Installing a gravel pad for a camper

Andrew Camarata
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Doing some tree cleanup, and brining in gravel to prepare a property for a camper.
Mud flap holder: amzn.to/2ZaEB9R
Laser level: amzn.to/2N8yAYS
Equipment laser receiver: amzn.to/31Gs4fW


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Show Cat
Show Cat Hace 14 horas
You're like a frickin Rembrandt. .
William findspennies
It's just like being an artist or a Sculptor you do absolutely beautiful work. The way you move those machines is a pure pleasure to watch. I really enjoy your channel. Just think they built the pyramids without lasers and they were in with a couple inches of accuracy.
Artemus Rodricq
Artemus Rodricq Hace 2 días
Phillip Ruggeri
Phillip Ruggeri Hace 2 días
Which skid steer do you like the best !
Phillip Ruggeri
Phillip Ruggeri Hace un día
If you could only pick one machine that you could have which would be the most versitile , which would it be ,skid steer ,excavator , backhoe or dozer !
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace un día
That IHI is nice. The bobcat is ok, but I have problems with it sometimes.
The Fall
The Fall Hace 2 días
Cant believe that old bird spent that kinda dough to park that ancient trailer.
Joey Oliver
Joey Oliver Hace 3 días
I have a feeling Andrew is never going to be finished with this job
Olof Hansson
Olof Hansson Hace 3 días
A lot of firewood for the winter
BigMacheteBM Hace 4 días
i want to be your customer! please if you plan to move to spain let me know! @1:12:33 and the most important part, another inspection passed and approved by the great white dog authority
Dj Keith
Dj Keith Hace 4 días
that dump trailer can hold some weight
Autodidact2 Hace 4 días
Idiot at 14:12 wears no protection at all while using chainsaw. He'll be a deaf amputee if he isn't careful. And his tattoos are disgusting, like all tattoos are. AC is also guilty of carelessly operating chainsaws. Hearing loss is irreversible, and it's hard to operate heavy equipment with a prosthesis.
Autodidact2 Hace 2 días
No one is forcing you to read my comments, but I'd certainly enjoy doing that!
Dadgum Hace 3 días
Hearing loss is probably the goal so he doesn't have to listen to crybabies like you bitching all the time
ERIC EDMUND Hace 5 días
Niko P
Niko P Hace 5 días
Is there any video without rain??????????
Richard Holbeck
Richard Holbeck Hace 5 días
Was the trailer hitch a 2" or a 1 7/8" ? That was starting to look like a 2 beer job. Nice job on the interior!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 5 días
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy Hace 5 días
At 1:08ish tooooo many supervisors around the skid steer Lotta lost love on this channel and here MB is using a real test dummy just to install the gravel
Leslie Knight
Leslie Knight Hace 5 días
Is it ever NOT muddy slop where you live?
Mr.McGoover Hace 6 días
Lots of wood for cheap shop heating for this winter!
Russell Clement
Russell Clement Hace 6 días
I see you are driving the big rig so you must have sorted out the Roadranger gearbox.
Otis Ostrich Farm USA
Aaron Kashmer
Aaron Kashmer Hace 8 días
When I was a kid, my dad used to have a water level. It was in a wood box with a blue water dyed reservoir and reel of plastic tubing. You would screw the box to a wood plank and measure up a distance to a line marked on the box, the reservoir had a matching line... then after checking the water met the line the resvoire you would take out the pencil he used as a plug in the tube and it would find level to your point. Then all the points you wanted to level would be a subtraction of the box line height... Worked good for masonry and ground leveling, Pole Barns etc. worked almost as fast. as that laser.
Bent _/\/ot_ Broke83
Andrew is the man. Is there anything you won't do as in work wise?
bill slayton
bill slayton Hace 8 días
I do believe you over loaded that pickup and little Trl with them logs, I'm just wondering how you unloaded em since they was packed tight between the sidegates
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 8 días
That trailer dumps.
James E. Atkins
James E. Atkins Hace 10 días
Good job 👌
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers Hace 10 días
Now that is one heck of a cherry picker🌳
Jonathan Plumber
Jonathan Plumber Hace 11 días
Most Kiwi trucks have the mud flap chained from the bottom of the flap back to the end of the deck preventing the back wheel ever driving over the flap there by eliminating the event happening at all
Francisco Jose De Grandis
Diretamente de São Paulo - Brasil Good job Andrew!!!!!!! Congratulations.
scandinavia Lazarus
scandinavia Lazarus Hace 12 días
That guy dented your chrome bumper , he didn't notice how you held the crowbar , I can't work when customers try to " help "
DNA Electronics
DNA Electronics Hace 2 días
Personally I find it terrifying to work with blind people! i.e People like you ;-)
Unlucky 21
Unlucky 21 Hace 12 días
What’s the song that at 56:23?
Jeff Fleischman
Jeff Fleischman Hace 12 días
I'm waiting for you to buy a bucket mixer so you can mix your own cement in your skid steer and pour it out. Break down and buy one so we can watch....
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 12 días
A place said they were sending me one a week ago, I have not seen it yet.
Mr. Andrew you are a blessings to your community and society. it remains me of a great saying of JFK. Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country. 2👍👍 up bro. Awesome work!
Daniel Levesque
Daniel Levesque Hace 13 días
Andrew you should invest in a grass spreader instead of using ur hands would be a good investment there only 29.95
Paul Henry
Paul Henry Hace 13 días
Really nice way to weed around the shed❗️👍🏻
VAC2 Hace 13 días
1:08:55 Hear that start up late at night best be reaching to the wife's side of the bed to make sure shes still there and not out taking it for a spin ;-)
VAC2 Hace 14 días
Look at that lil B37 rip it up! (Love them machines, very reliable and easy to work on) Also out of pure curiosity and if you don't want to disclose this info I understand (competitors and such), what would something like this job run where you live? I know you deal with a lot of stone so that can mess with prices on things. I live in Cincinnati so we don't have TOO much rock to deal with. Thanks even if you cant disclose the average cost of a job like that! Love the channel!
VAC2 Hace 13 días
@Andrew Camarata hahaha no biggie man, Keep up the awesome work! Move the camera like you do while working makes life a million times harder but good god damn am I glad you do it. Shots are always incredible. As well as the work.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 13 días
Thanks. I said it somewhere in the comments. I forgot, few thousand.
VAC2 Hace 14 días
Love your content. Keep up the awesome and HARD work. Man when i was doing excavation the laser levels where INSANE expensive! Just looked up some and man are they a lot more affordable! Great tool to have for your line of work! The pride you put into your work and equipment is just not seen anymore and if I am ever in need of your services you will be hearing from me!
NoCoRideshare Hace 14 días
Love the videos. One suggestion, invest in a lapel mic. It will allow you to narrate the videos and keep the volume at a consistent level. You will be able to talk without so much background noise. You can still have the mic on other cameras capture back ground audio as well. Great videos.
Drew6709 Hace 15 días
Noticed at 23:45 a piece of cutting edge on cl35 is missing.
jkwo2007 Hace 15 días
This is the 1st time I saw you bring both of your white dogs to a job site. Maybe you did the same some time before but I missed it. Usually you just brought Levi.
Patrick G
Patrick G Hace 15 días
When loading the truck, you placed yourself between the load and the truck - a 180 degree swing. A real time waster. Try parking truck paralle and next to load next time, moving the truck forward as you lift the load in - a 45 degree swing
Michael Kratky
Michael Kratky Hace 16 días
Andrew how does one go about hiring you for something similar to this video, I'm 2 hours north of you and there's a quarry 1 1/2 miles away?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 16 días
Thats too far.
Tracy Stolp
Tracy Stolp Hace 16 días
Man you do good work 💪👌 I seen 25 of your videos
My Univerz
My Univerz Hace 16 días
Andrew... you been digging a lot for so many years.... how many pots of gold have you found so far ?.. don't lie please...
My Univerz
My Univerz Hace 16 días
@Andrew Camarata Ha ha... just kidding... thx for reply...and thanks a lot for posting those awesome videos of your work...
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 16 días
Nothing. One time I was on a job where there was suppose to be gold, I was looking but never found it.
Mike Amban
Mike Amban Hace 17 días
damn.just like i watch a full movie.
T. N.
T. N. Hace 17 días
Good job !!
Hubert N
Hubert N Hace 17 días
Well done!
fredy gump
fredy gump Hace 18 días
Those quick release mud flaps will also help keep you from getting stuck all the time?
Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips Hace 18 días
Wheres the rest of the cuttin edge on the. Ihi skid bucket
Howard Fortyfive
Howard Fortyfive Hace 18 días
1:01:51 Walk Behind Compactor. Last time I saw a starter like this it was either a *Model A or Model T..* Been away from this channel around a year now. Have used similar fabric on French drains and self draining frost free yard hydrants (yard faucets) to keep drain rock working properly. We used boxcutters exclusively. Propane torch don't fit in pockets razor knife does handily.
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez Hace 18 días
All I can say is you my friend are No Joke. God bless you.
TheFastfreddie54 Hace 19 días
Boggin Deep
Boggin Deep Hace 19 días
you got a good eye. something i pride myself on as well. your living the dream brother. god bless
Running BoyetYT
Running BoyetYT Hace 19 días
You just use the soundtrack of gear5 in making his onepiece theory. . . Love it!
Carlos M
Carlos M Hace 19 días
51:28 RIP floppity thing
Mike None
Mike None Hace 19 días
Awesome shirtlessness!!!! YES
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Hace 19 días
I see some equipment that Andrew doesn’t have... yet...
CLP Hace 19 días
Hi-Lift, the official jack of making things worse before they get better.
CLP Hace 19 días
What kind of wood were those logs? lead?
Big Billy
Big Billy Hace 20 días
John_Clarke_2 Hace 20 días
Honestly...everything he does makes me cringe (as the OCD or OSHA types might understand). Yet, I watch because he is the Rednecking Jimmy Rigging god that I wish was my neighbor and worked for beer.
jlucasound Hace 20 días
Another great job, Andrew! Those Mud Flap Holders are an awesome invention! I don't see you (or anyone) losing a mud flap with that spring (assuming stainless) steel, just driving on the road. It sure will save your flaps, though, as you demonstrated! The property looks great. When the grass comes in, even better. Jill has a good eye. I am sure it came out just like she wanted.
clough211 Hace 20 días
man randy from trailer park boys got old
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