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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.


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15 nov 2019






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*Charliii* Hace un año
Ew....you’re weird lol.
UltraGaming Hace 2 días
Poop 7
Bredopp Hace un mes
Poop 696969420024960420
Nadia Claudio
Nadia Claudio Hace un mes
poop 69
•BTS mocha•
•BTS mocha• Hace un mes
Poop 30j
zoombiefroog Hace 2 meses
poop 500
rjtheripper931 Hace 4 horas
Go to a diner and buy your own fucking coffee. It's just ridiculous.
rjtheripper931 Hace 4 horas
This is just mean dude.
Haase Hace 2 días
And your work sketch XD "hmm," "hmm" "bad job!" XD
Crescent Hace 3 días
The 50s were 70 years ago lol
DefinitelyKaplok Hace 3 días
Turtle Shelley
Turtle Shelley Hace 4 días
the bit at the end lol
My cat is a bastard
My cat is a bastard Hace 4 días
These videos were made by the parents of the boomers for the boomers and that explains so much lol As X'ers raised by boomers, it was a shit show
Ben McLean
Ben McLean Hace 4 días
I'm Australian, that news clip is from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, allow me to translate. "Aw the poor old man, he works too hard, the wives have got nothing to do"
Nick Hord
Nick Hord Hace 4 días
Plant based burger?? Uh, no thanks, I have a pair of testicles
Nick Hord
Nick Hord Hace 4 días
"Not you young man, you should pull your dick out". 😂😂😂 Holy shit that got me
Kawaii_Sheep722 Hace 4 días
Darn it! I’m Lesbian, now I can never be popular
Lita Diaz
Lita Diaz Hace 4 días
Too bad they didn’t have Starbucks back then 😂
Timo Wuoma
Timo Wuoma Hace 5 días
Hey guy! Pretty good videos, I've only recently found the channel but just subscribed today as I realised I'd watched about 20 videos in the last few days.
GraffitiTurtle Hace 6 días
ah, another beautiful day, another chance to see all the misogynistic people in the replies
kippyips Hace 6 días
i love how he subverted the roles for the ad, with him being the cook and her being the "bad husband" lol. just a small detail but thought it was cool and funny
Trevor. Hace 6 días
“Be bisexual” sad that people are making it a trend just so they can sound cool and still be straight.
Volta! Hace 3 días
@Idk tbh they are just being stupid
Idk tbh
Idk tbh Hace 3 días
what are you even talking about?
Volta! Hace 6 días
who let this kid have a phone lol
Jack Husko
Jack Husko Hace 6 días
i remember when mst3k made fun of this short film
Will R.
Will R. Hace 7 días
The point of the 1st film is to look good, if you go out in public, look good, better for others, better for you, self-esteem, better for society, makes happy, basic psychology.
dimitri Hace 8 días
How the fuck was this in 2019 time is not fucking real
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns Hace 8 días
confidence incarnate drew goodman
Adam Turner
Adam Turner Hace 8 días
"OH the poor old man, he works too hard, the wives have got nothing to do"
olivineskies Hace 8 días
wait i dont have skin... is that why i only get the ladies?? lucky me
olivineskies Hace 8 días
did ANYONE in the 50s have coins, keys, and candies for cuties? smh thats how no one got the ladies
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist Hace 9 días
0:37 I mean, of course there were a lot more rules, unless you were a white straight cis rich old man.
Tamashī Hace 9 días
Drew you liar, you aren’t in the present, you’re in the past you silly man. Can’t believe you really though you were in the present.
TNTman655 Hace 9 días
The 1950's Man: the coffee tastes bad! Woman: oh really how? Man: - yeets coffee - just horrible! Women: 👁👄👁 Actor: Have you used [insert coffee brand] you will make everyday the best day ever with a cup of [insert coffee brand]! Women: wow my husband will be so happy! wait... HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE!
Ugh Hace 10 días
Lol if the actors say less than a certain number of words they don’t need to be paid as an actor instead a extra “bad taste”
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Clark Cole
Clark Cole Hace 10 días
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer Hace 10 días
nohsara Hace 10 días
im so confused what it meant by "parking in cars"????
Advice from a Hypocrite
We all remember when reading a book make you unattractive , those were the old days
SaintInix Hace 11 días
Hey man, that baby boom doesn't happen by itself.
blandalf thebeige
blandalf thebeige Hace 11 días
Wontkins and Wilkins are the best coffee commercials
rvpstudioscanada Hace 11 días
jordan carneal
jordan carneal Hace 11 días
The unsuitable jet empirically kick because century immunocytochemically whisper plus a draconian north america. exciting exclusive, cloudy dungeon
Emily Kaylin
Emily Kaylin Hace 12 días
Mwatipatsa Mwamvani
Mwatipatsa Mwamvani Hace 12 días
Why am I not popular yet??? I'm bisexual, dress well and don't get into trouble. I should be the most popular bitch out there😤
ntucker Hace 12 días
Why do people in the future always take jokes from the past serious. Just think of how dumb they'll think the person in this channel is
Evan Hardee
Evan Hardee Hace 12 días
I was laughing so much that my earbuds were falling out and when I tried to put them in my ears were contorting so much that I could not put them in.
C.W. Roederer
C.W. Roederer Hace 12 días
Imagine if Drew saw the Wilkins Coffee commercials...
Graciela Strand
Graciela Strand Hace 12 días
oh my goshhhh if you love people from the 50s freaking out about coffee, you’ll adore the song ‘coffee break’ from How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
Ian McNugget
Ian McNugget Hace 13 días
Hey Danny
Matthew Singer
Matthew Singer Hace 13 días
"...they incorporate a bunch of ingredients I don't normally use when I cook" Pans across lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.
Christie b
Christie b Hace 13 días
My favorite 50s PSA I wish kids in my school would have seen is one about how high schoolers should be cautious hanging around with older teens/early 20 somethings. There is a reason that even though they have graduated their own age group doesn't want them. They are weirdos preying on immature people who think they are cool because they are older.
Eleanor Lewis
Eleanor Lewis Hace 13 días
I love people trying to understand Aussie accents. We really are just mumbling. Also he said “oh good lord no, no I wouldn’t say that... oh poor old man he works too hard the wife’s got nothing to do”
Yaro Silverstone
Yaro Silverstone Hace 14 días
10:15 THAT GUY - "(oh I couldn't say?) We're not that many weeks to our divorce, is all." Why did they leave that clip, I can't-
James Horne
James Horne Hace 14 días
The fella you cant understand is aussie he's saying "Poor old andy works too hard and the wife's got nothing to do."
Yaro Silverstone
Yaro Silverstone Hace 14 días
Oh god, I thought he said, "We're not that many weeks to our divorce, is all."
BateQ RaceQ
BateQ RaceQ Hace 14 días
The careless apology intrahepatically nod because banker intraspecifically bolt an a common macrame. telling, bustling scraper
L0oped Hace 14 días
Can’t believe you were making fun of an Australian accent
TexasPoonTappa SS
TexasPoonTappa SS Hace 14 días
*and those socks....*
woman Hace 14 días
It was better then. Rules are good.
onion man
onion man Hace 15 días
i love how at 3:00 drew put them side by side, just to *prove* she didn’t have a new mouth
Charlotte Powell
Charlotte Powell Hace 15 días
"Honey your coffee sucks ass, i’m leaving you"
S M Hace 15 días
I love all of us guy/gal/nonbinary pal lovers are just having the time of our lives in the comments section That being said I dont dress well so you guys enjoy your popularity 😂
Ta-Ho-Mas Williams
Ta-Ho-Mas Williams Hace 15 días
I'm guy
Patrick Head
Patrick Head Hace 16 días
this was uploaded on my birthday
Awkward Cat
Awkward Cat Hace 16 días
I watched this on a Tuesday... 😧
Awkward Cat
Awkward Cat Hace 16 días
Guy in the beginning x narrator We need fan fiction about it
s04p Hace 16 días
Technically this video is not the present since it was made 1 year ago
Hunter William
Hunter William Hace 16 días
He said "poor old men work all day, the housewives have nothing to do"
slanfinne Hace 16 días
This is the best Drew Gooden video
name_not_ taken
name_not_ taken Hace 17 días
How has he dated 6 people
ellie dahms
ellie dahms Hace 18 días
yeah, what did ellie do?!
Alex Rubin
Alex Rubin Hace 18 días
Drue i cannoto beleve youre are seccsistm. >:((((( bad jobb ime undescriping.
D Riley
D Riley Hace 18 días
"You should pull your dick out" Drew u had me 💀💀
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey Hace 18 días
Nefeli Tsakiridi
Nefeli Tsakiridi Hace 19 días
Make your own damn coffee
Nefeli Tsakiridi
Nefeli Tsakiridi Hace 19 días
The only thing that changed in the first one is she stopped reading, as all women should
Elk182 Hace 20 días
“So ladies, listen up!” Me a bi dude intently listening
Blanca Henderson
Blanca Henderson Hace 21 un día
The terrific firewall aesthetically fax because daisy realistically learn abaft a rustic belgian. unbiased, truculent israel
Julia Christie
Julia Christie Hace 21 un día
Well then y am I not popular I have good taste in clothes am bi and I don’t get in drama like wat
want2care Hace 21 un día
can’t believe it’s been the present for a year now....
no way
no way Hace 21 un día
10:10 He's saying "Good Lord, no - no I wouldn't say that, I don't think. Oh, the poor old man he works too hard and the wife's got nothing to do."
Abby Phay
Abby Phay Hace 22 días
I want someone to react to this in 50 or 60 years
ThatMomentWhen Hace 22 días
ThatMomentWhen Hace 22 días
Unrelated but this video was posted the day that Unus Annus started. Memento Mori and all that
Hermeownie Hace 23 días
These videos are literally just the WikiHow articles of the fifties LOL.
Mamasapano Hace 23 días
10:39 tell me, why do ppl have the sudden urge to check their bare wrists when talking about time, dear stranger?
S. Hace 24 días
lol Whose mom gave y'all the Mr./Mrs. Rae Dunn mugs? XD good job with the funny btw
Cassandra Stillman
Cassandra Stillman Hace 26 días
Hey guy causes a feral reaction in my brain and don’t know if that’s why I keep watching these or not.
4:53 Well then I'm well on my way to being popular 😎 If you would like to be my friend, lemme know 👉👉
Taneguti Costa
Taneguti Costa Hace 27 días
Damn Drew i've watch so many of your hello fresh stuff that now i want to buy it but it doesnt sell in my country
Experiment 626
Experiment 626 Hace 28 días
Something about Drew's face makes his thumbnails so clickable
YPG Domo
YPG Domo Hace 29 días
Jakob Hace 29 días
10:21 is the funniest skit you've ever done
Roy Avocado
Roy Avocado Hace 29 días
Whatchu mean it's not Tuesday??? What the hell?
sorio99 Hace un mes
Dress well, be bisexual, don’t get into trouble...is that how you end up popular, or how to succeed on ESvid?
Bec P
Bec P Hace un mes
I laughed so fucking hard at your Aussie impression at the end there. It was spot on.
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