Is MGK's New Movie Actually Genius?

Danny Gonzalez
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30 jul 2022






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I feel like this whole movie was written only because MGK recently found out “morning” and “mourning” are spelled differently and suddenly thought he was very clever.
Hanny B.
The fact it starts with him googling what “mourning” means really says a lot about this movie right off the bat
Angel Chavez
I have just an irrational hatred of MGK and I'm glad that everything he's doing is justifying that
"Good Mourning" is actually a great movie title. It could be a drama about a family dealing with a loss or it could be a murder mystery that involves a morning news show.
Myfinalhours 238
When Danny said “and they’re both paralyzed” I genuinely thought he was joking, until it cut to the actual scene
Hannah Pugh
The self-taped audition made me feel embarrassed. I was like, “Yikes so many people just had to watch MGK’s poor attempts at acting.”
Dec Hastings
It's ok you're sick, Danny, just don't let it happen again
If I had a nickel for everytime danny reviewed a movie with a 0% rating that features Pete Davidson giving the least invested performance of his life I’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice
Sofia Lee
"Pete Davidson feels like he's not really invested in this movie," is a statement that could be made about Pete Davidson in any movie he's ever been in.
I genuinely laughed during "Where's the pot, Potter?" Might be the only line in the entire script written by a professional.
Danny’s critiques are so right on. Thinking smoking weed is somehow badass or subversive when it’s literally a legal and government regulated aspect of most states. And the opening scene feels like such a simultaneous rip off of every 80s comedy with the 1st person omniscient narration and then every 90s/00s teen comedy with the weed centric lines. I really hate to say it, but there’s something weird and profoundly unfunny about a bunch of ppl in their 30s and 40s acting like teenagers.
Cla Ida
Ok so I lost my grandmother on Saturday, and Danny's "happy grieving!" feels like the perfect response to the people who say "did you cry? you'll get better in no time". I just needed to hear it, thank you Danny!
Cassie L.
“A movie about adults obeying the law” is a perfect way to describe this comedy lmao.
Jason Paul
honestly this just feels like one of those home movies you make as kids with your parents video camera for a few days in summer.....except with like....a much bigger budget lol
honestly gotta give major props to danny for suffering through this movie for us
“This is a scene of four adults sitting around a living room obeying the law” had me dying 😂
Liv Abroad
As a film major, this 100% feels like a student film just with a higher budget
Corporal John
MGK is a prime example of celebrities not being complicated, just really weird
itskaisho ♡
i really want danny to be in a movie where the point is for it to be cliché, but danny's role is just to judge everyone and is totally unscripted
Lizzy Starkk
Fun fact: mgk said this movie was inspired by Megan fox literally dming him saying “good mourning” and him flipping out and over obsessing wondering if it was meant to be a bad thing or good thing. He literally said he almost lost his mind trying to figure it out 😂 can’t believe he made this movie
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