Inside A FULL CrossFit Class (CrossFit 101)

John Glaude
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I hope those of you that are curious about crossfit find this video useful!

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18 abr 2018






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David Pieper
David Pieper Hace 6 días
CrossFit is great and all of that, but those horrendous butterfly pull-ups gotta go
ucchadfitz Hace 9 días
Couple was in argument behind him Hahahah
Ted Michaels
Ted Michaels Hace 17 días
And make sure to wear a shirt that has the word "fit", "strong" or "muscle" on it or no one will know that you are fit, strong, or have muscle.
bryce witko
bryce witko Hace 18 días
you get to make a family!!, i knew all you people were banging in those gyms.
Hispanic02 Hace 23 días
I just joined a Crossfit and I’m almost done with foundation classes. Handstand is probably the hardest part for me. But it will get better.
Alexandra4real Hace 28 días
This seems a lot like gym class in high school...but on steroids.
North star
North star Hace un mes
Omg 😱 I’m going to dye
Krystal Coats
Krystal Coats Hace un mes
i train in the gym i still cant even do a pull up my god an im thiking of joining cross fit
Noelle Hace un mes
Thank you for your positive attitude! This made the thought of going less scary :)
Cykachu Hace un mes
You’re promoting bad form and risk of injury
Quentin Torbert
Quentin Torbert Hace un mes
He’s encouraged me! Now I’m gonna sign up
Ricsic6 Hace un mes
Xfit has such poor form....
Aastha Taneja
Aastha Taneja Hace un mes
PLEASEEE make more such video explaining entire workout plan. Great video. Thanks!
Yvonne Phillip
Yvonne Phillip Hace un mes
IIDrZoidbergII Hace 2 meses
2:49 ...F...
D. Snelson
D. Snelson Hace 2 meses
Thanks for actually explaining what CrossFit is!
m Hace 2 meses
I'm trying out crossfit - Carpe Diem :) Life is an adventure - it's worth trying new things.. Thank you for the insightful & informative video!
Leon Kharkongor
Leon Kharkongor Hace 2 meses
So how much time did you spend at the gym total for this session?
Emanuel Ventura
Emanuel Ventura Hace 2 meses
Im starting to do bootcamp and for a week I already lose 4lbs and I am happy. Btw im at 244lbs now. Wish me luck! 😍
radwa awad
radwa awad Hace 2 meses
Good luck.
Sandy Weaver
Sandy Weaver Hace 3 meses
very good thanks
Owen Grant
Owen Grant Hace 3 meses
I work away from home and wanna give CrossFit a go, is there like an app/routine I can follow as the gym in my camp has very limited equipment
Unclean Actions At Low Prices
The only good part about this was the fucking pull ups. Just invest in a gym membership and do full body weight training or do compound full body calisthenics ffs.
Alex Cordero
Alex Cordero Hace 4 meses
I just don't get it... Maybe someone can explain it. I've been doing body-weight workouts and running off and on for years and I don't understand why people pay to do something you can do in your garage or a park or... I don't know--a living room... I can understand paying for a gym membership because you have access to pools, saunas, and a variety of free weight and weight machines. But running around a building twice and then doing air squats can be done for free... Help me out, what am I missing? I went to a crossfit gym once and left because it was too noisy. I like to put my headphones on and be left alone... Is that what people are paying for? The camaraderie? Why do you need a coach to do push-ups?
Michael Hanson
Michael Hanson Hace 4 meses
Long story short, I’ve lost 75lbs in the last year with keto and cardio. Now I’ve come to a huuuuuge plateau the last few months but in this time I’ve learned how to maintain my weight loss. I also enjoy that my body likes to be at a consistent weight of about 155. I am also going to enjoy the holidays lol. So come January I decided that I wanna do CrossFit as my next chapter in my weightless journey. So now comes my research and I come across your channel!! (I started following you about a week ago on Instagram and didn’t know you had a channel here.) and so far this video made not as nervous to try it. But what makes this all too funny is I was already doing some of the works outs. Which makes me feel at easy when finding my gym so thank you for breaking it down the way you do! I’m going to do it and now I can’t wait!!
Andy Pearsons
Andy Pearsons Hace 4 meses
Starting next Wednesday really helpful video
Celine Kristensen
Celine Kristensen Hace 4 meses
so yeah, this video was posted a loooong time ago. but i just happended to come by it again. the reason i started crossfit. woop, been doing it for a year now? loving it
williamsxl Hace 4 meses
the perfect explanation off crossfit esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-qnjYyfkcaNI.html
MuttonChops24 Hace 4 meses
"Pretty much everyone can run" Hahaha coming from a previously 400lb man that's very presumptive of you
Rando'thol Hace 4 meses
Best thing I have ever done.
jaiz joy
jaiz joy Hace 4 meses
Honestly the best video. Thanks bro
Balanced Investing
Balanced Investing Hace 5 meses
Run around the building 2x then do squats with no weight. I'm paying you $150 a month for that? Lolololololololol
CARLO FANTIGA Hace 5 meses
EatYourCereal Hace 5 meses
And tip #1: Dont go to crossfit thats gay af
Peter Paul
Peter Paul Hace 5 meses
That booty game is strong. Bouncing.
ThinkingIn Words
ThinkingIn Words Hace 5 meses
Thanks for posting this.
Alfonso Payan
Alfonso Payan Hace 6 meses
Thought you changed your name for a min hahaha
fro g
fro g Hace 6 meses
Going tuesday, I have high hopes 😃
Get Amy Strong
Get Amy Strong Hace 6 meses
I had fun. The first class was challenging, but it was challenging in a good way. I learned a lot and I'm very sore, but it's worth it. My advice would be to focus on yourself and what the trainers are telling you. Don't worry about everyone else.
Markus malloy
Markus malloy Hace 6 meses
I'm going Monday 😬
Get Amy Strong
Get Amy Strong Hace 6 meses
I'm going Tuesday too!
Serena Morris
Serena Morris Hace 6 meses
I signed up for a crossfit class starting in august. I’ve put down $500 so i pretty much can’t chicken out 😂 but im nervous af!!
Tonina Diyanni
Tonina Diyanni Hace 7 meses
Hey from mexico 😛🤘 l Love your content like always, I came across your video because I’m trying to change my workout routine, and CrossFit is something that sounds great yeah I don’t have the time to go to CrossFit, but I would like to try doing something like cross training on my own, always done the bro split, still don’t understand if you work out every day every muscle group is that how it works because I’m a cucustom to braking up my workout muscle groups in the week ,thank you so much
Fist Fury
Fist Fury Hace 7 meses
Men that do crossfit look like crap but the women are dudes
LittleB Hace 7 meses
Ive noticed at my gym (im new) that there are so called simple workouts like john mentioned. But omg they dont half kill you! We did ,10x dumbell squat 30 box jumps,TTB(toe to bar) 40cal on row machine back on the TTB, 30 box jumps and 10x dumbell squat. Actually kills you
Allan Ward
Allan Ward Hace 7 meses
is it just me or this guy has huge hands?
jtcber Hace 7 meses
The rowing machine is a warm up exercise machine? I really want to try but worry that I won't be able to catch up with the class. What if I have limitation on some of my movement?
Cynthia Houle
Cynthia Houle Hace 7 meses
Try it. Everyone was a begginger at some point
David Bruener
David Bruener Hace 7 meses
Crossfit isint even a real gym your stupid
little monster
little monster Hace 9 meses
I just started , day 2
Jallir Davila
Jallir Davila Hace 9 meses
I want to try it but it's looks so complicated. (Note, I don't know anything about working out stuff) if I miss a class then I missed something that it cannot be made up? How much time does a class usually takes? I don't know if I have the confidence to do this, I think I will pass
LittleB Hace 7 meses
if you miss a class it aint the need of the world! You'll get new people in that wont know what they're doing anyway. Like john said theres a trainer in every class to show you how to do the right move movements and assist you. Luckily for me my gym was never intimidating, we had a fundamentals class and got to know the new people who started with me and i occasional see them in my classes but apart form that everyone's friendly andf helps one another
G-MO Hace 10 meses
what if you just want to workout and not make friends?
Deborah Povoleri
Deborah Povoleri Hace 10 meses
I lov it John!! It´s realy a way give up some good information!! Awesome!
juicemAster2000 Hace 10 meses
Just wanted to know if that was a Chris D’Elia short you were wearing?
Shana Lee
Shana Lee Hace 10 meses
That run and 50 squat was intimidating
Michael Rauch
Michael Rauch Hace 11 meses
How fit should u be to start
calonstanni Hace 11 meses
I just finished a 5 visit training series. This upcoming Monday morning is my first real session. I'm nervous.
calonstanni Hace 11 meses
thanks. The folks are nice and the trainer was attentive but I think he pushed me too hard. My form was bad and I was unsteady and he wouldn't let me take any weight off the barbell so I could get my form better. He kept saying I was "DOING GREAT!!!" but then kept encouraging me to improve my form...which I just couldn't do. I skulked out of class feeling angry and betrayed. Today he didn't make me wobble underneath a barbell. We did lots of rows and toe-ups and dumbell ...things (?)....so I left pretty happy and very exhausted. I'm very weak and slow but I didn't feel like my life was in danger. I'm hoping for more days like today! @Jake Holladay
Jake Holladay
Jake Holladay Hace 11 meses
Don't be! Move at a speed relative to your fitness level! Its a workout designed for you! Let me know how it goes!
Ellen J
Ellen J Hace 11 meses
Great that they tailor it to various levels of fitness, which really helps prevent injuries and keeps motivation strong. Looks like a lot of fun (a lot of temporary discomfort too, but well worth the results).
Fabi Amador
Fabi Amador Hace 11 meses
Love it but my knees are not good i would like to take that class
Irene Blaney
Irene Blaney Hace un año
I think I need to loose some weight before I try this I would die in the first 5 min
Ash Hace 10 meses
😂😂 same, and today is my first day, I'm intimidated of it lol
Mads Lorenzen
Mads Lorenzen Hace un año
Call in? lol what year are you in or country. Old school
Mads Lorenzen
Mads Lorenzen Hace un año
Great video, well done
Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkins Hace un año
0:17 was distracted by how many times you were sticking a cock shadow into that guys mouth!
Autumn Elizabeth
Autumn Elizabeth Hace un año
I just wanted to tell ya this vid pushed me over the edge to try cross fit! I’ve been in the gym 10+ years and even have competed , but I’ve been curious for a while. Your content is great and you’re really easy to listen to ! Keep it up no doubt you’ll make it straight to the top with this ESvid thing 😎❤️
Victor McQuaide
Victor McQuaide Hace un año
Yes buddy. Way to represent Dog!
jackiesauter2 Hace un año
Thanks for sharing this! Visiting a box for my first time this week.
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