iOS VS Android - Did You Make The Right Choice?

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How do you know whether choosing an Apple iphone with iOS or and Android phone is the right decision? Did you choose the right smartphone? In today's review of iOS and Android we are comparing the software, the tech and the gadgets to see if you made the right decision. Btw, have you tried out ios 13 yet?

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26 jul 2019






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The Infographics Show
The Infographics Show Hace 11 meses
Write down all the phones you've ever owned... Which one was the best for you?
Aahil Siddiqui
Aahil Siddiqui Hace 17 días
Nokia 5.1+ and iPhone 6s
TVidoho Hace 25 días
iPhone 5s and iPhone 7 I prefer the seven since it’s a plus size
Dank Attack
Dank Attack Hace un mes
iPhone 5, 6 and gonna buy new SE
ORCA1500 Hace 2 meses
Windows 10 dell
Sourabh Kapoor
Sourabh Kapoor Hace 2 meses
The phone my mother gave me : SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND 2 with an android version 4.4.2
Bridget Click
Bridget Click Hace 6 horas
Comment 🍎+📱 if you’re an iOS user!
Francis Kippendorf
Francis Kippendorf Hace 14 horas
No apple
Rasmus Dyhr Andersen
Rasmus Dyhr Andersen Hace 15 horas
Pref Samsung. But that software update think appel have is way better sadly
Golden Autumn
Golden Autumn Hace 16 horas
‘I wouldn’t give up my IPhone for a Samsung!’ Me: ... My iPhone for an android?
spread the word of God
iOS for me
Alexadnan Hace 20 horas
been using both ios & android phones for years & i confess, i buy iphones just to show off but android always gave me satisfaction for rough use.
Mohamed Ameri
Mohamed Ameri Hace un día
I've been an Android user who used Froyo, Gingerbread, Icecream sandwich, Jellybean and Kitkat. Moved to iOS 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Now I'm back to Android world :)
Dajour Livingston22
Dajour Livingston22 Hace un día
I’ve owned both Android and Apple. I’ve loved Android and Apple. The best brand name of phone for me is Android. I’ve only gotten iPhone because other people have them 🤣🤣🤣
Denys Kuzmych
Denys Kuzmych Hace un día
samsung: ok my turn
MagicTriangle Hace un día
Imagine buying an expensive af phone that will break instantly when it gets dropped down..... This joke was made by *ANDROID* army
ioan kolev
ioan kolev Hace un día
Luketube Hace un día
I have the huawei mate20
Volk inDartsua
Volk inDartsua Hace un día
Android is best for me xD
Coka Cola Gaming
Coka Cola Gaming Hace 2 días
Im watching this on a s4 80m times sold
Christopher Fields
Christopher Fields Hace 2 días
iOS got the best updates and Samsung has the best settings.
Lego Works
Lego Works Hace 2 días
The phones I ever had is the LG Tribute Dnasty and the LG Stylo 5 the best i had is obviously the LG Stylo 5
TimoPlayZ NL
TimoPlayZ NL Hace 3 días
Android is great for quality apple is great for flexing
Lil BatDude45
Lil BatDude45 Hace 3 días
iPhone users:People that buy androids are broke Android users:People that buy Apple are not smart financially
SplonkGaming Hace 3 días
“Android vs iPhone” *Laughs in Gucci smart socks*
Coka Cola Gaming
Coka Cola Gaming Hace 2 días
XxFrostyyy2008xX Hace 4 días
All these dislikes are from Apple fans or android fans
nittasan Hace 4 días
Gacha Club- *slight smile*
Err0r Hace 4 días
i will never leave my android for an iphone because its cheap and it has alot of apps and games and u can change files extract tge files and download somethings iphone doesnt have gotta support my boi
First Last
First Last Hace 4 días
I like both though😥 Android is great for interfacing with computers and iOS is great for personal life and leisure. Android can be a content creation tool with the note while iPhones are great media consumption
Cristine Evangelio
Cristine Evangelio Hace 4 días
I love my Samsung Note 4..Its battery is external so you can just replace it with another battery, not the phone. And it still has infrared so I can use it as remote control for appliances. 😊
Ticklemepickle78 Apex
You can jailbreak iOS and run android on it
David Cronque
David Cronque Hace 5 días
Who better Android iPhone DO DO ITS HARD TO PLAY ROBLOX
Taylor Schoppe
Taylor Schoppe Hace 5 días
Exactly great or expensive.
ROTZBUCACA Hace 5 días
android pees on apple
Bloomer Burry
Bloomer Burry Hace 5 días
The answer is...... Wix u wasted so much time for w Atch this
shoriyaYT Hace 5 días
I've owned over 50 phones
SkylineGamer Hace 5 días
Because Google Maps Can detect traffic if the route goes through traffic when apple / Maps can’t detect traffic properly most of the time Maps get around 85% Accurate when Google Maps gets 99.9% Accurate! So I would use Google Maps. Plus I’ve been planing to get a Samsung S8 Note And plus it’s waterproof but can’t work touchscreen underwater but lucky lucky did the Note came handy with a S pen and plus you can draw at best with the S8 Note Galaxy I’m staring to hate apple around 57% Because of so much problems including Touch sensors failing , For 🖥 and 💻 have key issues while Samsung is tip top shape! But there are a little bit of cons with the Samsung Galaxy but I wouldn’t boar you with the cons but to me Samsung gets the thumbs up 👍🏻 while Apple gets the 👎 wow such a long comment 5 lines wow that’s impressive that I was able to write this much and got a a few emojis with the IMac , MacBook , Thumbs up and Thumbs down alright this ends here but this bonkers!
SkylineGamer Hace 5 días
Oops I made a mistake with starting not staring
X x Alecx x X
X x Alecx x X Hace 5 días
Ya'll r always talking about 'ios vs android' Just wait until u hear 'PlayStation vs xbox'
Nancy Turner
Nancy Turner Hace 5 días
Android is better then ios
Andrew William Omlie Jr
Razer Hace 5 días
Android isnt litterd with DRM like Apple
John wick- brawl stars & gacha
11 months later iOS giving up to android all because of gacha club
Purple_Tech 1000
Purple_Tech 1000 Hace 6 días
IBM has joined the chat
Dayvon Thomas
Dayvon Thomas Hace 6 días
Get the iPhone
Alt Account
Alt Account Hace 6 días
Gacha life android users: duh
Xero Deus
Xero Deus Hace 6 días
We'll meet after this gets recommend
Softicle Hace 6 días
Sri Tej
Sri Tej Hace 6 días
Nokia 1100 fans hit like
midarkmind Hace 6 días
So if Apple sells more phones, than why does Android have more market share by far? Calm your lies down lily coffee shop liberals. LOL!
Stef Myt
Stef Myt Hace 5 días
What do politics have to do with any of this?
Bang Hace 6 días
Hacking game: Android is the choice No lag,...: iOS is the choice
Stef Myt
Stef Myt Hace 5 días
I've tried android phones and iphones, but honestly, iphones lag WAY more. Especially after new updates.
Uki Oni
Uki Oni Hace 6 días
Pizzley Bear
Pizzley Bear Hace 6 días
Thanks for not answering the question for 10 minutes
Stef Myt
Stef Myt Hace 5 días
There isn't a definitive answer.It's not black and white, it's just about what you value more in a smartphone.
Danish Aryan
Danish Aryan Hace 6 días
But in us lot of using iphones
Danish Aryan
Danish Aryan Hace 6 días
Why people care a phone i care about photo is hd not a silly phone 😂😂😂😂iphone is a great photo
Stef Myt
Stef Myt Hace 5 días
Yeah, and? There's also android phones that have great cameras, some even better than iphones in my opinion. Just look at the pixel 3a. It has (in my opinion) better quality, and it costs half of a new iphone.
Steve The Talentless
Buy a camera if all you care about pictures
Samiat Abdulraheem
Samiat Abdulraheem Hace 7 días
The fact that android consists of 3 companies while iPhone is just one says a loy
The Crazy Glasses Girl
*If* you can afford it for yourself My whole life in a nutshell
The Crazy Glasses Girl
My dad is an android user while his sister is an apple user
Chungus Gamer
Chungus Gamer Hace 7 días
i know i picked the right one because i picked android
Piedras Platas
Piedras Platas Hace 7 días
Apple iOs ❌👎👎
elmocursed ROBLOX
elmocursed ROBLOX Hace 7 días
LG Fortune 2 iPhone 5s
FaZe GAMER Hace 7 días
I really like the iphone but its expensive , has more apps that are not free , and the battery dies quick
Explicit Project
Explicit Project Hace 7 días
no lag on iphone
DJD0p e
DJD0p e Hace 7 días
i like iphone. and i never knew my VR set helped android... (not saying this is bad just saying i never knew)
Alpha Bopp
Alpha Bopp Hace 7 días
I used to be with apple until the iphone became the same phone every year thats when i switched to samsung
Moiz Esufally
Moiz Esufally Hace 7 días
Android vs iphone Nokia : excuse me!?!?
Defaulty Boy
Defaulty Boy Hace 7 días
Summary: Apple makes better quality products and 1st party apps exclusive to Apple. However, lacks innovation and is outnumbered compared to the different amount of Android users. Meanwhile, Android has a lot of features and innovations being introduced all the time that are eventually ripped off by Apple. Android is also a lot more Powerful and actually listens to its consumers and respects then instead of charging £1000 for the same product every year.
banana guy
banana guy Hace 7 días
I switched from Apple to android
davidzhiming Hace 7 días
why not have both
Rhyzel Ann Sestoso
Rhyzel Ann Sestoso Hace 7 días
My phone history Firefly, RCA, Amazon, qnet mobile, cherry mobile
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop Hace 7 días
I don't want to pay for everything. I prefer practicality over looks. I won't pay $1000 for a phone. I am and forever will be an Android guy.
Magikal Guru
Magikal Guru Hace 9 horas
@Ninjanerd 0905 we get it you have Mommy and daddy credit card
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop Hace 3 días
@Ninjanerd 0905 You're both correct.
Daniel P
Daniel P Hace 4 días
@Ninjanerd 0905 no he's a smart person. IPhone is for dumb people who want to waste money and over pay for a phone that does way less
Ninjanerd 0905
Ninjanerd 0905 Hace 4 días
We get it you’re broke
SpectralYT Hace 7 días
Me with a Nokia C1
Pierre Narvaez
Pierre Narvaez Hace 8 días
Apple makes the phone and the IOS so I feel more secure with an iPhone.
Papi Mashigo
Papi Mashigo Hace 8 días
Iphones are more expensive because they are much better.. though not every body affords them Android is gaining worth because of Google
Daniel P
Daniel P Hace 7 días
Samsung is more expensive than iPhone. Galaxy S20 ultra is most expensive
TOXIC-RAIDER 0o0 Hace 8 días
Team android ? Leave a comment
kiylan tube
kiylan tube Hace 8 días
I am a fan of Samsung Mobile Phone.
kiylan tube
kiylan tube Hace 8 días
Sorry but I think Iphone is a trash. I am android warrior and will be .
A P E Hace 8 días
Andrew Keener
Andrew Keener Hace 8 días
I personally like the fact that a lot Android phones have micro SD card slots. iPhones don't. Additionally, I like the fact that I can also download third party ringtones and use them on most Android phones. Again ... can't say the same for iPhone.
Stef Myt
Stef Myt Hace 5 días
Yeah. It's weird that they didn't mention the thing about ringtones in the video. To add a ringtone on ios you need to do so many steps. On android you add a new ringtone without even connecting your phone to a computer.
Snick Hace 8 días
Lol noobs I use K F C ice cream machine
Hez Music
Hez Music Hace 8 días
Both are great. Android make ios better and vice versa
ClxssyChibii Hace 9 días
is it funny that i got an iphone ad?
cal-aber Hace 9 días
Please buy a Samsung there better and better quality
Парашкева Кръстева
Im an iPhone girl 😂
AfricnGiant24 q
AfricnGiant24 q Hace 9 días
My phone history= nokia samsung alcatel s5 s8 s10 plus now s20 ultra. I'm stepping over too iphone for first time after a year
TheOdzz1Out Hace 9 días
No one really dares to start war Console Vs Pc. Huh
Skill None
Skill None Hace 9 días
I love all phone's but I can't afford iPhone so I'mma just stick to the Google phones
sxny Hace 9 días
I like sumsgung
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