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Save earth or leave it. Watch #IO on #Netflix January 18, 2019.
Sam, one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth, is a young scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their world. But with the final shuttle scheduled to leave the planet for a distant colony, her determination to stay is rocked by the arrival of another survivor, Micah. She must decide whether to journey with him to join the rest of humanity and begin life anew, or stay to fight for Earth’s survival. IO stars Margaret Qualley, Anthony Mackie, and Danny Huston and premieres January 18, 2019 only on Netflix.
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IO | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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9 ene 2019

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Comentarios 5 335
Capes World
Capes World Hace 3 minutos
The movie was complete trash, time I can’t get back
Musi Baba
Musi Baba Hace 3 minutos
Good movie...just watched it
Rellieb89 Hace 16 minutos
A boring mess. Fell asleep twice during the movie. Not what I expected.
ReptarOnRice Hace 23 minutos
Was expecting Falcon comments down here. Wasn’t disappointed.
Edin Shaqiri
Edin Shaqiri Hace 53 minutos
Hey , there is a IO in Dota 2.
Fellipe Z
Fellipe Z Hace 54 minutos
Fellipe Z
Fellipe Z Hace 56 minutos
John Alfonso Kandalaft Letelier
Esa pelicula es una porquería. Deberían tener vergüenza de colocar películas como esa en catálogo. Perdí 2hs de mi vida viendo esa basura.
Greenly S
Greenly S Hace un hora
This looks like another version of I AM LEGEND.
Helle Fyre
Helle Fyre Hace un hora
Yet another bit of propaganda. Get fucked Netflix.
Phúc Nguyễn Hồng
I want black woman white man couple
Efrain Gallardo
Efrain Gallardo Hace un hora
So was the kid Hers or some random kid at the end ?
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores Hace un hora
Another black male with white woman bullshit.
Jordan Kay
Jordan Kay Hace un hora
I just watched this movie. It’s called Blue Gender and I won’t say it’s good but it’s mixed with starship troopers so it’s better.
Drew Minatti
Drew Minatti Hace un hora
Ok - I'm going to try to watch the rest of this but speaking on the first 30 seconds of episode 1: "human nature"?! try STUPID HUMAN NATURE! Us humans w brains get the picture very clearly. "harvest geothermal energy from other planets" WE HAVE THAT HERE ON EARTH!! See Iceland or Hawaii - they're powered by it. "scientists predicted what would happen but it was too late"?! Scientists predicted global warming and all the effects in the 70's - almost 50 years later and people aren't listening. It wasn't too late when they predicted it. Hope this gets better in the next half minute.
Captain Blackadder
Captain Blackadder Hace un hora
What a waste Of time really boring.
JOE NYC Hace un hora
Shity ass movie but Netflix want to raise prices that's okay with them fuck you Netflix
1Galan Hace un hora
There's no movie worst than LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS NETFLIX: Hold my beer.
Frank O' The Mountain
I thought this movie sucked.
brad kirchhoff
brad kirchhoff Hace un hora
Person w a normal IQ that doesn’t like a movie: “I just didn’t care for it” Today’s average person (below avg IQ): “This movie was terrible, boring, shit, u can’t make anything. U suck” Prove me wrong.
Richmond Wills
Richmond Wills Hace 2 horas
Colossal waste of time. Save yourself the 2 hours and wank or something
Ian Lowry
Ian Lowry Hace 2 horas
Lol gotta include that race-mixing, goy!
生万 Hace 2 horas
Whats IO stands for? Intestinal obstruction?
محمد رياكشن
Fe Fi Foe Flo
Fe Fi Foe Flo Hace 2 horas
Nobody should watch this movie, it is slow, literally goes nowhere and the story has no idea what it's trying to tell or teach you.
GothamKnightRX Hace 2 horas
"On your left!"
Nathan Schiltz
Nathan Schiltz Hace 2 horas
This shit better have some old school SyFy twist that the end
Ahmed Salah
Ahmed Salah Hace 2 horas
bad movie
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nikki Movie Reviews Hace 2 horas
I am watching this now to review it for my channel🤔🤔
Karl Heisenberg
Karl Heisenberg Hace 2 horas
DISGUSTING , dont watch..
plainbob V.2 boo
plainbob V.2 boo Hace 2 horas
More worthless SJW shit not worth watching.
David B
David B Hace 2 horas
Slow boring and pointless movie
fischcontainer Hace 2 horas
Voll der Müll
Gremy Saint
Gremy Saint Hace 2 horas
I bet more than half of the people who thumbed up are now regretting their decision . Sucked ass !!!! Why do they keep repeating movies . Not saying it's a rip off but it's not and original idea . It's about as dumb as that whole zombie trend that finally died off . Earth is killed off by humans , not original . We must seek refuge in another planet , not original. And it's all humans fault , but humans will fix it kinda ???? Here's original . Planet dies , humans fix it instead of wasting resources to get to another dead planet to fix that planet . Oh and on top of it you would have to take that planets resources to survive which in turn will destroy that planet , then you can make a sequel .
Walt Kowalski
Walt Kowalski Hace 2 horas
Homer Thompson
Homer Thompson Hace 3 horas
Movie sucked.
Mr Fox
Mr Fox Hace 3 horas
A wamen and a black man save the world again! Netflix your propaganda is so see through now.
Kody Koch
Kody Koch Hace 3 horas
Watched it, good movie. Biggest issue I had with it is it seemed like it was about an hour short of a completed film. The movie was named after something we never even got to see. It felt more like reading a book. Just imagine how it is but it's a movie so that's not good lol
Simthe Hace 3 horas
I Am Legend
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Hace 3 horas
Why is there these questions asking about a white female having a romantic situation with a black guy? The question itself is racist. So there was Bird Box and now IO and too many of you are asking stupid questions. How about asking, why IO? Why would mankind travel a great distance to a very violent moon, when they could have gone to the closest moon, our moon? Get educated people.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Hace 3 horas
+Triple H I don't think so.
Triple H
Triple H Hace 3 horas
you are manipulated,
RocketLR Hace 3 horas
There needs to be a church dedicated to Netflix. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING NETFLIX ORIGINAL CONTENT!!!
svrls7 Hace 3 horas
I actually watched it and lost a hour and a half of my life. Horrible doesn’t do it justice
Triple H
Triple H Hace 3 horas
Other film with black man - white woman? Mode NWO.
Willot Hace 3 horas
IO? Why the FUK would you go to IO? Its a Volcanic Hellscape of a small moon. Its also MILES away. Better off MARS or VENUS or stay on Earth. You may ask why Venus? Well set up a couple of massive balloons filled with a type and amount of gas that would allow them to float about 50-65km above venus's surface, bung a couple of large platforms on them then build some structures. You have a warm-hot temperature, about 1 atmosphere and about same gravity as earth. You will need to wear heavy re-enforced fire fighting gear with breathing apparatus when you are mining the atmosphere for the stuff you need. AND it takes like 3 months to get then rather than 9 months (like Mars). IO? PLEASE!
Paul G
Paul G Hace 3 horas
I like sci-fi, but IO? WTF? Mars sounds like paradise compared to IO.
ohohoho Hace 3 horas
Let's just focus on the movie itself? I mean, the interracial relationship is such a frivolous thing to mention, it wasn't a thought in my mind until I read the comments
kareem z
kareem z Hace 3 horas
0.32 this is Syria u assholes
Dilara Akyol
Dilara Akyol Hace 3 horas
Is she now death in the end?i dont understand it
Nek lel
Nek lel Hace 3 horas
this movie sucked.
RoboNuggie Hace 4 horas
Looks like a version of Z for Zachariah...
Mr. A S H E R
Mr. A S H E R Hace 4 horas
Never clicked on the like button so fast before.
Daryl Solis
Daryl Solis Hace 4 horas
This movie is shit
Ke Pete
Ke Pete Hace 4 horas
OMG why why why all the time let's do some brainwashing movie maker's there is some sad dumb white women who are gonna watch this film and they gonna go out to the shop fund a black bloke and go are we in a relationship dude oh and by the way I'm pretty hot so you've scored, it don't matter I did have a white husband but when I saw this leftwing asshole's film it made me walk out on white man. Stop the persecution of the white man, white people have worked for their things in life n stop saying it's privilege like everything has been given to us, we work we play we enjoy we have a right to own our things without being made to feel guilty.
LM Kilgallen
LM Kilgallen Hace 4 horas
Well, I just watched the film. It was a COMPLETE waste of time. Little to no story, deadpan characters, zero things to do with the actual moon of IO. Anyone who wants to watch it, be ready for an hour and a half of " luke Skywalker's aunt simulator".
DareDevil 19
DareDevil 19 Hace 4 horas
What a horrible movie.... idk what Netflix was thinking with this one. Worst movie I ever saw in a LONG time...
deezy fart
deezy fart Hace 4 horas
one of the shitiest movie i have ever watched.
Gabriel Alexandru Ologu
Just like birdbox, extreme plane ending, stupid ending I should say, so much tension through the movie just dor this? Stupid
Jonathan Mejia
Jonathan Mejia Hace 4 horas
Never seen so many people triggered by a biracial couple before..
Đức Chu
Đức Chu Hace 4 horas
Most misleading trailer I have ever seen!!!! If you're expecting something like Gravity or Passenger, you will be disappointed. The movie is NOTHING like this trailer
Bane Vlahović
Bane Vlahović Hace 4 horas
Why is no one talking about the movie i came to hear other ppl opinion and not how its a black dude and white girl like i dont care ... i just want to talk about the movie and u guys turing it into a racism and shit... so what is shes a woman and hes a black dude? Its just a movie , like can u not shit ur political views in art ?
My Name Is Daniel
My Name Is Daniel Hace 4 horas
I actually thought they should get married in real life
w3w3w3 Hace 4 horas
Don't no what all the bad reviews are for, this movie looks fine and even good i'd say... its like the Bird Box film, different! But compared to all the junk that has been coming out lately and being called a movie, id say that this will be a pretty good watch, and if not its still prob worth watching compared to a lot of movies I've seen recently. Will give a review when I've actually watched it, but from the trailer it looks worth watching.
Chimi Changas
Chimi Changas Hace 4 horas
Is this a tv show?
RosesforRosie Hace 5 horas
Don’t watch this. The beginning made it look like it’s gonna be a good movie but after that literally NOTHING happens. Waste of my time tbh
X Xmillio
X Xmillio Hace 5 horas
Plot twist when they make it to Jupiter everyone has polluted Jupiter and they all left to Mars
andyelgrand0 Hace 5 horas
IO, as in ... input-output... as in you get a response when you do a call... so... the title says they will stay and try to rebuild by inputting something into the world again. Thanks title.
Do Mo
Do Mo Hace 5 horas
So, why do people care that it’s a mixed couple..? I mean if the stories okay, that’s all that matters right? I haven’t seen it and kinda don’t plan to but not cause some black guy is the side character to a white female lead and they bang probably. It just looks kinda meh and the fact they chose IO over.. literally any other moon or planet in our solar system, let alone galaxy. Science fiction still needs a bit of logic to the science part.
crusader68 Hace 5 horas
Another social pc motivated themed movie.
blaqkmann Hace 5 horas
Always a black person with a white Crakkka!.... Hollyweird and their race mixing promotion (Agenda).
Bas Waaijer
Bas Waaijer Hace 5 horas
Good movie, but it was much slower than I thought it was going to be. I love any post-apocalyptic movie, but the last two of those movies I've watched are rather about surviving an ordinary day, than some kind of action packed event happening. I absolutely loved how she was so self sufficient, to me it looked amazing living like that. Her admiration for human history I found both admirable/frustrating at times. She's one beautiful actress on top of that. Rest SPOILER: The frustration partly lied in the fact that she was so spaced out at times that she nearly allowed herself to suffocate twice. The fact that the beepy-mechanism only sounds when you're about to die of suffocation doesn't make sense! There were quite a few things about the movie that felt off; realistically speaking. For example, the movie says that the earth still had pockets of non-toxic air, and it seemed her camp was in one. But she knew that one day her camp would be hit by toxic air too. Yet most of her tents were completely open! Wouldn't you make sure everything was airtight assuming worst case scenario? Oh no... instead lets just enjoy the moment and start acting all pissed when one day toxic air is choking the life out of your plants and bees. And there's something off about her way of reasoning. Art can be wonderful and contain deep meaning, and its a waste when it gets destroyed or left behind, but as long as human beings exist more will be produced! She acted as if whatever was left from the past had more value then whatever happens in the moment. Nice watch, but knowing how it all pans out, don't think I would watch it again.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 5 horas
Netflix movie scripts seem to base on collected meta data. Pretty boring movie with bad acting (sam), bad dialogues and pretty stupid and irrational plot. For me a waste of time.
Greg Dolgoff
Greg Dolgoff Hace 5 horas
This Movie and also the Bird Cage with Sandra Bullock and also the Netflix series "Shameless"... All 3 of them, and many more shows from the Movie studios of Hollywood.. They all promote Interracial relationships... I do not know why.. There is no longer any "Respect" for the "Bible" and 2 by 2 of the same kind into the Ark... 90% of the Earths Population is of Brown Skin.... Asia, India, Israel, South America and many more.. The White Race is only less than 10% of the Worlds Population... These programs, and most others on TV, have a goal to wipe out the White Race... End it for my kind... The end of the White Race... With the Federal Governments open border policy, that also will be the final cap in doing that mission... It is the End Times of the White People on Earth... I gave up on any type of future for myself, there is no reason... That makes the Democrats happy, that in the Long Run they won, they destroyed America... The USA (Federal Government) Forced Europe to open their borders, and end the white race in Europe with a Trillion Dollars in yearly aid to do so... The European Governments Obey the USA, and they in Europe also have lost respect for themselves... This is not Racism, this is about Extinction… The reason white woman and a Blackman is to show Dominance... The end of the white race is soon to come... It is being planed that way by the political groups of the world... We can not prove it but maybe it's do to Iran or china or other countries have planted Nuclear Bombs in America and have said you will end white dominance or else.. Open the borders, ask no questions, close your factories etc etc etc... Europe also was forced to open their borders... Americas most likely only hope is if Russia blows the hell out of half the world to set America free.. If you know the true history of America you know that CZAR Nicolas Romanovs father during the American Civil war saved America by stopping the British, Mexico, France and Spain from attacking America at that time.. The truth at present the majority don't know, that is being kept secret and when it's all over there is no longer a white scientific America... Just a total brown skinned, no technology country which is no threat to world domination... It's that simple... Our political leaders are afraid and very weak at the present time... Most are homosexual and have no pride...
Mohamed Abdo
Mohamed Abdo Hace 5 horas
this movies is fuckingg! waste of time... nothing happened
Bea Grandinetti
Bea Grandinetti Hace 5 horas
Could someone please, explain me te final?
Lilz.MonkeyBoy Hace 5 horas
Wonder if he will find the Whisper of the Worm there 🤭
eric oster
eric oster Hace 5 horas
Another extremely predictable forced Interracial agenda movie from Netflix. I first noticed it while watching black mirror episodes on netflix. Almost all featured IR couples. Birdbox aka(all white men are evil) then this IO flick and there is also Candy Jar another NF IR original released in 2018. If you took the time I'm sure there are many others. Just remember kids all white men are evil. They are the only acceptable people to hate mmkay
xdaeq2 Hace 5 horas
Alex Alexandru
Alex Alexandru Hace 5 horas
Nicole. Hace 5 horas
Spoiler alert: it sucks
DorianDare Hace 6 horas
*Isn't earth already Toxic?*
Random Shenaniggans
Random Shenaniggans Hace 6 horas
Io seems like a really impractical choice but I guess the science in SciFi can move over because the type of relationship is more important
Amarpreet Doal
Amarpreet Doal Hace 6 horas
Stopped watching when it said "humanity would flee to Io". Io. One of the most volcanically-active bodies in the entire solar system, with very little water, a negligible atmosphere and an extremely high radiation environment. Of all the potential bodies in the solar system, you pick Io. Seriously? Fleeing to our own Moon would have made more fucking sense. Maybe hire a science advisor for your sci-fi movies going forward. First "Titan" and now this.
Jairo Muñoz
Jairo Muñoz Hace 6 horas
Un mojón
Khaled Saki zada
Khaled Saki zada Hace 6 horas
Das ist der langweiligste Film den ich je gesehen habe!
brad smith
brad smith Hace 6 horas
It's really really boring has no substance to it at all. Story line is weak af. Seems no one knows how to write anymore
Iron Man
Iron Man Hace 6 horas
Najee Jackson
Najee Jackson Hace 6 horas
Dam thanos really did obliterate the world? Or this could be a sequel to Days Gone
Matt Ambrose
Matt Ambrose Hace 6 horas
All these films with BS plots saying stuff like 'the earth has turned against us', 'our future is not on Earth', 'we have to escape' etc. etc. It's all complete crap, designed around a kind of 'use it all up, then toss it in the trash' mentality. The Earth hasn't turned against us for god's sake, we're filling it with endless waste and slaughtering all the other inhabitants. If there's anything toxic it most likely came from us. And then people use this as an excuse; oh it's too late for Earth, oh well we'll have to move to Io, or Mars, or wherever. No! We can explore space, sure, but Earth is where we have evolved, it's the only place hospitable to life in our solar system, and we need to fight for it and clean it up, not abandon ship like rats.
Yusurname Hace 6 horas
IO reminds of me of the fake driver droid prank
TechCrunchPro Hace 6 horas
This movie is too negro for me. Why don’t we see and black female and white male ? Or Chinese? Why is it always black male white female.
Pen Pink
Pen Pink Hace 6 horas
oh yeah yeah
REDDRAKON Hace 6 horas
globalist propaganda.
REDDRAKON Hace 6 horas
libtard scifi propaganda movies from netflix needs it's own sub genre at his point.
Giso ten Brink
Giso ten Brink Hace 5 horas
The exact reason i cancelled my subscription. Not contributing any more of my money.
666j1 Hace 6 horas
white female, black male, liberal agenda as always
greg parch
greg parch Hace 6 horas
Watching a Netflix movie is a coin toss. It will be bad or ok.
Planck Mass
Planck Mass Hace 6 horas
white mary sue, black alpha male lead...same zog shit over and over and over again..add to that libshit environmentalism and ready is your brainwashing netflix bowl of bullshit.Let me guess...all white males are evil or incels right ....right ?
Jor-Els Alexandria
Jor-Els Alexandria Hace 6 horas
Jesus Christ this comment section is fucking *ridiculous* lmfao bunching of overthinking psychos. Judge *the story* or just ignore the film goddamn.
666j1 Hace 6 horas
the story: white mary sue falls in love with black dude and have interacial children, the earth accepts them now because theres no longer any evil old white men
Damien Pollard
Damien Pollard Hace 6 horas
Crap yet again Netflix
Gustavo Furlan Marroni
Where's is a Hispanic handicapped pan-sexual fat Muslim in this movie? Not inclusive enough
Madnessd16 Hace 7 horas
who thought Anthony Mackie in a leading role was a good idea. Jesus H Christ
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