Ivanka Trump Doesn't Understand Words

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Donald Trump's daughter is among the most trusted members of his administration. And yet, she appears to have extreme difficulty finding the right... letter compounds? Alphabet parties? Oh, words!!
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27 oct 2017

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Comentarios 7 440
Norma Clark
Norma Clark Hace 6 horas
Lennart Krantz
Lennart Krantz Hace 6 horas
My cuckoo clock just stroke seventeen minutes to midnight , so now it is my birthday.
Mary White
Mary White Hace 7 horas
Ivanka is about the stupidest name I've ever heard. I'm not sure it wasn't just made up.
Becky Nova
Becky Nova Hace 9 horas
Yeah, lookout because daddy wants her running for President in 2024.
Ramon Guzman
Ramon Guzman Hace 12 horas
Such a stupid blonde. Talking about a blonde pig with orange face. I'm talking about her father, don't get it wrong. Now, ivanka is another stupid blonde.
Bobby Nelson
Bobby Nelson Hace 17 horas
Hey, Colbert. I'll bet your Mother knows what complicit. !! With all your Buddies after school. Of course, it's easier just to call it Gang Banging. You Mommy.
anil ramautar
anil ramautar Hace 17 horas
I wanna Bang IVANKA
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour Hace 18 horas
Such a bimbo. She is fake. She acts . So obvious.
Christopher Floyd
Christopher Floyd Hace 19 horas
It's hardly surprising she thinks "happy birthday" is appropriate at 8 months when you hear people say, for instance " we are celebrating our 6 week anniversary"
David Brisbane
David Brisbane Hace 19 horas
If Trump were any smarter he'd be an idiot 🤣😂
Bowen Hace un día
It takes big men to attack a woman like this. Congratulations, when you get a pair let women know.
Bowen Hace un día
Why is it that broke people attack people who have the intelligence to make it "Yugh"?
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt Hace un día
You fucking scumbags will understand Red Wave soon enough. Your HATE is almost as ugly as you are.
Wilson Ball
Wilson Ball Hace un día
Stephen Colbert is a liberal scatterbrained idiot, a good dog does better.
Terry Crump
Terry Crump Hace un día
Not funny. Anti-American. Really bad show. Democrats want higher taxes, more business regulations, open borders, sanctuary cities, incivility, and mob rule. They are against law and order, the constitution and a sovereign America. Stop the nonsense. GET OUT AN VOTE REPUBLICAN.
Bobby Nelson
Bobby Nelson Hace un día
The first lady has more class in her morning SHIT than ANY if these sleazy Parasite Mfers called DEMOCRATS and Liberal, Dildo Packing trash Ass Liberals woman. Fk.. Just look at those Democrats Liberal woman .. Pig Clinton, Gorilla Obama , Ape lady Waters, BABOON on Crack Woopie. Joy the Monkee girl. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? Those DILDO PACKING Skanks are ugly enough to make Anderson Cooper and Lemon go STRAIGHT.
Joseph Strait
Joseph Strait Hace un día
Lol...this man is so hilarious
J O Hace un día
Trump raise tariffs bcoz after lower tax, got no money to manage USA expenditure, also want to destroy China n Asian economies so his fund manager buddies can buy Asian stocks cheap and take over Asian companies. Pity poor Asians n China, they gonna get robbed by USA, pity 🙄
Donte Hodges
Donte Hodges Hace 2 días
Family full of dingbats nd silly mf's😒
Allergic to humans not animals
Isn't Stephen Colbert rich too? Happy birthday
mustfa sharrif
mustfa sharrif Hace 3 días
N Gemmiti
N Gemmiti Hace 3 días
Ivanka must have got brain damage sucking on a tiny mushroom soother while in her teens
Trianna Desnomie
Trianna Desnomie Hace 3 días
John Guertin
John Guertin Hace 3 días
and colbert is a walking talking asshole
Randy Bell
Randy Bell Hace 4 días
Congratulations Lindsey Graham.
BrytheP Hace 2 días
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts Hace 3 días
Randy Bell
Randy Bell Hace 4 días
Congratulations Chuck Grassly
Randy Bell
Randy Bell Hace 4 días
Congratulations President Trump.
Oopss7 Hace 4 días
This guy has never been funny, but this just made him seem stupider, and pretending not to be one of the rich people isn't winning him any points, especially given that he probably misspells and mispronounces every other word, like every other daft yank
ali ghasemi
ali ghasemi Hace 4 días
why one of his ears is not like the other?
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman Hace 4 días
Any democrat would have trouble understanding INTELLIGENT conversation. Nothing new here.
Marcus Wijaya
Marcus Wijaya Hace 4 días
Maybe this is why Stephen can never be as big as Ellen or Jimmy Fallon for example. He’s into politics too much. You are a host for entertainment industry. Talk more about Jennifer Lawrence than politics, pls! You also don’t hv the qualification to be honest.
Givens Resumes
Givens Resumes Hace 4 días
Understanding words is a good thing, not a bad thing. Believe me.😊
Bespoke Legionnaire
Bespoke Legionnaire Hace 5 días
Another dumb blonde...
world peace
world peace Hace 6 días
Ivanka is as artificial and despicable as that Nicky Haley. Just say a lot about nothing and be a puppet to the Dollar investors
Frederick Martinez
Frederick Martinez Hace 6 días
Fuck you Stephen Colbert
Hey Bulldog
Hey Bulldog Hace 8 días
Why is it ok for this old white man to mock a woman?
faithsfoofoofashions Hace 10 días
What does this pos know? The Trumps have more class in their little finger than SC has in his entire heritage! Why does anyone watch him? Idiots!
devil Hace 11 días
white man has been blamed for being racist violent aggressive bigoted predjudas ect... but why dont we face the fact that actually he is oposite of those aligations built the greatest country in the world and has shown the greatness that he is ?(":
i vdub
i vdub Hace 13 días
Stephen Colbert is Trash.
john hempstead
john hempstead Hace 16 días
colbert is a sry piece of crap to look at.
john hempstead
john hempstead Hace 16 días
colbert you are a sorry piece of shit, you dont belong in the U.S.A. I would hate to know i died for such as your sorry ass and ppl that represent ppl like you. I GOT NOTHING FOR YOU.
duff brown
duff brown Hace 16 días
Stephan you are so far to the left idiot
heck B
heck B Hace 17 días
your ignorant talk is pathetic this lady has more brains than you or your writers have combined RIP
Thom smith
Thom smith Hace 17 días
So this cunt basically Billy's young women. Who are no threat to anyone
valerie nunn-hill
valerie nunn-hill Hace 17 días
This is otherwise complicit funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
ALAN LAWRENCE Hace 17 días
I just turn off the sound... Then she sounds great to me, hot even.
Dr. Jeremiah Heidenreich
Dr. Jeremiah Heidenreich Hace 21 un día
But what do you expect from Ivanka??? She is the unfortunate biological offspring who was born as a result of a reckless fornication of that brainless imbecile called Donald J., and the Slavic whore he did not only date, but actually 'marry' for a few years, until she got tired of masturbating, because the Donald's soft pecker felt lost in her worn-out vagina....
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson Hace 21 un día
Unfortunately, a lot of todays American college graduates would probably make these same mistakes...;-((
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas Hace 23 días
Looks like stupid does run in the family.
Karen Shaub
Karen Shaub Hace 23 días
At least she admitted she didn"t know what complicit meant. Daddy Trump will just sail on because he knows he's right no matter how embarrassingly wrong he may be. In history he may be Referred to as the Man from Spoonerville.
Diane Morris-hill
Diane Morris-hill Hace 23 días
She's dumb like the rest of the family but they are good criminals .
MaryAnn Brackman
MaryAnn Brackman Hace 23 días
Colbert doesn't understand how to read words, or he could read about all those folks hill had killed. Does Colbert not know about all the nuances of language?
David Edwards
David Edwards Hace 24 días
There is no need for this type of humor. There is a perfectly logical explanation why Ivanka isn't so good with words. She got her education at the same ivy league college her father got his.
Sterling Pound
Sterling Pound Hace 24 días
If she painted her face blue, she'd be one of the aliens in whatever that James Cameron movie was called. I didn't see it.
plastic man
plastic man Hace 24 días
she was home schooled
Ls Vijay
Ls Vijay Hace 25 días
What else would you expect to come out of dumb Orange dick??
Patricia Lewis
Patricia Lewis Hace 25 días
Its laughable when people make statements like ‘Ivanka for President.’She’s a dumb bottle blonde.
Elijah cesspoole
Elijah cesspoole Hace 25 días
I hope that asshole dies of a full blown heart attack on live television. Better yet in an elevator fire. Yippeee.
Marny5580 Hace 25 días
How else would she speak? She learned trumpspeak - 'cause he loves her inwardly and outwardly. She obviously gets from her father what Jared can't give ... entree into the Oval Office to sit in the president's chair at the president's desk in the White House. Yes, eyes of Ivanka for the presidency of the USA to follow in her father's footsteps! Lucky us!
Edward Owens
Edward Owens Hace 26 días
Donny and Ivanka graduated from Wharton which I think says more about Wharton than anything else..
martin aguilar
martin aguilar Hace 26 días
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Hace 26 días
BeZerka Viking
BeZerka Viking Hace 26 días
You're an asshole, defenseless woman.You are such a fucking creep.God would I love to meet you in an alley way.You are a pussy.
Linda Wojtas
Linda Wojtas Hace 27 días
alAN GOTTESMAN Hace 27 días
Colbert what turned you commie?
Patricia McGeorge
Patricia McGeorge Hace 28 días
"Happy Birthday" - what she needs (and what the English language needs) is the Esperanto phrase "Bonan Aĝiĝon" meaning "good aging"
Patricia McGeorge
Patricia McGeorge Hace 28 días
"Happy Birthday" - what she needs (and what the English language needs) is the Esperanto phrase "Bonan Aĝiĝon" meaning "good aging"
Gamer X
Gamer X Hace 28 días
9.2k ivanka lovers disliked this video
bill boyd
bill boyd Hace 29 días
If complicit means giving daddy a lap dance instead of macing him, she's complicit.
Ondrej Roberto
Ondrej Roberto Hace 29 días
How is Trump a republican dynasty?
Eduardo Henrique Ciappina
Donald Trump is the most effective weapon Russians are using to destroy America.
Gilbert Thomas
Gilbert Thomas Hace un mes
God Bless Donald Trump he is the Best . ----------------- ColB-e-r-t pronounce your name Correctly this is the USA. Goes to show you always make something out of nothing .
chris stephen
chris stephen Hace un mes
Gosh stephen your anti trump jokes never get old
hattie nuff
hattie nuff Hace un mes
She's the "smart" one ???
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks Hace un mes
Come on, look her father, she grew up stupid.
Terry Buckalew
Terry Buckalew Hace un mes
don't enjoy his humor respect our first family don't bully them on tv there are people who love what trump is doing many want US to fail the christians are praying for a revival in America God made this country great not SATAN please America return to GOD
alison thompson
alison thompson Hace 29 días
Terry Buckalew they are antichrist..all of them..u asked for it...u certainly got it...good luck with that
Zeek M
Zeek M Hace un mes
If it were actually true that Ivanka doesn't understand words, I'd hold up photo colbert in his NAZI SS uniform.
bob peters
bob peters Hace un mes
I wonder if colbertis also a pedophile. We know that the Obama administration was trafficking children, we also know of the Clinton's association with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Satanic worship, child sacrifices. These people are sick. Thank God for President Trump!!!!! The deep state is running scared.WWG1WGA
Narmada Hace un mes
That's not how birthdays work.
Jan Oliver
Jan Oliver Hace un mes
She ran her own successful company. The only thing he knows how to run is to change his smelly underwear, and his mouth. It opens, but nothing but garbage comes out.
Of mf
Of mf Hace un mes
Ivanka, dumb as a Trump, stump
don simpson
don simpson Hace un mes
Daughter like father
Angie Marling
Angie Marling Hace un mes
You just don’t have any understanding of intelligence!!!! She is nice person.
Kiprose 22
Kiprose 22 Hace un mes
brian houle
brian houle Hace un mes
Kim Mayberry
Kim Mayberry Hace un mes
Rich people definitely get more birthdays. Ivanka is totally complicit. She's ridiculously privileged - RIDICULOUSLY - how is it possible that she is a part of the white house administration? Since when is the USA - supposedly the most democratic of nations - now a monarchy?
Andrew Blackadder
Andrew Blackadder Hace un mes
This moron Colbert should get some kind of award for taking things people have said out of context but I guess his lame brain audience like him to attack the President,s family, so when did that become okay in your world?.
Maddie Marine
Maddie Marine Hace un mes
Omg I love Stephen 💕🙏😸
Cintamani Augustine
Haha. Shes so out of touch. I think being born rich is eQual to being born mentally disabled. You end up dumber than a average person. Really suchs for ivanka you cant pay for knowlege. I mean you can but if ypu pay the college for good grades your still dumb as a brick. You, donald and jr
Herod Antipas
Herod Antipas Hace un mes
A Very Merry UnBirthday To You! To YOU!! TO YOU!!!
Oleg Asserin
Oleg Asserin Hace un mes
I feel so sorry for all the late night hosts who have to act this way. Steven colbert was pretty radical when he started now they are all liberal puppets.
imanasaurus rex
imanasaurus rex Hace un mes
I’m pretty sure it’s a family requirement. If not you get forgotten.... Doesn’t ivanka have another sister? Maybe it starts with a ‘T’...?
Prestigious Prestige
She can't just check the meaning on the Internet?? It's easy Ivanka
ORION The Misc of The Internet
When you throw your essay through a thesaurus
David Cerce
David Cerce Hace un mes
You actually think this is funny?
Fardim Nazir
Fardim Nazir Hace un mes
Be careful, Stephen.....Mike Cernovich might be going by your tweets now.
Philip Burt
Philip Burt Hace un mes
Your dad like to put dick in you
Rock About
Rock About Hace un mes
Ivanka’s whispery voice makes me shiver and not in a good way.
justsaying Hace un mes
Well, how stupid. Did you all finish Trump University at all....who were the professors there because you guys didn't learn a thing.
mmdandf Hace un mes
Well,like father like daughter...
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