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David Dobrik takes us on a tour of his $2.5M home in Los Angeles. His house features a functional flamethrower, an in-house recording studio and a thorough security system (a nail in a sliding glass door to prevent break-ins). David also shows us his cars, including his Ferrari and Tesla.
Read the story here: www.architecturaldigest.com/story/david-dobrik-la-home?mbid=youtube-description-dobrik
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Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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24 jun 2019






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Architectural Digest
Read the story about David's house here: www.architecturaldigest.com/story/david-dobrik-la-home?mbid=youtube-description-dobrik
StuffFor College
StuffFor College Hace 28 días
Cookie Cookies
Cookie Cookies Hace 2 meses
Speahz_ Kills
Speahz_ Kills Hace 2 meses
is DLloL.OPK- joshisned
Savanna Linebach
Savanna Linebach Hace 2 meses
Oh ok
Lucas Montoya
Lucas Montoya Hace 3 meses
What brother has a least and most favorite sibling
Taeya speer 👺
Taeya speer 👺 Hace 14 minutos
how he calmly tells the camera man which siblings are his favorite and least favorite
daniel konatham
daniel konatham Hace un hora
8:16 I thought he said Cardi A, like some inferior version of Cardi B or something
Reagan Shuffty
Reagan Shuffty Hace 2 horas
who else saw the jul pods
Baba Jabba
Baba Jabba Hace 6 horas
Damnnn 2.5 million dollars for all that in LA is pretty damn good.
Issy Offord
Issy Offord Hace 12 horas
I’ve never had chipotle lol
jaebum's broad shoulders
So what did this young man do to deserve this much money when others starve?
jaebum's broad shoulders
"I'm just a sucker for views..." Ahaa
Bella J.
Bella J. Hace 18 horas
The whoopie cushion option in the Tesla >>>
Bella J.
Bella J. Hace 18 horas
The fact that he has a whole section of black tops in the same shade
BIGBOIBLOP27 : Gaming Hace 19 horas
David is the guy that is easily amused😂
Titi Adeogun
Titi Adeogun Hace un día
David: my assistant ties my shoes whilst I play angry birds. Me: wouldn’t that be nice
dampmaky Hace un día
“Not too modern” *Proceeds to show iPad attached to wall*
Minecraft Hace un día
so rich doesn’t eat out of his fridge
sean mckee
sean mckee Hace un día
im useing my brothers lap top im 8 years old i love your vids i wach you evry day you make me happy when im sad thank you
YoYoRaeRae Hace un día
Who in the world is this person????
resiL Hace 20 horas
Can you read?
Trackmaker 101
Trackmaker 101 Hace un día
1:21 Is that really true!
i.p.mattingly hoffman
He keeps the first pitch ball in the bowl with a 2 dollar bill, a mango juul pod and some SD cards
Aaron Jumper
Aaron Jumper Hace 2 días
“It’s not too modern but it’s not too old” *2 seconds later* “So here we have an iPad” on the wall..
Glitchezz Hace 2 días
I love how he has a juul pod casually on his tv stand
Athena M
Athena M Hace 2 días
also i’m glad not the only one who brushes their teeth in the shower
Athena M
Athena M Hace 2 días
i lost it at 8:48 lmaooo
hakikat talwar
hakikat talwar Hace 2 días
He is white/immigrant but accepted more then immigrnat who are not white...!!
J C Hace 2 días
David is kinda clumsy..🤔🤔😅😅
BanBan Hace 2 días
Crazy that Dumb mfs has all the money
Asher Havercroft
Asher Havercroft Hace 2 días
My two favourite quotes are “my house reminds me of a house” and “I’m a big water drinker”
Ty H
Ty H Hace 2 días
How come he can't tie his shoe
CAP Hace 2 días
Is he a homosexual?
BunnyLolipop 08
BunnyLolipop 08 Hace 2 días
“We don’t have a lot of fun here”
Omega John
Omega John Hace 2 días
2 mil and it's only that big? Damn LA be ruthless
Jaden Nonis
Jaden Nonis Hace 3 días
6:14 they forgot to censor 😂😂
Ninja Hace 3 días
Rumor has it, that part of the hammer is still stuck😂
Loser .Kaspbrak
Loser .Kaspbrak Hace 3 días
8:12 literally me anytime I stub my toe.
Chris Goodman
Chris Goodman Hace 3 días
me... this is absolutely me if im ever rich
Rebecca Muscat
Rebecca Muscat Hace 3 días
Rich and dumb... wow
Boss Baby
Boss Baby Hace 3 días
10k dislikes from those who don’t know who David is 😂
LAVA_Z Hace 4 días
Got to love how raw he is
vybeschoo Hace 4 días
poor fish
Sidney Milagros
Sidney Milagros Hace 4 días
Lmfaoooo. “It’s like it has erectile dysfunction” tearrrrrss 😂😂😂
Nothin much Boy
Nothin much Boy Hace 4 días
Josh Lara
Josh Lara Hace 4 días
Best part of the video is when David says his assistant moves the tv over his bed as he walks by it.
SydMint Hace 4 días
I get the impression his assistant is on call 24/7, he seems to fall over a lot :D 😂😂😂
gn lilu
gn lilu Hace 4 días
Ironically I saw a house today, and I got that feeling. It is the house! I can't afford it 😔
Mikayla Marie Bolilia
David: we don't have much fun around here Me: *introduces myself to the lovely flamethrower*
Komal Khan
Komal Khan Hace 5 días
9:33 "im seven years old"
Komal Khan
Komal Khan Hace 5 días
5:40 he's such a child 😂😂😂
Komal Khan
Komal Khan Hace 5 días
"oh and this is my flamethrower"
Caryll Apostol
Caryll Apostol Hace 5 días
Clearly David hasn't moved on from Liza
Beito Maciel
Beito Maciel Hace 5 días
so cringy the children soap he "uses" is brand new and never opened, like its so obvious that he planted it there
TheyWantTheXP Hace 5 días
Juul pods @ 7:35
LionWolf Hace 5 días
So stupid
Jades Hace 5 días
Juul Pod at 7:35 lolol
Bella Mitchell
Bella Mitchell Hace 5 días
JUUL pod at 7:37
Vincent Corea
Vincent Corea Hace 5 días
I liked this video within the first minute. Homie is hilarious.
OSG Bmoney
OSG Bmoney Hace 5 días
How do you not know how to tie your shoes dude
hannah pickle
hannah pickle Hace 5 días
peep the mango pod 7:36 @daviddobrik
Shaylene Gilkison
Shaylene Gilkison Hace 5 días
Did he just say "this is my grandma" to Snoop dogg?
Joseph Brucato
Joseph Brucato Hace 3 días
Shaylene Gilkison ye
Chris Lee Carey
Chris Lee Carey Hace 6 días
Blah blah blah
Olly Hace 6 días
So is this a house tour... or a Tesla Model X review?
Olly Hace 6 días
The way he just slammed his Tesla backwards into some trash cans... that’s when you know you’re too rich 😂
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