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18 jun 2019






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Max istence
Max istence Hace 4 horas
I know what ya mean but I know a Sean same name same spelling same pronunciation but no fada
Your local meme
Your local meme Hace 22 horas
'' keanu yeeves rear ''
COMRADE Hace un día
Little does he know 2020 suck
A Guy
A Guy Hace un día
I'm named after a god Odin the of Thor I'm Odin
A Guy
A Guy Hace un día
xtreme chedder cheese
Hey jack! I like meme
Ur Mum
Ur Mum Hace 2 días
Wow, my name means son of my right hand descendant of the horse lord.
cheer spirit11
cheer spirit11 Hace 2 días
can I join you in that room and bring Sebastian Stan with me?
Shakesqueer Hace 2 días
2016, 2017, 2018, Keanu Reeves Year, ልየዐርልረሃየነቿ
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga Hace 2 días
Jack: 2017, 2018, Keanu Reeves Year, 2020. Me: No, Jack, what have you done. If you don't acknowledge it, we don't have to deal with it.
Shannon Vassallo
Shannon Vassallo Hace 2 días
There was this guy in school named Sean, and I said his name as Sh-awn, then I was like "aw damn dude sorry did I say ur name wrong" And he was like "nah you got it" It feels good to get something right on the first try😅😎
TOBORACER Hace 2 días
2018 piti olla jari-matin vuosi...
Tristan Hall
Tristan Hall Hace 3 días
jacky boy i will have you know a hamlet in Dorset, England. It has attracted worldwide attention for its name, which dates back at least a thousand years and means "farmstead on the stream used as an open sewer". has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.
sourly patched
sourly patched Hace 3 días
When im up three pm i pronounce it as shean
xX4LERXx Boom
xX4LERXx Boom Hace 3 días
Why did seán name his channel JackSepticEye and not SeánSepticEye...
Rebecca —
Rebecca — Hace 12 horas
Jack=seán. Seán is irish for John and ‘Jack’ is a nickname for John. I know because my dads name is John but people call him jack. Summary: seán is irish for jack.
YEB 21
YEB 21 Hace 3 días
The voice crack is too funny.i keep on repeating it.😂
Angie Ferret
Angie Ferret Hace 4 días
Who else is rewatching in 2020 while Jack is taking a break?
gacha ghost studios
gacha ghost studios Hace 4 días
{insert comment}
Keagen Cline
Keagen Cline Hace 4 días
2017 2018 Keanu Reeves Dumpster Fire 2021
Kayden Hart
Kayden Hart Hace 5 días
At 0:15 i was like "Buh bb but I'm already in my room😐😐😐"
djxjxixj124 playzs
djxjxixj124 playzs Hace 5 días
Toby Keogh
Toby Keogh Hace 5 días
Seán is the first and correct way to spell the name and then British and Americans came and were to lazy to give a shit so they were lazy and made a different spelling and then gives out to the Irish for spelling it weirdly
Ducatti yarbrough
Ducatti yarbrough Hace 6 días
What if Kenyan Reaves called u da snack
Tantronic Hace 6 días
I played episode before I became a thing
Carlyle Hace 6 días
When I saw the name shitterton I laughed
Hailey Bounds
Hailey Bounds Hace 7 días
Sean is best spelling
rizzam anizam
rizzam anizam Hace 7 días
Let me try Sean
rizzam anizam
rizzam anizam Hace 7 días
Cian Coughlan
Cian Coughlan Hace 7 días
I'm Irish and called Seán as well. Coincidence... I think not
Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest
Jack in the intro: _I have achieved comedy_
James Anderson
James Anderson Hace 8 días
Nobody: Me: Jacks name is Sean ?!
Gamer donut
Gamer donut Hace 8 días
Seàn i know how to spell it know Seàn
Liam Allen
Liam Allen Hace 8 días
Haha you suck im watching in quarantine
Dragon the mightiest dragon
Spell his name right people its spelled seán
Purple Roses
Purple Roses Hace 9 días
Seàn: Go to your room Me who never leaves my room: .... I'm sorry-
I am batman
I am batman Hace 9 días
Hey Seán
Nathen Hace 9 días
Jack: 2016, 2017, 2018, Keanu Reeves Year, 2020 All of us: 2016, 2017, 2018, Keanu Reeves Year, A god damn epidemic, 2021
Emmers Hace 10 días
I was at a store and I found a frickin keanu reeves coloring book. Just random pictures of keanu reeves that you could color. Lets just say, i finished coloring the whole book in 1 day.
In Afrikaans SEan means boy so your from God of war
The_ Voice
The_ Voice Hace 11 días
Imagine these 3 people in a room. Uncle iroh, Stan lee, and Keanu Reeves... Think about it
Kaden Lutgen
Kaden Lutgen Hace 11 días
Hello, Shæwne
Danny Dan
Danny Dan Hace 11 días
Miishu x
Miishu x Hace 11 días
this should just be called *jack being a raging bisexual for 15 minutes and 54 seconds*
Red_RacerZ Hace 12 días
Yohasafet who the hells name is that
Darlene Carpenter
Darlene Carpenter Hace 12 días
Seán:”your not even spelling my name correctly and you call yourself fans” Me: ...I’ve been pronouncing and spelling it correctly since the day I first learned his real name
Bryan Burruss
Bryan Burruss Hace 12 días
my name is sean this is how i was told to spelled it
PanelPlayz Hace 12 días
My names Macdonald so I'm with you jack
Pandagaming 101
Pandagaming 101 Hace 12 días
Seán: “S h a u n and S h a w n, get the f*ck out of here. Your parents didn’t love you.” *Shawn The Sheep sadness noises*
Charlotte Hace 12 días
2020 is sucks
Emily Rotando
Emily Rotando Hace 12 días
Coke won't sponsor him because he swears and DISNEY XD shows his videos... GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER COCA COLA
RYUKI Hace 12 días
I actually know a guy named Sean spelled that way.
BirdyTweet Animations
BirdyTweet Animations Hace 13 días
Jack's full name in English is "God is gracious Strong willed warrior Son of Lochlainn" ᴛʜᴀᴛ's ᴀ sᴛʀᴏɴɢ ɴᴀᴍᴇ
Alex Z
Alex Z Hace 13 días
4:59 - 5:37 the numbers and letters under the comment and username are Greek and I should know because I am Greek
MegaMGstudios Hace 13 días
11:28 and let's rename 2020 to 'Fucking disaster year'
Anti•social•artist 115
10:12 Me: haha jokes on you I don’t do homework
Fi Woods
Fi Woods Hace 14 días
this was a video of the memes. now it is a video of the keanu reeves
William afton
William afton Hace 15 días
Towards the end seán just starts talking about his massive crush on Keanu reeves and othe celebrities and I thought it was cute lol
The ArcherWolf
The ArcherWolf Hace 15 días
Let’s just rename 2020 the year of life f*cking sucks
It izz what it izz
It izz what it izz Hace 15 días
1:14 *”I’m s o r r y ?”*
Dixie Connolly
Dixie Connolly Hace 17 días
Seán : now go to your room Me and probably some other people: but I am alight in my room Me : * trying to not get his name wrong while making this comment * careful careful careful * finding out I messes out * FUCK YOU FUCK THIS FUCK EVERYONE FUCK EVERYTHING FUCKING L FOR ME oof I watch too much Jack
Reaper_ pug07
Reaper_ pug07 Hace 17 días
Ummmmmmm my name is bryton lol
lng nightwing
lng nightwing Hace 17 días
Im a stan sike im a ram oh wait. Shi 🐐 baaa
Lucy Reeves
Lucy Reeves Hace 18 días
My surname is Reeves
Seana Mesker
Seana Mesker Hace 18 días
Okay so some people also pronoun my name wrong too. My name sounds like Shawna but is spelled like "Seana"
rach long
rach long Hace 18 días
How do you know seen - evie
patty machuca
patty machuca Hace 18 días
My cousin school calls him seen because that is how his name looked like when his name was sean
G Dul
G Dul Hace 19 días
someone is a little salty about his name
TheDangerNoodle Hace 19 días
That intro was basically the bad version of “HEY. VSAUCE! Michael here.”
kiri_boi owo
kiri_boi owo Hace 19 días
He made it very clear that his name isn't Shawn or Sean. It's Seán people, get it right.
Auroraty GamingYT
Auroraty GamingYT Hace 19 días
Am I the only one who heard him say Keanu yeaves rear
Hayat Aljaberri
Hayat Aljaberri Hace 19 días
S-e-a father-n
Austen Manning
Austen Manning Hace 19 días
Jack: it extends the vowel Me: seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Kathleen Heron
Kathleen Heron Hace 20 días
I wonder if this is the same mic pewds was deepthroating in today's video...
rach long
rach long Hace 21 un día
Notice how Jack stops at 2020?HE CALLED IT
Katelyn Tierney
Katelyn Tierney Hace 22 días
Anyone else skips seáns bromantic speech about Keanu Reeves
The fat Cat
The fat Cat Hace 22 días
Jacksepticeye: "lets rename 2019 to Keanu Reeves - jear!" Me: "Lets rename 2020 to The End of the World!"
itz_meh_famous _gacha
itz_meh_famous _gacha Hace 22 días
Sean - GO TO UR F**KING ROOM ME - I am in my room WHY U YELLING
Head doctor '-'
Head doctor '-' Hace 23 días
Where not allowed in school anyone , its lockdown
DJ Van
DJ Van Hace 23 días
He said 2020 Anyone? No?
thatonekid _
thatonekid _ Hace 23 días
Home work tf
InkyGoat Hace 24 días
randomly watching this in 2020, and suddenly hear Sean listing all the years and almost scream: 2017, 2018, Keanu Reeves Year, *2020*... I think '2020' is now a trigger for me.
Inoa Cababat
Inoa Cababat Hace 24 días
Dude i was hardcore depresso and this brought a smile to my face u prolly not gonna see this but thx dude
grace Hace 24 días
You seem like a cool person. Hope your feeling happy c:
GalaxyGoop Hace 24 días
The Curly One
The Curly One Hace 24 días
taekookmin lives forever
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill Hace 24 días
I think were gonna need a different name for 2020.....
Ram Bhuller
Ram Bhuller Hace 25 días
Shoutout to Roger and Stephanie for helping our boi out!
DrDevoDemo Gaming
DrDevoDemo Gaming Hace 25 días
Nik kay
Nik kay Hace 25 días
Bo55atron 5000200
Bo55atron 5000200 Hace 25 días
Took me a minute to realise that this isn’t new XD
Victoria Kimble
Victoria Kimble Hace 25 días
I have been spelling it right for years. "Seán"
Ivy Tran
Ivy Tran Hace 26 días
*Sean being in love with Keanu Reeves for **15:54** minutes straight*
Hayden Shanks
Hayden Shanks Hace 26 días
Do u love keno Reeves better than Ryan Reynolds
Anton Møller
Anton Møller Hace 26 días
Stone Man
Stone Man Hace 26 días
This is relatable, its "Shawn" even thought that's not the best way to spell it. The most big brained people spell it Sean, by saying "sea- an" you are being a disgrace to your whole family. (I'm jk, but fr pls say Shawn when its spelled Sean)
Harry Lauder
Harry Lauder Hace 26 días
I got a coke Zero add on this lmao
oscar singing when he’s bored
ah yes.. the before times
Lo4giants Baseball
Lo4giants Baseball Hace 27 días
WERE ARE THE LAMPS r.i.p blue lamp
Madelyn Herron
Madelyn Herron Hace 27 días
* laughs in 2020 *
KingNutIII 1729
KingNutIII 1729 Hace 28 días
DJSilly9 Hace 28 días
0:03 The washington state representation here makes me like you more
Granger Hace 28 días
I thought Sean's mouse wwas my mouse because I was wondering for a moment why it's not moving when I moved it then I saw my mouse moving on the right side lol
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