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The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing ESvidr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
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18 oct 2018

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Hursh Tanner, Jr
Hursh Tanner, Jr Hace un hora
Congrats for getting #1 on trending!!
Mustardy Boi
Mustardy Boi Hace un hora
Ads on a video? *S O C I O P A T H*
Eric Munz
Eric Munz Hace un hora
Logan is the true nut job
Andrea Georgieva
Andrea Georgieva Hace un hora
Take a shot everytime Jake says like
Damo b
Damo b Hace un hora
Jake is wrong Alissa did this to get away from Jake's abusive psycho ass
thepeanutsmama Hace un hora
well done!
Sara A
Sara A Hace un hora
Was anyone waiting for the Dolan twins drama?
Charlotte Wilson
Charlotte Wilson Hace un hora
It’s literally 1:15am and I’m watching a 1:45:03 video i just got back from a concert 😂😂💖
Rasheed Gonzales
Rasheed Gonzales Hace un hora
Shane's shirt is absolutely describing his emotions lmao
Renee Moscrip
Renee Moscrip Hace un hora
Pray for Andrew for holding a camera for so long for this series 🙏🙏🙏
Karla Vergara
Karla Vergara Hace un hora
#1 Trending Congratulations Shane Dawson For Your Series Love You So Much 😘😘
Liv MacMillan
Liv MacMillan Hace un hora
Shane is providing for us like a father rn.
Gabby Hace un hora
Well done Shane and Andrew
barca news
barca news Hace un hora
1-800-LIL-PEEP Hace un hora
this wouldve been way better if jake wasnt clearly tipsy the entire time just bc the flow of his thoughts is fucked in this vid
Samantha Savage
Samantha Savage Hace un hora
Not gonna lie I'm already excited about Shane's next project!
Erose Hace un hora
I don't think I have words enough to describe my reaction to this series, just wow. What a ride.
Lizeth Rogel
Lizeth Rogel Hace un hora
Ok so I called Jake a monster on the comments when i found out Shane was doing a series on him. After watching the series .I take it back, i ended up being in like with Jake. Damn you Shane !!!!! 😂😂
GoldenYuri Hace un hora
tbh half of this is SHANE teaching Jake what his parents should've taught him.
mary majors
mary majors Hace un hora
“No one can hate on you for being honest.” But if what youre being honest about makes you a BAD PERSON... then were gonna “hate” on you.
Andy King
Andy King Hace un hora
Call him banks not faze, Because Faze is a gaming team and they all have individual names👌👌
Andy King
Andy King Hace un hora
Sarah Filek
Sarah Filek Hace un hora
Well done 👍👍
Futaba Sakura
Futaba Sakura Hace un hora
Before this series I knew NOTHING about team 10 or Jake Paul. All I know now is that Erika looks like my big sister and its freaky.
LILLIE Moreno Hace un hora
There has been a shift on ESvid thanks to Shane and I can’t wait to see how this affects people moving forward. I am so proud of Shane and Jake and everyone in the video bc i know it wasn’t easy for anyone. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose Hace un hora
This was so good
juh-zee Hace un hora
Someone-saying-'Like' - count after this series: 19,657,888
Valon the fighter
Valon the fighter Hace un hora
OKAY so shane take a little break but then pleaaasseeee do a documentary with euginia cooney she needs help
SaMartins 05
SaMartins 05 Hace un hora
Put jakes name in your title and u can pay this mounts rent
ZerilasLife Hace un hora
This was amazingly done. Bravo. I can't wait for your next heart felt project.
Sally Skellington
Sally Skellington Hace un hora
i am really not that shocked about the logan thing...i wouldn't call him a sociopath tho if we've learned anything from this series it's that people who do stupid shit aren't neccessrily evil masterminds. i think the situation is just a result of two brothers being raised as "savage" and logan didn't expect jake to have actual feelings for her.
Thomas Clements
Thomas Clements Hace un hora
Jake paul says like a lot
bonana the smol fab
bonana the smol fab Hace un hora
Take a shot everytime Jake says "like".
gained a lot of respect for jake. Honestly a lot of guys wouldve done the same stuff hes done if not worse if they were given that much fame and power at a young age
μαρια παναγοπουλου
bravo for the job you have done deserves a lot of congratulations. to judge someone is very easy but to get into his shoes and see it from his own visual angle (especially for a person so controversial) that is what makes you stand out shane. super brave.. you guys deserve all the creadits.
Amber Hayward
Amber Hayward Hace un hora
Amazing, you are so talented
Sophie Harris
Sophie Harris Hace un hora
The way he’s trying to hide his face from crying... damn I didn’t want to feel this type of way but I feel so bad for him... FUCK LOGAN THO
usagis wife
usagis wife Hace un hora
shane holy shit you helped him so much. since when u started the series and people realized he isnt that bad he has gained a lot more subscribers. im one of them i think jake has done fucked up stuff but hes a good person, geniunely.
luckkarma19 Hace un hora
Jake cant cry, so Shane does for him....epic
Ana Winner
Ana Winner Hace un hora
I'm sorry but there's still a lot of missing pieces. The abuse allegations where never brought up along with Tessa, Chance, or Nick. Also, I think interviewing Logan is pretty necessary as, like you said, he wasn't there to speak or defend himself. To me, this episode revealed the least.
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez Hace un hora
Patron and Fireball? All that money and Shane buys that garbage?
Mi Bleck
Mi Bleck Hace un hora
For a nonnative speaker jake Paul is so hard to understand. I had to watch some parts two to three times to understand what he is saying.
Anna de Vries
Anna de Vries Hace un hora
1.45 hours, BOIIII, this is a movie congrats shane
Mihaela Iord
Mihaela Iord Hace un hora
Take a shot everytime Jake says "like" 😂👌
Angel Levers
Angel Levers Hace un hora
this was amazing but please go on a vacation and cleanse your mind from this drama omg
MOOIMAFISH Hace un hora
I can’t believe I’m saying this..... I’m so sorry Jake. I love you. I relate to you in something no one should be relating. I wish you the best.
M S Hace un hora
Jake really did mature
rossmery iero
rossmery iero Hace un hora
#1 tendency 🖤 i💗u shane!!! All this stress was worthy.... you REALLY rock youtube... 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊
Jasmin Rose
Jasmin Rose Hace un hora
It’s so weird cause I really don’t care about Jake Paul, I never hated or liked him so when I saw this doc come out I wasn’t planning on watching it. But I watched the first and immediately got hooked. And now I like JAKE PAUL. N i c e w o r k S h a n e 👏👏👏
D Hace un hora
Can someone clear this up? I get that it was a shitty thing for Logan to have slept w/Alissa. But at the same time, Jake never committed to her. Was never her official boyfriend. So for him to be mad at her when they weren't even really together is weird to me. Yes, it was crappy but he can't have his cake and eat it too.
Swagger Man123
Swagger Man123 Hace un hora
I mean in the end the Paul brothers are just human and I don’t think they were ready for fame
Alex Chang
Alex Chang Hace un hora
Shane should make a show on netflix
Filip Szot
Filip Szot Hace un hora
Lol still watching it only 25 min left
Heather Covell
Heather Covell Hace un hora
#1 on trending finally!
littlebook Unicorn
littlebook Unicorn Hace un hora
Im just really curious if the people from team 10 can say no to a prank
Byenia Hace un hora
Didn't barely know who any of these people were prior to a couple days ago (and considered such channels proof of the emerging idiocracy), but honestly I've found this documentary series to be interesting when all was said and done. Just kinda sucked me in to continue watching it, despite its MTV Real World feel. My position as of right now is that Jake Paul appears to be more of a product of his environment and upbringing rather than an actual sociopath, even if he has picked up some sociopathic ways of behaving (modeled from observing and competing against his older brother and father). Looks to me like he probably could've turned out to be a very loving and sweet person in a different setting. His brother Logan, however, has a wholly different psychology, as does their father. I wish Jake Paul well in venturing out on his own and away from those negative influences that seem to be undermining him.
Alexis Gulas
Alexis Gulas Hace un hora
Anyone else crying with jake and wishing they could be friends with him now?
Hannah Burdett
Hannah Burdett Hace un hora
Before this series started I barely knew anything about Jake Paul apart from the fact there was controversy around him for various things and that he is Logan's brother. And I knew about Logan, about the suicide forest and actual issues he's been involved in. Because of that it automatically made me not like Jake, I'm aware isn't fair, it's just how I thought. To the point where someone heard on the radio about the fight and asked me if I knew about it because I watch a lot of ESvid's, at the time I didn't but when they said Jake Paul was involved my immediate reaction was "What a surprise, a Paul brother" Now, I feel sorry for Jake and the situation his in with his brother and his dad, the fact that he has few people to trust and obviously doesn't want to lose his family but they don't help him a lot of the time. Yeah some of the stuff he's done is wrong but like everyone people will make mistakes and I think it's clear he's learnt from them. To have the association between them, it's obviously going to happen, but it isn't fair to tarnish Jake with a lot of stuff because he's Logan's brother.
S Hace un hora
A friendship I didn't know I needed but I love. Shane and Jake
Summer Wolf
Summer Wolf Hace un hora
HOLY SHIT?!?!? IVE NEVER BEEN SO CONFUSED, SURPRISED, HAPPY, SAD, MAD, PROUD, OR AMAZED IN MY LIFE!! Shane you have done it once again, so proud and impressed with you. keep going!
fay triantafyllaki
fay triantafyllaki Hace un hora
Still don't like him..
pika pokica
pika pokica Hace un hora
Daaam i dont hate Jake anymore
Just Julia
Just Julia Hace un hora
Ysabel 0109
Ysabel 0109 Hace un hora
I hope you heal jake
Rejnis Hace un hora
JodieDavies Hace un hora
I’m obsessed Shane. Well done you really have turned a shit situation to an amazing documentary! I didn’t realise all the shit that Jake has been through and I’m so glad you did this as it’s just opens everyone’s eyes one the subject and we see how real everything is. I love you Shane, keep these up, we love them!
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee Hace un hora
I cried when I saw Jake was about to cry but he held it back.
Gello YT
Gello YT Hace un hora
I loved this Shane but I need a conspiracy theory video asap 😫
Ysabel 0109
Ysabel 0109 Hace un hora
Cant believe im saying this but im a jake pauler now.....
Jaylee Carter
Jaylee Carter Hace un hora
Shane I’m so proud of u- u deserve the world
RaeAlyse Hace un hora
*And the Oscar for best motion picture goes to.....The Mind Of Jake Paul by Shane Dawson* 👏🏾👏🏾🎉 10/10 YAAASSS QUEEN IM SO PROUD OF YOU AND HOW FAR YOU’VE COME SHANE!!!!
Emama Shah
Emama Shah Hace un hora
Samir Sidgi
Samir Sidgi Hace un hora
there is real pain in his eyes, like he realy was and still is. Well done capturing this and well done sticking to what you said. Keep it up, both of you.
yellow ketchup
yellow ketchup Hace un hora
My favorite series I’ve ever seen on ESvid sad to see it’s over Rip the Mind of Jake Paul 2018-2018
Ysabel 0109
Ysabel 0109 Hace un hora
Thank you for opening your heart jake. Hope everything is clear now. Prayers for you
VivikoLP Hace un hora
Love it love it love it yessss
Josh Paxtor
Josh Paxtor Hace un hora
22:58 “Donald trump” 💀
Madelyn H
Madelyn H Hace un hora
That fact that he doesn’t understand how people could possibly think that he’s manipulating kids shows his lack of emotional intelligence. Even if he isn’t intentionally manipulating kids, he should still be able to recognize why people might think he is
MemeVeVo Hace un hora
I was sleeping on Jakes point.
Lauren Anne
Lauren Anne Hace un hora
i wonder what logan will say...
Jenna c
Jenna c Hace un hora
I wish I could have a dollar for every time Jake Paul said “like” in this video series lmao
Jackie Brockman
Jackie Brockman Hace un hora
Manipulating kids to get their parents to buy things for them.....that's every fucking company in the world!
Zoe Miranda
Zoe Miranda Hace un hora
In the very begging I thought that jake was a sociopath and was an actual abusive person that everyone says he is but this last 2 parts changed my mind and made me feel bad for him for the first time rather than hating him for what he did in the past. Thank u Shane for many this series and I’m looking forward to watching more.
Antoinette Parker
Antoinette Parker Hace un hora
Who else is crying??? 😢😢😢
Rose Rose
Rose Rose Hace un hora
they say working with family is toxic but the kardashiains and so many others made it
Amberlei Moon
Amberlei Moon Hace un hora
I think he's right about the teacher thing, they totally focus on allot of things that kids are NEVER going to use in life, like french ,p.e, History (some history is good but 8 years of it is ridiculous and half of it is wrong, 1 year of history in the 9th grade is enough) when do you use history at your job? They could be using that time to teach them things about the real world. Maybe a class teaching about how to realize when you're being manipulated, money management, how to start a website, how to start a business, how to start a large eBay store or Amazon store and ESvid has become A MAJOR job opportunity and teaching high schoolers how to make a very successful channel. I've never once used the anatomy of a frog in my life EVER ! Idk most things besides simple to moderate math and reading and writing skills and writing in a professional way is things that we can use in our daily work and social lives.
Rashid Alnaabi
Rashid Alnaabi Hace un hora
Wait Jake and Erika drink vodka 🤨😦🤯
P. Luna
P. Luna Hace un hora
Although I love these series, I would love to see a conspiracy video next or a squad video
Screen Junky
Screen Junky Hace un hora
I can’t stand the back and forth of the camera, it’s making me dizzy! Just zoom out so we can see both of them!
Ysabel 0109
Ysabel 0109 Hace un hora
Wow. Just wow
Teodora Pantic
Teodora Pantic Hace un hora
wow...that was a lot...thanks Shane for helping us understand Jake and where he is coming from.....yeah,he did some dumb shit in the past but...you actually made me feel bad for him.....lots of love
Leah Donaldson
Leah Donaldson Hace un hora
Malika Morad
Malika Morad Hace un hora
chloe Hace un hora
me.....? liking jake paul.....? who would’ve known.
Mikayla Villarin
Mikayla Villarin Hace un hora
RedOwlHD Hace un hora
whats the outro song?
Flaming Horse
Flaming Horse Hace un hora
Wholesm content 👏👏👏
iv . reem
iv . reem Hace un hora
TF how Logan even did this thing for his brother
Gabby.wtflmao Ya
Gabby.wtflmao Ya Hace un hora
So who’s the real *sociopath*
LeiaXoxo Hace un hora
This was incredible well done Shane. You were the best person to do it xx
Mar Hace un hora
An hour and a half in there's no reveal? Kind of feel like there's been a lot of build up for nothing?
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