Iran vs. United States Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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28 nov 2022






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yannickmoon. Hace un día
Dest was really good today. Have never felt this good about any USMNT team ever, literally at every position.
Amy Jenson
Amy Jenson Hace un día
I hope Pulisic will make it. We will need him against Netherlands. But it's already a super achievement to reach the knock out stages in the group we were in. Great job guys!
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Hace un día
Pulisic showed his amazing skill at anticipating where a move will end up. He instantly started moving when McKennie made played the ball to Dest and used his acceleration to get on the end of it.
Jesus Compean
Jesus Compean Hace 2 días
From a Mexican fan, your team is an example to follow, all American fans must feel very proud of this team, congratulations for advancing to the next round of 16, great game and admiring effort!!👍👍
The. I am The
The. I am The Hace 13 horas
all esvid.net/group/PLgP9yKq2p9qxuDIuA9DK22aKVQIXP2_ZG
Santos D Rodriguez
Santos D Rodriguez Hace 15 horas
@BruceLee'sDJstudio mexico won to Saudi Arabia, what are you talking about Mexican players weren’t able to score a goal , and you are blaming the coach?
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭1‬:‭3‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Hueso Hace 19 horas
@The Awesome Man there’s already 3rd and 4th generation Latinos.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man Hace 21 un hora
@Hueso only time will tell
YMA7 Gaming
YMA7 Gaming Hace 2 días
Even if we have a tougher opponent in Netherlands in the round of 16, I'm proud of how far this team has come. People were doubting us and saying we would end up 4th in the group, and now look at us, undefeated and ready to take this further than we ever have before.
COVETED Hace 18 horas
Go USA but you keep saying we like you are on the team. Don't fool yourself.
17Heaven Faith of Hope
17Heaven Faith of Hope Hace 21 un hora
U wish
Berry Hace un día
Sandman Lopez
Sandman Lopez Hace un día
America 🇺🇸 ❤ 😊
edgar servo
edgar servo Hace un día
Yea mexico out but we still have faith in the us
Logan Franklin
Logan Franklin Hace un día
Gotta say, even as an American that the Iranians should be proud of themselves. If we didn’t get through I would want them to, peace and strength to everyone there 💚🤍❤️
AN JR Hace 2 días
Go USA 🇺🇸! Much love to my Iranian brothers and sisters! Your team displayed much heart today. Be proud. You guys put up a fight.
Cyrus Parsa
Cyrus Parsa Hace un día
As an Iranian fan, I congratulate team USA. Now that you barely beat us, I wish you win the whole World Cup. Good luck Yankees👍
Hakeem Tantush
Hakeem Tantush Hace un día
From a Moroccan fan, the better won, all American fans must feel very proud of this team, congratulations for advancing to the next round of 16, I am hopping that my team do the same!!
Star Boys
Star Boys Hace un día
Thanks, best of luck to Morocco.
TN1183 Hace un día
One thing is for sure. It has been an exciting group stage. Never know what to expect in each match, makes it fun to watch....
Jetzebell Garcia
Jetzebell Garcia Hace un día
So proud of our boys 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸
Beau Miller
Beau Miller Hace 23 horas
Dest is incredible man. So many of these guys are, just love this team.
youtuber Hace un día
Pulisic true commitment, putting his body on the line just so we can score. He’s our star boy
mysct Hace un día
What a great team win. This game will looked back on as maybe a top ten sports moment for the United States ever… until we win the cup ❤
Mac Mini
Mac Mini Hace 2 días
Pulisic really sacrificed his offsprings for us to go through what a GOAT
The. I am The
The. I am The Hace 13 horas
all esvid.net/group/PLgP9yKq2p9qxuDIuA9DK22aKVQIXP2_ZG
Wetty Fap
Wetty Fap Hace un día
Lmao Americans are comedians
Donniebrasco Hace un día
Pulisic really has a big set of balls to make that shot...now those balls are hurting. LOL.
Brandon Palhegyi
Brandon Palhegyi Hace un día
Chris Tee
Chris Tee Hace un día
Basically Hamm
Basically Hamm Hace un día
Let’s take a moment to respect how hard the Iranian players fought through this match 🇮🇷🤝🇺🇸
Tobi Phree
Tobi Phree Hace un día
They were psychologically not there during this tournament and were under much stress. Even some Iranians were cheering against them. It was messed up how they were treated by so many sides. But in the end, US and Iranians made all of us proud and were really respectful and true sportsmen. Lucifer and his prostitutes always manipulate and force our human family into conflicts and wars. They are relentless in creating disunity and hatred between God's children.
Oof McGoof
Oof McGoof Hace un día
It’s tough man. Some of them may not see their family again, or their children or wife. Who knows. very emotional game from them
Mark Schram
Mark Schram Hace un día
Great game, Iran had so many chances, could have been 3-1 the other way. Was seemingly not much offense without Pulisic😬 great win either way⚽
Kamala Parekh
Kamala Parekh Hace un día
Love this team. Great stories, great smiles, hard workers, and very talented. Lots of room for growth being so young too. Just wish we had a finisher--everything whole tournament has been up and over, off to the side, or a failed pass that should have been a shot. Netherlands are going to eat us alive. But yay for us getting to the sweet 16. Maybe we have some surprises yet..
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Hace 9 horas
Hardly. Netherlands is fielding one of their weakest teams in the last decade or so. Very beatable.
Arminius Hace 19 horas
I'm a German immigrant living in the US. For the first time in WorldCup history I can see Germany and the US team making it to the WorldCup final. If that happens I won't know who to root for. Both teams have shown outstanding talents on the pitch. Off the pitch I'll give high marks for the US captain and how he handles reporters asking him political questions!
The Dark Rapist
The Dark Rapist Hace 18 horas
Neither of those teams are making it lol sorry bud. Germany lost to Japan and you think they're gonna make it to the final? And America didn't have any real competition
TheCrownJul Hace 2 días
I remember watching this game the same way I watched USA vs Algeria in 2010. Very similar circumstances when we drew both games. Pulisic took a hard one, but he scored when we needed to, just like Donavan did. Hope he's ok🙏🏾🇺🇲
Choice Meat Randy
Choice Meat Randy Hace 2 días
The Donovan goal was amazing. That game was intense from start to finish.
The Language of Movement
That Donovan goal in 2010 still gives me chills! In fact I’m going to watch that replay now in hopes we can pull off some heroics against the Dutch.
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman Hace 2 días
@Chris They might also just be young, but I feel ya! :D
Chris Hace 2 días
Was thinking the exact same thing. Most of the bandwagons on here have no idea what that even means 😅
Qaz Zaq
Qaz Zaq Hace 2 días
Yes, the USA does not suck quite as munch as they used to. Must be the payoff from open borders.......hooray!
ethan yolme
ethan yolme Hace un día
Congratulations from iran,but this wasn't our national team it was government team ,i can surely tell u 95% of us wanted to see them loose so government cant use it in political ways ,and players ignored our cause
Matt Keller
Matt Keller Hace 11 horas
We officially made it further than Mexico. My expectations have been exceeded I think. Also the end to SA and Mexico was kinda hilarious. Poland had like three heart attacks and survived.
Tik Tok Girls
Tik Tok Girls Hace 10 horas
USA soccer ⚽️ 👌 #johnnyx100 is CHAMPION!!!! 🏆
Busya Soltsov
Busya Soltsov Hace un día
Молодцы- USA одержали победу над иранскими футболистами !!!!🙏🙏👋🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Clean_White_Sock Hace un día
Great show of maturity for the USMNT to make it through that game with the W. Iran was a tough opponent for the group and with the US being the second youngest team in the WC and showing that kind of adversity is really something. As long as they put out their best effort vs. Netherlands, that's all we can hope for.
Cyrus Parsa
Cyrus Parsa Hace un día
Congratulations to USA from Iran. Now that you got lucky to beat us, I wish you win the whole Cup ! Wish your injured player the best. It was not intentional. He collided with our keeper with an already broken nose 👍
HydraAvux Hace 2 días
Even if Pulisic can no longer be a dad, he just became a founding father.
JaymoJoints Hace un día
Pulisic: "I regret that I have but one nut to give for my country . . . I mean, one nut left."
Dennis Nedry
Dennis Nedry Hace un día
Jalen King
Jalen King Hace un día
This team has come an extremely long way. The talent and belief is there, they can do very special things in the future. USA are real 2026 dark horses (provided health of course).
iranianpr1 Hace un día
Very well deserved and congratulations to US national soccer team!! Most Iranians are celebrating the victory of USA inside Iran!!
Tobi Phree
Tobi Phree Hace un día
Respect and proud of Iranian players for their fighting spirit and effort despite the pressure they were under. Even some of the Iranians were cheering against them. It was disheartening how they were treated by so many sides.
Amirata Hace un día
Well played USA. They deserved that. Much love and respect from Iran 🔥🔥
JayCFC Hace 2 días
Pulisic putting his body on the line for his country, scoring and sending them to the round of 16. A true warrior💙
The. I am The
The. I am The Hace 13 horas
all esvid.net/group/PLgP9yKq2p9qxuDIuA9DK22aKVQIXP2_ZG
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@Just_Do_It That’s so raciest!
Just_Do_It Hace un día
@Science and God - Bill Morgan Mam this is the us not China so its pronounced racist not "rasest"
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@Just_Do_It That is so rasest!
Just_Do_It Hace un día
@Science and God - Bill Morgan Mam this is the us not China so i will only be speaking English
Max Power
Max Power Hace un día
Awesome header assist on the goal. Proud of how well the US men's team has played so far. Here's to winning against the Netherlands
Chinweike Iheanachor
The team really worked hard to get this done, commendation to everyone including the technical Crew, specifically commend the central defender he ruled the air balls, still need accurate decisions within the box. Still want to point out that there are moments cited in the last games that look like the the entire team fizzles out should be taken care of.
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Hace un día
S. Dest played great for US (he caused alot of pressure on Iran in transition and controlling the ball).
Християн Кулевски
You cannot hate on this US team. Such an amazing young team with infinite potential. Other than Croatia, they are my second favorite team. They will come back even stronger in 2026
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Jim Beanie
Jim Beanie Hace 22 horas
Hopefully with new coach and pepi
Tim Elkin
Tim Elkin Hace un día
@Garrett W yeah.. I almost forgot about that. Good catch 👏 👌 👍
Garrett W
Garrett W Hace un día
@Tim ElkinThey conceded 1 goal but it was a last minute penalty. 0 goals allowed from open play though
Tim Elkin
Tim Elkin Hace un día
@Ben Lin they've also let 0 goals in.
RAWFILES Hace 2 días
Pulisic put 3 balls through that net. What a champ!
Jesse Heard
Jesse Heard Hace 8 horas
Tik Tok Girls
Tik Tok Girls Hace 10 horas
@marines122 Hoorah!!!! Let's soccer ⚽️ with #johnnyx100
Ow Lova
Ow Lova Hace 11 horas
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Ow Lova
Ow Lova Hace 11 horas
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Amen! May Jesus Bless you, you're doing a beautiful thing in advancing the Kingdom of God ❤️🙏 Don't let anyone discourage you
The. I am The
The. I am The Hace 13 horas
all esvid.net/group/PLgP9yKq2p9qxuDIuA9DK22aKVQIXP2_ZG
Edna Mercy
Edna Mercy Hace 20 horas
I absolutely loved the embrace all three goalkeepers had as well as the head rub Sean Johnson gave to Matt Turner. My fave part of the celebrations.
kent Hace un día
Credit to the referee too for managing a great match. I glanced through hundreds of comments, and not one complaining about any calls. It's so nice to see the game managed without angry controversy about bad or missed calls for a change.
KenDaKingArrives Hace un día
USA performances during this Group Stage were our best-played, ever. This is NOT the USMNT of old, this is a skilled, talented young USMNT with potential. Thank you USMNT.🇺🇲
Edward Hace un día
Really proud of the team not just the winning but the effort and passion. Good job team USA!
Turbo9987 Hace 2 días
4:40 almost everyone collapsed from exhaustion when the final whistle blew. That's when you know how much this match meant to both teams. What a finish!
The. I am The
The. I am The Hace 13 horas
all esvid.net/group/PLgP9yKq2p9qxuDIuA9DK22aKVQIXP2_ZG
Sean j
Sean j Hace un día
@rowdyBme why do you hate black people ?
rowdyBme Hace un día
@Sean j do you cry and scream a lot? poor guy lol
rowdyBme Hace un día
@Sean j lol you mad bro?
MRNASCARFAN25 Hace un día
@Sean j well some what agrees
Enzo Victorio
Enzo Victorio Hace un día
Much ❤ to the USA team from an Iranian fan. Best of luck you deserve it good win!
robert perrella
robert perrella Hace un día
congratulations to the united states of america for making the second round !!!!!!!!!!!1 i love your teams size, quickness,skill and wonderful enthusiasm !!!!!! from the beginning of the world cup the usa has shown a lot of improvement every game !!!!!!!!!! ladies and gentlemen the usa is not going home for a while !!!!!!!!!!!! the lads are quick learners and are fearless !!!!!!! i KNOW what is going to happen down the roadfor the usa which will be filled with drama !!!!!!!! i do not have to feel sorry at all for the american lads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in american sports history think 1980 in a different sport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,LOVE FROM ITALY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE USA matches up very well with the netherlands !!!!!!!!!!!!! the usa will be o.k.!!!!!!!!!
Carol Miller
Carol Miller Hace un día
Congratulations USA! 🇺🇸. hope everyone recovers for next round! ⚽︎
Natalie Chong
Natalie Chong Hace 21 un hora
I missed this game but I just watched this video and when USA got it’s only goal Iran accidentally helped the United States score I had to watch it twice to verify that’s crazy 😮 1:27 the replay closer look.
Annie Hace un día
Seems like both teams played a great game! There will be a future chance for Iranians to win & the victory will be sweeter! Good job all, thank you for demonstrating skill, teamwork & ambition!
VictoryDawn Hace un día
🇮🇷🇺🇲 great game and God bless all the cup players ✝️🙏
The Humanity
The Humanity Hace un día
As a fellow Hershey PA born and raised, I'm so proud of Pulisic sacrificing his children for America
jeremy young
jeremy young Hace un día
What a stressful match, the last 10 minutes + stoppage was rough...US was absolutely robbed of a second goal.
ptnpharmd Hace un día
What a beautiful goal that was !
gators1156 Hace 21 un hora
The middle game and speed of the USMT has been on another level!
GRAY KNIGHT Hace un día
Should’ve been 2 - 0! On sides! Guys got to make corner kicks and set pieces count!!!
Jazz Sharrel
Jazz Sharrel Hace un día
USA team are a real men. I hope we see them in the final
Tinashe Jerry
Tinashe Jerry Hace 2 días
Everyone literally just gave in to exhaustion at the final whistle. 100% effort from both teams. Congrats USA 🇺🇸. Good luck with the Netherlands
tyrantdawn V
tyrantdawn V Hace 19 horas
Imagine if inn the knockout round, the usa game goes to extra time.... that worries me
The Rainbow Key
The Rainbow Key Hace un día
zyxwut321 Hace un día
Magnificent effort. The Dutch will toy with them before quickly dispatching them. Still, awesome effort and Iran has everything to be proud of. Quality side and high-level competition.
A R Hace un día
@ham bat thank you oh you representative of Iranian people!🤔 More likely the Saudi paid propaganda stations in London
John Abbott
John Abbott Hace un día
@FEAR THE GHOST IN ME 😨 Totally ignorant comment. #embarrassing
NutSwanger Hace un día
That was hard watching just 5 minutes. Couldn't imagine not falling asleep watching a whole game
Chase Emmert
Chase Emmert Hace un día
Pulisic laying his body on the line for his country. Instant Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marlon Ramos
Marlon Ramos Hace un día
So proud of the fellas!!! USA USA 🇺🇸
Noah Whyde
Noah Whyde Hace un día
Let’s just take a second to appreciate Tyler Adams. Our best player this tournament. Absolute class
Wiffle Sports
Wiffle Sports Hace 20 horas
@Nueva Raza This same channel just posted a whole video about Tyler Adams (which I would highly recommend btw). He’s getting the recognition that he has absolutely earned
M P Hace 23 horas
Personally I think Dest has been playing great
brownjatt21 Hace un día
@Nueva Raza pulisic take your girl or something.
Jack Holiday
Jack Holiday Hace un día
Yeah Besides pulisic it’s definitely him, the guy is a beast.
Chad Stuart
Chad Stuart Hace un día
@Nueva Raza you live a very sad life
A Che
A Che Hace un día
USA 🇺🇸 I'm so happy 😊 congratulations 🎊
남자 상
남자 상 Hace 20 horas
I like how both this game and Korea vs Ghana game ended at 99m50s when Korea got 10 minutes extra time, plus the ref callled it on their corner kick chance too. Still sad...
Daniel Pippenger
Daniel Pippenger Hace un día
1:20--First time I've ever seen someone get injured scoring a goal! This does not bode well in the Round of 16.
Pulse2AM Hace 2 días
That was intense! The matches are definitely getting more fun to watch now.
Syncratic Hace 2 días
Star players come through when it matters most, and Pulisic certainly delivered today. Great to see this team get through the group stage.
Aditya D R
Aditya D R Hace un día
Such an unsung hero Mckennie is, totally bossed Englands midfield and now Iran. I think he's been one of the best midfielders this world cup so far
FACTS DC Hace un día
🇺🇸👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾❤️💯⚽️ Proud of you guys!!!!! #1AmericanTeam
tonytocanova Hace un día
All ❤! El equipo de todos! Vamos USA!
Chris Benson
Chris Benson Hace 20 horas
“How did USA beat Iran?” Me: “With sanctions..” Context: That’s how you get kicked out your friends World Cup party. For bringing politics to a game.
Xolerys Hace 2 días
The USA defense is incredible. Other than that penalty no one was able to score. Hopefully pulisic comes back
Ervin Abrahamian
Ervin Abrahamian Hace un día
That chunky black dude was pretty good in defense, I forget his name, Cameron something
sofiarays Hace un día
@Esat Acikgoz They did face a strong European opponent: England. So your argument is not that strong here.
Xolerys Hace un día
@lazaro cornish I guess. But doesn't change the fact no one was able to score, not even England
Eric Ayala
Eric Ayala Hace un día
@Esat Acikgoz but england couldn't score on the us. plus most of the us players play in Europe so they wont really be surprised
Molonlave21 Hace 2 días
@Zegobot Poland got great defense too
TNT jr
TNT jr Hace un día
As an Iranian, I’m happy you guys won. This was probably the worst World Cup in my entire life. Not because of the results, but because of what has been happening in Iran💔 All the American fellows Enjoy your freedom and appreciate it We Iranians did have this freedom 50 years ago but it was taken from us. USA government also helped in destruction of Iran but whatever now I don’t want to make this political here so congrats to American fellows🇺🇸
Flechette Hace un día
I have a good friend that escaped Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. He would completely agree with you.
cvg Hace un día
Brah this was game was insane. Big shoutout to the boys. They gave it a hundred and made it to the next round. Well deserved. Also can we just take a moment to talk about Westons pass to Dest that resulted in the goal assist. That entire play was just incredible
Sandman Lopez
Sandman Lopez Hace un día
@Quentin Smith i didn’t read all of that but we up 😊🔥💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith Hace un día
Pulisic, Sarge & Zimmerman should never have to pay for their drinks in the US again for the rest of their lives for this one. Tremendous match. Big kudos to the Iran GK too - good sportmanship and some v commendable saves
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy Hace 20 horas
I've been watching CP10's goal all day
Sapna Gaikwad
Sapna Gaikwad Hace un día
Funniest goal I've ever seen! The striker landed on the goalkeepers crotch- 💀💀
Zandivo Hace 2 días
I was dying for Pulisic to score a goal and finally get the recognition he deserved, because up until now he's been outstanding on the field, and his team plays are like no other. He isn't selfish or self-centered and sets up his team perfectly every time. Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery 🙏
KenDaKingArrives Hace un día
@Cj Boyer Sergiño* the Brazilian-inspired spelling and pronunciation has a nice ring to it and since Dest is a footballer having a Brazilian name is an advantage.
Stonedstakegaming Hace un día
He posted on his Snapchat that he will be ready for Saturday
Cavachoncx3 Hace un día
@Allen Quartermain Jesus Saves.
Cavachoncx3 Hace un día
@sewer king Jesus Saves.
Scarlet's Letter
Scarlet's Letter Hace un día
Prayers 🙏 for Christian Pulisic 💞 🇺🇸
Danny Gee
Danny Gee Hace un día
Mexican but dam congrats USA 👌🏾 team full of young players , hope you guys take out Netherlands !
Jibran Aziz
Jibran Aziz Hace un día
Wow what a win for USA , Last 30 mins , I thought, it was gonna be draw , USa played really well for a young team , but I was surprised being that young and got gassed. Otoh , Iranians players gave a valiant effort also in the last 20 30 min.,
Daric Desautel
Daric Desautel Hace un día
Was the offside call on Weah accurate? Anyway, much respect to this Iran team, who showed up to play in a major way despite the chaos and repression at home.
MIA Hace un día
Very proud of the US team, they have been nothing but class on and off the pitch this entire World Cup.
Hippo Pictures
Hippo Pictures Hace un día
The US and Iran gave an amazing game. Loved it. Great job to both teams. Congratulations US.
Tobi Phree
Tobi Phree Hace un día
Both teams were great examples and they made all of us proud. The players were true warriors while being respectful and good sportsmen.
espoir Hace un día
The last 10 minutes of this match was extremely stressful
Samuel Challis
Samuel Challis Hace un día
1:33 watch Dest’s face as he gets the header off and realizes it might be the one
joesakic91 Hace un día
Even if Tim Weah's goal counted to make it 2-0, Iran refused to quit and the USMNT passed a stern test to hold Team Melli off for the win despite running out of gas late. The USMNT will have another stern test against the high flying Netherlands on Saturday as they lead off the Round of 16.
Kariné Poghosyan
Kariné Poghosyan Hace 2 días
Ok was anyone else completely drained at the end of this game ?!?! Phew 😅 those added 9 minutes felt like a century 😂 what amazing spirit did the US guys show!!! Massive kudos! And Pulisic is a warrior 💪 no offense to Holland, but I am going to say we actually have a chance to go further 😊 🤞
sofiarays Hace un día
@BruceLee'sDJstudio Definitely not Germany, who are sitting last in their group with one point. The US team drew against England, who have a spectacular team. Only Brazil is a class above everyone. The rest all have a shot to make it to the final.
Rosa Martini
Rosa Martini Hace un día
@BruceLee'sDJstudiothey didn’t get murdered by England
debanjan nag
debanjan nag Hace un día
@BruceLee'sDJstudio Lets see.
Kariné Poghosyan
Kariné Poghosyan Hace un día
@Paul Sievers ughh same 😆😆😆🤣🥲
Kariné Poghosyan
Kariné Poghosyan Hace un día
@BruceLee'sDJstudio I totally see your point but I also have plenty of games where every single one of those “big dog” teams you mention have gotten their tails handed to them in massive shocker games ( didn’t Germany lose already once in such a shocker in this WC!?) so… I have learned to never say never! 😉 That’s why this is called the beautiful game! Anything can happen ..🤞☺️
Jordan A
Jordan A Hace un día
USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 It should have been 2-0, he was not off! And it wasn't reviewed? 🤔🤔🤔
yorman villatoro
yorman villatoro Hace un día
Everyone played spectacular, sergino and Jedi especially
Brandon Duncan
Brandon Duncan Hace un día
weah’s goal should’ve counted, it was so close that it shouldn’t be overturned
Omar Amwas
Omar Amwas Hace un día
Historic game team USA best of luck in knockout against Netherlands 🇳🇱 🇺🇸
Soulr Hace 2 días
This team deserved to advance 👏
William Hace un día
I love love love soccer, especially when they score and the whole team cuddles and makes out. So sweet.
Macias712 Hace un día
Iran got a little taste of FREEDOM 🇺🇸🦅
Cherielyn Whalen
Cherielyn Whalen Hace un día
That would have been a tie game with that ball so free to go in but that save- nobody is talking about that save being as important than the goal.
Charles Hsieh Alaska
Massive respect for both Iran 🇮🇷 and the US team. Incredible.
bmt22033 Hace 2 días
Well that was an exciting game! Both teams played hard but I was proud to see my country prevail when it was over. I was also happy to see some sportsmanship from both sides out on the pitch. Much love from the American people to the Iranian people!
Ali Hace 2 días
@A W That is correct.
Gary Loftin
Gary Loftin Hace 2 días
@Idk Dino 🦕 Iran would have been lucky, also!!!! Not a dedicated fan but, after this, I may be.
A W Hace 2 días
Imagine if soccer/football were the top sport in the US from the beginning (late 1800s) and the US had a proper soccer/football culture like almost every other country in the world. The US would have already won multiple World Cups by now
Ali Hace 2 días
@Ed Mendelssohn ,Agreed.I look forward to USA vs Netherlands and Senegal vs England now.This has been a great FIFA world cup so far.
Ed Mendelssohn
Ed Mendelssohn Hace 2 días
@Ali well, the USA was playing that strategy in the second half. I know it makes more sense to do that with the lead but they were giving up waaay too many good chances!
rockey micky
rockey micky Hace un día
There is still being some hypocrisy in this game, nobody talks about the referee poor performance.
Kiram_toRahbari Hace un día
This USA team is something else. I am an Iranian fan but even before the game I was terrified. This USA team is bound to surprise and I bet you they will reach the semifinal and lose only on inexperience
Samuel I
Samuel I Hace un día
I’m just learning this game and it’s rules.. and I understand that goal was nullified for offsides… but how is it a penalty to get behind the defense on an offensive assault with pure hustle and be penalized for it? Camping out behind them.. I could see. Out hustling them to get in scoring position is different IMO. To me that’s like saying a wide receiver can’t catch the football 🏈 if he extends deeper down the field than any corner or safety. Someone help me grow.
MegaAmo2000 Hace un día
2:15 No offside in my book. Should have been the well-deserved second goal.
Oniiiiiiiina Hace 2 días
Pulisic traded his balls for a goal what a hero.
Z A Hace 2 días
I heard that he was sent back down to the U18s after the game. Poor guy
w7lves Hace 2 días
He’ll be taking that Soccer ball home, so it’s only a net loss of one ball
JThom2011 Hace 2 días
@Oswald Huynh lmao oh god!!! Talk about abortion before abortion.
lemon Hace 2 días
@ Kyle greenfield not anymore.
Kyle Greenfield
Kyle Greenfield Hace 2 días
Pulisic has some balls for that goal🤣
Cyrus Parsa
Cyrus Parsa Hace un día
As an Iranian fan, I congratulate USA. Now that you barely beat us, I wish you win the World Cup! Good luck Yankees.👍
The Dark Rapist
The Dark Rapist Hace 18 horas
"Yank" is racist, bruh
KT Hace un día
As a brazilian-american im extremely proud of both of my teams! 🇧🇷🇺🇸
Jonathan González
Jonathan González Hace 11 horas
@Ayoo Rigth
Ayoo Hace un día
Id choose America >> brazil if you live in America and able to enjoy all these benefits and possible luxurious life
Meg Shimatsu
Meg Shimatsu Hace un día
Brazil will probably win the WC.
Trefoil Hace un día
So far, they are the only two teams from the Americas to qualify for the knockout round, all the others are either eliminated or in a precarious spot.
ooga booga
ooga booga Hace un día
@Steven it’s over for the usa unless they get some sort of miracle 💀
Cemre Demir
Cemre Demir Hace 2 días
I’m so proud of our boys!! 5 Points in 3 games!
Man Halen
Man Halen Hace un día
Been watching this team for 30 years now and this is by far the most talented squad we've ever had, better than the 2002 team. And everyone is relatively healthy and card free now.
Man Halen
Man Halen Hace 14 horas
@Jani girl I woulda said that about previous US teams. All this current squad needs to do is play their game.
Jani girl
Jani girl Hace 20 horas
🙏 it’s going to take a lot to beat The Netherlands
Golds S
Golds S Hace 2 días
The US team maybe one of the youngest group but they are not bad at all, they are a very determined group that is just so full of energy. The future is bright! Let’s go USA, enjoy & have fun! 🇺🇸
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