Installing a gravel pad for a camper

Andrew Camarata
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Doing some tree cleanup, and brining in gravel to prepare a property for a camper.
Mud flap holder: amzn.to/2ZaEB9R
Laser level: amzn.to/2N8yAYS
Equipment laser receiver: amzn.to/31Gs4fW


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Duncan Hace un día
You really enjoy excavating a lot of mud into the place youre going to back your hauler into dont you
Duncan Hace un día
Thats a lot of mud you had to get rid of. Me? I would have just dug a big ditch and put it in there. Use'n my head!
toma1144 Hace 2 días
Nailed the rough in on that pad!
Fraser Obrien
Fraser Obrien Hace 3 días
man your a very very hard worker a very very good worker . sir Andrew .. great workmanship .sir...Fraser
Martha Bradas
Martha Bradas Hace 4 días
excellent video, This provided a lot of good information as a tutorial for a gravel parking spot I need to have installed on some raw land! Thanks Andrew!
William Gurtner
William Gurtner Hace 4 días
Excellent work, you do! The insect was a trip.
kman 4443
kman 4443 Hace 10 días
I heard that up in the mountain area of New York, you must know how to operate a chain saw and you will be tested. If you fail the test, you will be involuntarily relocated to New York City. I think its an old law still on the books.
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus Hace 12 días
Some times you got to love America you cant find any thing you want on the market any component any object you even dream to exist.....
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus Hace 12 días
Andrew my frend you got to buy a wood chipper like that of course a bigger one for the wood you cut and turn it into wood pellets for fuel of course you need a second machine for pellets and you cant produse huuuuuuuuuuge quantities of fuel to eat your castle ! In my country Romania we use every thing in rural area to make pelets straus ,vegetation debris from trimming fruit trees in the spring ,or from grapes wines and wil b a big lost of fuel just burn it.......and with a automatic pellets heat central station you cant heat your house with radiators and have hot water too....
greg rupar
greg rupar Hace 14 días
Who didn’t see that coming
Ted Miller
Ted Miller Hace 17 días
Frickn Stihl For Life!!
Karl Jansson
Karl Jansson Hace 18 días
This is fricking cool!
George J
George J Hace 23 días
I'm pretty sure the guy who's helping you is Randy from Trailer Park Boys?
Dustin Meier
Dustin Meier Hace 27 días
@39:51 Headphone WARNING!
Robert G
Robert G Hace 27 días
Why wouldn't some one split the wood and sell fire wood?
Zain Saqer
Zain Saqer Hace un mes
someone commented on previous videos that Andrew is a true American. I think he's wrong. I think this guy at 1:05:35 represents the true American😂😂.
Cory Fiume
Cory Fiume Hace un mes
Andrew, Do you think that would have worked if you were able to put that level device on the bucket of your skid steer? Make adjustments slowly going forward then back drag the bucket to pack it down.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace un mes
AAAAAAshingHaulers Hace un mes
I watch more of Andrews videos on utube than anyone else i watch click his ads awesome channel
KRB Aerial Images KRB
Quick question Andrew. What purpose does the hay scattered over the lawn seed serve? In Ireland we would sow the seed , lightly rake it in and then roll it. As always , great video. 'Keep er lit'
silverwoodchuck47 Hace un mes
14:27 Absolutely no PPE!
James Callender
James Callender Hace un mes
I have little knowledge except construction but your CL35 seems to be a fantastic machine!
Sam Camp
Sam Camp Hace un mes
Gotta say, it was funny enough watch you operate and use the laser level but the kicker was when you dropped that trailer trying to unhook it. LMAO.
brad koste
brad koste Hace un mes
wasn't afraid to fill that trailer up damn
Gea J
Gea J Hace un mes
he is a good worker but the gravel didn't seem to make the mud look better should have poured a slab
Jens Brade
Jens Brade Hace un mes
Your work is very nice. God blease you and your Familie
Win Narno
Win Narno Hace un mes
Komal Rai
Komal Rai Hace un mes
bro your are the one man army keep up
abu Nada
abu Nada Hace un mes
Beautiful site
greg h
greg h Hace un mes
that guys traler must have some good springs on it to take all those logs
Dog Man
Dog Man Hace un mes
Oh boy....driveways and well heads don't always work well together.
Dog Man
Dog Man Hace un mes
No base course on that dirt?
Dog Man
Dog Man Hace un mes
Might help a little bit Andrew if you replaced that missing cutter edge on the right side of your digging bucket.
sasa792 Hace un mes
Все делает с душой Андрюха,молодец.
jackie oman
jackie oman Hace un mes
Very cool !!!
Philip Gilmore
Philip Gilmore Hace un mes
Want to see a real man cry? Put AC in one of Elon's CYBERTRUCKS.....
Myles Lenover
Myles Lenover Hace un mes
Gotta overlap the fabric
Mo London
Mo London Hace un mes
Such a pleasure watching your work :)
Sgt Henny
Sgt Henny Hace 2 meses
Anyone else just gonna ignore how clapped out that dodge and trailer was
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 2 meses
That truck and trailer are perfect in this video, what are you talking about. I had just done a total refurbish on that trailer a month prior to this video.
Trebleda Uaedirb
Trebleda Uaedirb Hace 2 meses
Thanks for sharing...quite impressive for a one-man show!
Brian Navalinsky
Brian Navalinsky Hace 2 meses
Now I get it! The new 60' Manlift for tree work. Genius. Just hire some Mexicans. If you need any, I can send an unlimited number up from Atlanta.
ddsquared22 Hace 2 meses
Nice video. Love it. I watched every minute and ALSO the commercials so you would get full credit for it.
Larry Hunt
Larry Hunt Hace 2 meses
Step one two three equals done.🤺 ~ persistence ~
Ashtoncranks 90s
Ashtoncranks 90s Hace 2 meses
Is he pregnant¿? 😂😂😂
Steve Adams
Steve Adams Hace 2 meses
You need to add a sawmill to all your other machines.
Al Yaz
Al Yaz Hace 2 meses
Another amazing video. Andrew is ‘the man.’
Сергей Беляев
внизу на брызговике проушина есть, маленькой цепочкой к кузову притягивают, что бы ограничить ход брызговика к колесу! a.d-cd.net/3a35dbu-960.jpg
M Ld
M Ld Hace 2 meses
34:23 that fly on the camera was me, sorry guys
Iron Eagle Excavation
Great job @Andrew Camarata
turbosnail25 Hace 2 meses
i have only on quescion... you dumpet all firewood in forest? or you use this wood in future?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 2 meses
That was used for firewood.
Jose Peixoto
Jose Peixoto Hace 2 meses
A. CAMARATA: The rear tire mud flaps: just drill 2 holes in them, and tie the bottom of it ,up to the truck bed or bumper at an angle *I/* this way they just cannot get caught between the tire and the pile of gravel, or whatever; not positive about this, never tried it professionally in all situations,but i've seen it done.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 2 meses
Yeah, it is set up for that, but sometimes the driver will forget, and its rare to have them get ripped off. That's why that thing works well because it always works.
Ben Taitano
Ben Taitano Hace 2 meses
Oh boy, when you started throwing hay around I thought, he'll be bringing in the cows next to fertilize the grass seeds he just scattered.
barry swift
barry swift Hace 2 meses
Andrew I watch your videos I lot do you always work alone?
barry swift
barry swift Hace 2 meses
Himself on you are all round brilliant, and I love the dog they love the water
barry swift
barry swift Hace 2 meses
barry swift
barry swift Hace 2 meses
Andrew Camarata hi Andrew I'm from England I'm 76 now and retired one of my son is a plant fitter and I think he has modded
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Hace 2 meses
Mostly. Sometimes I have help.
Robert Dibbens
Robert Dibbens Hace 2 meses
Hi Andrew who is Levi not with you today or is it home sleeping doing a good job keep up with it and he’s marvellous what you do it’s nice to see young lads working
Jeremy Evans
Jeremy Evans Hace 2 meses
Jill Danyelle, the question i have to this job id why didnt you go all the way back from the road to the camper because im sure you all will be moving it in and out going camping and taking vacations. Im not being rude at all, just curious. I wish we had a guy around my area in N.C like Andrew. The guy is a work of art i believe he can do any job that comes at him. I follow him on here quite often.
John Kruton
John Kruton Hace 2 meses
Upstate New York from a Pacific Northwest native is Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse area. My Dad came from that are of New York. Been to that part of New York in 1981 for my Uncles wedding. Now this area that AC lives and works in I’d call mid state as it is only about 2 hours or so from NY city. Ground seems to be very hard shale, bedrock. Not like my home state at all. I have sandy river rock soil left over from glaciers. So the construction methods vary greatly because you know “HARD ROCK”. All of us who don’t live in these types of areas have no clue except by watching YT about how things are done. The road grading, foundation prep and other methods are different than my area. Also no earthquakes. Our foundations now have to be massive footers and thick bases to deal with quakes. Also snow and salt here. Definitely not that much in my area. If we get 2” in the winter the whole west coast of Seattle gets shut down.
K Del
K Del Hace 2 meses
check this out for a seeder www.etsy.com/listing/657024406/vintage-hand-seeder-lawn-hand-seeder?gpla=1&gao=1&&gclid=CjwKCAiA_f3uBRAmEiwAzPuaMwC3rXnEjKfsSBEA_5_qOyvDEqoQHa18_dHuvqc_GiZiy_EpqNO66BoCGMkQAvD_BwE
K Del
K Del Hace 2 meses
next time split the difference in elevation change and drag high areas to low areas. ii guess if you are charging for fill the way you did will increase your profit as you will heed 12" over the whole thing
K Del
K Del Hace 2 meses
I set mine with bucket fully open and scratch down to proper level in a few areas and dig out to connect. a few degrees of open/close of your bucket can change elevation
K Del
K Del Hace 2 meses
good move all that big stuff to that trailer guy, hope he has a spliter
Roadkill3120 Hace 2 meses
Did anyone notice the dead tree between the houses on the lake? Work to do!
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