "tick" that box!
Alex Justask
Alex Justask Hace un mes
carrie part 2
Anastasia Novickaya
guys, begging you, help me to find the soundtrack (start at 0:51). this cover just absence in the internet and I can't stop listening it here... thanks a lot!
Douchy McDouche
Douchy McDouche Hace un mes
2:21 A strange thing, that cliff.
Aaliyah Maulvi
Aaliyah Maulvi Hace un mes
OMG she is from twisted
Sean C
Sean C Hace un mes
Bah! This shows name is clearly clickbait. I came here expecting a trailer for a show about Bart Allen (Barry Allen & Iris West's grandson) and what I got was some Jumper/Butterfly effect feeling junk with a chick instead of Kelso or Skywalker....
Савелий Скуратов
What is this music?
Аимыч GF
Аимыч GF Hace un mes
ля а я на русском пхахпха
Vąlεŋŧïŋą Oĵεɖλ ρԹՏՇԹՏɿԾ
0:20 Like Netflix's Logo xD
LiterallyChoni Hace un mes
who the hell are these people aha
Peter Schings
Peter Schings Hace un mes
Manel Bonnet
Manel Bonnet Hace un mes
Realistic top discover exchange react implication vessel bit French.
GRΔVITY CS:GO Hace un mes
just with the trailer, we've seen all the movie...
OSMY RU Hace un mes
M. Maddix
M. Maddix Hace un mes
0:47 ...dem eyebrows.
davef21370 Hace un mes
Looks good, but why isn't that trailer full of adverts like every other video on here??
МНЕ ПОХУЙ Hace un mes
Name of the song plz
sifodias69 Hace un mes
music Blondie .
B K Hace un mes
For people who are confused, this is the show version of the movie JUMPER (the 2008 film starring Hayden Christensen). After that film flopped, Doug Liman decided to turn it into this series. There's basically the same scene where the kid teleports back to his abusive father's home.
suga being cute
suga being cute Hace un mes
this looks nice, but i’ll wait until YT red turns big.
slipknot remix
slipknot remix Hace un mes
Kasey Lahey
Kasey Lahey Hace un mes
I totally thought this was gonna be based off the book I got so excited
TheGreatMunky Hace 2 días
Right? My first thought was "Oh! They're going to try again and do it RIGHT this time!" Then I watched the trailer and realized they just made things worse. If only directors would realize that the reason people want to see their favorite books adapted to film is because the books are AWESOME. Take away that story and you take away every reason to adapt it in the first place.
1peaceday 1peaceday
powerful and nothing else
Lolomus Hace un mes
i clicked on this because of the word impulse. ik classic 9 yr old army
Сергей Сергеевич
Sofia Mace
Sofia Mace Hace un mes
Пиздато, просто шик
daweller Hace un mes
you will all be bored after 5 episodes
GloryHolis Effect
GloryHolis Effect Hace un mes
tranny alert!
Alex W
Alex W Hace un mes
21st century society needs to find a better way for the individual to cope with harsh reality than this whole escapist superpower absurdity. So. Boring.
пиздец сериалы или это что фильм становятся всё тупее и тупее человек с суперспособностями господи этого никогда не было
Mr Malkavian
Mr Malkavian Hace un mes
Well, at least without the niggas
Ума Крылов
What is the track?
LittleBr Hace un mes
scum, society don't can't understand me
Wobby Hace un mes
why is she called henry....like wtaf
Vegard Fjeldberg
Vegard Fjeldberg Hace un mes
This reminds me of the norwegian movie Thelma.
Lucky Day
Lucky Day Hace un mes
кто русский лайк
Kesil Cartagena
Kesil Cartagena Hace un mes
Music? Pls
Skinhead Jesus
Skinhead Jesus Hace un mes
The kid with the glasses must have special needs, cause he looks 39, but is still at school!
mistr alex
mistr alex Hace un mes
XYHC Hace un mes
Telekinetic destruction field?
Dominic Hace un mes
cringe af
super rodya
super rodya Hace un mes
Impulse 1144
Impulse 1144 Hace un mes
Xavier Concy
Xavier Concy Hace un mes
jumper film 2 ??????????????? sick
Sao Long Qua
Sao Long Qua Hace un mes
Looks garbage
hermione granger
hermione granger Hace un mes
have you seen at least a single episode of it ?
Kris Gietkowski
Kris Gietkowski Hace un mes
Alejandro Nunez
Alejandro Nunez Hace un mes
*so.. um... dramatic girl story aka "JUMPER" 2.0? pass..*
Alberto Massanet
Alberto Massanet Hace un mes
¿¿De verdad que intentan vendernos esto en inglés a TODO EL MUNDO?? Pruébalo gratis dice....
dragondov Hace un mes
Who calls their daughter Henry?
what the name of film ?
Hanniffy Dinn
Hanniffy Dinn Hace un mes
Jumper was actually a cool film, the book series is pretty cool. This is better than the second book!
J Jee
J Jee Hace un mes
You wrecked that song.
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