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Soul Whispers Tarot
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This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 2:32
Cards 2) 32:01
Cards 3) 1:04:34
Cards 4) 1:37:39

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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
Soul Whispers Tarot

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17 ene 2020






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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 10 meses
Cards 1) 2:32 Cards 2) 32:01 Cards 3) 1:04:34 Cards 4) 1:37:39 ✨ GET THE EXTENDED READINGS HERE: ✨ CARDS 1 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/1mfyp1 CARDS 2 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/1mfyp2 CARDS 3 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/1mfyp3 CARDS 4 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/1mfyp4 How Does He Feel About Me Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZWK3zP--imX0gWhrHVwGVdU
TEAgrou Nebulous
TEAgrou Nebulous Hace 7 meses
I took card 2 and watch the vimeo part too. It gave me so much hope and I'll like to thank you so much for that!
Amanda h
Amanda h Hace 7 meses
Soul Whispers Tarot pile 1
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec Hace 7 meses
@Tiyash Chakraborty So is mine
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec Hace 7 meses
Cards 1,but attracted to Cards 2 ( for a personal reason)
Elaine Go
Elaine Go Hace 8 meses
LeSecret Garden
LeSecret Garden Hace 7 días
pile 4 🤩
Alexa Maria
Alexa Maria Hace 15 días
New subie here...youre amazing, and soothing to listen...if you would ever do personals, id hit that link instantly 🤩
Helena Koulouri
Helena Koulouri Hace 29 días
Hello What deck do you use in pile 2?
Rayanna Delves
Rayanna Delves Hace un mes
Pile 2❤️
Melodi Atk
Melodi Atk Hace un mes
what deck is this? pile 1 , thank you so much 😊🧡
Uni Luna Bubs
Uni Luna Bubs Hace un mes
“They follow the star” ...my name is Stella....
khrystina smith
khrystina smith Hace 2 meses
Pile 2 spoke to me! Every time I was thinking something u would say the same thing I had just thought of. Powerful
Jupiter Planid
Jupiter Planid Hace 2 meses
This reading is all about me...Thank you!
Jupiter Planid
Jupiter Planid Hace 2 meses
I pick 3
hamster-hands-two44 Hace 3 meses
pile 2
Utopian Bliss
Utopian Bliss Hace 4 meses
Lisa Donohoe
Lisa Donohoe Hace 4 meses
All of them please and thank you XX
Elisa Albuquerque
Elisa Albuquerque Hace 5 meses
I forgot important number can my person tell me code
I love you
I love you Hace 5 meses
I like how you deliver your message. You feel like a nurturing caring mother, this helps me. Thank you Karen (I've got your audio and started listening every night).
kris brandjes
kris brandjes Hace 5 meses
Bag number 3
inn hri
inn hri Hace 5 meses
So helpful!
Bricia Hace 5 meses
I PIC a bag 1 , and it's ALL true! Amazing reading !
pennystarshine Hace 5 meses
Hi lovely. Crystal picked no 3 . Resonates. Dreamt of him before meeting in 2004. Worked at same place left in 2006. Confirmed twin flames in 2016 as felt same energy. He was in a relationship. I left my details. I don’t have his. Love him unconditionally and always will. Bless you 🔥🔥💕💝🔥💕
thieen Hace 5 meses
saswati ray
saswati ray Hace 6 meses
Luna Hace 6 meses
🍫 3. Cute goodie bags!
Kayla Sunshine
Kayla Sunshine Hace 6 meses
#3 I started balling literally spoke to my soul
samantha fangelina
samantha fangelina Hace 6 meses
#1 healing 🥰
Astrid Kashy
Astrid Kashy Hace 6 meses
You ARE the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!
G Yang
G Yang Hace 6 meses
Pile 3...this definitely resonates and I can definitely feel this towards my ex..
Messy Des
Messy Des Hace 6 meses
I keep getting you recommended and no matter what pile I choose with your recommended videos I keep getting basically the same reading, I chose pile #2 and I know this is my ex.
Rose Daton
Rose Daton Hace 6 meses
Wow amazing 🙏thank you so much ❤
chithra samudrapandian
Red stone. Pile 2. Such true Co incidents.. It's really happening.
Ali Lo
Ali Lo Hace 6 meses
Pile 2, he played with me, now karmic plays with him, life works in mysterious ways 🤭😏... You are incredible♥️
Morgo McGoober
Morgo McGoober Hace 6 meses
Your videos are such a blessing, thank you for making suck amazing content.
Dina Petersen
Dina Petersen Hace 6 meses
I just watched this thank you again. I chose pile 1 and over the weekend i seen a shooting star ❤❤❤❤❤
Cristhine Mae
Cristhine Mae Hace 7 meses
on point ,📌
Cristhine Mae
Cristhine Mae Hace 7 meses
Cristhine Mae
Cristhine Mae Hace 7 meses
thank you 😊
Cristhine Mae
Cristhine Mae Hace 7 meses
Sarah Here
Sarah Here Hace 7 meses
I picked pile one and omg..this just gave me more hope for what's coming. Thank you × 10 because even the behaviors you mentioned are super accurate. Like to the T
Briauna •
Briauna • Hace 7 meses
Beach Girlie
Beach Girlie Hace 7 meses
Pile-3, resonates. Love your readings. Thank you. X 🥰
Debi C
Debi C Hace 7 meses
Again..OMG..#1 He does DJing on the side... And I collect owls.. And I love eating 🌵😁 . Wow... To the point.. we've been friends for a year now and we took it to a second level about 3 months ago and he's totally confused..we've always compared our relationship to that Movie "Harry meet Sally" lol cuz we can talk about anything and everything under the sun.. . He' recently started seeing another lady that he liked a couple of years ago and she finally gave him a chance...But regardless I'm still there I'm still his best friend first before anything else, From the beginning of our friendship I was promised him that no matter what I would always be his friend... but all I can say is omg... I love him but I'm waiting for the higher to determine if this is meant to be will be...also he's never lied to me he's always been honest about everything when it comes to the other woman, so how can I be mad when he's never promised me anything That's why I just leave it all in God's hands... Thank you so much You give me so much hope in your readings...❤️❤️❤️❤️ also I was married for 24 years I've been divorced 7 years This is the first relationship I've really ever had.. And we started out as friends and now he's my best friend... That's why I guess I'm just being patient.. some may think I'm crazy stupid for still being here.. But again we've been friends for a year before anything ever started... Thank you again ❤️❤️❤️❤️
K C Hace 7 meses
Wow....I'm kinda scared cuz u literally described our past condition pretty accurate. #1
Mehnaz Zainab
Mehnaz Zainab Hace 7 meses
Pile 2. Such an accurate reading. Thank you.
Ghadeer Dajely
Ghadeer Dajely Hace 7 meses
Your reading is so accurate 😻
Ann V
Ann V Hace 7 meses
2- I give up on him
Hello Annie
Hello Annie Hace 7 meses
I'm here for a certain someone, we are really far and he's been dealing a lot of hard things. I know this might seem crazy but we don't really meet in person. Each my readings describes him, he works with music and he's a capricorn. I just feel this strong bond for him for so many years. Though all my readings tell me that we'll be together, it's okay for me if we don't, maybe in our next life or the other, I'll wait. He's my twin flame afterall. I know we'll still be under the same sky. I'm glad to hear that good things are coming for him.
Thounaojam Nikky
Thounaojam Nikky Hace 7 meses
I chose card no.1 n its so true
Angelina Does makeup
Pile 1 the cactus thing is so funny to me, especially the saying on it. My ex one of his nick names was prick given by his family, it’s an inside joke with all of us
Katie Brady
Katie Brady Hace 7 meses
I have the same ring that you have!! I got it from my gram and it means so much to me!! I think it's not a coincidence that I noticed that
Frances Byrne
Frances Byrne Hace 7 meses
Well done you make a very interesting and accurate reading ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Rose Thomas
Jessica Rose Thomas Hace 7 meses
#1 and WOW SPOT ON like every single thing she said, we (my ex and myself) have talked about with his deep hurt issues. Wowwwwwww I have CHILLS!
Syfra sim
Syfra sim Hace 7 meses
Pile 4 I was closing my eyes everytime i watch ur videos because ur voice so calming 🙂 omg tht was too accurate.
Damita DeFreece
Damita DeFreece Hace 7 meses
You gave two readings dealing with two men in my life. Both readings on both different men are so true! It's amazing and I give you your props. I'm struggling between both men because both need love. smh.
Mary Abanes
Mary Abanes Hace 7 meses
Cards 3
Found it Tv
Found it Tv Hace 7 meses
This is too accurate. 🙆‍♀️
Ambes Golf
Ambes Golf Hace 7 meses
This tarot really confused me.
oh hi it's me alex
oh hi it's me alex Hace 7 meses
When ever I watch tarot readings I prefer to watch yours because it's really true and idk, I feel more safe watching your tarot readings every reading is saying there healing, from maybe a family issue , being toxic relationships and to shy that if they show there real self there scared I won't care about him, also saying people or parents had high expectations that weren't realistic, and this is true holy cow.
stethacp 617
stethacp 617 Hace 7 meses
Card 4
Mare Pallase
Mare Pallase Hace 7 meses
emily bonilla
emily bonilla Hace 7 meses
I wonder if this applies to future situations ??
Brian Wagner
Brian Wagner Hace 7 meses
I love the goodie bags! So cute
Elizabeth Nnadi
Elizabeth Nnadi Hace 7 meses
Is it me ? Or all my different readings say the same thing
Joseph Celestine
Joseph Celestine Hace 7 meses
The city with the bridge padlocks is Moscow, Russia, and wow this reading reflects on my partner who lives in Moscow and she is into Astrology! Wow! 😊
Erin Robinson
Erin Robinson Hace 7 meses
Can a reading be about yourself instead of the other person? I completely relate to the reading I picked but I don’t think it’s from him . If that makes any sense
Beachy Keen
Beachy Keen Hace 7 meses
I've been struggling with my person and how to feel with what's going on. I was at my altar and asked for a sign and had a tug to come here on ESvid. This was the first video to come up. I chose pile 1. I feel absolutely loads better. Thank you
Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hace 7 meses
Tarot reading... Now in asmr form.
Paulette Felix
Paulette Felix Hace 7 meses
the padlocks on the bridge is in France
Maryna Vlasova
Maryna Vlasova Hace 7 meses
Pile 4 couldn’t be even more accurate for my situation. When the ring popped up as false promises I started laughing crying because that person promised to marry me on so many occasions, but of course that never happened
Susan Muraguri
Susan Muraguri Hace 7 meses
Cards #3...."there's a lot of travel involved or has a job which requires a lot of traveling".....my twin flame is a Pilot....spot on!...😊
Nayla Kidd
Nayla Kidd Hace 7 meses
1º hit home
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown Hace 7 meses
I choose bag #4.
EJAY Nirvehc
EJAY Nirvehc Hace 8 meses
Such a shame the first little pack in the right side is hidden with the writing . I couldn't really see the stones . 🌹🕊still they are pretty 💕
KIM Wells
KIM Wells Hace 8 meses
I picked card group #2. You nailed my situation perfectly. I also got the extended reading. Im amazed! Now i know what to do. Thank you so much.
Laisa hh
Laisa hh Hace 8 meses
Does this work with someone who is single?
Roxy R
Roxy R Hace 8 meses
#4 Resonated made sense
Teresa Monaco
Teresa Monaco Hace 8 meses
Leigh B
Leigh B Hace 8 meses
Yeah i believe it resonated with me. I like the Aliens.
becomeasgod Hace 8 meses
I thought the stones were beans at first lol
iBeauty Hace 8 meses
Evry single reading is sooo accurate it’s scary
Alex Pedro
Alex Pedro Hace 8 meses
Pile 1. This is so amazing ❤️🍀🍀
Madison Bell
Madison Bell Hace 8 meses
Pile number 3 I really wish I knew him I feel like we may have know each other but not anymore.
YourDreamGirl Hace 8 meses
I picked the white stone... But the thing is, i really wish this is how he feels about me..But he's gonna marry my old friend. So naah😞
msbond700 Hace 8 meses
MELINDA SILVA Hace 8 meses
He's birthday is December 14
Michelle Figueroa
Michelle Figueroa Hace 8 meses
He cheated on me and he thought I wouldn’t find out in a way he told me the truth in a joking way I’m smart and I already knew 🙂. There was no respect he broke up with me in Jan 4 now I’m just doing me.
Helium X
Helium X Hace 8 meses
My person used to sleep wherever he fucking wants to. One day he decided sleep lil bit more.
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson Hace 8 meses
#2...a lot of it is true
Amanda Novena
Amanda Novena Hace 8 meses
I’ve watched a few of these from you and they all say the same thing. Which I guess is good but when you mentioned that they maybe were trying to communicate through music my mouth dropped. Bc lately I’ve been hearing a song pretty frequently that is from the early 90’s so it’s not even like it’s a popular song anymore. But it was basically our song and I hear it most during the times of day we would of been talking or with each other in the past. Previously I wonder if I only hear it when that person is thinking of me but now I’m even more convinced that is the case!
Katarzyna Figura
Katarzyna Figura Hace 8 meses
S L Hace 8 meses
rebecca fiona Cornel
i chose #3
Melissa M. Sutton
Melissa M. Sutton Hace 8 meses
I'm surprised to see that you did this a month before Valentine's Day. I was thinking this was a Valentine's Day reading! Well, it's creative. I chose #2, the red stone. My heart stopped when you said armed forces and ptsd. He was in the army and horrible things happened to him there. The whole reading makes a lot of sense. 💗
olivia rosalba
olivia rosalba Hace 8 meses
Pile 1: This goes crazy. So accurate. Wow
マリア //marrivmel
Pile #3: When we first met he rejected me (we have a 3 year age gap), but i never left i stuck there with him. He told me that he rejected me cause of our age. Ive been really falling for him hard.... idk what to do
Maia Nova Honetana
Maia Nova Honetana Hace 8 meses
Hi there, I purchased an extended version and it only provided a trailer version of 26 secs.
Sidney Gehret
Sidney Gehret Hace 8 meses
I have been pulling cards for myself and I repeatedly pulled the exact cards you did for group 2, but I was unable to interpret them and I was confused. Thank you.
Fabiana Leiva Llano
Fabiana Leiva Llano Hace 8 meses
Her: this fan reminds me of Cycles... Me, a non-native: PSYCHO?? gah dayum better get the f*CK away from HIM!
Keneimenuo Belho
Keneimenuo Belho Hace 8 meses
Pile 1: he dedicated a song to me called you're my sunshine... N u just said im his sunshine 😭💔 but we broke up 💔
rebecca donze
rebecca donze Hace 8 meses
hello, do you do personal readings by chance? Thank you
April Belle Torres
April Belle Torres Hace 8 meses
...I’m my own person? 😅😫
Latasha Cleveland
Latasha Cleveland Hace 8 meses
Ohhhhh wow deck 3 retells my story right now.
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