Irish Potato Famine - The Young and the Old - Extra History - #5

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Irish leaders entered the picture when the 1847 Poor Laws backfired, leading landowners to mass-evict their starving tenants. Daniel O'Connell tried to maintain an alliance with the Whigs, and failed. The Young Irelanders split off from the Repeal Association, and as a result, both the rebellious and the moderate minds of the country lost significant traction, unable to fight the famine alone.
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By: Tiffany Román

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16 mar 2019






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Extra Credits
Extra Credits Hace un mes
By the time that the first healthy harvest arrived in 1849, a million people had died due to prejudiced men writing bad policy-a stark warning of what happens when poor relief becomes a tool of political ideology. But in a world where 1 in 8 people are malnourished, the Republic of Ireland today has turned its deepest psychological scar into a call to action. Oxfam Ireland: www.oxfamireland.org/change Oxfam America: secure2.oxfamamerica.org/page/contribute/donate You can also support our production of Extra History and help us pick what stories we should explore next, by joining our Patreon here: bit.ly/EHPatreon
James Walsh
James Walsh Hace 13 días
The UK also gives a lot of foreign aid. Just saying.
j and c
j and c Hace 28 días
I would like to see you do one on the troubles next ,while still on the subject of ireland
Small Tablet
Small Tablet Hace 29 días
Oisin Creaner
Oisin Creaner Hace un mes
+Thomas Richardson you can pay in Euro and your bank will deduct from your account an amount in dollars equivalent to the Euros you've paid (plus some commission for the exchange). One Euro is worth slightly more than one dollar, so unless you're looking to be really precise with your accounting, just pick an amount that you'd be comfortable paying in Dollars and pay that in Euro. (e.g. if you would have happily paid twenty bucks, put in €20, and it will probably be ~$22-23)
iziPzi Hace un mes
Would love to see a series on napolionic wars
Badhammy865 Hace 2 días
3:40 wtf did anyone else notice the dude on the right?
BecauseICan Hace 5 días
8:05 *"uuuUUUUUUUuuuuUUUUUUuuuGGGGGGGGgggggggHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh"*
Nico Sando
Nico Sando Hace 5 días
anybody notice gritty
OatGuardian Hace 5 días
kein mcgill
kein mcgill Hace 6 días
Erin go Bragh!
connor griffin
connor griffin Hace 6 días
so did anyone else notice the creepy Philidelphia flyers mascot in the background at 3:35 ?
Lucas Wallace
Lucas Wallace Hace 6 días
"Sometimes bad mans die in their sleep." Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the wise?
Cú Chulainn
Cú Chulainn Hace 7 días
We need more Irish Edit: By that I mean more people willing to donate to charity.
Eevee the Flareon
Eevee the Flareon Hace 8 días
6:09 i heard you had tacos
Redgum Hace 9 días
I lived in Ireland for only a small time, but despite my nationality being so different (Korean), I fell in love the moment I saw those green hills. Hopefully one day I can return, and make it my adopted home, as much as I would like. Wonderful work, and god bless.
Brandon Thach
Brandon Thach Hace 9 días
3:40 that guys face all the way on the right tho
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy Hace 11 días
This was a brilliant series.
Tuck Hoi Chan
Tuck Hoi Chan Hace 11 días
This whole thing as well as being britain s whole history makes me one to never support brits in the past.CT should have had his grave destroyed ,his body dug up and burnt to total ashes, and his family lines eradicated.
Veselka Hace 12 días
Ireland is a Mrs. Ireland 😀
Veselka Hace 12 días
Healthy carrots killed purple parrots
Lol 86
Lol 86 Hace 14 días
How can anyone be more cruel to Ireland than Queen Victoria? Oliver Cromwell: hold my beer
SamuriLemonX18 Hace 14 días
I find your characterisation of Ireland as a world leader in foreign food/development aid....strange. They give 0.45% of GDP in aid, winch is just over the minimum legal requirement of the EU of 0.42%. For comparison the UK gives 0.72% of GDP which amounts to about 20x the amount of money Ireland gives. In terms of %GDP, the "world leaders" are the Scandinavian countries, all giving over 1% of their GDP to foreign aid. Ireland doesn't even rank in the top 10 for either measurement. So why may I ask, is this the characterisation you give? Because honestly, it's flat out wrong.
Lyman Larson
Lyman Larson Hace 15 días
3:34 It's our Lord and Savior... GRITTY!!!
World Studios
World Studios Hace 15 días
Who else is now more greatful than ever to french fries?
Internet Education
Internet Education Hace 16 días
1:44 "_Not very much, given her wealth, actually_" As opposed to the revered roman catholics? Ireland's supposed enlightenment? The Pope's contribution paled in comparison to the Queen's.
Black Swan
Black Swan Hace 18 días
O Connell called him Orange Peel. Literally true fact.
TheEuropean Hace 20 días
01:48 Turks arent Indians or Arabs we look like Greeks or Russians pls make us look like what we are
Eevee the Flareon
Eevee the Flareon Hace 20 días
6:13 love that spongebob reference
Mr. Pick21
Mr. Pick21 Hace 20 días
3:34 the face on the right haunts my dreams
Cupcake Queen Wojo
Cupcake Queen Wojo Hace 21 un día
Old Ireland: we don't wanna fight. Young Ireland: we will fight if we have to Old Ireland in private: sic your dongs on em! Young Ireland: *running in circles* AHH WHAT DO WE DO!!! That's about my understanding of what happens most of the time. Also the goverment screwed them.
Michelle Evans
Michelle Evans Hace 21 un día
Dublineers? That's not a term ...
Anthony Doherty
Anthony Doherty Hace 21 un día
You had to renounce your faith to get soup this say many more die needlessly and irish land lords were not the the land owners but puppets while irish were starving the put food on ships to England we grow more than 1 vegetable you know
E S Hace 21 un día
1:52 one should mention that the sultan wanted to give 10 times the amounts that he sent, but the British crown refused to accept so much help because it "would make the crown look bad"
vazak11 Hace 21 un día
The ending was well done, kudos.
Shyguyplays9 Hace 21 un día
Are we just going to forget about the spongebob reference?
Angus Yang
Angus Yang Hace 21 un día
Finally the Ottomans get mentioned here as helping out the Irish. Sultan Abdulmecid I had heard about it from his Irish doctor, and sent aid accordingly. Even though the British tried to restrict most of it, the ships still secretly delivered the extra supplies.
jassLmhn Hace 21 un día
Ireland is a lovely country and are lovely people, I visited some years ago, glad to see you mentioned how Mexico helped with aid, here in Mexico we remember the Saint Patrick's Battalion, which changed sides to support Mexico in the Mexican-American war, and their descents are still living here, I wish we had had more Irish immigration here!
F Morneweck
F Morneweck Hace 21 un día
3:35 the man on the far right is the incarnation of fear.
peope1976 Hace 21 un día
I'm crying like heck. How cruel people can be.
Mr.Tobacco Hace 23 días
The story of the Ottoman help is kinda a interesting story: A Irish man sneaks into a random trade ship and cames to Konstantiniyye, when he learn where he is he start telling people the story of the famine. Many people don't believes him actually majorty of the people doesn't understands him, they even don't know what or where Ireland is. One day this Irish man comes into the Topkapı Palace (Residence of the Sultan) he tries to enter but Guards not allows him. He tries to tell his story but as usually Guards doesn't understand him. Everyday he tries to enter the palace so he can talk with the Sultan and ask for help but everyday he get caught and finally they arrest him and throw him to the jail in Topkapı Palace. A Pasha hears this and goes to talk with him, he talks with the Irıish guy and hears the story. He couldn't believe what the Irish man said and when he learned Irish wants to talk with Sultan, Pasha agrees and goes to talk with the Grand Vizier. And Grand Vizier tell this to the Sultan Abdülmecid I. Sultan quickly calls the Irish man to his court and when Guards brought the Irish guy to him he gets sad to his condition. Irish guy tells the horrible story of his country for hours, he explains how he came to Konstantiniyye. Abdülmecid quickly order his Vizier to prepare the largest ship in the Ottoman Navy to transport help to Ireland. In same time he sends latter to the Queen Victoria, in that time Ally of the Ottoman Empire. He offers to send 10.000 gold to the Irish people but Queen Victoria only allows 2000. With 2000 gold, beside the Sultan's help also people of Konstantiniyye donate their foods,drinks,fruits etc. and thosa load into the ship then ship set sails to the Ireland... This is the story i heard i don't know how much of these true but it's still proud thing to see my ancestors helped people in need...It's still making me sad Europeans calling we Turks barbarians.
🐆Phoenix The Cheetah 🐆
N O T T H E P O T A T O S ! ! ! ! !
Humble Soldier
Humble Soldier Hace 24 días
Who's cutting onions in here? Damn emotion ninjas. Ireland is a great nation.
Facts don’t care about your feelings
Damn I thought the guy in the casket in the beginning was bilbo baggins
Ian L
Ian L Hace 25 días
3:34 what the hell is that one face its... Its fooking grimace's sp00ky cousin
Tonks Moriarty
Tonks Moriarty Hace 26 días
No wonder British school refuse to teach this topic, I hate Westminster even more now.
01 Megalomaniac
01 Megalomaniac Hace 26 días
Are we.. gunna gloss over the face at 3:36?.. Yes? Okay, then
Fid Marcano
Fid Marcano Hace 26 días
All of this made me cry. I so Venezuela :( I feel everyhing in this series
Tortilla Master
Tortilla Master Hace 26 días
what is going on with that mans face on 3:40 face
Karan Bhatt
Karan Bhatt Hace 27 días
This is not in play list I think
Joshuah Mitchell
Joshuah Mitchell Hace 27 días
Irish good by . leaves. Irish good by. Ok by good by see you tomorrow morning okay okay okay by good by then but... okay nevermind good by
cameron120587 Hace 27 días
Just to point out, your map of the Republic of Ireland at 9:56 shows the whole island of Ireland, which includes Northern Ireland, part of the UK.
Rick Morrison
Rick Morrison Hace 27 días
3:36 gritty
C is for communism F is for facism
This shit is pretty boring. Why cant we go back to having actually interesting topics?
IndiaBall RohanDalvi
IndiaBall RohanDalvi Hace 28 días
do one on bengal famine too , brits did the same with mix of racism
Lowkey Sykes
Lowkey Sykes Hace 28 días
816 million of those donations will be pocketed by the politicians who will be incharge of those once given.
j and c
j and c Hace 28 días
I would like to see him do the troubles next while still on the subject of ireland
DoubleATam Hace 28 días
So... Everyone died the end, and also history repeats
Dan Helsting
Dan Helsting Hace 28 días
Just because a failed man in knight a hero of his backwards beliefs of yesterday - does not mean we can't spit on his grave today. (# only history will judge us)
Nikhil Manian
Nikhil Manian Hace 27 días
History judged. The dude was bad.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Hace 28 días
Do a series on the great depression please
TheSaber210 Hace 28 días
dublineer is pronounced Dubliner
Abdulrahman AbuZubaydah
Can u do extra history about "almoravid empire"
Gödeke Michels
Gödeke Michels Hace 29 días
9:56 the Republic of Ireland shown including Northern Ireland. Extra Credits political commentary? Preperation for the expected future of post Brexit expecting a reunification? Or yet another small mistake? Who knows.
Justinian The Great Emperor
6:08 "THE BLACK AND TANS OPEN UP" *smashes door*
C Toea
C Toea Hace 29 días
9:43 This world is full of injustice.Something has to be done.We need better things
cinnamonpiefin Hace 29 días
ah yes i'm sure we're all aware of how bloodless the french revolution was, no mass execution of nobility here lads
The Senate
The Senate Hace 29 días
bruh moment
Jey Dey
Jey Dey Hace 29 días
Napoleonic war pls
Jan Kasal
Jan Kasal Hace 29 días
You should make an episode about ban Josip Jelačić from Croatia ps-(Im from Croatia)
Alfredo Ibarra
Alfredo Ibarra Hace 29 días
Ireland is also a major tax haven for corporations (Apple).
Null Set
Null Set Hace un mes
The story of the Sultans aid makes a nice story but there's really no hard evidence to back it up.
BlackAhorn Hace un mes
3:35 What the heck is this face on the right?
jgallag90 Hace un mes
That's supposedly when half my ancestors immigrated to the US.
Nathan Cosgrove
Nathan Cosgrove Hace un mes
What a series. I've taught my children about the history of our family, why our ancestors left, and why we are who we are. Very well done.
Alexander Korol
Alexander Korol Hace un mes
9:38 She should've applied more pressure! That would've been great!
connla Hace un mes
we call them dubs, not dublineers
thecroc Hace un mes
Do the House of Vasa next!
Prajakta Bonde
Prajakta Bonde Hace un mes
Please do a series on the Bengal famine or Madras famine or Bihar famine in India. People in the west are never taught about the atrocities the Britishers brought upon colonial India and the millions of deaths they caused. It's horrifying
B Saxon
B Saxon Hace un mes
Just FYI Ireland only gives 0.22% of GNI to international development aid, where as the 'evil' Brits give 0.67% away... I'm not taking away from the fact that what happened back then was terrible policy I just thought I'd clarify that point.
chans h
chans h Hace un mes
3:34 who else thinks that smiling guy in the far right is creepy
chans h
chans h Hace un mes
well now i know its comrade gritty
Thomas Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell Hace un mes
I wonder what would happen if a crop loss like that happened today probably the same thing that would happen of ether the soy or maize crop failed here
Francisco Chango
Francisco Chango Hace un mes
And then a century and a half later the Venezuelans one upped the Irish in mass migrations with 6 million+ and counting.
Tuathal the True
Tuathal the True Hace un mes
Would love to see an extra history series on the Easter Rising. Just a thought
Tuathal the True
Tuathal the True Hace un mes
English parliament don't give a fig about Ireland except where it effects and can be manipulated by themselves? Shocking how things DON'T change!
Tejaskarthick Thangaperumal
Do a video about Indian revolution
Finn Doye
Finn Doye Hace un mes
Honey Cat
Honey Cat Hace un mes
Welsh coal mine strike please
CallMeMAKY Hace un mes
3:35 (far right silhouette) welp I'm not sleeping tonight
DasTemplar 96
DasTemplar 96 Hace un mes
Minorities: Man, White people never had it bad- Slav from the Ottoman Empire: *Ahem* Pole from WW2: *Ahem* Italian Immigrant to America: *Ahem* Gaul during Roman Republic: *Ahem* Spaniard in 600s AD: *Ahem* German Jew in 1930s: *Ahem* Polish Jew in 1940s: *Ahem* Irishman throughout history: *aHeM*
Vontacompton Hace un mes
Needs to be remembered that Queen Victoria tried to limit the aid that the Ottoman sultan was sending, because it made her look bad if she wasn't sending as much aid as a foreign power. i.e. it was legit a genocide
Vivaan Dua
Vivaan Dua Hace un mes
Who else thought that jack septic eye should’ve voiced this
Ritzy Cupcake
Ritzy Cupcake Hace un mes
Thanks for making this I have learnt so much!
aryamman sahlot
aryamman sahlot Hace un mes
You can make a video on Indian empires please?????
Greg Howe
Greg Howe Hace un mes
The UK leaving the EU could cause issues between Northern Ireland and Ireland, if they throw up a hard border between the 2 nations the time of troubles could return
Commander_Discord Hace un mes
Fucking Gritty at 3:35
John.E Hace un mes
do a video on Merril's Marauders or modern Israli war
LochNess 96
LochNess 96 Hace un mes
The Pope and the Sultan gave more then what was meant to be our queen, disgusting. But we never excepted Brit rule and kept on rebelling!
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart Hace un mes
That is so beautiful. Humanity prevails.
MustardLadyAsmr Hace un mes
3:35 is that gritty on the right? 😂
Kev Hace un mes
march 29, 2020 do brexit :)
Foundations Medical Informatics
If you get a chance, look up the Irish Famine Memorial in Dublin. Of all the memorials I have seen in my life, it is certainly one of the most impactful. However, I think that such a somber testament to famine is necessary. If we don't remember our past, we will surely repeat it.
Virtual Origin
Virtual Origin Hace un mes
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey Hace un mes
Pope pius what a name
David Zhang
David Zhang Hace un mes
Manjot Minhas
Manjot Minhas Hace un mes
I know I need a patreon account but can you do Ranjit's Singh life, the last great indian ruler of the the independent indian bastion back then. You guys can suggest in patreon
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