Is Comedy DEAD? (feat. Marvel, Jordan Peele, Men In Black) - Wisecrack Edition

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Pure comedies have all but vanished from the big screen, and the ones that are made tend to flounder at the box office. Is the genre deader than a bad yo mama joke, or totally alive and well? Let’s find out in this Wisecrack Edition: Is Comedy Dead?

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Written by: Amanda Scherker
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Hosted by: Michael Burns
Editing and Motion Graphics by: Jackson Maher
Produced by: Evan Yee

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7 sep 2019






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Santiago Rodriguez Orjuela
One point i thought you guys were going to get at is the idea that comedy itself relies a lot in language and as much as we want to globalize the industry, comedy is more regional. As a foreigner non English speaker I didn't find friends funny until I became fluent in English. Similarly the comedy Dinner for Schmucks is kind of dum, but it is based on a hilarious french comedy that, again, relies a lot in puns and wordplay sole for the french language. I think Judd Apatow is right in the sense that comedy requires mastery of the language. the best example is perhaps Woddy Allen. He is a perhaps the best comedic writer, his movies are perhaps a hit or miss at he box office, but only two out the last six movies he has done have not surpassed the 10 million mark I also remember you guys made a video about the new trend in comedy that is makes you laugh but confronts you with human reality, like "the big sick" or "eight grade"
RUSSDIGITY117 Hace 12 horas
Stand up comedy has seen a resurgence in recent years. Especially with current outrage culture, political correctness, over the top political feuding, and of course racial relations seemingly getting worse stand ups are pushing the boundaries of what’s ok to say on stage. I think there’s been a big shift away from studio produced comedy, because no one wants to spend millions of dollars on a potentially risky comedy movie. That’s lead to the formulaic approach to mordern “comedy movies.” Stand up specials produced by Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc have seen huge upticks as they’re now the ones pushing the social envelope. Not movies. (S/O to Peele who is doing exactly that with Get Out)
Mengyang Hu
Mengyang Hu Hace un día
Mode it is.
Tadiwa Makova
Tadiwa Makova Hace 2 días
Comedy works on being provocative because the stuff we aren't supposed to talk about is the funniest stuff to talk about.
a person
a person Hace 2 días
When they make another comedy film that's actually funny, I'll go see it. It's that simple.
Is It Me You Looking For?
So this thing about comedy in superhero movies... I mean it's basically action comedy movies like rush hours, beverly hills cop or any action comedy movie with cops.... but instead of cops we have superheroes now. So it's nothing new. And i think we should remember that comedy (like any other mode or genre) it's changing all the time. Our fears changed and also our laughs. And last but not least - it's really hard to make decent comedy. And it's almost impossible to make an extremely good one. It's being smart, it's timing, it's knowing your audience and a lot of other shit. People are more and more aware of it and understand if they see stupid gag show or real comedy.
Askerton Hace 3 días
There should be a Wisecrack Deep or Dumb soon lol
Zephaniah Greenwell
Zephaniah Greenwell Hace 3 días
Yes comedy is dead. Mellinials killed it.
JPreciado Hace 4 días
I knew it was China!
Soul Crusher15
Soul Crusher15 Hace 5 días
Comedy is dead because so many people are offended by so many different things I am so tired of hearing that movie didn't age well or that guy shouldn't make jokes about certain things
Victor Wait
Victor Wait Hace 5 días
dude, your idea of 'what's funny' is a joke.
Arvas Dreven
Arvas Dreven Hace 5 días
Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but comedy isn't dead. It's been corrupted and bastardized by out of touch hacks that think "The Hangover worked, let's make 50 of 'em" and "Amy Schumer almost made me laugh when she called herself a slut, give her her own movie!" Not to mention the fact that pc culture is so rabid and no comics want to take chances and potentially get "me-too'd" like so many others. Check out Sticks and stones from Dave Chappelle. That is comedy. I don't necessarily agree with everything said, but he had the balls to say it. And that is what comedy is all about! Edit: Did he say Scary Movie was quality? Now, that's funny.
musicfilmhead90 Hace 6 días
"My mother died... I'm celebrating." I laughed my ass off when Arthur Fleck said this in Joker. That whole scene is dark comedy gold. Very unexpected was probably the main reason why it was hilarious to me.
Pc Salon
Pc Salon Hace 6 días
What about PC Culture?
Dean Lebeter
Dean Lebeter Hace 6 días
I also think it's because modern comedies treat audiences like idiots. Studios don't give audiences enough credit to their intelligence, creating films with dull, mind-numbing "comedy". In my opinion, even older comedies don't hold up because of how simplistic and lowbrow they are.
G A M E B O I Hace 6 días
So Ghostbusters was really just a dorky sci-fi movie all along!
DBNROP Hace 7 días
I'm not from China but Chinese comedies are really funny, especially when dubbed. "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle" are one of the best ones to watch. I mentioned those films because it's by the same guy who did "God of Cookery".
Will Engle
Will Engle Hace 7 días
From my own personal perspective, going to the theater is an investment, both in time and money. If I'm going to go out of my way to go see a movie, just to see it on a giant screen and surround sound audio, I want spectacle. I want something visually and phonically spellbinding. Comedy is probably my all-time favorite genre of movie, but I can enjoy "Superbad" or "40-year-old virgin" just as much on a laptop screen at home as I would watching it on a 30 foot screen. Probably even more to be honest. But you look at movies like the Marvel movies, or Star Wars, or one of these live action Disney remakes, and you just know that it's going to be a whole entirely different experience seeing it on the big screen. Watching End Game on a 12 inch wide laptop screen would serve it NO justice. The fact is with streaming services, how fast movies go from theater release to video these days, and with modern conveniences, the movie theater industry has been dying off in general. So when it comes to movies that are going to make someone say "WOW, I have GOT to see that one on the BIG SCREEN!" Standard comedies just aren't going to do it. Not to say they aren't great movies or in a great genre, just to say that no matter how excited I am to see it, I can wait for it to hit the internet instead of taking my ass to the theater.
J.P. Silva
J.P. Silva Hace 7 días
You just fucking called me a dumb patreon? That's it. I''m gonna find you... oh, DOPE patreon. Oh, geez. Yeah. Thanks. That's so funny. Yeah.
Francisco Ortega
Francisco Ortega Hace 7 días
hmm.. i kind of see it the other way... comedies with different subjects. great analysis.
Nicolas Acosta
Nicolas Acosta Hace 8 días
It's because most comedies are tame as fuck nowadays and no one wants to watch that shit. Hollywood is afraid to offend the snowflakes on Twitter so the movies end up being boring as fuck.
Ian Hace 8 días
Midsommar had some funny moments. 🥴
Sam Christie
Sam Christie Hace 8 días
I miss the days of over-the-top self-aware comedies. Movies like Kung Fury have somewhat brought that back nowadays, but I’d like to see more of it.
Kevin Andrews
Kevin Andrews Hace 9 días
Laughter is a social response. It is much easier to laugh with people than alone. We now tend to not watch movies as much in the theatres, or as a whole family as much anymore, so comedic movies might've fallen out of popularity due to that fact. Also it's hard to justify spending a movie ticket on a comedy with how expensive they gotten. Though comedy is still the most frequent thing I watch.
Sabela Torres
Sabela Torres Hace 9 días
All those big box office comedies were inappropriate. By todays standards they are in ways rude and chauvinistic. We live (weather its a good or a bad thing is up for debate) in the age of political correctness. I think what has happened is that comedy is no longer free. Ryan Murphy very cleverly (weather you're a fan or not) has found a way through by having very dislikable lead characters. So that he can be inappropriate through them.
roger smith
roger smith Hace 9 días
ITs like this Men about become SOYS As SOY BOYS catering to leftist women who dont want kids.. so pretend to like them only hoping to get laid from a friends with benefitis faze.. but in reality will also be alone depressed with their ankel down wackign off in mommies basement wining why movies are not funny as they virtue signal to get laid and refuse to stand up to soy and leftarts who destroy
prisonerofearth Hace 9 días
People still want to see blockbusters on the big screen but can't afford it for comedies (which aren't more thrilling on the big screen than the small screen). All your theory is bullshit. It's just that everyone is struggling in this crappy economy that ignores wage inequality and debt to focus only on GDP and profits for rich people. Trump is ruining comedy.
juan tellez
juan tellez Hace 10 días
most jokes in the marvel cinematic universe are really bad. the humor is so basic... they barely leave the surface of what´s literally happening in the scene. I really hope it stops if that´s "the future" of comedy. when you are immersed in a movie, you don´t need a stupid joke taking you away from the universe inside it. Im not saying all jokes are bad, what bothers me the most is the need of making every single character funny, even if they are a murderous villain... thats just stupid
Reovic Pace
Reovic Pace Hace 11 días
Edgar Wright! EDGAR WRIGHT!!!
ryler05 Hace 12 días
Oh I get it like a la mode a matter of presentation
Hidden Human
Hidden Human Hace 12 días
What was that movie that had the guy with the scissors about to attack two girls?
Alex McKinley
Alex McKinley Hace 12 días
Describing comedy is like dissecting a frog, sure it gives us a great insight, but you are left with one less fuckable frog.
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia Hace 13 días
Is Jared dead?
Chugggs Hace 13 días
Why does Michael talk so much louder than Jared
Suzanne MacMillan
Suzanne MacMillan Hace 13 días
The writer's strike was one thing. An alternative theory would place the blame the Sony hacking and the dirt revealed on Happy Madison for killing the comedy movie.
Gekokujo76 Hace 13 días
Watch one of your favorite 80s/90s comedies and count the reasons that you couldnt make it today. Everything in those movies is "problematic" now. Now...watch those movies while mentally taking the "problematic" stuff out.....is it still a decent movie? Could those scenes be worked around with a diverse cast and jokes about the corny nature of white people while keeping it a classic? Get Woke...Go Broke. That shouldnt be news anymore....but keep killing comedy in the process of figuring it out. RIP Roseanne....Shane Gillis....Louis CK.....and that scene from Revenge of the Nerds where Louis gets laid and wins a girlfriend.
Dominic Martinez
Dominic Martinez Hace 14 días
Airplane is great
Gerard Di Cairano
Gerard Di Cairano Hace 14 días
I think of "Comedy" movies as movies where being funny is the movie. If you take everything funny out of a movie like Airplane, Dumb and Dumber, Happy Gilmore, etc., you really aren't left with anything. If you take the comedy out of an action movie like Avengers, you still have an action movie. I miss straight up comedies and found Good Boys to be quite refreshing.
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Hace 15 días
It was..... Dave chapel just shocked it back to life. Easily offended people killed it. Comedians willing to tell those people to get over themselves will save it.
DingbatToast Hace 16 días
Nope. Comedy like good stories and dialogue, is hard to do and modern film makers are lazy. So that's why all comedy is now either slapstick or corny fart jokes. It's easier to throw in a CGI action scene to make you go wow than write an original joke to make you laugh. Hollywood follows the most repeatable form of making money. It's just to hard to find good comedy writers that can crank out lines as easy as concept artists can pump out fantasy art
Thompson51 Hace 17 días
You almost lost me at '"Scary Movie" is a quality parody'. :P But I can also see that the 'comedy genre' has moved to television and pretty much merged with the DNA of sitcoms. In cinema we all we have are comedy moments/elements. I can't laugh at modern comedies.
Vicente Bianchini
Vicente Bianchini Hace 17 días
Everyone now is too sensitive, so it's difficult to make a good comedy. There's also stuff like the Lady Ghostbusters movie, PC but unfunny. I also don't feel like spending money on Hollywood, so I watch now 3 or 4 movies a year, when I could watch/spend many times more than that
Arnob Rafi
Arnob Rafi Hace 17 días
4:38 "to a Bangladeshi theater screen" 😂😂🇧🇩
Ras Al Juan
Ras Al Juan Hace 18 días
Whoa! God of cookery is amazing! Watch your mouth.
jonhy vonbee
jonhy vonbee Hace 18 días
Social justice killed comedy, but the guy in this video completely avoids this. Which shows me that he himself is a delicate social justice warrior.
TheCNotes1 Hace 17 días
Suuuure. It couldn't just be that you're an insensitive douche. Nooooo. It's people wrapped up in POLITICS that mean you can't laugh at a white dude squinting his eyes and replacing consonants with R's or painting his face Brown and talking like he's handicapped. Because CLEARLY that shit's funny and can NEVER be unfunny!
MüMüzik Psyxie
MüMüzik Psyxie Hace 18 días
''new world of horror comedies..''? really? what about buffy? and avengers/mcu turned into comedic mode u can also thank joss whedon for that
ORANGE JESTER Hace 18 días
It’s alive to people who are new to comedy
Zeruel Hace 18 días
What is that movie at 12:24 ?
Brian Holcomb
Brian Holcomb Hace 18 días
It’s hard to do anything original as a pure comedy. Not saying it doesn’t happen but a lot of the newer ones are recycled gags poorly executed.
Metalfanrog Hace 19 días
Pc culture killed comedy. People just can’t take a joke these days.
jonhy vonbee
jonhy vonbee Hace 18 días
Social justice killed comedy, but the guy in this video completely avoids this. Which shows me that he himself is a delicate social justice warrior.
Sarah Cherry
Sarah Cherry Hace 19 días
I think its mainly the actors, you dont have anyone funny like Belushi, Candy, Farley, Pryor, Carlin, Wilder, Mac, Nielsen... it's either knock offs or actors trying too hard. Sasha Baron Cohen is probably the only one today thats really entertaining and for me Danny Mcbrides humor
Rich Robinson
Rich Robinson Hace 19 días
Shouldve touched on IT perfect example of comedy coming in modes
ALAZKA ALAZKA Hace 19 días
Comedy isn’t dead. It’s just that these comedies are shit & uninspired
Lone Heckler
Lone Heckler Hace 19 días
Comedy is dead and females killed it
Dingus Flotbottom
Dingus Flotbottom Hace 20 días
fuck studios
allinyourhands Hace 20 días
It's not dead, it just lives in the past
Jon Jonzz
Jon Jonzz Hace 20 días
Anytime someone says “the aughts,” I want to hit them with the heavy things.
lowerastral Hace 20 días
Why did the host of this show make the statement at time-stamp 10:38 "... while drinking a WHOLESOME glass of milk..."? Dairy of any kind is NOT wholesome. Humans should NOT be consuming dairy. The human body, although considered omnivorous, was never designed to consume the milk or byproducts made from bovine... or from any other types of mammals, other than mammals known as humans themselves... and even then, even humans are weaned from human breast milk at some point early in their lives. It really irks me to no end that there are corporations and other businesses out there in the world who have, through their combined financial efforts, misinformed and purposefully DIS-INFORMED people with their bullshit propaganda about how "good" or "necessary?" their products are, when in reality, their products are incredibly UNHEALTHY for your body. Keep in mind that corporations DO NOT CARE about you or your family's health. The ONLY thing corporations care about is the BOTTOM LINE... and that is PROFITS! I was enjoying this video until the host either through his own poorly chosen dialogue or because he is somehow receiving kickbacks from the dairy industry, there is no need whatsoever to use that ONE word while making his point... which has nothing to do with the nutritional "value?' to the woman mistakenly drinking the cow's milk. I would have loved to use some comedy in my diatribe here, but I just couldn't think of a way to do so without making what I was saying sound disingenuous.
Tabor Hace 20 días
Whats the movie at 12:23 ?
mrpopsful Hace 20 días
Hadn't heard of any of these comedy movies this year.
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