Isolation - Mind Field (Ep 1)

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What happens when your brain is deprived of stimulation? What effect does being cut off from interaction with the outside world have on a person? What effect does it have on me, when I am locked in a windowless, soundproof isolation chamber for three days? In this episode of Mind Field, I take both an objective and a very intimate look at Isolation.
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18 ene 2017






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Darķ Ťechnical
Darķ Ťechnical Hace 2 horas
Any one getsetfly science
California Boy
California Boy Hace 3 horas
Pfft! You panzies! *Enters Cheat Code* : Maladaptive Daydreaming
Mr Kyo
Mr Kyo Hace 3 horas
i'll use my free trial on this :)
Оля Фамилия
Я бы просто уснула там 😀 нельзя упускать такой момент 😀
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz Hace 17 horas
Anyone else notice the Actor Keller Wortham pretending to be a Doctor
60mph_garfield Hace 19 horas
"Dominic Monaghan Actor / floater" The credentials I dream to have.
Ashley Hace 20 horas
If I was Jameson I would meditate or do yoga. No need to shock yourself
Pigeon Man
Pigeon Man Hace 23 horas
I wonder how this experiment’s results would differ if the subject was extremely introverted. I’m sure the results would be similar given the focus is on boredom, but who knows?
Jamez Mhd
Jamez Mhd Hace un día
Wierd he didn't start masturbating
3KBS Channel
3KBS Channel Hace un día
3 day without a shower wasn't he too smelly?
Andrew Barnett
Andrew Barnett Hace un día
Depression and anxiety has entered the chat..🙂 .. I'm fucked
Corbett Knoff
Corbett Knoff Hace un día
I'd seriously do a month for 15k
Mctoran Hace un día
I swear, Vsauce was never the same after this...
omar salameh
omar salameh Hace 9 horas
Promendus Hace 2 días
Jameson dude XD, only a few minutes in?
Muz Art
Muz Art Hace 2 días
Hmm people watching him was so comfortable in a sense. But let me tell you this, i oftenly surpass his case when i smoke weed
Adreline In action
Adreline In action Hace 2 días
Id never know this would be this interesting!!
Brianna Derro
Brianna Derro Hace 2 días
The doctor is the guy who plays Esteban Santiago in Jane the Virgin? Neat!
Disorientated Elf
Disorientated Elf Hace 2 días
Why is she crying what is this drama I can't even hahaha
Disorientated Elf
Disorientated Elf Hace 2 días
If I were him I'd do it every 50 seconds as I'd go insane No, wait, then I'd do it with my.leg And my head And Yes How did he even
Thakur Anku
Thakur Anku Hace 3 días
Please dubbed in hindi...
A Toaster
A Toaster Hace 3 días
It would be a completely different story without cameras
A Toaster
A Toaster Hace 3 días
7:14 I was really expecting “Hey Vsauce, Michael here”
ambrosia Hace 3 días
JustDavidEGS Hace 4 días
This is content
Lee23 Hace 4 días
the three days he was in there caused the brain damage that stopped him from making free videos
Rick Jones
Rick Jones Hace 4 días
Zero Hace 4 días
I don't know how I'd react. I'm a more independent person who prefers alone time but I don't know about the lack of stimulation, I just cannot stand sitting about doing nothing
Britt Mills
Britt Mills Hace 4 días
He couldn't handle jail. Lmao I have been locked down in a cell for 4days with nothing and nobody. Didn't lose my shit like him. Pussy.
Hiatus Myles
Hiatus Myles Hace 4 días
Do animals feel the same when we lock them up?
ok leo
ok leo Hace 5 días
Urdu jo have en flød ikke one Fausing pizza what vil du have for din mor godt vil julhatten hatten hatten hatten hattentyv You what vil du have en Tju You it You it won fair Cindy pizzades op i Sverige sagt
ok leo
ok leo Hace 5 días
If you eat 1000 pizza
Read a lot
Read a lot Hace 5 días
I can stay alone more than three days and I'll be ok
Aiyden Hace un día
Read a lot even when there’s nothing to do?
Sav Hace 5 días
Really annoyed that this same video keeps popping up in my recommendations. Kindly fuck off youtube
Arcfang Gaming
Arcfang Gaming Hace 5 días
I don't understand why his family gets so emotional... but that's just me
Solsist __
Solsist __ Hace 5 días
People who are suicidal get thrown into a square room with absolutely nothing, no clothes, games, things to do, and only a bunch of padding on the wall, ceiling, and floor. Think about that
lego obama
lego obama Hace 5 días
The_Green_ Snake
The_Green_ Snake Hace 5 días
i experience isolation 2 hours a day trying to sleep
Sirius black
Sirius black Hace 6 días
STAGED because they did one big mistake DO YOU KNOW ?
Amane Misa
Amane Misa Hace 6 días
What would havwehappened if you didn't tell him how long he will be there 🤔
zen55 Hace 6 días
19:53 When you go outside your house for 3 minutes after playing video games for 10 hours
Mel Hace 6 días
that was very interesting and i really learnt a lot about physical and mental effects of isolation. thanks for putting yourself at risk for us to learn
Ahmad Attas
Ahmad Attas Hace 6 días
I can be bored for 45 minutes only
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula Hace 6 días
Boredom is simply a lack of attention.
Doug ScieNce
Doug ScieNce Hace 6 días
I know this feeling ......
The Provincial Gentry
Mentally retarded is what this is
Asa Hoffman
Asa Hoffman Hace 6 días
it seems this was what finally broke Michael.
Makes me appreciate my freedom. This is a no spin on being an introvert 🤯
Normal_noob YT
Normal_noob YT Hace 7 días
I already have a big brain from PewDiePie now IMA GET A BIGGER BRAIN 🧠
Kwitz King
Kwitz King Hace 7 días
Normal_noob YT shut ip
26 CC's
26 CC's Hace 7 días
Oh so this is a video about jail? I'm good. LoL 3 days?
balqees Khanum
balqees Khanum Hace 7 días
I would just sit there and ponder about life
Joseph Papke
Joseph Papke Hace 7 días
7:37 he looks like Matthias
Shit Multiverse
Shit Multiverse Hace 7 días
People who act in a certain way in this experiments shouldn't be ashamed for acting humanly, it's not like they failed at something, actually, they succeeded in being humans.
D&B Productions
D&B Productions Hace 7 días
He looks like one of the dudes from the sleeping project the Nazis did
Linden House Editing Services Jim
Why is this Silicon Valley company called Google’s ESvid, just down the road from Stanford, and which built its fortune on the DARPA infrastructure, so obsessed with all the most malevolent, unethical psych experiments of the 20th century? That’s a rhetorical question.
Gem JaxX
Gem JaxX Hace 7 días
Wh6 d9es 5hid STUPID VIDEO KEEP POPPING UO EVERY DAMN DAY FOR A YEARRRRT. F$&# YOU ESvid! HAOPENS TO BE THE FIRST PREMIUM BID I WATCHED AND IT WAS WHACK. STOPPP ASKONG ME TI REWATVH THIS GARBAGE!!! can't even have options Ie "Not interested" . While you're at it Jew tube, out some GOOOD shows on here? Like..yanno.. people who have talent and creativity, not a bunch of loser joke ass actors ruining a dope plot.
Marwan Dweller
Marwan Dweller Hace 7 días
The first the expectation gone wrong(thinking.expecting) its saturday . Look of depression appeal.. this remind me mark douglas talk about expecting the trade to win and when it loose depression will build up
princess étoile
princess étoile Hace 7 días
You should do the first experiment on someone who does meditation frequently the outcome will be remarkable
K G Hace 7 días
Hm. Makes sense that I’m still recovering from isolation. Death of family, loss of job, agoraphobia, not talking to people more than once every few weeks.. I have a hard time relating to people yet I crave human interaction. :(
DJ Hallucination
DJ Hallucination Hace 7 días
You're not alone KG I also feel the same way.
NWAWskeptic Hace 7 días
Man, Yoda was way off. According to the emotions wheel, fear doesn't lead to any dark side
Waheguru Namaste
Waheguru Namaste Hace 7 días
Why would you do this? It's clearly discriminating
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