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21 oct 2021






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SmarterEveryDay Hace un mes
Please checkout the KickStarter 👉 www.kickstarter.com/projects/4privacyapp/4privacy-app 👈
Max Mac
Max Mac Hace 6 días
Pegasus spyware is here. Will your privacy software be effective against it?
YT-Watcher Hace 12 días
Ppl long time ago gave their info everywhere when facebook started
Jonathan Gruber
Jonathan Gruber Hace 15 días
@Sinister Hippo Looks like I'm late to the party. I would have been very interested in reading the exchange of thoughts and ideas.
Marty Simpson
Marty Simpson Hace 16 días
@Mahesh M But still, iphone msg has been end to end from the beginning, they set the bar which has contributed to the standard expressed in this video. Apple is the only company you can trust your msgs because of end to end, hence the reason i asked why they were not mentioned
Mahesh M
Mahesh M Hace 18 días
Every smartphone company is chinese in india
Will Swetnam
Will Swetnam Hace 10 minutos
I think there is a core flaw to the logic behind the approach. The data losses mentioned in this video have all been related to issues where a separate company has been compromised - not an email company. I see how 4Privacy's solution fits in an "email" type scenario, but don't see how it solves the issue of a 3rd party company that has my data getting hacked.
Gone Ballistic
Gone Ballistic Hace 2 horas
The US Govt is completely and utterly corrupt, the US Big Tech Community is hand in hand with them. they are in EVERY part of your life. It's evil and unnecessary. I'm in on this project, thanks for doing this video.
Phoenix777 Hace 2 horas
Good morning everybody, did you slept well?
paskeros Hace 6 horas
As far as I know we have data privacy laws in europe, maybe that's why the US government lost interest in us.
Bastol85 Hace 16 horas
Reminds me of decentralized social media projects i've seen floating around
free lance
free lance Hace 16 horas
You may want to check out China's new privacy laws, it probably better than the US ''private'' tech companies lawlessness.
Blood Moon
Blood Moon Hace 19 horas
I mean, you could always spend a couple bucks on some stamps and communicate privately with anyone willing to share their address with you. Laziness and an "I need it now" attitude have led us to this point, the safest way out is patience and the willingness to put in a little extra work.
Umar Amir
Umar Amir Hace 23 horas
Really good Content!
Ardusk Hace un día
3:52 But who attacked? The Fire Nation, that's who! (Too soon?)
DerHenker Hace un día
Isn't that basically what TOR does?
blucat4 Hace un día
Humans are livestock.
Tavis Campos
Tavis Campos Hace un día
I agree that our privacy is important, but Can’t then “bad people” use this service for malicious intent, sort of like a deep web type thing where it can’t be tracked, not sure if that makes sense or not just trying to understand.
Gret Simz
Gret Simz Hace un día
will there be a opportunity to support this project again? I just saw the video but the kickstarter is already over..
mboiko Hace un día
The scariest part of this video...why is that Tennessee data center on Government land?
Walter Lippmann
Walter Lippmann Hace un día
-_- Hace 2 días
I'd subscribe to that
Rob Rice
Rob Rice Hace 2 días
Okay so you've been corrected the messages and got them nice and private what about the metadata
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur
*Welcome to America, the land of the free!* _(Some restrictions may apply)_
Alok Hegde
Alok Hegde Hace 3 días
Opensource, web 3.0, and p2p networking would help in securing privacy. But it's hard to make people leave these big companies, because people give more value to entertainment and convience than privacy
Kami Kame
Kami Kame Hace 3 días
yeeeeeah! MuRica!
Mairon Hace 3 días
Brave enough to address the issue but not brave enough to name the men and women and their history who have sacrificed A LOT in this fight against big brother and to inform citizens, most have ignored both their warning and sacrifice. Either way, not a good sign.
Troy Howden
Troy Howden Hace 4 días
Can you upload to Odysee also? Love the channel!
David Hysom
David Hysom Hace 4 días
Thanks for the vid. But please point out: the 4th amendment, like the 1st, is designed to protect citizens from the government, NOT from private enterprise. There is no right of free speach on, i.e, facebook. Because it's a private company. Do we need protection laws? YES! But that's not the (current) purpose of the US Constitution.
Clayton Vogel
Clayton Vogel Hace 4 días
Bob Adkins
Bob Adkins Hace 4 días
No, it's not an illusion. It's just as bad as it seems.
Aeon Hace 6 días
But encryption's can decrypted... That's useless
Max Mac
Max Mac Hace 6 días
Pegasus spyware is here. Will your privacy software be effective against it?
Jaysen Lowther
Jaysen Lowther Hace 6 días
I’m curious if I can still get the app?
Pyroverbs205 Hace 6 días
"He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbour: but a man of understanding holdeth his peace. A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter." -Proverbs 11:12-13
Chairemy Hace 7 días
Uhh signal isn't that good. Threema is better.
Chairemy Hace 7 días
Dropping elemental sodium in water works too 😃
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
Many have fought the privacy fight, many have been put down by the government. I wish you luck!
Chris Musix
Chris Musix Hace 9 días
Destin - you're the frog. Many of us have been warning about this for decades. But I know you're not actually a frog Destin because you have too many friends and connections in the defense industry to not be aware of this stuff. In fact, I might even hazard to speculate you've been a part of why we are at this crossroads.
C T Hace 9 días
Another aspect of the internet pollution is the psychological and societal damage. That someone can videotape you in an embarrassing or regrettable moment, and get you potentially ridiculed by the whole world, for all time. People taking 10s, 100s, 1000s of photos of themselves, with no friends or family. Just staring into the virtual mirror. We have a lot of work to do to rein in this technology's effect over our lives.
Marty B
Marty B Hace 9 días
Agreed. Its a difficult idea to sell however, especially with younger adults and kids.
Jacob Coughlin
Jacob Coughlin Hace 10 días
Dude, I'm in Athens. I had no idea your my neighbor!
Jacob Coughlin
Jacob Coughlin Hace 10 días
I don't even need to watch the whole video, I will because there's a chance I'll learn something new. But we've slowly been robbed of our privacy
Quantifiably Qorrect
Quantifiably Qorrect Hace 11 días
Crypto tech is the way...
Dane Wyrick
Dane Wyrick Hace 11 días
The mission you're addressing is extraordinarily important. Thank you for spreading the word about the importance and urgency of digital privacy.
posford Hace 11 días
Is Your Privacy An Illusion? YES
The Saints of Gold
The Saints of Gold Hace 11 días
You may not be ready.....
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
It was a conspiracy theory until Snowden came forward
current faves
current faves Hace 11 días
I'm pretty sure key stroke recorders are embedded in the CPU's of everything.
current faves
current faves Hace 11 días
scaponyx Hace 12 días
sad truth
MrRegnaf Hace 12 días
Dustin, the big names on your phone there, are more interested in our money! To get that, they need to know us. The more worst thing is, who else is collecting all information which we transfer digital or store digital!? Your home country, I don't really like it, but i accept it. But, China does it too! And they might have other plans.
wtchnwsnw Hace 12 días
12:50 "government overreach" Biden has left the chat
sirfer6969 Hace 12 días
This video earned you an instant subscription. Thank you so much for making this
EarnedNothing Hace 12 días
Here is the problem - once those services stop selling you as the product, you will have to pay. I like free more than privacy. I'm a broke one joke one
Broce Family Missions
Broce Family Missions Hace 12 días
mizo mint
mizo mint Hace 13 días
"I have nothing to hide, why should I care?" It's not about being a criminal that you should worry about. What happens when the government or companies ever decide to prosecute individuals, fire or not hire individuals based on political stances or off color jokes you make or even based on what companies you choose to do business with? The next thing I want to point out is, give it up. We can't stop this from happening. We're just sheep in a world run by wolves. And it's because of us sheep that these wolves take control over and over with every revolution.
vladimir curkoski
vladimir curkoski Hace 13 días
They sell you war against terrorism like war against drugs before so now you live with that.
chairman_hehe Hace 13 días
really important video thank you for highlighting this
Marvelat Urraz
Marvelat Urraz Hace 13 días
When Truth Media launches in Jan 2022, I wonder if it'll work with what you're doing? Or perhaps they've already got something like this built in? We shall see soon!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Hace 13 días
Today's America is a disgrace to all those who have faught and died for our freedoms. The government has become a puppet for the ultra wealthy to gain even more wealth and power.
fairman14065 Hace 13 días
I'm a big fan of where it looks like you are going with this!
Geofrey Sanders
Geofrey Sanders Hace 13 días
Stop saying power corrupts. Power only *enables* what people would do if they could.
Tommy Peyton
Tommy Peyton Hace 14 días
About time 😂
Fantasy Plant
Fantasy Plant Hace 14 días
nah man data centers are where they hold the video game servers
Xrude7 Hace 14 días
speak for yourself , i'm doing a lot to help to keep me as off the "grid as i can" . i'm hope this type works
teraxiel Hace 14 días
Wow. Easily the most compelling video from this channel to date
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Hace 14 días
Strong agree. let's go Brandon!
Elee Leelee
Elee Leelee Hace 14 días
Can we contribute with $$$? I want to help but have no ability with the tech. Whatsoever.
Ryan Steele
Ryan Steele Hace 15 días
I've never pledged for anything before. Never felt like anything out there was worth it. Until now! I have a great feeling about this and my gut instincts have yet to be wrong. ;)
Aspenex Hace 15 días
I'm still wondering, if the government has unlimited access to everyone's data, how they never can't find bad people hiding like Hitler.
chris hood
chris hood Hace 15 días
Something else that would be a big game changer is have a app that breaks down terms of service in a much easier format to read because we all know that what is in the terms of service is about 10% of what you need the know and the rest is ether legal or filler to make it so you don't read it
james bivens
james bivens Hace 15 días
I'm only into this video 8 minutes!... And I think it's one of the best & most important videos you've ever done!!! Thank you smarter everyday for doing it, keep up the great work your doing.
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca
It is not just where I slept last night, and who slept there with me, but the data log from the inertial sensors on our iPhones and bio sensors on our iWatches.
Tristan Lawson
Tristan Lawson Hace 15 días
It’s true destin I can say something around my phone and it’s not even the next day and I can see an advertisement for the same thing. Or even be watching something on ESvid on sombody else’s television and I can see the same things on my phone.... they have AI in every new phone and it’s just getting smarter and smarter and I can show you an advertisement that I have seen of a robot arm with a fryer basket that has chicken nuggets so does that mean robots will soon take over all of our jobs and I have never and I mean never seen an advertisement for cooking untill I started working at Burger King and I had my phone in my pocket while I was working
Randy Greene
Randy Greene Hace 15 días
This is a great project. Yes I did make a donation. You need to put out an update to keep this in the forefront. Once a month just a short video to keep interest going and introduce new viewers to the project. Thanks
Robert Prehn
Robert Prehn Hace 16 días
Thank you sir!
Eric Hill
Eric Hill Hace 16 días
Chuck E Cheese - lol
Please, don't use realistic faces on frogs, or other animals, it's so uncanny. :D
Mike Hace 16 días
Another great video Destin. This was an easy back for me on kickstarter. Can't wait for this to go mainstream and take back our lives from big tech.
David Sayer jr
David Sayer jr Hace 16 días
Leto Hace 16 días
One fact not touched upon in the video is that you don't need the government or a leak to spy on an individual. Your data gets sold to third parties daily, and some of them aggregate so much 'anonymous' info, that by just plugging in a few parameters like 'people that spend the night in this area' (your home) + 'people that spend the day in this other area' (your office) + 'people that have these specific interests' (sports, hobbies, bars, coffee shops we know you go to, etc) we can have a full 'anonymous' log of your life.
Ken Willis
Ken Willis Hace 16 días
I’m in just got done pledging!
splixflix Hace 16 días
n i c e
A O Hace 16 días
Not surprised at all privacy is a meaningless word these days, every single punch at keyboard records no matter what, welcome to the digital world
Kiko jukic
Kiko jukic Hace 16 días
68 mopar
68 mopar Hace 16 días
George Bush Jr initiated phone tapping on American citizens after he and his family staged the 911 events and blamed it all on foreign enemies. Not only was this a motive to go back into Saddam's territory for oil, but it was also an excuse to tap the phone lines of millions U S. citizens. Did they care? Evidently not. Furthermore, Americans have became so naive to their own privacy invasion that they could care less about Siri, Google, Amazon, Alexa and other eavesdropping devices. Sure, call me a conspiracy theorist. Remember that next time when your on-line activities are being monitored or your bank habits are tracked and surveillanced. Ever wonder how something suddenly pops up over your computer or phone just hours or days after you had mentioned it? Americans no longer have privacy since the days of surrendering it.
Metal Master
Metal Master Hace 16 días
you are the sort of person that prevents me from losing all hope in humanity, good ideas from good people, keep it up Destin!
Metal Master
Metal Master Hace 16 días
oh my gosh, please do this, if I don't have to worry about information stolen online, then I'm all set, cause I've already got the physical stuff handled.
mathis P
mathis P Hace 16 días
Amazing ! I'm in
I Am Nobody
I Am Nobody Hace 16 días
Hmmmm...But if we are the product in the current internet, driven by the old privacy invading engine, who or what will be the product in the new internet, driven by the new privacy respecting engine? I mean, someone has to pay for all these fancy and convenient services, right?
t om
t om Hace 17 días
9.11 WAS
kbowers8111 Hace 17 días
Whats creepy is when you have a conversation with another person "within ear shot" of your phone. And within minutes your Facebook, amazon, and web browser is showing you exactly what you just talked about.
Magnus Nielsen
Magnus Nielsen Hace 17 días
I need to know about the mouse musketeer at the end of your video, I have a vage memory from my chioldhood about someone forging a painting by Rubens, and hiding a mouse musketeer somewhere in that painting as a makers mark. i snipped the mouse and did a google image search but found nothing... please do tell :)
Pavlo Kasperskyi
Pavlo Kasperskyi Hace 17 días
6:00 not free, viewers have to watch ads or pay
Paul Moore
Paul Moore Hace 17 días
Must admit, lost a fair bit of respect for you having seen this. The product you're promoting is demonstrably snake oil. 8000 bit encryption... give me a break. Speak to some real security & cryptography experts and they'll echo my sentiment. This is garbage to be avoided at all costs.
tbip2001 Hace 17 días
I think there may have been a missed opportunity here to highlight what the bigger picture or long term effects of this lack of privacy. You have examples such as an increase in spam etc but I'm still not clear on what actually could happen in the grander scheme of things. Are we talking about a 1984 style future? If so how would that actually happen ??
Farrel M
Farrel M Hace 17 días
Are they Cicada 3301? I mean they said they're working to defend privacy.
Freeman Hace 17 días
How is this different from existing TNO solutions?
FatGoose Hace 17 días
I really enjoyed all of this information but maybe it's because I grew up without data privacy (I'm only 30) that I just feel so comfortable with my data being stored, looked at, sold, and shared without me knowing. I have nothing at all to hide. Nothing that if it ever got out would ruin my life.
josh white
josh white Hace 17 días
I am amazed this video hasn't been banned/shadow-banned for being "non-truth". All joking aside, do you think the same people that built ALL of these layers of surveillance over an extremely long period of time would allow a truly private digital communication method? Remember if you play by the houses rules, it always wins. With that said, I truly appreciate your time and effort in creating this video with the attention to detail you gave in how you presented it.
Galaxxyguy Hace 18 días
This is a great video! Very insightful. Curious if you have any knowledge with blockchain tech...I think you'd be blown away by some of the stuff you'd discover friend!
chirag vadhiya
chirag vadhiya Hace 18 días
So If I sent u a file. The count should be since.. I have opened it and shared it so receiver should expect count as 1.. if it's show's 2.. than v oll know..what does that mens..
chirag vadhiya
chirag vadhiya Hace 18 días
How if there's a time stamp.. that stamp each time the file or data is been opened...which will be than visible some where corner in the file showing count..
Jeff Attridge
Jeff Attridge Hace 18 días
We love you Destin! Strong work again.
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