Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤
Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!
#Pokimane #DNATest #23AndMe
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My name's Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I'm a creator and streamer who plays Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends. Subscribe! bit.ly/2mkTsAY
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14 may 2019






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Comentarios 80
Pokimane Hace un año
Thank you all so much for watching
Mauro Vanmaldeghem
Mauro Vanmaldeghem Hace 5 días
Pokimane you get a free n word pass
Bence Kiséry
Bence Kiséry Hace 6 días
EngelPro7 Garces
EngelPro7 Garces Hace 16 días
Poki why are u so hot
King Gaming
King Gaming Hace un mes
whaaaat u a little North African im South African lol
Adam Tahiri
Adam Tahiri Hace 2 meses
سلم عليكم
Asylum ColorKat
Asylum ColorKat Hace 4 horas
BS ESvid I didn’t click the video. I click the damn pic to the whole channel. I’m gonna say it. ESvid, poki, twitch or twitchy, it’s all give me money or ad time. This is shi!! I need more beer😸
Little Valer
Little Valer Hace 4 horas
Congratulations the government now has your DNA
both both
both both Hace 6 horas
When i met you on youtube your thumbnail with your face look like asian because I'm half asian and half British
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen Hace 7 horas
She Asian!!!
Derek Caron
Derek Caron Hace 10 horas
Je ne savais pas que tu parlais français 🤣
Anonymous 2.0
Anonymous 2.0 Hace 11 horas
Hmmm north african you say?
Roblox_Playz Hace 15 horas
She looks sexy without makeup.
Sam C
Sam C Hace 15 horas
Poki why you not speak arabic
Sam C
Sam C Hace 15 horas
When North Africans surprised that they have Spanish and Portuguese blood. Well duh hun, your people real close to Spain and the rest of Southern Europe.
sick fox
sick fox Hace 15 horas
Oh you can speak French??
Bows_YT -Bows_Yt
Bows_YT -Bows_Yt Hace 17 horas
My mom is from Morocco so where kinda homies even if I don’t live in Morocco i just visited in summer
MarvelWatcher Hace 17 horas
You are sooo beautiful
AirMarshal Hace 17 horas
have you seen her face reveal
D7man Hace 19 horas
it's been a long time following you and i just know your name is IMANE and you originally from Morocco this video was fun. i love it :D
BOUJDOUD Hace 19 horas
Moroccans are not Black lmaoo
thedavid00100 Hace 15 horas
Lol I am a 100% sure you have never visited Morroco b4.
JahPodz Hace 20 horas
woaaah poke speaks French????
Kyle Wheeler
Kyle Wheeler Hace 21 un hora
Plot twist shes actually a man
the player plays mc
the player plays mc Hace 22 horas
so if your an morrocan you are muslim
Troll PlayZ
Troll PlayZ Hace un día
I'm portuguese :o
LOL Wyatt
LOL Wyatt Hace un día
Didnt know she wasnt english
weimingwu wu
weimingwu wu Hace un día
Still think she looks like Philippina
Elexia Hace un día
Im south african lolll
Parker Hayward
Parker Hayward Hace un día
idk what 3 quarters of this means
Flimflamingofanny 1
Flimflamingofanny 1 Hace un día
She is called a person with black hair, Poki I feel you, my friends call my hair black but it is brown.🙁
Matheo MARTIN Hace un día
damn, who knew Poki could speak french!?!?
Isaiah salvagno Lowkeylilzay
Yes she’s Asian
AirMarshal Hace 17 horas
not since she revealed her face
Timzey Hace un día
me : watching in 2020 *sees she is 0.1% chinese* Coronavirus : Hi there.
A Sad Soggy Waffle
A Sad Soggy Waffle Hace 22 horas
Someone On earth
Someone On earth Hace un día
poki was right lol
Slime Princess
Slime Princess Hace un día
Moroccans actually kinda look Chinese cos I’m Moroccan and half Asian as well and yeah
Missy Shark Lover
Missy Shark Lover Hace un día
Dizzy Circle7192
Dizzy Circle7192 Hace un día
I didn't even know she was French. I'm kinda happy cause I could understand everything haha
La Patriote Française
@BOUJDOUD Vous savez encore parler français au Maroc ?
BOUJDOUD Hace 19 horas
She is Moroccan, and Moroccans can speak English, French, Spanish and English.
La Patriote Française
She is not.
Chelsea Smith
Chelsea Smith Hace un día
I. Love. Your. Vid
Gacha Michael
Gacha Michael Hace 2 días
One thing I AM ASIAN I hope that every ASIAN LIKE
faze mini King btw
faze mini King btw Hace 2 días
I went to Morocco
Light Bulb
Light Bulb Hace 2 días
Woah that french accent tho
meme_ files
meme_ files Hace 2 días
Im 0.1% black
borko smorko
borko smorko Hace 2 días
Wait, Poki has the N-word pass.
Andrea Schiatti
Andrea Schiatti Hace 2 días
pizza pasta mandolino
Requiem Sheep
Requiem Sheep Hace 2 días
bruh I rlly thought she was Japanese or sum
Elite_Plays Hace 2 días
Anys is A Arab name are you Muslim
Elite_Plays Hace 2 días
Are you Muslim
mohammad yousef
mohammad yousef Hace un día
Mauricio Mendoza
Mauricio Mendoza Hace 2 días
Hey Pookie I love your videos
Tazire Cadet
Tazire Cadet Hace 2 días
Pretty cool that u speak French, am half Haitian so I could speak a little creole/French pretty nice
Rose Marie Faye Ndione
La vie de ma mère elle m'a choqué quand elle a parlé francais
BOUJDOUD Hace 19 horas
Bah les Marocains parlent français tu sais
Youssef Guessous
Youssef Guessous Hace 2 días
I am Moroccan
Jacky Chen
Jacky Chen Hace 2 días
Asian genes are dominant apparently, if one parent is asian the kid will always look asian af its all true! 😂
Fisher Collins
Fisher Collins Hace 2 días
i am here from year 2030 you was right all along the clones are coming if ur reading this ...
Neil Hace 2 días
the real question is... *Is Poki good at Maths?*
Myoanh Vo
Myoanh Vo Hace 2 días
Your mom speak french and you too??????? me too i speak french
Pluck mypubes Bitch
Pluck mypubes Bitch Hace 3 días
Lmao I’m Jordanian
ceezyplayz Hace 3 días
Im Moroccan too But i was born in italy And i lived for a while in UAE And came back to Morocco
Кристиян Илчев
You are so cry for that. 😓😞😞😞
Dr. Aidsman
Dr. Aidsman Hace 3 días
Wait til she realizes that you can get hair from people in the bloodline that aren’t her parents
Drk_ ichy
Drk_ ichy Hace 3 días
who else never knew that poki was french???
Amiel Farshadmand
Amiel Farshadmand Hace 3 días
They from Morocco and speaking French? And she looks Asian. I’m confused
BOUJDOUD Hace 19 horas
Yes Moroccan speaks French, arabic and English. I'm Moroccan BTW.
Grenny Hace 3 días
Your the best keep up those irl videos ur the best Et je ne savais pas que tu parlais en français c cool !!!🇨🇦🇨🇦 Oh and btw je crois que c’est à cause de ton make up que tout le monde pense que tu est asian😂😂
sarasnotcool Hace 3 días
whoop whoop i’m moroccan too💕🤗
Ayelis GLC
Ayelis GLC Hace 3 días
for the small chance the you will see this, will you share some of your wisdom? i'm a starting gamer and i really want to stream right and have a good youtube, but everything seem so complicated, and it's scary, i know i can give a lot.. but it seem like there is so much information out there that i have no idea ho to even learn.. so.. if you maybe can share tips? some advice? it will really help me a lot :) btw my grandparents also came from north Africa
lCookieel Hace 3 días
I hope poki's clone makes a onlyfans account
Thomas P-Baj
Thomas P-Baj Hace 3 días
allo pokimane
CG Matsu
CG Matsu Hace 3 días
Yeahhhh.. she Asian xD
Jomiestudios Hace 3 días
Let’s understand this you sent another name instead of yours because you know the are going to use it for other purposes and I still thinking if they have you dna they sure know who you are xD
Jordan Philips
Jordan Philips Hace 3 días
bezzef bezzef lol !!!
FuriPro Hace 3 días
Ayy joinin the Portuguese hype!
wholesome akira
wholesome akira Hace 3 días
As a Morrocan I can confirm for yall that we look kinda asian..
megacraft_roblox Hace 4 días
you asian
Soulz -_-
Soulz -_- Hace 4 días
Where in morocco are you from cause im actually moroccan but i was born in the states
TTV_sHaDoWz Hace 4 días
hi poki
Bogdan Royale
Bogdan Royale Hace 4 días
OOOH ur French nice
Lifeafter Death
Lifeafter Death Hace 4 días
Ur American I thought b4 watching dis video
S H N Hace 4 días
Press F to pay respect for adopted people who are watching this
Clark Ocampo
Clark Ocampo Hace 4 días
I’m Asian
Kelly Zhou
Kelly Zhou Hace 4 días
but why does Poki speak french like how I ttry to speak french in class lmao
BOUJDOUD Hace 19 horas
Moroccans can speak spanish, english, french and Arabic
Warmm Hace 4 días
My FATs???????????????????? WHat HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
AngelsMyName Hace 4 días
Poki you were right all along :O
MortalJames plays
MortalJames plays Hace 4 días
Hi im asian hehe
RH Destruction
RH Destruction Hace 4 días
I am british
RH Destruction
RH Destruction Hace 4 días
A haha she is africann
Carter Wyant
Carter Wyant Hace 4 días
leo Hace 4 días
Im sardenian 50% lol
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