iPhone 12 + 12 Pro Color Comparison! UNBOXING EVERY COLOR!

Karl Conrad
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Here's my color comparison and unboxing every color of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro!
Which color would you pick? Follow me over on IG and let me know: instagram.com/karlconrad
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23 oct 2020






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Karl Conrad
Karl Conrad Hace un mes
Perhaps the toughest question when you grab a new iPhone - which color should you get? Enjoy my unboxing of every single color combo of the new iPhone 12/12 Pro. Let me know which one you would grab! PS - Instagram info is linked in description! @karlconrad 🙌🏻
Arvind Paikrao
Arvind Paikrao Hace 21 un hora
My love iPhone mini
Rabia Akbar
Rabia Akbar Hace 9 días
@Syed Shayan Gillani CAN U SHUT UP
y2x P
y2x P Hace 10 días
hmmm ..iphone 12 - green / 12 pro - pacific blue
Akash M
Akash M Hace 10 días
Thanks a lot of the unboxing video for all colors i miss goin to an iphone store to check all colors but this gives a pretty good idea about how they look. I was confused between the green and blue on iphone 12 but i think i like the iPhone green more its subtle and fresh... Ig : @akashmandole
angelica Hace 19 días
iphone 12 pro in pacific bluee @_angelicarys
Jenny Deng
Jenny Deng Hace 10 horas
Aaron Chung
Aaron Chung Hace un día
12 which colour should i get?? any suggestions?
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez Hace 2 días
I need that pacific blue prooooo. Its sooooo nice haha. NICE video dude.
Delol Hace 2 días
I’d love to win a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro (Max) :) IG: @sohel_hal
くんアジズ Hace 5 días
Green wins
Your Favorite Native Doctor
It's the graphite for me😍😍😍😍
Tina Tech
Tina Tech Hace 5 días
Amazing unboxing
Baabu 121
Baabu 121 Hace 5 días
Omg gold 😱
Henry Ogonna
Henry Ogonna Hace 5 días
i really love the pacific blue
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Hace 7 días
Would love to get the Pacific blue iPhone 12 pro Twitter handle- @coffeeloveranil
Mario García
Mario García Hace 8 días
12 blue&12black
MVRTS Hace 8 días
The gold one is cleann
ARISTOTLE 2.0 Hace 8 días
Does you ever notice that How Many times You keep Shaking Your hand in the video or also in the real life .if u know what i mean ..,😂😉😉😉
Helen Robson
Helen Robson Hace 9 días
Did anyone else notice that you said iPhone 11 instead of a sentence for the green one
James Estrella
James Estrella Hace 9 días
i love iPhone 12 white and iPhone 12 pro pacific blue color's . I think this video is a good review of iPhone 12's and 12 pro's ig:jamesestrella18
Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado Hace 10 días
Love this! I was going back and forth on which iPhone. But now because of this video I’m gonna pick up the white 12 128 gigabytes. Super excited. IG handle LARICKYD
Mohammed Waseem
Mohammed Waseem Hace 10 días
Stop fucking shaking the phones. And let me see the color for a fucking second.
Mary Almazan
Mary Almazan Hace 10 días
What do u think? Pacific Blue or the gold one? Please help to decide. I already ordered the pacific blue but I want the gold one.. it’s hard to decide.
Cristina Real
Cristina Real Hace 10 días
I can't decide between gold or silver
Janry Romerosa
Janry Romerosa Hace 11 días
the blues in both 12 and 12 pro looks really good @janu.arty
Yasar Khan
Yasar Khan Hace 11 días
Getting it
Young ColdBoii
Young ColdBoii Hace 12 días
i wish we had a yellow ine wtf
Alita Guineverre
Alita Guineverre Hace 12 días
I want it
Faisal Allozi
Faisal Allozi Hace 13 días
i think im the only one who likes the product red lol
Evan Baccari
Evan Baccari Hace 13 días
“Thank you so much for all the love you’ve bean showing”
Vishnu Mohanan
Vishnu Mohanan Hace 13 días
Pacific Blue 💙 _.vishnu._.mohan._ 💙
DIGONTO AHMED Hace 14 días
Pacific blue... My IG is @thedigontoahmed
faruk umar
faruk umar Hace 14 días
*Cyberwizard01* helped me unlock my device which i got from Amazon! He’s fast and reliable !!
Adam Macias
Adam Macias Hace 14 días
It's all good, when I picked up my iPhone 12 in black I almost thought they gave me the blue one and just took the hit. Justifying all the way home that the blue is nice.
yes sir
yes sir Hace 14 días
That fake enthusiasm. 100% he sold his soul to the devil.
Stacy Wilson
Stacy Wilson Hace 15 días
my iphone 12 pro max was unlocked by *Cyberwizard01* on 1nsta'
Alex S
Alex S Hace 15 días
My husband picked up the Graphite 12pro max, and I was honestly surprised at how beautiful and luxurious these phones are... videos just don’t translate it well. I’m gonna put a case on anyway, but I order the pacific blue, wondering if I should swap for gold, I like the warmer/creamier white more than silver/white ... ughh idk so difficult.
Sole Rosa
Sole Rosa Hace 15 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-NfMV1lVjH24.html sisters open each other’s iphone 11 using face recognition
Gene Edward
Gene Edward Hace 15 días
I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount,that guys is a life saver indeed💯✅
Kaung Myat Soe Oo
Kaung Myat Soe Oo Hace 17 días
Still waiting for minis and pro max
My Melanin is Poppin Queen
🔓🔓🔓🔓#goldOnLock Yay I just ordered the gold one Wednesday super excited 😛 Magna charge ordered it additional accessories USB-C ordered from Amazon Magna charge case I ordered from Apple store and privacy screen protector 🥳🥳🥳I have all my orders being tracked via shop app 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾#ReadySetGo
Daviey Hace 17 días
Love this guy ! Subscribed n followed ❤️
Chris G.
Chris G. Hace 18 días
I've done the same Thing. I've ordered all the colors and then decided which one to keep
Sania Khan
Sania Khan Hace 18 días
Please do iPhone 12 mini All colours
Mark Joseph Diangson
Mark Joseph Diangson Hace 18 días
Pls the black one for me ☺️
Brittany Chambers
Brittany Chambers Hace 18 días
They shouldve included a dongle like they did when removing the headphone jack, still smaller than a brick but caters to people coming from older devices and couldve fit in the middle of the lightning to usbc cord
GrammarNazi1988 Hace 18 días
I love the minty green of the iPhone 11 and that is the color I would have gotten if I went with that model. I agree that the dark blue is beautiful and it's definitely my choice -- also agree that the red isn't very nice -- I think it should be darker.
Michael Hidalgo
Michael Hidalgo Hace 18 días
I thought I’d want pacific blue but it may be darker than I wanted. Probably leaning toward the classic silver.
Jackie Laurens
Jackie Laurens Hace 18 días
i would be forever grateful if i manage to win one for my mom. her screen broke two years ago and she never replaced it since money is pretty tight. i think the white 12 model is safe and classy and i know she hates the expensive pro models anyways. my ig is @lushbrry love from me, my mom and my cat 💕
I Like Birds
I Like Birds Hace 19 días
3:18 “The Green iPhone 11” Me: I thought it was the 12...
Austin Ayala
Austin Ayala Hace 19 días
my favorite color is probably the new pacific blue instagram: austinaayala
Luiz Eduardo Mesquita
Luiz Eduardo Mesquita Hace 20 días
This pacific blue is my favorite color on an iPhone ever! 💙
My channel is garbage
My channel is garbage Hace 20 días
I have the red iPhone 12 and it’s the most beautiful-looking phone I’ve ever seen. Apple did a fantastic job designing it.
Orian Mondal
Orian Mondal Hace 20 días
This is not iPhone 11
Zyn Xyn
Zyn Xyn Hace 21 un día
I would like iPhone 12 green color 😭💚 Ig:rawrrrr4545
Devita Ariani
Devita Ariani Hace 21 un día
I would like the iPhone 12 mint color 💚 My insta is : dvita.arn
Gavin Butts
Gavin Butts Hace 21 un día
I pre order the blue iPhone 12 pro max, I love the silver but I’m coming from a silver iPhone 10 so I just wanted something entirely different so it would feel newer lol and Ik this blue on the pro probably will be a one off like the green was last year so it adds to exclusive imo
the Perfect.skiller
the Perfect.skiller Hace 21 un día
thank you for showing us all the colors they are so great
the Perfect.skiller
the Perfect.skiller Hace 21 un día
The new blue is my favourit color taht would i choos at 5:46
Ares Pavón
Ares Pavón Hace 21 un día
Pacific blue is the one to go this year
Chloe McKenzie
Chloe McKenzie Hace 22 días
I changed my mind so many times and concluded that I’m going to get the iPhone 12 pro MAX in silver... except it won’t be getting delivered till a month !
Yianni Charalambous
Yianni Charalambous Hace 22 días
I don’t understand this and I’m also not defending apple but if you have the charging brick why wouldn’t you have the cable as well, how did you charge your old phone with a copper wire
Emilio Chavez
Emilio Chavez Hace 22 días
I needed this video. I wanted the graphite for the pro but it’s not black enough for me so now I’m going with the blue
Nur A alam Riyad
Nur A alam Riyad Hace 22 días
But whats take more fingerprints?
Chaise Hartman
Chaise Hartman Hace 22 días
I would love graphite ig: @chaisehartman
Chaise Hartman
Chaise Hartman Hace 22 días
Do you mean free when you say hook us up with the iPhone 12
QreeQoos Hace 22 días
Unpack each IPhone like Twix bars
JoeM Hace 22 días
That black is so fire🔥🔥🔥🔥 my insta is @Joeemomoh
kanika chauhan
kanika chauhan Hace 22 días
Iphone 12 Blue color Iphone 12 pro Gold and Pacific blue ❤️
John Phillip Suaviso
John Phillip Suaviso Hace 22 días
I would love to own the red iphone 12. 🤩 IG: @johnsuaviso
Matei IDG
Matei IDG Hace 22 días
Pacific Blue
ZuperBuys & Vlogs
ZuperBuys & Vlogs Hace 22 días
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 pro pacific blue IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 pro graphite IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 pro silver IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 pro gold IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 navy blue IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 product red IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 green IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 black IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 white IG: strike_prishty
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
Iphone 12 white Ig: uzair.utteenun
the mauritian
the mauritian Hace 22 días
IPHONE 12 RED IG: Uzair.utteenun
Sofia Marquez
Sofia Marquez Hace 23 días
love the white
Jarrah Oconnor
Jarrah Oconnor Hace 23 días
I’m going to get the iPhone 12 in green it’s soooo pretty
Amir MUFTV Hace 23 días
I'm getting the silver
Ciaranichole_4 Hace 23 días
iPhone pro gold or pacific blue 🎉
Aditya asdflux
Aditya asdflux Hace 23 días
Red is the best
LaiOm Hace 24 días
wow that pastel green is the cutest thing ever 😍
Jackie Laurens
Jackie Laurens Hace 24 días
i would be forever grateful if i manage to win one for my mom. her screen broke two years ago and she never replaced it since money is pretty tight. i think the white 12 model is safe and classy and i know she hates the expensive pro models anyways. my ig is @lushbrry love from me, my mom and my cat 💕
Suzan Veras
Suzan Veras Hace 24 días
Are you rich, or what? Wow 🤩
Kingsley Hutton
Kingsley Hutton Hace 24 días
GOLD IPHONE 12 PRO!! @superking998
Kaylee Truong
Kaylee Truong Hace 24 días
my favorite is the green iphone 12
ysabel Hace 24 días
Pacific Blue 💙 ig: ysabelea
My Life as Kay
My Life as Kay Hace 24 días
Omg can I just get ALL of em 😩 but can I please get an iPhone 12 pro Max in pacific blue please ? @infmvs on Instagram
Julian Gatt
Julian Gatt Hace 24 días
i like the product red my IG is julian_gatt
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim Hace 24 días
Black @dlimck
Fat Nose
Fat Nose Hace 24 días
AoUt SiDe 🥴
zopuii chhangte
zopuii chhangte Hace 24 días
Red colour is so beautiful 😍😍😍
adrian pena
adrian pena Hace 25 días
I’m in love with the black one. Keep it classy. IG adrianp602
ysabel Hace 25 días
I really like the pacific blue. :) Ig: ysabelea
Lesedi Mpomane_SA
Lesedi Mpomane_SA Hace 25 días
I'd also go for the blue on the iPhone 12 and I would like to experiment with the graphite on the Pro. I've been into grey lately... I think most people will go for the pacific blue for sure. Just a quick question though. How do you think the standard iPhone 12 would have looked in orange? Ig: @iam_steelshot
Mr J
Mr J Hace 25 días
I like the Matte black back on the graphite 12 pro! ig: n_jennix
Мaрио Йордaнов
In my opinion this year apple has improved mostly the iPad Air and combining the new design, power, pro features and all those fancy colours makes it perfect for a lot of people that’s why it is definitely my favourite product. IG: mariobyebye
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