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Nelson Gonzalez
Nelson Gonzalez Hace 14 horas
Jesus! Where did those onion ninjas come from? 😭
Kaleidoscope Kayley
Kaleidoscope Kayley Hace 2 días
*THIS* is why I want to adopt kids.
1stpeter3fourteennw Hace 2 días
Joan Freaking Cusack !!!!
Cherylnicore BTS
Cherylnicore BTS Hace 2 días
The part of Isabela and the dad talking in spanish hurt my heart😭 Beautiful
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey Hace 2 días
Mark Wahlberg is just a great actor
Mia Andreatta
Mia Andreatta Hace 2 días
Octavia Spencer is just wonderful in this movie, hilarious as always😂
Jimins infired jams
Jimins infired jams Hace 2 días
“Do you guys wanna come in?” “Uh...” “I made a pie” “No-“ *”yes”*
Rashaun Neville
Rashaun Neville Hace 3 días
“ l just have so many feelings “
StonyRC Hace 3 días
A lovely and tearful ending to a cheesey family film but the reality of parental problems and child adoption is rarely, if ever, anything like this rosy. Such a shame because it SHOULD be like the movie.
Gweia Squad
Gweia Squad Hace 3 días
Who wants a second movie
tanya marie vela
tanya marie vela Hace 3 días
That’s Ernie from George lopez
Leah Montealegre
Leah Montealegre Hace 3 días
Awwww this is such a happy and sad moment and movie
Gianna's Loves
Gianna's Loves Hace 3 días
5:23 Did anyone else notice axel from the middle
Trisha C
Trisha C Hace 4 días
She loves pie 😂💩
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Hace 4 días
This lady is soooo pretty. She has grown so beautiful since I last saw her movie.... *Transfromers: The Last Knight*
Jameelia Moonrise
Jameelia Moonrise Hace 4 días
It's Ernie from George Lopez.
Alec Morales
Alec Morales Hace 4 días
I cried
pepperVenge Hace 4 días
I can see why this movie bombed.
Heck 96
Heck 96 Hace 4 días
118 million is not a bomb
love, cleo
love, cleo Hace 4 días
I love how the adopted parents are starting to learn Spanish for them! That's what really made this scene for me. So many people adopt children but then fail to teach or engage in their culture and language. I know a lot of adoptees from China that are so disappointed in their adopted parents for never making it a point to teach them their language and about their culture. More adoptive parents need to be like this 💜
momosquad23 Hace un día
I agree with you. My husband said if we go through the process, we actually want a kid with a different cultural background so we can make sure they know their culture.
ThatWeirdGirl Hace 2 días
love, cleo Lizzy was teaching them Spanish.
Angelo Fondati
Angelo Fondati Hace 4 días
First time I actually got emotional in the movie. Or the first time in years at least.
faithonleaves Hace 4 días
I’m that neighbour but I can’t make pie to share.
Ni'Yah Jones
Ni'Yah Jones Hace 4 días
I'm Karen with that pie, love me some pie😂🥧
Sun Shine Bear
Sun Shine Bear Hace 4 días
“Lizzy made it for me, *you didn’t get one?*”
Unaysah Bow
Unaysah Bow Hace 5 días
You know that old lady has anyone realised she plays justice Straus in a series of unfortunate events
harry potter
harry potter Hace 5 días
What is the dress Lzzie is wearing in the courtroom ?
kikochn101 Hace 5 días
And if course they have shelia from shameless
Queen Cleo
Queen Cleo Hace 5 días
Lita huging the lady omg
Peease A Shit
Peease A Shit Hace 5 días
That voice crack tho
andrewszombie Hace 5 días
1:14 Australian singer Vance Joy!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Mady Granillo
Mady Granillo Hace 5 días
I just watch the whole movie just now
Frank Guzman
Frank Guzman Hace 5 días
Beautiful movie
Danielle Campbell
Danielle Campbell Hace 5 días
When Lieta turned back to hug the weird lady, I thought that was so sweet
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez Hace 5 días
Can’t wait til Lizzy takes the role of Dora in August👀
Hania Azhar
Hania Azhar Hace 5 días
excuse me but...WHAT ABOUT THE DOG??
Ale Penguin
Ale Penguin Hace 5 días
Idk why but, Grandma Sandy is my favorite character 😂
Helen Young
Helen Young Hace 5 días
justice strauss
Nominique Hace 5 días
Why is the woman in blue me? Like seriously 😂
Eszra Hace 5 días
So beautiful!
LaTonya Manley
LaTonya Manley Hace 5 días
I'm pregnant with my 2nd and this was getting to me wtf. I'm lame. No tears woman, quit being such a girl lol
Breanna Hayes
Breanna Hayes Hace 5 días
I love the end when they take the picture I'm crying
ilenia ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
ilenia ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Hace 5 días
3:38 isn't she the girl who was in the 100?
Mark Guerrero
Mark Guerrero Hace 5 días
Isabela Moner needs to play Katara in the live action Avatar The Last Airbender tv series
Mali Leen
Mali Leen Hace 5 días
how do they have such a big home?!
Patrick Aderoh
Patrick Aderoh Hace 5 días
5:01 that kid is so me😂😂😂😂
Violetta Azul
Violetta Azul Hace 5 días
Why the he'll am I crying damn it I haven't even seen this movie 😅
Alex Lybbert
Alex Lybbert Hace 6 días
I love when Ernie from George Lopez says you might be surprised that he’s a huge cornball. Like is anyone surprised?
Beatriz Millan
Beatriz Millan Hace 6 días
Great movie, not to be a downer but I really wished the system was that easy, people were less judgmental and that as an whole we truly cared and loved one another as in this movie.
Allyson W
Allyson W Hace 6 días
"It's pie. You know I love pie." I LOVE that she was the one to say that. 😂😂😂
Stephania posy
Stephania posy Hace 6 días
“Do u guys wanna come over I made a pie” “Yes” Me: I found my long lost grandma
AGirlWhoSims Hace 6 días
So this is where Sheila drove off to in her RV
Ronaldo Fan
Ronaldo Fan Hace 6 días
Who else’s heart melted when she said mom
Lolli Polli01
Lolli Polli01 Hace 6 días
All that picture was missing is Meatball
Kaleb RoseGold
Kaleb RoseGold Hace 6 días
Omg I didn't realize that the woman who was just standing in the background was the woman who played Debbie from Adam's Family movie haha my mom pointed it out to me lol
perfectly imperfect23
😭 this is my dream! And i think on the days when I get upset about biological kids not being a part of my future I'm going to watch this scene to remind myself that I'm still gonna have my children through adoption! It might not be easy but it's going to be SO worth it! 💙💚💛💜
ViperineTwyla MH
ViperineTwyla MH Hace 6 días
Who the fuck wouldn’t hug Joan Cusack??
dontblame_me trash
dontblame_me trash Hace 6 días
anyone else felt like a proud mom when lizzie said mom and dad instead of pete and eleanor cuz same
Gypsy Dreamer
Gypsy Dreamer Hace 6 días
I’ve always told my mom that when I get older I want to adopt a kid or two.
Louie Oshea
Louie Oshea Hace 5 días
Gypsy Dreamer that’s good as well to help children rather then having children at all.
Gypsy Dreamer
Gypsy Dreamer Hace 5 días
Louie Oshea True. But I don’t want to have children at all. I always said that I’d rather help kids that are stuck in the foster system because they’re treated so badly most of the time.
Louie Oshea
Louie Oshea Hace 5 días
Gypsy Dreamer I said the exact same thing to my mum and I want to adopt when I’m older in case I can’t have any more children with my future wife.
rangus41 Hace 6 días
the judge said the wrong name of the parents there names are Peat and Ellie
Bailee Hace 6 días
Pete is short for Peter. Elie is short for Eleanor. The judge was using their legal names as a formality.
NE Patrul
NE Patrul Hace 6 días
I’m just in awe. That was absolutely beautiful. 😭
Catelyn Hale
Catelyn Hale Hace 6 días
This is the cutest ending to ever exist
Angie Alezy
Angie Alezy Hace 6 días
Sorry the seats are saved *Pushes lady* YaH tHeRe SaVeD fOr Me.. BRUH XDD
Light's Remnant
Light's Remnant Hace 6 días
“I love pie” - *flashback to the poop pie*
Quizzly Bear
Quizzly Bear Hace 6 días
Lmfao I love the pie reference for Octavia Spencer's character. The people who saw "The Help" will understand.
Milena Cinato
Milena Cinato Hace 4 días
+TheDisneyLover58 omg i cant stop laughing now
TheDisneyLover58 Hace 5 días
I just hope it’s not chocolate pie 😮😉
ROBO Bow Hace 6 días
I Feel for MeatBall 2:38
Bre McIlroy
Bre McIlroy Hace 6 días
I was 13 when my mom signed off on me, and 15 when I got adopted and this movie really hits home
Janaye Young
Janaye Young Hace 6 días
I love this movie so awesome there alot good acting in this was movie so great love how they are so hopeful 👏❤
Treana Lee
Treana Lee Hace 6 días
I want to adopt children some day and show them love and care. Like I show to kids at my church. Even though a child may not be birthed from my womb, but any child can be apart of me and my spouse
Christina Auer
Christina Auer Hace 6 días
This is one of my favorite films I’ve ever seen. I’ve known since I learned about the birds and the bees that I wanted to adopt children rather than being pregnant. (I give pregnancy and childbirth a HARD “NO THANK YOU!”) This is exactly what my alternative will be someday. ❤️
mahiya mohchin
mahiya mohchin Hace 6 días
She looks so beautiful in that blue dress
Puto Celular
Puto Celular Hace 6 días
That neighbor looks weird but harmless. Mimi wants pie.
Diane Oakley
Diane Oakley Hace 6 días
That is rued
Angela Hace 6 días
“Um no.. Um Yes” mouth open.” You know I love pie’.
ADOBI_ FLASH Hace 6 días
It's pie you know I love pie lol
Sophia Rousseau
Sophia Rousseau Hace 6 días
why is there so many gays?
lea lemon
lea lemon Hace 4 días
Sophia Rousseau the director is a gay . the women with the glasses she is a gay
Shoonasasi Peloquin
Shoonasasi Peloquin Hace 6 días
Aaand there goes Joan Cusack stealing every scene she's in. Even with the smallest part to play, she's always the headliner. Damn, I love her.
Devante Quinones
Devante Quinones Hace 6 días
Hey it’s Ernie!!!
That is so cute
Leilani Rider
Leilani Rider Hace 6 días
Awwwwww she's calling her mum 😍😍
Ronnie Dodge
Ronnie Dodge Hace 6 días
Is that the woman who played the pricepal in school of rock
Maud Trenité
Maud Trenité Hace 6 días
Saw the trailer for this and figured it was yet another generic America comedy. Now I saw this clip and I changed my mind
John Mendoza
John Mendoza Hace 6 días
I’m not crying you’re crying.
MegaGug 95
MegaGug 95 Hace 6 días
Sheila’s back!!!!!
futuremovieactor Hace 6 días
I did tear up a little in the last scene when the judge grants them custody. This movie is pretty close to being one of the best of the year and while a lot of people did see it in theaters, I hope more who didn’t will seek it out now too.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Hace 6 días
Is this a movie ?! Or a show !! Where can I find it ?!?!
Jude Kristine
Jude Kristine Hace 6 días
OMG the sassy guard at the end luuullllssss
Sathu Hace 7 días
2:09 left the light on wtf
Eranga Bentara
Eranga Bentara Hace 7 días
I love this movie.
Annie Dotson
Annie Dotson Hace 7 días
Dorothy Vaughn sure loves pie
Tony Kong
Tony Kong Hace 7 días
“I know you don’t like this, but you’re going to have to get use to it” lol awkward hug ever
robin. jashinsky
robin. jashinsky Hace 7 días
The ending to this movie was the best....older kids don't usually get adopted....but this movie shows that anyone can find their family. I'm adopted too....and have a good family.
Alec Morales
Alec Morales Hace 4 días
Im proud of you robin
Guinevere Cabrera
Guinevere Cabrera Hace 7 días
The songgggg💕💕💕😭😭😭😭
Allyson Estes
Allyson Estes Hace 7 días
Yall remember that grandma from hannah montanna the movie?
Jermain Green
Jermain Green Hace 7 días
Took me a while. I was thinking of the one from the series
Disney65Fan Hace 7 días
4:15 That song was in Mannequin.
Disney65Fan Hace 7 días
3:07 was in Hannah Montana the movie.
jelly beans
jelly beans Hace 7 días
No thanky- YES Karen! What? Its pie. You know i love pie
this is me
this is me Hace 6 días
A Dean Winchester moment
LC Constanti
LC Constanti Hace 7 días
The house owner was a guest star in law and order svu season 5
Ellie Kaylea
Ellie Kaylea Hace 7 días
0:22 Sheila baby!
Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole Hace 7 días
Omg Mark’s torn up voice when he’s asking for a hug was literally me
Gayle Hayden
Gayle Hayden Hace 7 días
I feel bad that Lizzie's birth mother passed away
Belieber123 Hace 7 días
I don’t think that her birth mother passed away. She just wasn’t ready to raise her children because of the drugs.
Holly M
Holly M Hace 7 días
I can’t help but smile when I see that woman’s smile at 3:42
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