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Track Listing:
Arpeggi/Weird Fishes - 00:20
15 Step - 05:40
Bodysnatchers - 09:36
Nude - 14:01
The Gloaming - 18:32
Myxomatosis - 21:45
House of Cards - 25:43
Bangers N Mash - 31:20
Optimistic - 34:53
Reckoner - 39:50
Videotape - 45:02
Where I End And You Begin - 49:33
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From The Basement features exclusive live music performances with some of the finest A list and emerging talent.
Including The White Stripes, Radiohead, Albert Hammond Jr., Beck, Jarvis Cocker, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Mark E Smith, Red Hot Chill Peppers, Feist, Thundercat, José González, Gnarls Barkley, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Fleet Foxes, The Raconteurs, Band of Horses, Queens of the Stone Age, and many many more.


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4 jun 2020






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E J Hace un hora
Thank you.
Fran Aguiar
Fran Aguiar Hace 15 horas
debería ser ilegal la manera en la que canta
Fran Aguiar
Fran Aguiar Hace 16 horas
7:15 se golpea al levantarese
Dirk Pitt
Dirk Pitt Hace 16 horas
It is hard to understand geniuses at work...I am try.
Nicolas Metz
Nicolas Metz Hace un día
07:26 epic moment
Carlos Galbán
Carlos Galbán Hace 2 días
Thom: I AM MOPPING THE CLOUDS Me: what a clean boi
Luís Fernando Manzoli
johnny's performance in "house of cards" should be exposed in a museum
Jason Freischlag
Jason Freischlag Hace 4 días
Whhhy would you not play Jigsaw Falling into Place. It's the best Radiohead song.
Ryan Lyytinen
Ryan Lyytinen Hace 4 días
Every live performance could be another album recording
Burt Backattack
Burt Backattack Hace 4 días
My first gig was Radiohead when I was 14/15 they were touring The Bends and I saw them in a little venue on the campus at Exeter university, this makes my older brother insanely jealous to this day!
Haiden Geary
Haiden Geary Hace 5 días
I have not heard these guys, this particular set, actually, in about 6 years. Mostly because, when I listened to it, I was high. This music reminds me of the painful withdrawals I went through, it's bringing up so many traumatic memories, but I need to face them.
Haiden Geary
Haiden Geary Hace 5 días
This.is.so.fucking.painful. Now that I think about it, Thom looks like he's pretty fucking high himself.
andrew hodge
andrew hodge Hace 6 días
this is so good
Lil Leey
Lil Leey Hace 6 días
My favorite folepel
Meowana Hace 7 días
Is there a button "Adore"? "like" isn't enough to express my admiration and deep love I have for this session
Mr. E
Mr. E Hace 9 días
Some folks dig Marvin Gaye or Sade for it, put on Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, and this right here, and I'm F**Kin' all night!!! This is one big fat heaping of Dope AF
Nick Thor
Nick Thor Hace 9 días
J B Hace 10 días
Pandemic therapy. Thank g-d for Radiohead
Layla Mortadha
Layla Mortadha Hace 11 días
Scottie Jensen
Scottie Jensen Hace 11 días
This album reminds me of San Diego and when my dad moved there after losing the house. We moved in with his high school friend, who became paraplegic from a dirt bike accident early in life. He was listening to this and Rogue Wave. I was familiar with Hail to the Thief already but this reminds me so much of that time. Later we were kicked out. My dad hasn’t spoken to him since -I don’t think. I haven’t spoken to my dad in three years. So this music is nostalgic with so many mixed memories. The pain of what it must be like to be lonely and disabled. The sorrow from losing our home. The dread of having chaos and conflict follow my family- interwoven with the excitement of a new place and the solace of a warm San Diego night.
vicky blz
vicky blz Hace 12 días
Benjamin McCabe
Benjamin McCabe Hace 12 días
Thom drops his stick at 33:00
Max West
Max West Hace 12 días
Thom Yorke has an agelessness to him. It's good to see that when so many artists crumble from the insecurity of aging
Nando martinez
Nando martinez Hace 12 días
This was recorded 13 years ago and it sounds exactly the same. Amazing! My fav band of all times
lilbuddha Hace 12 días
so, i like this. more?
Gabriela Ocampos
Gabriela Ocampos Hace 12 días
Thom Yorke is my favorite bird specie
Upward Spiral
Upward Spiral Hace 13 días
with the SG tho!
Oceans808 Hace 13 días
Man, there really isn't a band like this one out there.
Bungo Bear
Bungo Bear Hace 13 días
They are so far ahead of the rest on every level. Untouchable in a league of their own. Pure genius.
I'm James
I'm James Hace 14 días
Bass player looks like Elliot Smith but I know it can’t be.
Andrea Neal
Andrea Neal Hace 14 días
Whats the first track please anyone? Thx
Lux Moto
Lux Moto Hace 12 días
weird fishes
Who? Hace 14 días
F M.
F M. Hace 12 días
Joe Major
Joe Major Hace 13 días
If it's not there it's not the same.
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez Hace 14 días
What's the name of the mic Thom is singing into ?
Italo Hace 15 días
These guys changed everything. Incredible.
Bungo Bear
Bungo Bear Hace 13 días
They are untouchable.
Infinity 33
Infinity 33 Hace 15 días
I wonder how many people watched this hoping to find Joe Biden
Krasson Hace 15 días
"...what are you doing with that bottle?" lmao
William Saling
William Saling Hace 15 días
Videotape might be technically the greatest song ever written.
bart janssen
bart janssen Hace 16 días
The best 21:45
Filip Březina
Filip Březina Hace 16 días
Did help me Radiohead? Maybe :) Thanks-Nice
Reid Bowie
Reid Bowie Hace 16 días
This is Radiohead's "Abby Road"....
Trent Boyd
Trent Boyd Hace 16 días
They sound exactly like the album version! Unreal!
Deanna Taylor
Deanna Taylor Hace 17 días
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Gitai Hace 17 días
Myxomatosis drumbeat is so so entrancing!!!!
Zeph! Hace 17 días
one word...magnificent !!
Vitória Guimarães
Vitória Guimarães Hace 17 días
o Thom Yorke baixando espirito...... parece eu ouvindo radiohead
S P Hace 17 días
Ed adds so much to radiohead
Maurijn W
Maurijn W Hace 17 días
Urblaw Hace 18 días
How doesn't he get headache with all the headbanging ?
Chameleon Dream Band
Chameleon Dream Band Hace 18 días
2:35-3:15 Ed's wails get me every time.
Sergio Schivazappa
Sergio Schivazappa Hace 18 días
che musica di merda
Сын своей мамы
i love you,guys.
Ian Tyrrel
Ian Tyrrel Hace 19 días
Tom York looks like he's strung out on ¢ra¢k.
Xaardraax XoirDrioX
Xaardraax XoirDrioX Hace 20 días
This sounds hauntingly familiar to a band I heard on the radio in Vancouver many years ago. I have been searching a little since then but could never find it again. The song was something about being either a pancake or crêpe. The singer sounds very familiar in some of these songs but probably isn't if this band is just starting out in the basement.
Xaardraax XoirDrioX
Xaardraax XoirDrioX Hace 15 días
@James Broadhurst In retrospect, I am amazed this band needs to dwell in the the basement. They are awesomely talented in every way.
Alexander Smoljanovic
Alexander Smoljanovic Hace 17 días
@James Broadhurst Yes. Good point! It is a well-known fact that jewels south of the belt require time to increase brilliance.
Xaardraax XoirDrioX
Xaardraax XoirDrioX Hace 20 días
@James Broadhurst I hope the ESvid exposure helps them. :)
James Broadhurst
James Broadhurst Hace 20 días
Think they need a couple more years under their belt before a real show.. keep it up fellas though you got potential
Xaardraax XoirDrioX
Xaardraax XoirDrioX Hace 20 días
@Suki Kawano Maybe they can be featured on Phil Donahue or the Dick Cavett show.
Fire Forever
Fire Forever Hace 20 días
9:18 waves
XIN CHEN Hace 21 un día
😍just top
Yin Hace 21 un día
Radiohead: once-in-a-generation artists
Keefer Hace 23 días
When I listen to Radiohead I get transported to a childlike state of wonder and my inner creativeness.
romattigk Hace 23 días
Oh yes ,,what a nice trip through the world of radiohead ,, thanks :-):-):-)
Licht AmSchluusseln
Licht AmSchluusseln Hace 23 días
We are stuck in the 90s to their High & Dry feat until Karma Police. This is bullshit. Open the Radio Head You Tube channel to subscribe and choose my likes by myself.
Lucilup Hace 23 días
Ese batería, un acierto
Pedro Álvarez Pájaro
Dancing Myxomatosis like Thom🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🤘🏻
Alexander McNulty
Alexander McNulty Hace 24 días
My room is 100 degrees and I'm still getting chills
SvL Hace 24 días
You know a band is good when the live sessions sound almost exactely the same as the original
Wakhd Rahti - واخد راحتي
I personnally prefer this to the original, but the original is still ammmazing
Funda Benice
Funda Benice Hace 24 días
mmmmmm tastefull! love and peace from turkey. ı love much to best pink floyd!
J. Pablo Papavero
J. Pablo Papavero Hace 24 días
Advertisements are intolerable.
Brad Potter
Brad Potter Hace 24 días
johnny paul thomas anderson greenwood
Kabardiner Johnson
Kabardiner Johnson Hace 24 días
Anton R.
Anton R. Hace 25 días
Sweet Analog Jesus...this is IMPECCABLE....
Harry Baskets
Harry Baskets Hace 25 días
Thom rockin' the Karen cut.
gqnelly Hace 26 días
I get eaten by the worms...and weird fishes. Oh my...what a great song and wonderful performance. This band is so amazing...love them.
zam zam
zam zam Hace 26 días
Literally teared up at the "bottom of the sea" lyric from Arpeggi... for no reason. I feel kinda crazy, thank you Thom
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael Hace 24 días
You are a rare one for holding the key to unlock the many realms of soul connection between human and music. Never lose the key.
David Addison
David Addison Hace 26 días
This wins ESvid. End of.
mikel waters
mikel waters Hace 26 días
when the karutrock touch england
We Play Wax
We Play Wax Hace 27 días
FTB and KEXP are my go-to channels for the very vest music ;)
Iron Bull
Iron Bull Hace 27 días
Am I the only one who wants to punch this cardio add guy in the throat after every song ??!
José Carlos Palma
José Carlos Palma Hace 27 días
This is so perfect that makes me want to cry
Cavernous People
Cavernous People Hace 28 días
Jesus Christ what an opening track!!!
Abbacchio Hace 28 días
Man, never knew Limmy was such a good singer. (also RIP Benny Harvey)
Maria Cecilia Reyes
Maria Cecilia Reyes Hace 29 días
The highest state of XXI music
Cameron Brady
Cameron Brady Hace 29 días
I remember when this album came out I was getting into Neil Gaiman for the first time. Also chasing after the typical girl next door high school romance. In a lot of ways I’m glad that time in my life is behind me but I’m glad I can revisit some of those feelings, polarized by these songs.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Hace un mes
Que animalito es Colin!!!!
Yesica Selene Marasciuolo
Colin Daly
Colin Daly Hace un mes
imagine if they took the energy from The Bends and did something with it!
Brian Porsche
Brian Porsche Hace un mes
Thtats super pretty tightr hih hat :)
James Adams
James Adams Hace un mes
I just keep coming back here, even when I'm up looking to hear something off OK Computer. This has just become the necessary jump off point.
Ino Zeeen
Ino Zeeen Hace un mes
.......... .. ... . ... Bee.z... .... Jgrdcb.. Bvgn.. Bjkob. Bkb. Bjn.. Bgfg.. Vdwqegnm.. Gyg. Ggtyuuv. Vgyujgg. Bhuub. Huuhb. Nkk. Fswx. Xzxbnm. Vzzcbczcbmm
Antonymous tB
Antonymous tB Hace un mes
Benjamin Hoke
Benjamin Hoke Hace un mes
The fire exit sign pointing down stairs by Ed. What kind of fucked up basement is this?
Robert Hodges
Robert Hodges Hace un mes
Youth of the world here is where you get your influence go ahead start the band
Radrugan Hace un mes
You guys are not just crazy, you're complete nuts. Radiohead - the best band ever.
Jake R
Jake R Hace un mes
Best since the Beatles.
Gloria ED
Gloria ED Hace un mes
I really want to know what is the name of the first song?
David Rushbrook
David Rushbrook Hace un mes
Sadly, Pablo Honey was NOT represented :(
The Fatal Position
The Fatal Position Hace un mes
Nude is one of those songs that just simply sends you flying away and you hardly make it back to earth
Sophie Therrien
Sophie Therrien Hace un mes
J'adore!!! c'est un voyage a tout coups!! juste fermer les yeux et écouter....Merci :)
micah Hace un mes
TRUEiMPROrecords Hace un mes
Ed with the feedback of angels.
Tom H
Tom H Hace un mes
Why put adds in the middle of a song? What a load of fucking bullshit.
totalidiocy Hace un mes
great recording. drum loop on 15 step is a lil off but id only notice that because im a huge fan lol
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen Hace un mes
Lead singer is so creepy.
Naturelle Hace un mes
I have played this for 9 years.. and every atom in every cell in my body still has a out body experience, every single time. I would die to be there and see this. Radiohead has been my psychologist for 25 years.
Micahi Warner
Micahi Warner Hace un mes
such great chemistry
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