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Accent Light Highlighter Palette - $49
Flash & Flare Palette
4 shades each
Mood Light Highlighter - $32
5 Shades
Beaming Light Highlighter - $24
5 Shades
J01 (Mood Light Brush) - $24
J02 (Accent Light Brush) - $20
J03 (Beaming Light Brush) - $20
Bring The Light Bundle: Brush Trio - $54
Bold & Beaming Bundle: Beaming Loose Highlight (all shades) Brush - $120
Mood Light Duo: Luminous Powder Brush - $49
Accent Light Duo: Highlighter Palette Brush - $59
Beaming Light Duo: Loose Highlighter Brush - $39

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15 nov 2019






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beauty and me
beauty and me Hace 9 minutos
Jaclyn I think everyone deserves a second chance. I think that everyone is picking at everything that can be picked at. Every launch has issues. If I could afford it I would have bought the entire kit. I would even buy your lipsticks when they are redone. I have faith in you and your line dont give up. #jaclynhill #jaclyncosmetics #jaclynhillpr #jaclyncosmeticspr #jaclyncosmeticspublicrelations
Archetype00 Hace 18 minutos
I keep hearing about this chick, who even is she
jasmyne contours
jasmyne contours Hace un hora
The weight gain looks beautiful on Jac. Love a thick biyatch!!! Yeah!
Triple Elle
Triple Elle Hace un hora
She snaked her loyal customers twice over!!!!!
Labra Doodle
Labra Doodle Hace 2 horas
"I haven't got as many DMs as now I think" what about when people got fungal infections from your shoddy lipsticks and people wanted refunds, huh?
Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher Hace 2 horas
This is not powder to cream girl, are you fvcking kidding me??? lol this looks like powder to me duh
Mitzi Vidal
Mitzi Vidal Hace 2 horas
Girl just PLEASE stop.
Paula Pedelty
Paula Pedelty Hace 4 horas
I bought your eye shadow palette last weekend. I got it today, and tried it. It was the first time I've bought anything from Morphe and I don't know if it's your shadow or Morphe but this eyeshadow is the worst eyeshadow in my makeup collection. I wore your eyeshadow today and after a few hours the eyeshadow has moved all over my lids and it's piling up in creases, and basically it's just awful. :( I'm pretty shocked to be honest with you. I'm wondering if I can take it back?
MIlana Mathers
MIlana Mathers Hace 4 horas
Of course something went wrong 😂
Nox Hace 4 horas
Good Lord, what happened to her face? ( )° _ °( ) And that desperate attempt at being funny/quirky...nah, not happening.
Gia Rose
Gia Rose Hace 6 horas
I want to tell you how proud I am of you girl you’ve been in a crazy ride but this ride has new trims and they shine gurl mwah
Gia Rose
Gia Rose Hace 6 horas
I can’t stop watching this I wish I wasn’t injured I’d so be in morphe now buying the palette
Dutchess 1202
Dutchess 1202 Hace 7 horas
I love you Jaclyn!!! I’m so proud of you and I’m sure all ur family and friends are also!!! I can’t wait to try these!!! Just remember ppl are assholes and they are haters and ppl will drag ur name but at the end of the day half these ppl commenting negative shit on here and other social media’s have nothing better to do but stalk you and comment ur every move!!! Keep going girl u got this!!!! U are strong beautiful and flawless!!! YOLO 🥰😇 u are my idol I have been a subscriber since day one on my main channel I made this channel to start ESvid myself because I love doing make up an nails!!! U give me inspiration babe!!! Congratulations on ur new launch 🤩🥳🥰😇
Megan Adkins
Megan Adkins Hace 7 horas
Can’t wait to try my MoodLight powder !!! I really want to get the Flash Palette but I can only afford the the MoodLight powder and hopefully the palette doesn’t sale out and I can grab in Jan. ❤️ Can not wait to see the amazing new products your brand will create!!! Love you Boo
paola guzman
paola guzman Hace 9 horas
Not only are you guys getting 3 different highlights, you are getting 3 different fungal infections!
Bella Queen
Bella Queen Hace 9 horas
did u gain weight ? u look different
P Shields
P Shields Hace 9 horas
She "loves her subscribers so much", but continues not to upload for weeks. SHOCKER
Shameon U
Shameon U Hace 10 horas
She is not pretty, she scams people, and cares about putting out more than caring about quality ... I dont understand how shes this big.
jessie reyes
jessie reyes Hace 10 horas
Seriously loved her back in the days I ready don't know what happen to her
Mely-78 Hace 10 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-7Kj8rX_5qmc.html The Real Jaclyn Hill...
Angela johnson
Angela johnson Hace 10 horas
How does she breathe through that little tiny nose?
Marialuisa Sanchez
Marialuisa Sanchez Hace 10 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-7Kj8rX_5qmc.html Please watch. After years of following Jaclyn. It broke my heart. It’s disgusting. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I will not continue to support someone who exploits and manipulates their fans the way Jaclyn has. To anyone who watches. Do your own research. What this girl says about Jaclyn in her video are facts. 💯 Peace out Girl Scout ✌🏼 I am no one to judge, but these are NOT MORALS I STAND BEHIND.
Katie Elizabeth
Katie Elizabeth Hace 10 horas
Really sad you send one single lose high lighters to micro influencers. But the whole dang box to bigger influencers and drama channels. Are they not good enough to review your products? Wow. Your true colors are showing once again.
Tanz Baquiran
Tanz Baquiran Hace 11 horas
Lol youre cancelled sis
lilly luna
lilly luna Hace 11 horas
This so called' limited edition' is already sold out n re stalled n is available in morphe stores n the fact that u haven't uploaded anything after this video just proves that u only come to ur fans when u want their money.
ucim2cute Hace 12 horas
What a bitch slap to the influencers that actually KNOW about makeup to get dissed like that but to send the whole set to DRAMA channels that know NOTHING about makeup! Wow that’s soooo MESSED UP!!! I hope they all turn on her ass!!! Or better yet... I hope the smaller influencers cancel her ass!!!! Open Y’alls eyes!!!! Geez!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Vanessa Marin
Vanessa Marin Hace 12 horas
GIRL🤦🏻‍♀️you messy. You really thought you were sneaky the things you do for more clout and attention. I couldn’t trust a female like this.
Priscila Lala
Priscila Lala Hace 12 horas
“I’m selfish like that” yep you got that right
melqr89 Hace 12 horas
She looks like a drag queen 😆
Lizlove Hace 13 horas
Jaclyn you have always been soo absolutely gorgeous. I hope all these procedures you are doing to yourself are only b/c you want them not b/c you think you need them.
Gaby Faye
Gaby Faye Hace 13 horas
I have high hopes for you even after the lipsticks. Even with all the hate this video is getting. Got my package today and I am very excited to try the product.
Dawnova Hace 14 horas
So she’s not pregnant??
Rosie Panda
Rosie Panda Hace 14 horas
Oooooooooooo wheree---is ourrrr refundssssddsss PLEASEE Part two All I want for Christmas isssssd a refunddddon all the makeup I brought
bubblehan Hace 14 horas
is it just me or does jaclyn look like she gained weight...?(not hating, just wondering. its not bad to gain weight)
Lil Bee
Lil Bee Hace 14 horas
Why........ I want to barf at how discussing of a human you are... No one. Wants your products. Just stop and go back in your whole 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿
Emily M
Emily M Hace 15 horas
Did she gain a ton of weight or are those just fillers??
Nina Ortiz
Nina Ortiz Hace 15 horas
Girl quit with the face procedures
Abi HT
Abi HT Hace 16 horas
Her fillers... jesus...
Jenni Flave
Jenni Flave Hace 16 horas
Hi Jaclyn, I dont know if it’s just me, i just wonder if you have toothache? Your face a bit puffy.
Daisy Perez Desantiago
Lol ur trash Jaclyn
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