iOS VS Android - Did You Make The Right Choice?

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How do you know whether choosing an Apple iphone with iOS or and Android phone is the right decision? Did you choose the right smartphone? In today's review of iOS and Android we are comparing the software, the tech and the gadgets to see if you made the right decision. Btw, have you tried out ios 13 yet?

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The Infographics Show
Write down all the phones you've ever owned... Which one was the best for you?
Winger08 Hace un día
Samsung Galaxy S6 i think and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Antonio Casciato
Antonio Casciato Hace 3 meses
Alexander Kazarin Helboe
1. Samsung Galaxy SIII mini 2. LGG3 (that thing was awesome!) 3. Huawei p20 lite 4. Samsung Galaxy A50 (broke it after 4 days by trying to root it) 5. OnePlus 6T (literally no complaints it is perfect!)
Alexander Kazarin Helboe
@Th3robuxxisr3al 1. perfomance: simply not true 2. bettery: well it depends on the model 3. connection speed: nope android is lightyears faster on that point
AdvancedGP Hace 5 meses
I started with iphone 4, then 5, then 6, had some ipads too and currently own the latest ipa, but after iphone 6, i switch to huawei, then lg g5, then oneplus 7 pro, and i am unable to go back to iphone
Gamer coder Claw
Gamer coder Claw Hace 4 minutos
I using a ipad
Aljur martinez
Aljur martinez Hace 10 minutos
I love realme phone and android
Secret_ diskoX • 12 years ago
I used to have a Samsung, I now have a Iphone8 but I miss my Samsung(it lasted for 3 years) You will be remembered😢
Emma Berry
Emma Berry Hace un hora
I regret getting an iPhone
Delrasshial Hace 3 horas
*_Like This coment if you have of "ANDROID"_* 👇👇👇👇
Powerful Pro
Powerful Pro Hace 3 horas
When he says iPhone is expensive but there expensive cause of qauility
Nikola GAMER
Nikola GAMER Hace 4 horas
phone is a phone but people create one thing and some time pases and here is 10000000000000000000 versions of it
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Hace 7 horas
I have a iPhone XS Max but I’m really considering the google pixel 4xl.
sandesh khadka
sandesh khadka Hace 7 horas
so this was a 10 min ad of WIX!!!!
JacobGoschy_LD Hace 8 horas
We all know people who wouldnt give up their iphone for a samsung. I'm not one of them. I had an iPhone 6s and I was tired of apple glitching out the older models so now I have a galaxy s10. And besides my 6s would always stop reading my touch whenever i touch the screen.
Tia Diyoka
Tia Diyoka Hace 8 horas
First off I don't even know how to USE a samsung. They are so slow I'd rather have a new Iphone 7 then the Newest samsung
Nathanzkie 32
Nathanzkie 32 Hace 9 horas
I think its better to not use a phone
Hortense Lacroix
Hortense Lacroix Hace 10 horas
8:41 REALLY? What about the exploding batteries of the Samsung S7 Edge?
Egg Poo
Egg Poo Hace 14 horas
iPhones are better phones however Android phones are cheaper and stronger however.
Egg Poo
Egg Poo Hace 14 horas
Let’s all just agree they’re both phones
Egg Poo
Egg Poo Hace 14 horas
To be honest most people just say they prefer one or the other before they’ve even owned the other brand.
Real Fake racer
Real Fake racer Hace 20 horas
Bida bidang ios kase boba
Pretty.bby_ Mia
Pretty.bby_ Mia Hace 21 un hora
I had a iphone 6 but the phone had broke now I have android I like the android (Samsung) but I hate the emojis 🥺 and the quality in the dark but when I am in light it's like my iphone lighting I have to have this phone for like 1w to my screen fixed But a phone is a phone sum ppl dont even have a phone 🤷‍♀️🌚
Liv Biv
Liv Biv Hace 22 horas
Steve Jobs is disappointed in Apple rn
Persheng Neynavaei
Persheng Neynavaei Hace un día
Apple is obviously better it just more expensive cause its better people want cheap phones my family only has apple products nothing else lik this comment if your with me
Alex Grigoryan
Alex Grigoryan Hace un día
iPhone fans before watching: hehe of course IPhone is the best. IPhone fans after watching: why would I spend my cash on the worst phone
Silvio Martinez
Silvio Martinez Hace un día
I love how people say android is better because it doesent brake when it falls.Only thing i see is that iphone users dont throw their phones...
Falafelhead Hace un día
the Nokia 3310 is indestructible, i ran it over with my car and it still worked
channing robinson l
channing robinson l Hace un día
My android (Samsung) has been dropped on the concrete face first and on my wooden floor and I have thrown it before also if I turned it to emergency mode when it reaches 0% it doesn't die 😎😎😎
The_RonaldMcdonald Hace un día
iPhone 3050: iPhone 30 XS plus vs 2 XR 5g SE ps pro max ultra HD unit 5c edition tinted
Ceeday Hace un día
I am with iOS
iiSuensa Hace un día
Im a android fan
mieszk2009 bla bla
mieszk2009 bla bla Hace un día
i have xiaomi note 8 pro so its android, my parents hate ios
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Hace 7 horas
mieszk2009 bla bla did u really reply to ur own comment.
mieszk2009 bla bla
mieszk2009 bla bla Hace un día
iphone is better android sux my android phone id glitchy it freezes evry 6 seconds android u did a very bad hob even my android phone cost $330 dollars all the android phone are overpriced where i am and the iphones are cheap so android pffft gat a life
Green Whale
Green Whale Hace un día
Austin Lebert
Austin Lebert Hace un día
Camera Quality is the main thing for a phone honestly 😂😂 anything else is just the same, so thats why IPhone is better imo
Saron Noah
Saron Noah Hace un día
If u choose an android ur making a big mistake
Green Whale
Green Whale Hace un día
How about you get an android phone, you’ll never go back to crapple
Nauman Khan
Nauman Khan Hace un día
apple iphone 11 pro max
Jyotishman Barman
Jyotishman Barman Hace un día
Meanwhile North koreans couldn't even afford to watch this video.
GrandTheftChicken Hace un día
Android is 💯% better
Samuel Patton
Samuel Patton Hace un día
A very useless video.
Alex Jacobo
Alex Jacobo Hace un día
Android:Back pops off and battery pops out iPhone:burst in tears Nokia: THE MOVIE 2012 IS HAPPENING IN REAL LIFE
I have Vivo lost my Vivo phone and my new phone is xaomi
akanathiak walker
akanathiak walker Hace 2 días
Android right for me Apple too axpensive 🙅🙅🙅
Prince Uket
Prince Uket Hace 2 días
Android have lags iOS does not have lags. Android is cheap iOS is expensive.
Ashwin Venkatesh
Ashwin Venkatesh Hace 2 días
Android does not lag if you have a decent phone.
[Operator Phoenix]
[Operator Phoenix] Hace 2 días
All i want with a phone is its durability i dropped my android phone alot of times now it still works fine wowzers what is this material?
Lucky B
Lucky B Hace 2 días
OnePlus 5 (the last 16:9 aspect ratio) Still my go to. If you prefer dress attire over casual attire: iPhone or if you're just trying to fit in so people think you're high class. If you prefer casual attire over dress attire: Android
Tom Creef 571
Tom Creef 571 Hace 2 días
iPhone is too ekspensive to buy a potato spec
Aaron Morales
Aaron Morales Hace 2 días
So I picked iPhone
HTF Giggles
HTF Giggles Hace 2 días
Android: Like IOS: Comment
miran Karaer
miran Karaer Hace 2 días
Android is beter
Punam Singh
Punam Singh Hace 2 días
"but if you value design ..." Have you seen the one plus 7T pro??
Mr. eccentricities
Mr. eccentricities Hace 2 días
IOS or as I like to say spend 300 every month for the exact same phone
Jacky_sanchez2 Hace 2 días
2030 the iPhone has 5 cameras and flys
Green Whale
Green Whale Hace un día
Android already has 5 cameras, those pigs need to get on our level. 🐷 🤡
Levi Michael
Levi Michael Hace 2 días
iPhone is never the right choice
lemon honey editsandmusic
My Android still worked after dropped in a bathtub
2tricky! Hace 2 días
Mine too
Jimmali 12
Jimmali 12 Hace 3 días
I have a Nokia
Chaitanya Divi
Chaitanya Divi Hace 3 días
iPhone is the best 🥰
the Squid Sisters SFM
Did you know the name wix is in german language an insult?
Eron Kody P. Avengoza
I'm both Apple and Android My Apple is iPhone 6s Plus and my Android is Huawei Media Pad M3 Lite 8
I've used both and if there's any difference I notice is that with bluetooth connected its louder with iPhone and Android always seems easier to use
Ebolaman247 Hace 3 días
Everyone with their android and ios. Me with a paper phone.
David ojo
David ojo Hace 3 días
You can do a lot more things on Android rather than iOS but I still like iOS for a lot of reasons
Boris Shakhov
Boris Shakhov Hace 3 días
the way he says Huawei, "HHHHHHHHHuawei" lol
Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat Hace 4 días
apple updates ruin your phone so
Callum Venter
Callum Venter Hace 4 días
Team Android
Jaiden P
Jaiden P Hace 4 días
The better phone itself: Android The better operating system: iOS Cost: Android Winner: Android 2 to 1
Bright S
Bright S Hace 4 días
Imagine not having an iPhone. iPhone 6 users and below don’t count 😭😭
Green Whale
Green Whale Hace un día
I have an iPhone 8 and I can’t wait to get rid of this thing and get a S20 Ultra in a couple months.
Ashwin Venkatesh
Ashwin Venkatesh Hace 2 días
Wdym, I don't have an iPhone and don't want one, the S10e is great
xXTheDronXx Hace 4 días
Why are you using crying emojis, lol.
Strike The Valstrax
Strike The Valstrax Hace 4 días
Lol i would never buy a iphone, even if i was a millionare.
Ashwin Venkatesh
Ashwin Venkatesh Hace 2 días
Arsh Ketchum
Arsh Ketchum Hace 4 días
Peter Hace 4 días
I bet who's ever watching this video is watching it with there phone
Michael Estrict Jr.
Michael Estrict Jr. Hace 5 días
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee apple not google lol
Daniel Courtney
Daniel Courtney Hace 5 días
Wix!? That's not what this is about
Daniel Courtney
Daniel Courtney Hace 5 días
Daniel Courtney
Daniel Courtney Hace 5 días
people:I love ios Me:you have chosen death
Daniel Courtney
Daniel Courtney Hace 5 días
I had a android tablet and it's battery was great so I like android
Rae-Nathaniel Williams
Android is way better than IOS
nea snowy
nea snowy Hace 5 días
I am android but my new phone will be iphone🤗🤗
Ashwin Venkatesh
Ashwin Venkatesh Hace 2 días
Stay with android, it's much better
Roblox4 life13
Roblox4 life13 Hace 5 días
zoo giraffe
zoo giraffe Hace 5 días
Jesus christ, this video is completely biased towards Android, make it more obvious, or otherwise you just don't know your subject
Daniel H. Jackson
Daniel H. Jackson Hace 5 días
i have both ios is simple and very very smooth even with a 60hz display and android .. its android 🤷🏻‍♂️ i have a s10 but i dont like the software
aesthxtic sunnies
aesthxtic sunnies Hace 5 días
Lets just go full out mr bean and invent a backpack with everything thats in a phone
Denniis Omoregie
Denniis Omoregie Hace 5 días
I like Apple better
Promit Saha
Promit Saha Hace 5 días
I love iOS just becoz its simple and easy to use 😋
Ashwin Venkatesh
Ashwin Venkatesh Hace 2 días
It's not that hard...
Steve Hace 5 días
I hate my new phone
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