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MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch - Irish People Try Whiskey with...pickle juice?! Oh no...
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We all love whiskey - have we mentioned that? Who doesn't! So to mix things up, we decided to get a variety of drinks to mix up with whiskey, and see how 'weird' each of our Irish People thought these concotions we were...
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John Sharpson: TRY.Media/John
Lolsy Byrne: TRY.Media/Lolsy
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
Donal Sharpson: TRY.Media/Donal
Brian Gallagher: TRY.Media/Brian
Ciara O'Doherty: TRY.Media/Ciara

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18 mar 2019






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Comentarios 1 754
J'Mar Michael Joyce
J'Mar Michael Joyce Hace 47 minutos
When Ciara said babe she meant me 😍
David McDonald
David McDonald Hace 48 minutos
So the internet says Foynes in County Limerick invented the Irish coffee?
wolfmanjim Hace 3 horas
You guys were pickled!
John Geis
John Geis Hace 7 horas
Went to a bar...ordered a Jameson neat...i was asked if I wanted a pickle back. I never heard of that before...asked what do you mean? Told it was served with a serving of pickle juice...asked what kind..since I don't care to dill pickles but Love garlic pickles..they were offering garlic pickle juice...So I tried it. Twas a Yummy combo. I wouldn't have enjoyed it mixed together.
AL C Hace 10 horas
You eevil peepil
Christopher Shouse
Christopher Shouse Hace 13 horas
Ciara is a alcoholic
dennis h
dennis h Hace 17 horas
Yes beer and wiskey we call a boilermaker
Sean Carter
Sean Carter Hace 17 horas
Some fucking idiot gives me pickle juice to drink and the lad is going to get some bloody teeth
jenny hopes
jenny hopes Hace 18 horas
I do vodka and pickled tomatoes...
TOBY B Hace 22 horas
It's called a Boiler Maker. Drop the shot class in mug of beer
Katie B
Katie B Hace 22 horas
Ugh... you don’t drink the pickle juice WITH the whiskey! You do a shot of the whiskey and THEN a shot of the juice! Lol
Dennis Thornton
Dennis Thornton Hace 23 horas
What song is that from?? I can't find it!!
Fyrecide Hace 23 horas
Ciara, still reigning champ of drinking ANYTHING alcoholic lol.
Jeraimie Hace 23 horas
Supposed to shoot the whiskey then shoot the pickle juice
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer Hace un día
Oi Johnny we need that fair ambassador
Jarrett Witcher
Jarrett Witcher Hace un día
I have this very strong crush on shannon she is soo amazing
Matthew Costello
Matthew Costello Hace un día
Ciara has beautiful eyes
Chris Marksberry
Chris Marksberry Hace un día
Wrong pickles (should be regular dill spear or a hot pickle), and you're not supposed to mix it together XD Its called a pickle back shot. You shoot the whiskey and then shoot the pickle juice.
chloe Essa
chloe Essa Hace un día
Why isn’t dermot in this!?
jeff pierce
jeff pierce Hace un día
John needs to cut a record he has a nice voice
Zach's Zone
Zach's Zone Hace un día
Ciara has become my spirit animal
notmeeee2001 Hace un día
Wiskey in my beer is my favorite drink you used to call it a boilermaker
Zachariah Hace un día
Definitely need to try a light beer with a bit of jager in it
Nomthandazo Sibiya
Nomthandazo Sibiya Hace 2 días
The Sharpson brother's are so hot❤️❤️❤️I actually seek out videos they are in
Corey Johnston
Corey Johnston Hace 2 días
0:02 and the comfort level is already zero.
Frank Bowne
Frank Bowne Hace 2 días
Instant coffee is so 1950.
Lurkian Danti
Lurkian Danti Hace 3 días
Shannon airport))
Keely Hardin
Keely Hardin Hace 3 días
"Here is 10 shots. Have at thee." Luverlee.
unki3259 Hace 3 días
whiskey and beer is a thing, and it's called a boilermaker in the u.s.
Nicholas Mathis
Nicholas Mathis Hace 4 días
Ciara is the love of my life on first sight
Linky609 Hace 4 días
"you absolute scallywag!" I think I'm in love.
Jordan Kelemen
Jordan Kelemen Hace 5 días
I swear Donald ages backward or he's a vampire.
JordanHoward17 Hace 5 días
its a shot of whiskey chased by dill pickle juice
MegaSugarManiac Hace 6 días
"Its like an onion, but its a pickle" I doubt I have ever heard anything more enlightening.
MysterioTheNinja Hace 6 días
Right when I saw Shannon on the video screenshot I clicked on the video faster than I have in a long time for you guys
treeflamingo Hace 6 días
Nooooo, you don't use *gherkin* pickle juice! You use sour pickle juice. And you don't mix the two together, you do it as shots. I promise, it's delicious that way.
Muzikrazy213 Hace 6 días
4:24 can a native Irishman (or woman) please translate this phrase John says? Starts off "that would rub ya granny.." or something similar
Jazzmin Orozco
Jazzmin Orozco Hace 6 días
@Musikrazy213 He says “that would rob your granny and take her purse for 5 euros a leave her dead”
Philip Cavanagh
Philip Cavanagh Hace 7 días
Hold it, that's a pickle shot, which can't be mixed, love that drink.
jon bown
jon bown Hace 7 días
God i wish i could grow a beard like his.
earlbond007 Hace 8 días
Try Malibu and root beer lol
bmxriderforlife1234 Hace 8 días
Jesus you’d think the Irish would know what a boiler maker is. Shot and a beer.
bob gnarly
bob gnarly Hace 8 días
Ciara has great teeth
jugular56 Hace 8 días
How have you never heard of a boiler-maker?
Katelyn Miller
Katelyn Miller Hace 6 días
Thats what I came to say 😂
Jenna Klinghoffer
Jenna Klinghoffer Hace 8 días
Straight away: drunk
The Wail of a Dying Coyote
Is Ciara ever not tryna smash?
Jeff Pittman
Jeff Pittman Hace 8 días
Whiskey Girl!
DjJtown Hace 9 días
Ciara isn't an alcoholic, she's an alcohol connoisseur! She also Hot AF!
steffan wamsley
steffan wamsley Hace 9 días
apocolips13 Hace 9 días
The guy singing at the beginning was very good
danielle bailey
danielle bailey Hace 9 días
You guys got it all wrong! You’re supposed to take a shot of whiskey and then a shot of pickle juice. It’s lovely that way
Arnaud Ménard
Arnaud Ménard Hace 9 días
Pickle-backs are great! But I am more use to shooter sized ones.
Rhythm Frame [big e]
Rhythm Frame [big e] Hace 10 días
Should of made them do a pickle back shot instead of it mixed
Mercedes Heisterberg
Mercedes Heisterberg Hace 10 días
4:24 wtf?!😂😂
Geriatric Gaming
Geriatric Gaming Hace 10 días
In america the whiskey beer is a boiler maker.
guitardude613 guitardude613
If he is from the town where coffee was invented then he is Ethiopian not Irish I googled it lying bastard cunt coffee was not created in Ireland it was created in Ethiopia moronic idiot cock munching douchebag
* Hace 9 días
He meant “Irish coffee”...a type of mixed drink. In Ireland many Irish drink their coffee with a shot of whiskey. The coffee “bean” is native to the African continent.
Eduardo Mora
Eduardo Mora Hace 10 días
Damn, I love Ciara. She drinks as much alcohol as me.
Sean Heans
Sean Heans Hace 10 días
Dang, nice singing!
RAMONA Fisher Hace 10 días
You’re supposed to take the pickle and whiskey as a shot definitely not sipping haha-
Kewonerdk Hace 11 días
“”Beer with water” well that makes sense after drinking whiskey with an Irish.
JeffthaJuggalo Hace 11 días
Weird brag, but i have actually done all of these. Just experimenting with liquor.
MrJimijoe Hace 11 días
whiskey in a shot and pickle juice in a shot is proper not mixed.... it's call a pickle back do the whiskey shot then the pickle shot
Bigbrothathunda 69
Bigbrothathunda 69 Hace 11 días
Bro Ciara is a gd savage
Edward Hafner
Edward Hafner Hace 11 días
A pickle-back shot is a shot of whiskey, then a shot of pickle juice. Not mixed together.
TheARobb21 Hace 12 días
Pickle juice should be served as a separate shot, it’s called a pickle back. Still disgusting, but better than a straight up mix.
AvangionQ Hace 12 días
Whiskey + any sweet fruit juice ... pretty much doesn't matter which fruit juice, long as it's sweet. 🍓 I'll have one of these a week, rather enjoyable ... 🍹
Craig Fox
Craig Fox Hace 12 días
The pickle one was done completely wrong. A proper pickle back is a shot of Jameson with a shot(or a sip) of pickle juice afterwards.
Karnivor65 Hace 14 días
What a great singing voice
Nights Spell
Nights Spell Hace 14 días
~* Hey.. America here hehe... *waves flag of peace* hehe... 4:20 most likely ;p ... anyways...you cute guys all have long forheads...??? I have a big head...Im Native American/French..still .. big head.. but.. not big forhead :p Just saying... rambling... love you guyz :D!!*~
Anti Aleks
Anti Aleks Hace 14 días
The irish/scottish accent is the pinnacle of human evolution
Chris Brunson
Chris Brunson Hace 14 días
Irish coffee....hold the coffee.... In fact any of these drinks just ruin a good drink ( whisky) by adding other crap to it.
Joe Minton
Joe Minton Hace 14 días
We need like a 2 brush and some 2 paste..............lol Shannons accent is adorable!
Philip Bary
Philip Bary Hace 15 días
Think Shannon would be fun to party with she cute knows how to party but got a scary streak
J&J Bassing
J&J Bassing Hace 15 días
Shannon is just the most adorable person ever. I could probably watch her, watch paint dry and she would find some way to make it entertaining
Russ Lampula
Russ Lampula Hace 15 días
The pickle and whiskey should be separate take a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice WAY better that way! “Pickle backs” are AMAZING
heyzooz Hace 15 días
Coincidentally I'm drinking whiskey and coffee right now haha
Vanessa McLean
Vanessa McLean Hace 15 días
Is Brian and Ciara together? They are the cutest!!! She can drink any man under the table too.
D_BAK Hace 15 días
I actually do whiskey and beer. If I get a below average whiskey i just pair it with beer and its good. The trick is ratio have to be at least 30:70.
Country Girl
Country Girl Hace 16 días
i LOVE LOVE the Irish accent!! lol id like to have one of ya'll make me a voicemail greeting 😊
John Trujillo
John Trujillo Hace 16 días
Whiskey with pickle juice for chaser.... That's the way it's supposed to be.
Jacob Prince
Jacob Prince Hace 16 días
No leather jacket guy?!?!
Avery Clayvon
Avery Clayvon Hace 16 días
Tennessee whiskey shot + pickle juice shot = Tennessee hooker
Jajinkah Hace 16 días
It's like a fucked up version of malibu lol
Vintage Marion
Vintage Marion Hace 16 días
Love this, just wanted to say the “shot” of whiskey in beer is called a boilermaker ( shot of whiskey in beer), also traditionally pickle juice is used as a SHOT after a SHOT of whiskey. Seeing them as cocktails, so to speak, made me laugh so much.
Rick Therrien
Rick Therrien Hace 17 días
That would rob your granny and take her purse and leave her dead for five euro lol
Shana Martin
Shana Martin Hace 17 días
What in the sweet divine of jesus is that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shana Martin
Shana Martin Hace 17 días
I really love Irish people 😂😂😂😂😂
Gideon Bowman
Gideon Bowman Hace 17 días
Rum and beer!
Capullo Hace 17 días
Is that eddie durkins missus
12 Tree
12 Tree Hace 17 días
Where's George? I miss him doing these drinking challenges.
melvin reed
melvin reed Hace 17 días
My dog got off my lap when she said NoNoNo😂
Samantha Ashley
Samantha Ashley Hace 17 días
Shannon, Lolsy, Johnny and Ciara are too bloody hilarious
Roko Gaming
Roko Gaming Hace 17 días
"I'm not an alcoholic. Let's stop that narrative right now" "I like the coffee one, it was WAAAYYY stronger." LMFAO
Bri MacD
Bri MacD Hace 18 días
Ciara "I'm not an alcoholic" doesn't react to any alcohol, unphased by everything. Tolerance of steel
Roy Perkins
Roy Perkins Hace 11 horas
She actually did react to the coffee and whiskey she's emune to alcohol but she's exceptionally vunrerable to caffeine ! And apparently she's attracted to older men first Dermit,now Brian she's a goddess no doubt!
ChrisS82 Hace un día
She can't drink this Florida boy under the table.
unclejack123 Hace 3 días
apologies to Ciara - but, after reading these comments, you can understand why there is more than one definition for Infantile Paralysis ........................ ;-p
+nathan Farmer r/niceguys
sjgomes89 Hace 8 días
+nathan Farmer Shes still not going to touch your penis
DannyBoy33 Mc
DannyBoy33 Mc Hace 18 días
You aren't supposed to mix the whiskey and pickle juice you take them in shots or just sip the pickle juice after the shot of whiskey.
Peachez McGuire
Peachez McGuire Hace un día
Yesss! Picklebacks are LIFE
Shea Spears
Shea Spears Hace 10 días
DannyBoy33 Mc also it is dill pickles.....
finamarie7 Hace 18 días
I flippin love these videos
BernieT2122 Hace 18 días
Beer and whiskey... A two step in Texas, and a Citywide on the East Coast. If one drinks it in one attempt without stopping, it is called a boilermaker. The drink has been around since before the 1830s. Lets have some respect for a fine drink!
Dave White
Dave White Hace 17 días
LOVE boilermakers!!
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Hace 18 días
Is that Lolsy's orgasm face? LOL
morgan herens
morgan herens Hace 18 días
Gina Pepitone
Gina Pepitone Hace 19 días
Pickle backs! Big thing here in the states. Shot of Jameson and chase with pickle juice!
Evilqueen1985 Hace 19 días
I don't understand why FACTS had to close, but Irish People Try exists. Its literally the same channel...
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