iOS 12 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?

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craig godfrey
craig godfrey Hace 18 horas
Um sorry but it makes u update without any choice !!! Mine did it today I said update later and it went to a screen saying it will update between 3-4 in morning if plugged in !! Like wtf is that what a joke.
Davi Basso De Souza
Davi Basso De Souza Hace un día
How can I install iPhone X features on my iPhone 8 in the iOS version 12.0.2 ?????
NaNa Baby
NaNa Baby Hace un día
Iphone SE is better than any iPhone
Mario Yañez
Mario Yañez Hace un día
Yo if yall cant afford it go on OFFERUP
Prinz JuLz
Prinz JuLz Hace un día
Bullllsssshhiiitttttttt.. my left speaker broked when I update my iphone to ios12.. my left speaker is not working anymore and also my mic.. Voice Memo doesnt sound good anymore.. Bulkrap!
Christopher Robinson
This upgrade freezes and stalls. I have to reset ESvid every time I try to comment on a video! Piss me off!
Abhishek Buragohain
Abhishek Buragohain Hace 2 días
Yeah whatever. Still can't make POST requests in a WKWebview though in iOS 12. So much for bug fixes.
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Nathan Rex
Nathan Rex Hace 3 días
Is there a way to enable the screenshot button from facetime again?
aliciacb8284747274 Hace 3 días
Clicking on the song to reveal artist/album is not a new feature. I have it on my iPhone 6s and I’m on iOS 11
EzBoi IOS Hace 3 días
Thx ❤️
Samuel Jaden
Samuel Jaden Hace 3 días
Wow i just noticed he watch Nick Eh 30 at 00:58.
Albin Hetemi
Albin Hetemi Hace 4 días
Why my battery on Iphone 7 is draining faster whith Ios12 than whith the Ios11
alan ansari
alan ansari Hace 4 días
apple is now trying to include features of android in iphone... still too costly though :(
Chris Meza
Chris Meza Hace 4 días
LPS BunnyPros
LPS BunnyPros Hace 5 días
What is I wanna fave time 34 people....
85nikki96 Hace 5 días
you speak way too fast
Dimitar Savovski
Dimitar Savovski Hace 5 días
What about unlocking the older phones as 7 . I just hate that I have to tap once to lit up and unlock the screen and then tap again to open the home screen
Conti Music
Conti Music Hace 6 días
Amazing, did you ever give my music a listen? Good work!
Hayam Yoyo
Hayam Yoyo Hace 7 días
I had to sell my house to buy an Iphone 7 plus 😅 , literally I'm still paying my debts , I love it though and even more with ios 11 , I'm not sure I'm gonna update anytime soon , with the new iphone releases I'm sure newer ios won't be better for older iphones .🤦‍
I dont think ipad ios 12 has animoji :(((why
E Ndongo
E Ndongo Hace 7 días
Updated my 7 and all it does is stop working on WiFi on and off, can’t even browse or watch ESvid videos throughout 😫😫😫 somebody help😢😢
K M Hace 7 días
anyone else experience a battery drain with iOS 12.1?
prakash hp
prakash hp Hace 8 días
iPhone se battery drains faster rate in ios 12
Drunk Asian
Drunk Asian Hace 8 días
Whats so bad about ios and Macos? I love both of them even though im more on the samsung side
donut crumbs
donut crumbs Hace 8 días
I’m late
MK Evils
MK Evils Hace 8 días
For iPhone 6 is there anything other than speed?
Dank Yank MEMES
Dank Yank MEMES Hace 8 días
*IS ANYONE ELSE EXPIERENCING THIS. WHEN I FACE TIME PEOPLE, IT GOES ONTO POOR CONNECTION, AND SEEMS TO NEVER GO OFF POOR CONNECTION. ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM TOO?* NOTE: this never used to be an issue and we both have around 10-0 ping. Never had this issue until we both updated our phones, and we just updated it again with the newer update and still happening
Mai Waifu
Mai Waifu Hace 8 días
send me a dick pic i dare yall
Broodjekaas !
Broodjekaas ! Hace 8 días
You said that all the devices will be faster after the update... Hmm hmmm
___Mxtthxw Hace 9 días
DONT UPDATE battery drains fast on my iphone 7 hopefully apple can fix this!
Joshr2402 Hace 9 días
I don’t have the update for some reason
Mariano Frias
Mariano Frias Hace 9 días
Very accurate review (as always)!
nima suryawanshi
nima suryawanshi Hace 9 días
Is iPhone camera goood plz suggest
XOR Hace 9 días
Iphone 6s upgraded to IOS 12 it’s so quick now
talha rehman
talha rehman Hace 9 días
True tune feature eliminate by apply why?
Secret_Class Hace 10 días
I can leak every update
Giuseppe Ferrazza
Giuseppe Ferrazza Hace 10 días
AWFUL, too fast
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford Hace 10 días
I really regret updating to 12, on my ip8. The black shadow of the time/carrier/battery life on every website sucks. Also using Safari to view ESvid there is a huge delay and it starts videos from beginning when going from standard to full screen video. The texting window is enormous and I can barely view 1 sentence of my last sent text message in landscape mode. Cannot even see the other persons text at all. The banner for the contact takes up 30% of the screen. Along with that the mini icons for photos and camera and gifs is double stacked rather than single stacked before in ios11. This is just rediculious that Apple still wont make slight variances in software per device.....the user experience is effected and I believe next upgrade will be what Google is offering or someone else. Tired of Apple promoting slimming and trimming and now it’s fat and bloated ui.
Mohamed Abdelaal
Mohamed Abdelaal Hace 10 días
ryandontlikeyou Hace 10 días
cant beleive they gave it to the 5s. that's wild
lourdes paniagua
lourdes paniagua Hace 10 días
So I updated and when I click on the control center and try using the calculator or set up an alarm , it doesn’t work , it won’t let me click on it , and it didn’t do that before sooo how do I fix it?
loui leal
loui leal Hace 10 días
What happened to the touch ID in 5s?? Did they remove it??
aislinnfoo Hace 10 días
Super informative but you talk soooo fast
Hi Hace 11 días
My ipad is now worse because now when ever there is a video on youtube that has a black screen i cant see anything all i see is just mixed colors and backgrounds from the app i used beforehand sooo i think its bad ;-;
Just Mash Radio
Just Mash Radio Hace 11 días
so many ads.... can't even watch the video
Chris Langford
Chris Langford Hace 11 días
omfg you are so rich, I'm so jealous. and love the video thanks! very clean, accurate and comprehendable
Severus 12345
Severus 12345 Hace 11 días
Does it ho lag on ipad air2?
Suaibah Sumaita Khan
Suaibah Sumaita Khan Hace 11 días
Can anyone tell me how i slide up like airdrop wifi and everything cause if i try to do it it dosent work
Alex Wolf
Alex Wolf Hace 11 días
What happened to FaceTime Live Photo’s......... come on Apple
anything goes
anything goes Hace 11 días
I cant open camera in msgs on my iphone 6+... what should i do now?
gabriel zenteno
gabriel zenteno Hace 12 días
This updates fucking trash
JeremyDaGamer Hace 12 días
The bad thing about iOS 12 is that I can’t upload videos on photos on ESvid
Jade Hace 12 días
@EverythingApplePro Can you find the Restrictions part? It disappeared after I updated and my mom will likely need that. I literally looked everywhere and I can’t find it. Though, due to my meds, I might have missed something. Idk, I just want someone else looking for it and since you’re so good at finding the smallest details I thought you’d be able to find it. It used to be in the General section if I’m remembering correctly.
Dr. Busy
Dr. Busy Hace 12 días
FaceTime sucks after iOS 12 update esvid.net/video/vídeo-FIUzPSOqBzE.html
Desi Potato
Desi Potato Hace 12 días
So someone tell me if i should update because i have iphone 7 plus but im kinda afraid as it might reduce my battery life
Moixx Hace 12 días
when I updated my phone it broke.
Honey Killed Uno
Honey Killed Uno Hace 12 días
So they added 3D Touch to every phone?
S. Williams
S. Williams Hace 13 días
I have iPhone 6s Plus, I updated my phone, and now my battery is trash, lasts only few hours,depending on what I do. If I knew this, I would’ve never updated to iOS 12.
cristinalcherry Hace 13 días
Why doesn’t my camera have an effects button?
J. H.
J. H. Hace 13 días
Thank you for sharing this information!
Kiko Dimitrov
Kiko Dimitrov Hace 13 días
How is the battery life on the iphone 8 plus
David Fernandez
David Fernandez Hace 13 días
I fucking hate it especially the playback when you watch videos online. Seriously apple, just don't try so hard 😭
mintythekid 9
mintythekid 9 Hace 13 días
Apple still did not come up with 5 dots signal strength
Brian Luceno
Brian Luceno Hace 13 días
Can i ask for a iphone x please 😭
Robert Montes
Robert Montes Hace 13 días
So jailbreak or not??
Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez Hace 13 días
Does the new Animoji’s and Memoji work for iPhone 7 Plus?
Valerie Chia Mendez
Valerie Chia Mendez Hace 14 días
Wait can you have ur own anamoji if you don’t have the iPhone X??
jaden the asian
jaden the asian Hace 11 días
no you need the facial recognition hardware which is only available on iphone x and above
DigitalWarrior9 Hace 14 días
Hey dude I don’t have gigs for iOS 12
JuicyPepperoni Hace 14 días
Should you update at 9:19
R L Hace 14 días
How tf do I take off the bar in the messages I don’t wana see apps on my messages when I’m tryna text somebody
CheriByGrace Hace 14 días
Talk talk talk so fast dude. You really edit your videos so close. Give brains time to receive. Anyway, your title says, “ Should You Upgrade?” But I’m still not hearing that answer. And the ads dude... what’s up? Do they help you make money. Would you consider laying off a few of the ads? Or has ESvid squeezed the profit out of ESvidrs again like they did last year? Could you just let me know, or someone reading this, let me know if I should upgrade iPhone 6 or not? Not the 6s, just the 6? I also have an iPad 4, the larger older one. Any advice about that? It crashes all the time. Please? I do hope someone is listening. Thank you!!
Grandma Adelaide
Grandma Adelaide Hace 14 días
What about amber alerts and emergency alerts? I don’t see them in notifications anymore.
People's Music Journey
I has recently received an update to ios12 but i didnt installed it yet coz im scared for the possible problems may in counter with it. I need more advice before i will decide to update my phone.
People's Music Journey
Madman1 Rug i already installed maybe 3hrs after i post my comment. So far i didnt have any issue and i checked all of my apps. IOS12 is so much better than 11.4.1, my phone now is even softer and its just like become brand new again.
Madman1 Rug
Madman1 Rug Hace 13 días
Same here too!
Sher Swati
Sher Swati Hace 14 días
Sir yesterday I updated my ios 11.4 to 12 but now my device going to hange sometimes and also restarting I don't know what is the solution???
Avi Hace 14 días
Apple is back baby. I’m not going to Android. FUCK ANDROID YASSSS
IceyShot Hace 14 días
Who came here for fornite iOS 12 update
denney19 Hace 14 días
Subbing just because you’re an Eminem fan lmao
miandanishali talat
miandanishali talat Hace 14 días
I am Pakistani please give me iPhone X
Vanessa Mayfield
Vanessa Mayfield Hace 14 días
I want animojiiiii !!! Without paying lol
Numinous Hace 15 días
So they're no longer slowing down the processor for battery life, right?
Noel Masana
Noel Masana Hace 15 días
My game is crash
The Pink Panther  Entertainment
Who wants iOS 19 😏
TTC_JUZZ YY Hace 15 días
Thanks b this update sick!
IncAlien Hace 15 días
What are stocks, I’ve never found out
A Google User
A Google User Hace 15 días
Don’t update. I swear the new battery features are exclusive to iPhone, performance is pretty much the same and the only notable difference is that everything UI-related has been unnecissarily fiddled with (just now I kept typing emojis instead of punctuation marks, and when I double click home I have to swipe apps in a different direction, and the icons at the top of the screen have all been moved around etc). Hate this update.
W J Hace 15 días
#beautygate #chargegate #antennagate #blueshiftgate and now because iOS is yet again (3years in a row) the buggiest OS on the market #textgate...where your messages go to the wrong people, your call history is sent to them and more...$1500 for no real change in device and a filled with issues. Jesus Christ are you iSheep every a retarded lot...
Hi I’m yuth
Hi I’m yuth Hace 15 días
Should I update? My phone is 6s plus
M C Hace 15 días
Albert Valentincic
Albert Valentincic Hace 15 días
Does iphone 5s have measure app?
Asyifa Prasetyo
Asyifa Prasetyo Hace 15 días
My iPhone X after updating iOS 12 keep scrolling up
darlyn rodriguez
darlyn rodriguez Hace 15 días
Should I update my iPhone 6? Well it make it worse?
Louis Cunningham
Louis Cunningham Hace 15 días
Who all updated to iOS 12 for iPhone 8 Plus? Should update or just hold off. Let me know please
Seeli0n Hace 15 días
K I already know I’m lazy af but usually I am able to type a word and then the emoji pops up but that ain’t happening after the update was installed. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO
_shannon .aep_
_shannon .aep_ Hace 15 días
Stacked notifications....reminds me of a jailbreak tweak lol
Taylor9 Hace 16 días
Bed time mode is old
Melodie Mwangi
Melodie Mwangi Hace 16 días
iOS 12 is booty🤣 I have 6s and siri/control voice keeps popping up EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. every time I’m listening to music on Spotify or watching things on ESvid and Netflix, IT KEEPS PAUSING IT OR SLIPPING TO A RANDOM EPISODE THAT I DID NOT CHOOSE. And whenever I’m on Spotify if you try to play after it paused out of no where IT WONT LET YOU PLAY ITS LIKE YOUR FREAKING FIGHTING WITH THE PHONE. Updating it is the most regrettable thing I have done all year BY FAR 🙃
Iϟodimah Hace 16 días
Yeaaa still keeping iOS 10. Thanks for reviewing.
cityhustleHD Hace 16 días
I noticed after downloading IOS 12 the Bluetooth symbol doesn’t show at the top of the screen on my iPhone 6s Plus. Anyone else notice this?
BJ SUBOTI Hace 16 días
man you talk too fast on this video. If you are giving instructions at least give time for viewers to follow. It will maximize absorption on what part of the update/features we are interested in. I understand we can go back and forth on the video but who wants to do that?
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