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In the upcoming ESvid Red Originals drama series IMPULSE, 16-year-old Henry Coles is an outsider in her new town of Reston, New York. With a major chip on her shoulder and no friends, she remains withdrawn and isolated, but everything changes when a traumatic encounter with a classmate triggers something deep within Henry- unleashing a power she cannot control.
All ten episodes coming June 6.
ESvid Red Originals - esvid.net/u-Red. If you live outside the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia or Korea, click here for more details on availability in your country: goo.gl/UEojxv.


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10 may 2018

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Mikey Park
Mikey Park Hace 4 horas
live action Frozen the Disney movie???
this is like the movie jumper OH WAIT IT IS
Keystone Hace 5 horas
Robbie Hall
Robbie Hall Hace 6 horas
Same director as Bourne identity? Yea it really shows :P
doctrinamscio Hace 7 horas
why would they do blondie like that ):
twincinema05 Hace 8 horas
how are shows that are so similar to 20 others still being made? cute guy or girl with strange powers... :insert thinking emoji here:
MyDiamond Hace 9 horas
For a second I thought she was Billie eilish
Chynna Cruz
Chynna Cruz Hace 10 horas
Yo youtube....yo. Lol like wow❤
Collin Temnick
Collin Temnick Hace 11 horas
Saladin Foster
Saladin Foster Hace 13 horas
Remind me of jumper i hope they was gonna make something like it
Its Abie Art
Its Abie Art Hace 14 horas
After all this year, finally, a sequel
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Hace un día
They need to make a movie if there is not one already
Jonso Jgu
Jonso Jgu Hace un día
Barry Pietrantonio
Barry Pietrantonio Hace un día
Meh. Seems boring and predictable.
Thiva Hace un día
Wow they really hit all the points, movie with main characters as women, black female cop, men are evil and rapists, women are special and angels...like honestly this is gonna be another B movie that just forces crap into it in order to attract an equally crap audience
James Hollan
James Hollan Hace un día
Saw the name and thought it was another DC Comics show. This looks like it'll be good, though.
G200064 Hace un día
Infinite Infinity
Infinite Infinity Hace un día
The aliens, her protectors are doing that to her.
Ready Corps
Ready Corps Hace un día
tiene pinta de la peli jumper
do it kamryn
do it kamryn Hace un día
Is that the same cliff where mike jumped in S1 of stranger things
Sam Lee
Sam Lee Hace un día
The cliff she jumps off is from stranger thing
ThoseTics Hace un día
This doesnt make sense??
MW2Ghost 61608
MW2Ghost 61608 Hace un día
This looks like a shitty movie project that ripped off the movie chronicle. A troubled kid with telekinesis that goes to school and has issues back home.
SoulsIV Hace un día
I love the series!
vichug tob
vichug tob Hace un día
Sera que youtube no tiene presupuesto para contratar actores de doblaje???
Chisom Anyanwu
Chisom Anyanwu Hace un día
is this based off a book?
Chisom Anyanwu
Chisom Anyanwu Hace un día
music name?
ogulcan ors
ogulcan ors Hace un día
John Zapata
John Zapata Hace un día
Reminds me of the Norwegian movie "Thelma". It was better than Jumper imo.
Sarahrabsue Hace un día
so like carrey and firestarter?
NWinzle Hace un día
Kane Williams
Kane Williams Hace un día
I find an insanely hilarious that they named the main character Henry a boy's name and it's clearly a girl. Wow.
Bliss13 S
Bliss13 S Hace 4 horas
Henry is commonly short for Henrietta for girls. I know female Henry's.
Kane Williams
Kane Williams Hace un día
I will never buy ESvid Red it's such a joke.
AJ Hace 2 días
so, this trailer contains a mansplainer using medical terms for disability to bullshit an explanation for what amounts to a do-whatever-it-wants superability. either i’m reading too far into that or this is going to be unoriginal and sensationalized.
Zayne Mcgee
Zayne Mcgee Hace 2 días
This is like 13 reasons why
Brink amaniA
Brink amaniA Hace 2 días
so tired of these ads.
Kueen Koutur'e
Kueen Koutur'e Hace 2 días
I love impulese grandes
Darker Sandman
Darker Sandman Hace 2 días
But their is an elite agency that hunts them? How is she not on their radar?
Nerf Nick
Nerf Nick Hace 2 días
Cerdito Alíen
Cerdito Alíen Hace 2 días
Lol, at the first, i thought she was possessed or something like that 😂
Leroy Herron
Leroy Herron Hace 2 días
she's a jumper alright
Miguel Hmmm
Miguel Hmmm Hace 2 días
Looks good but possibly a more newer version of Carey.
Zack Hace 2 días
1:36 is that you De Gea? 😂
Miguel Tapia
Miguel Tapia Hace 2 días
I've told more interesting stories when I've been black out drunk
Yoongi the 1000 year old turtle
oh wow a girl called henry
Fireguy 36
Fireguy 36 Hace 2 días
This is not the Impulse I thought it would be. Dunno why I thought DC Comics impulse.
Adele Kristkgav
Adele Kristkgav Hace 2 días
Is this pg 13?
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Hace 2 días
Da fuq
Atom Googlovich
Atom Googlovich Hace 2 días
Quake. Daisy Johnson
Ariel Raelynn
Ariel Raelynn Hace 2 días
This is super interesting and I’m excited for this! ❤️❤️❤️
DJ Heidee
DJ Heidee Hace 2 días
13 Reasons Why This Girl Gets Seizures
ForTheDevil Hace 2 días
Impulse to disembowel...
Team sK
Team sK Hace 2 días
Anyone else getting jumper vibes?
swvy Hace 2 días
impulse grenades and a pump
CookieXameronArts Hace 2 días
I wanna watch this because i can relate people who dont understand you cant help even if they wanted to.
David 1298
David 1298 Hace 2 días
This is basically jumper except she can’t control it and it’s sad
Ruhane Nugraha
Ruhane Nugraha Hace 3 días
I thought it would be impulse from dc series
Alec Antoci
Alec Antoci Hace 3 días
why does every character look 30+
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee Hace 3 días
VALU BTS Hace 3 días
Omg this is awesome 😊👍✨
Bonnie Amof
Bonnie Amof Hace 3 días
Wow, Im actually interested in this. Too bad I dont live in a country where internet transactions are possible.
Mike Oskar
Mike Oskar Hace 3 días
Carrie 3?
Shannen Knudsen
Shannen Knudsen Hace 3 días
Is she supposed to be like Carrie?
ShadowMatrix85 Hace 3 días
Still not paying for red, get this out of my recomended, looks ok
BobTriesToDoTheInternet !
itsMalikkk Hace 3 días
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray Hace 3 días
I’m getting some STRANGER THINGS vibes
Nicolás Cadavid
Nicolás Cadavid Hace 3 días
Finally a good looking show from ESvid
War Tank
War Tank Hace 3 días
Impulse shotgun for the dub
Jazz Klingenbeck
Jazz Klingenbeck Hace 3 días
What song is playing in the back😍
T J Hace 3 días
damn now i gotta get a subscription to youtube...
Mandy's World
Mandy's World Hace 3 días
Yvng Ed3n
Yvng Ed3n Hace 3 días
I feel impulse was inspired by jumper and push
Zunk. TV
Zunk. TV Hace 3 días
Another show about a supernatural girl with a boy name. Great. Love how left YT is now, despite the right-mindedness of its creators.
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper Hace un día
Zunk. TV exactly
Kyra Cheera
Kyra Cheera Hace 3 días
This looks like it has potential to be great! Can't wait to see it
HazeusIMVU Hace 3 días
Is That Madison From Fear The Walking Dead?
Hawtgawd1 Hace 3 días
This has been done 2 death😧 I'd like 2 see an Isabelle baby like in the 4400😆✔
Anderson Leonny
Anderson Leonny Hace 3 días
Promete ser um ótimo filme
Richard Wyant
Richard Wyant Hace 3 días
Oh no, another misunderstood teen outsider had hidden powers. How original is that?
Adam KinGz
Adam KinGz Hace 3 días
I watched twisted only because i wanted some more of Maddie Hasson
Bitty Coin
Bitty Coin Hace 3 días
Digital Odin6713
Digital Odin6713 Hace 3 días
What was that thing that she held up to face called 0:03
Twinsfaces Twinsfaces
WOW this looks good I’m going to have to check this out!!!😯😍😊🤯😂😁😏😜😎🙃😍
Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson Hace 3 días
Jumper is already a thing
Grigoriy Drozd
Grigoriy Drozd Hace 3 días
Какая хуета.
Angelena Pulis
Angelena Pulis Hace 4 días
Wow, I love the idea of Henry for a girl's name.
Josh Giles
Josh Giles Hace 4 días
Devil made agenda. 6 M people intrigued? Sad. Google is wicked
deporres .J
deporres .J Hace 4 días
And i would never call a female Henry
deporres .J
deporres .J Hace 4 días
Right this is jumper wtf
Wesst Hace 4 días
Dont attempt rape or this happens
adrian garces
adrian garces Hace 4 días
song name ??
Latino heat
Latino heat Hace 4 días
When I saw impulse I thought impulse grenade
Barry Beirne
Barry Beirne Hace 4 días
That’s the stranger things cliff
Richiee Speak
Richiee Speak Hace 4 días
Background Song - Heart of Glass(Crabtree Remix) Artist - Philip Glass Original song Artist - Blondie
Stephen Kirkwood
Stephen Kirkwood Hace 4 días
Reminds me of Beyond: Two Souls.
Ed R
Ed R Hace 4 días
Annnnd, I feel like I saw the whole movie in a trailer. Saved my money I guess.
Andrew Winchel
Andrew Winchel Hace 4 días
Too bad, looks good. Im not watching movies on you tube.
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels Hace 4 días
As some who has epilepsy this just puts more of a stigma on seizures which we are fighting against.
Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez
Not getting youtube red. You guys demonetize too many channels
Sammy Rider
Sammy Rider Hace 4 días
Isn't that the girl from Twisted? The eyebrows almost threw me off 😅
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