Jack Harlow - Luv Is Dro (feat. Static Major & Bryson Tiller) [Official Video]

Jack Harlow
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Jack Harlow - Luv Is Dro (feat. Static Major & Bryson Tiller)

'Thats What They All Say' Out Now:

Production Co: Riveting Entertainment
Exec Producer: Andrew Listermann
Head of Production: Kevin Boston
Director: Ace Pro
Producer: Erica Nagai
DP: Justin Jones
Editor: Troy Charbonnet
Marketing: Ali “Ali B” Bianchi
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene, LLC

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Jack Harlow
Jack Harlow Hace un mes
This one is for the city
Acefull2004 Hace un día
Lil dicky brother?
NJM Hace 8 días
Africa Update
Africa Update Hace 16 minutos
This guy knows good music. I like him
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Hace 6 horas
Best song of the Jack.
23spiders Hace 9 horas
this my fave
otaku yt
otaku yt Hace 11 horas
Tuyu ssihue enskf ksla eisla ieka
Dalia Carrillo
Dalia Carrillo Hace 15 horas
Them wings look good
THL Hace 22 horas
Yo does that website say zpace?
Robin Paekau
Robin Paekau Hace un día
Avonti still reppin for Static Major ❤️❤️
mylesfinch Hace un día
Sachin Limbu
Sachin Limbu Hace un día
Man this song is so relaxing and catchy at the same time❤️❤️❤️
Shawn Long
Shawn Long Hace un día
It's funny to watch this video. Everyone should have worn Kentucky Wildcats, not the UL Cards. The red birds are just the red-headed lil' step-brother to the Cats. It isn't just men's basketball, even in football, UK has won the last three by a combined score of 153-44. Seeing UL in a video doesn't make it cool...it just looks sad!
Riley Freeman #JP
Riley Freeman #JP Hace un día
This song hardo
Cristal Diaz
Cristal Diaz Hace un día
2 things I liked about the video 1. Sidekick that bitch better be coming back or you a tease JH. 2. Obviously jack ❤️🥰
Will Adams
Will Adams Hace un día
Am I the only straight male who would let Jack do unspeakable things to?
Paris castro
Paris castro Hace un día
there is somthin bout this that makes me act up!
Lovepink543 Hace 2 días
he a freak
Monte Hace 2 días
Jack was pulling in this video
dae Hace 2 días
fact he got that chain on make tha song that much betta.
dlin Hace 2 días
Keeping static majors legacy alive ....we love to see it
Golden Kings
Golden Kings Hace 2 días
The Music Room
The Music Room Hace 2 días
Bas spicy channel
Bas spicy channel Hace 3 días
Word jack keep it up
Music 4 All People
Music 4 All People Hace 3 días
C.Rock100 Hace 3 días
Did that
ReggieRegg Hace 3 días
Holup jack this some early 2000s type shit 🔥
Moneisha Anderson
Moneisha Anderson Hace 4 días
this fire
zaybree1 Hace 4 días
Jack one cold dude
Andreas Kielczynski
Andreas Kielczynski Hace 5 días
Rita Kapia
Rita Kapia Hace 5 días
Kentucky 💕💕💕❤️🙌🏾
Brandon Clifford
Brandon Clifford Hace 5 días
Crazy we was born in the same hospital
Flower Bomb
Flower Bomb Hace 5 días
Oh yh I’m feeling this 👌🏽😍
Thecreator54 Hace 5 días
Only true Static Major fans will understand why the girl with jack harlow looks like Aaliyah. #SupaFriends
NRG-HXZEL Hace 5 días
Drakes son grew up fast damn
Golden Kings
Golden Kings Hace 6 días
Golden Kings
Golden Kings Hace 6 días
Kadence Kandy M Cascade aka. KMC becA. MotherMIA.
Love luv 😇😈🌗❤️‍🔥☀️🎶🌻
Kenneth Holloway
Kenneth Holloway Hace 6 días
Dude this shit is trash
sawhorse Hace 6 días
Let’s compare this to pretty Ricky... this is actually far behind.. Lmaoooo.
Joshua LeClair
Joshua LeClair Hace 6 días
Heavy 04 vibes
Da Bears
Da Bears Hace 6 días
If that’s mine, then tell me that’s mine. This shit go hard.
King Piccolo
King Piccolo Hace 6 días
I fucks with this. This song gives me flash backs of early 2000s
Shawn Ed.
Shawn Ed. Hace 6 días
I loooove this video 🔥
Sakoyia Heath
Sakoyia Heath Hace 7 días
Static Major rest easy
Garibubu Princess
Garibubu Princess Hace 7 días
Jack should be cancelled this is fucked
Junior Uchiha
Junior Uchiha Hace 7 días
I need the @ for the girl on jack cause DAYUMMMMM
hoba toba
hoba toba Hace 7 días
Intro voice sounds like midnight club 2 when your about to race someone
mello the fellow
mello the fellow Hace 7 días
Static major is a legend and his vocal skills was like an angel
Jamar slice
Jamar slice Hace 7 días
i'm sick my girl got me listening to all deez love songs sOs
Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson Hace 7 días
SO much happiness in this video. You can see the genuineness of it in everyone's EYES! Luv is DRooooooooooo!
Mia Scott
Mia Scott Hace 7 días
These girls get paid for this? I'd do it for free
Mia Scott
Mia Scott Hace 7 días
Crying and throwing up because that woman is so lucky
olesia Hace 7 días
is that static major's wife w the blonde box braids?
Johnathon Anderson
Johnathon Anderson Hace 7 días
Great song bruh
Corinneee Hace 7 días
ahhhhhhh, "you know that im tryna get behind... PRESS ON UR SPINE!!", i love you Jack
Isabelle Wilson
Isabelle Wilson Hace 7 días
The intro got me vibing hard😫
Fedi Ben Nasr
Fedi Ben Nasr Hace 8 días
Favourite song bro that shit is crazy good😫💓🥶🥵
Kayla Michelle
Kayla Michelle Hace 8 días
I love u😵‍💫❤️
Kayla Michelle
Kayla Michelle Hace 8 días
Bro me too
Luis Garrido
Luis Garrido Hace 8 días
Thats dope he got the same chain as Static.. RIP to the legend.
fairy cat
fairy cat Hace 8 días
i cried so hard bc of that girl
Anthonina Louis
Anthonina Louis Hace 8 días
Old school r&b vibes ❤️
yellow54321 Hace 8 días
I loved static majors voice and the group playa as a whole. Rest In Peace.
Ki Cypress
Ki Cypress Hace 8 días
Queen- Doosh
Queen- Doosh Hace 8 días
This song is so addictive that I keep coming back 😍
YoFavDrummer Hace 9 días
Instant classic
XAVIER LEXXX Hace 9 días
I peed myself
CALEEXX YT Hace 9 días
Temazo 🔥🔥🔥
New jack Harlow diss esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-g0ubsGqMgz0.html
lauren elizabeth
lauren elizabeth Hace 9 días
foaming in the mouth rn
Trilla nigga
Trilla nigga Hace 9 días
This gon age fine like wine
Inge Booysen
Inge Booysen Hace 10 días
bryson never dissapoints , his words r sooo pure ngl jack's chorus is so underrated, so underrated that it overcharge's 👅
Young Cole
Young Cole Hace 10 días
It’s a hit
Working harder than my demons
Sneaking that NB promo in at the end. Nice.
feirysab Hace 10 días
Not you cheating on me in front of everybody... I forgive you tho 😭😭
iamnali Hace 10 días
I’m enjoying these early 2000s style videos, y’all have been killing it
Krewz Hace 8 días
Rodrigo Millër
Rodrigo Millër Hace 10 días
Lyrics: Turn off the lights Let the moonshine through the blinds, I can see fine (Turn off, baby, yeah, ayy) Light a candle You know that I'm tryna get behind, press on your spine Girl, you lookin' damn good I can't even lie I'm mesmerized It's in you- To me tonight It's in your eyes, uh That's that shit I like, yeah That's that shit I like, uh That's that shit I like Baby, put your hair back That's that shit I like, yeah That's that shit I like, uh That's that shit I like 'Cause I wanna see your face Let the moon shine through the blinds, I can see fine And, damn, you fine Don't be nervous You know that I'm tryna to get behind, press on your spinе Girl, I got you, I got you (I got you) I can't even lie I'm mеsmerized It's in your eyes Let me love you slow (Slow, ooh, woah) I'm not in a rush, girl, I'ma love you slow Take my time tonight Can I take my time? Plus, girl, my love is dro I give you a rush, see, girl, my love is dro (Is dro) Girl, I'ma love you slow Take a hit of me baby, baby, baby (Yeah) [Verse: Bryson Tiller, Jack Harlow, Jack Harlow & Bryson Tiller] Know you had a long day, I can see it in your face And now you just got off of work The sun is down, it's gettin' late And now you say you need a break Girl, you know exactly what I'm 'bout to say But I won't say a thing, babe Know this what you need, babe Hit an instant replay Yes, I had to get it twice, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Now take off them denims Now take off this linen I need all that missin' Baby, when you call, I'm dippin', pull up to your Pull up to your, pull up to your spot I'm gon' get you hot Then see we gon', start with that massage, workin' down your thighs Baby, I'ma push up on you, feel the size (Show me how you feel) Show me how you feel inside If that's mine, then tell me that's mine (Tell me, tell me it's mine, yeah) Somebody must've shown you how to ride 'cause (Show you how to ride) You do it right, you're not too wild with it I take my time with it, hmm-mm Baby, you should let me love you slow I'm not in a rush, girl, (Baby, I'ma love you) I'ma love you slow (Baby, nice and slow, girl) Can I take my time? Plus, girl my love is dro (It's dro) I give you a rush, see, girl my love is dro (So I'ma take my time, yeah, ayy, ayy) Girl, I'ma love you slow [Outro: Bryson Tiller] Yeah Me and Jack and Static, this a motherfuckin' classic
Justin Lujan
Justin Lujan Hace 11 días
A month late but Shit! this is☣☣☣.
Bruce Washington
Bruce Washington Hace 11 días
Who wish that side kids were back🥺
Huzzy2x Hace 11 días
Jack hit the this one for the bedroom G’s 👊🏾
Denise Williams
Denise Williams Hace 11 días
Bryson is one beautiful man… sheesh
kay hershey
kay hershey Hace 11 días
one thing bout jack is he likes his black women
sendy rumaropen
sendy rumaropen Hace 10 días
your favorite cousin
your favorite cousin Hace 11 días
Just perfect
Rodrigo Millër
Rodrigo Millër Hace 12 días
Bryson lets any music suck, Tiller is different.
Terry C
Terry C Hace 12 días
Static, makes the music dro. He still does the hook for many artists even tho he no longer here. One of the voices we won’t forget
Chris Spite
Chris Spite Hace 12 días
I love this tune well wicked
Avikaar Sewlall
Avikaar Sewlall Hace 12 días
This music is shidd
Reality Baby
Reality Baby Hace 12 días
This should hve way more view smh
Martin Mitchell
Martin Mitchell Hace 12 días
2:40 was a good harmony part in background
RelaxingThunder Hace 12 días
I ain't gonna lie i thought when i first clicked on the video it was a ad...
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown Hace 12 días
Indi’s just hit different
BBB Hace 12 días
Yesssss makes me so fkn happy to live in the ville ✨
Dee Murray
Dee Murray Hace 12 días
I’m sorry Jack for sleeping on you
Sidiqa Atira
Sidiqa Atira Hace 13 días
They always market white artists like this in the beginning of their career to gain the black support and viewership and then once that’s gained the urban and hood vibes get toned down ten fold and the video vixens become everything but black 🤣 This has nothing to do with Jack he’s a talented artist, he’s confident and I can tell he’s business minded. But I just had to point out that I peeped the game lol Anyway marketing and strategy aside.. I like the song. & Glad to see Bryson Tiller on a track again. 3.5 stars from me 🙂
Sidiqa Atira
Sidiqa Atira Hace 13 días
@nexxt up Marketers do.
nexxt up
nexxt up Hace 13 días
black white blue green NOBODY CARES
Fatou Bah
Fatou Bah Hace 13 días
jack bb....
Keianna McCrea
Keianna McCrea Hace 13 días
Can someone point me to the baddie grinding on him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😻😻
Jason Buchanan
Jason Buchanan Hace 13 días
This song sucks
Lil Renas
Lil Renas Hace 13 días
❤️make me feel happy 😊 this beat
Beckham Vaz Dos Anjos
Beckham Vaz Dos Anjos Hace 13 días
RIP Static, my soul"s crying with this one
maritza torres
maritza torres Hace 14 días
Love the song
LIL REY Hace 14 días
Jack was diggin this shit😂😂
Dennis Poe
Dennis Poe Hace 14 días
Cal scruby
114nrc Hace 12 días
...Missed his window and has nothing on Harlow in the swag and personality department. Every rapper has bars, cal ain’t special in that way by any means. Sucks for him-not everyone can have that IT factor or the finesse of Harlow. Cal should cry it out into a bowl of skyline chili
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