Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget

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After attending Diddy's million-dollar party, he showed the rap mogul that a party could thrown on a budget.
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16 may 2018

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Comentarios 1 617
aboelsof alabed
aboelsof alabed Hace 8 horas
That was good shit
BeastMode73060 Hace un día
You go giiirll 💁‍♀️ tell it!! Lol
TheTechCguy Hace 2 días
Do all famous rappers know each other? Do you not make scrambled eggs with eggs?
mehta reddy
mehta reddy Hace 3 días
That's an awesome story
asr 01
asr 01 Hace 6 días
Jay z part was hilarious 🤣
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Hace 6 días
Jamie fox nice humble dude
DJ Revolver
DJ Revolver Hace 7 días
Reusing his Joe rogan podcasts huh?
Adam warlock
Adam warlock Hace 8 días
Jamie fox never has a dull interview
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis Hace 8 días
I could watch Foxx for hours....he IS the BEST ever.... 💕💕💕
That's how legends makes parties they don't need bottles and beers to make it happen period .
Robb holmes
Robb holmes Hace 11 días
dennis tech 305
dennis tech 305 Hace 12 días
Who else wants to hear Manny sing ?👀👀👀😂😂😂😂
1B Veiws
1B Veiws Hace 13 días
Best interview ever. Never seen jamie so enthusiastic in an interview before.
Amani Wanyoike
Amani Wanyoike Hace 14 días
What's the song that was no 1 in the country
UBZUKKI Hace 14 días
absolute entertainer
Adam Sanchez
Adam Sanchez Hace 15 días
Story 50% lies knowing him
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba Hace 15 días
Jamie Foxx 😂 , i do remember that song.
OK OK Hace 18 días
dude i LOOOVE jamie fox these days so much through all these tv shows
DJ Marzalado
DJ Marzalado Hace 18 días
6:30 okay Colbert
Tera Pan
Tera Pan Hace 20 días
whats up with this guy telling this story to everyone. Jamie lets go party homie youll have a new story.
Joy Mosley
Joy Mosley Hace 22 días
Go head Jaime!
ThumbsHunter Hace 25 días
i was in tears when he started doing kanye west.
kibudome Hace 26 días
*Great story teller on G*
Dion.Ell Hace 28 días
He chats so much shit, this is rehearsed
Master Hace 28 días
One of these days Jamie is gonna tell the WHOLE story. Dig what I'm saying, the WHOLE story? The ENTIRE story if you know what I mean. All I'm saying is there is A LOT MORE that went on.
Edwin Ramos
Edwin Ramos Hace un mes
Cool as a fan
Quentin Sterling
Quentin Sterling Hace un mes
one of the most entertaining people in the last 50 years..
Elle Sol
Elle Sol Hace un mes
did he have just a little bit of cocaine before this interview?
nyc2cuse Hace un mes
Timeline doesn't make sense..so Jay-z and Kanye were at the same party where nobody knew them...and no one knew Pharrell either...sounds full of crap
Opharmz Energy
Opharmz Energy Hace un mes
He is soo intelligent and interesting to watch... what's not to love.
RDM 010
RDM 010 Hace un mes
That was a really boring story. I guess if you care about famous people it's good...but otherwise, I have better stories and they cost $9.95.
elljay81 Hace un mes
Omg he told this story 10,000 times he needs new stories
Saurav Silwal
Saurav Silwal Hace un mes
he lookin life mike tyson over here he about to drop this mike tyson movie and yall dont even see it comin LMA0
Andrew G
Andrew G Hace un mes
Kanye sucked live. He opened for U2 in NZ and he was so crap!
Mr J
Mr J Hace un mes
Party as in booty bros party
SayEmComedy Hace un mes
Tonight he’s Eric
Jimmy Z
Jimmy Z Hace un mes
This story is bullshit lmao. No one knew Jay Z or Pharrell in 2000?? Kanye had his jaw broke when he was sign to Rocafella. NORE brought out Pharrell in the mid 90s. That Gold Digger song came out in 2005. 8 weeks before that you telling me people didn’t know Pharrell or Jay & Diddy was killing the game!? No for the young bucks, Diddy was cold as dick around this time (google Gorilla Black), JayZ was platinum multiple times with 9 albums out and a retirement album out. Pharrell produced an insane amount of hits by this time including “Drop It Like It’s Hot” which was literally on top of the charts for months at that time. I love Jaime Foxx, like truly think he’s one of the best entertainers ever, but this joke needs tweaking if he wants it to be believable or if he’s guna say it so many times on every show possible lmao.
Nobody Smith
Nobody Smith Hace un mes
Jamie has enery drinks flowing through his veins instead of blood.
DaggerMan11 Hace un mes
Story doesn't quite add up. Everybody knew who Jay Z was by the time College Dropout came out
I am love
I am love Hace un mes
Jamie needs a channel like Will Smith.
Ali Almarri
Ali Almarri Hace un mes
Did people forget Diddy was the gayest thing in the universe?
Dark Seid
Dark Seid Hace un mes
Damn the dude missed so many leg days
Nunya Buznizz
Nunya Buznizz Hace un mes
Colbert is a worthless piece of shit. I am here to see this awesome interview!
batuhan yesilbursa
batuhan yesilbursa Hace un mes
Jamie Foxx makes Combert look cool. That's how cool the man is.
gladys844 Hace un mes
So funny! Specially when he saved money with KFC! Lol!🤣
Shihab Uddin
Shihab Uddin Hace un mes
He He He I have no idea what they are talking about.
Khalid Madavana
Khalid Madavana Hace un mes
Does he sound like Mike Tyson in the beginning?
Louis Caruso
Louis Caruso Hace un mes
You can tell the dude steve didn’t know anything foxx was talkm bout
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes Hace un mes
Not this story again oh lord Jamie
David Kang
David Kang Hace 2 meses
theres no way ppl didnt know jayz while kanye was coming up, even in the west coast jayz was already huge at the time. i think hes mixing up parties.
Joey Gillespie
Joey Gillespie Hace 2 meses
Lol thanks Ray Charles
truth Be toad
truth Be toad Hace 2 meses
Jamie is the man he is awesome
daezjn Hace 2 meses
never get tired of this story!
GDI Hace 2 meses
Kanye sucks
Ali_Clearsenti Hace 2 meses
Never underestimate the power of networking 🤝
Beautiful Lou
Beautiful Lou Hace 2 meses
underrated tx legend always on the grind he given u gems.. u gotta make it happen cuz nobody else will
Rogi Salv
Rogi Salv Hace 2 meses
god damn, i was smiling all that 8:13 minutes !!!
My Dogs Best Fren
My Dogs Best Fren Hace 2 meses
i just bought a jar of dill pickles that has more life than this audience. wow. sorry jamie
David Cruz
David Cruz Hace 2 meses
This fool is cheap as hell am a valet driver he never tips not even 5$
Aldo Malaj
Aldo Malaj Hace 2 meses
So honest great guy Jamie
Karlovacka74 Hace 2 meses
kids r dumb today, Bless JFXXX
Tilitus Hace 2 meses
Theres plenty of atheist in the fox hole thay are the once not praying to nothign for salvation while in the face of death.
Dickie Larue
Dickie Larue Hace 2 meses
Get His Buddy Jho Low To Pay For It...Then Get Paid Appearance Fees Just To Show Up To An Event...Party Down Wanda...
Blitznstitch2 Hace 2 meses
Who remembers Jamie Foxx as that big lipped woman.... Don't remember the name... But hilarious
Sunny honey
Sunny honey Hace un mes
Crazyknight Hace 2 meses
The story is good but he is not as funny as he thinks he is and Colbert is forcing himself to laugh lol.
CALI'S FINEST Hace 2 meses
Homeboy Funny as hell.
Square Bidnez
Square Bidnez Hace 2 meses
Most talented man on the planet!
Steve Livingston
Steve Livingston Hace 2 meses
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Jamie Foxx is pure gold.
marischka exaudia
marischka exaudia Hace 3 meses
Back in the day..
Fernando Mercado
Fernando Mercado Hace 3 meses
😂😂😂 that shit funny
Heisenberg 2420
Heisenberg 2420 Hace 3 meses
This storys bullshit...jayz was known by 96 kanye came around in 03 theres no way this storys true im sure the parts are true it just happened at diffrent times but he made it all in 1
avetik32 Hace 3 meses
This is the best interview i have ever seen. PERI fucking OD
amanda dingman
amanda dingman Hace 3 meses
hahaha omg. I don't care if I've heard this story a million times - he's such a fun and entertaining storyteller!
Sid Parsan
Sid Parsan Hace 3 meses
Storytelling skills 9000
Sis I Si
Sis I Si Hace 3 meses
He is so entertaining and gets better and better looking with age...What?!? Jay z, Pharrell, KW ...so COOL!!!
TANK DA BOSS Hace 3 meses
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Hace 3 meses
Jamie Fox is an amazing person
Kashreed Hace 3 meses
Jamie Foxx is good man,respect.
mike johnston Bob
mike johnston Bob Hace 3 meses
Foxx throws a party worthy of a presidential dinner!
John Yap
John Yap Hace 3 meses
John Yap
John Yap Hace 3 meses
hahahahah he is the best omg hahahahah fuck!
Six80 Palau
Six80 Palau Hace 3 meses
i lost it when he said "the fox hole"
Lunamaria Hace 3 meses
Second best comedian after Eddie Murphy lol
DIYTFY Hace 3 meses
Bruh thanks for farting in my eyes and ears. This stinks.
Maisa Roozie
Maisa Roozie Hace 3 meses
Red foxx
Rohan Antony
Rohan Antony Hace 3 meses
How you gonna book 3 other guests with Foxx
Adel Atienza
Adel Atienza Hace 3 meses
why are ther eno cmments
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon Hace 3 meses
He has the same pants like I did in high school. How he did that?
Karl Ponte
Karl Ponte Hace 3 meses
That world needs more storytellers like Jamie Foxx.
Melanie Bowers
Melanie Bowers Hace 3 meses
Did no one hear Stephen at 6:30 ?
Ronny Sutedja
Ronny Sutedja Hace 3 meses
What song is he talking about ?
Khulood Faraj
Khulood Faraj Hace 3 meses
Slow Jamz
WHATS VIRAL? Hace 3 meses
MarinersFK7 Hace 3 meses
Jamie foxx is da realest wokes
Gamaliel Jaramillo
Gamaliel Jaramillo Hace 3 meses
Jamie Foxx really looks like Jimmy "buckets" Butler.
rideordieguy rideordieguy
NO-1 KNEW J-Z????? Makes no sense? When your song came out J was already on top of the rap game. So either the timeline on your story is way off or juss BS
Santi Cardona
Santi Cardona Hace 3 meses
Thabo Lefleur
Thabo Lefleur Hace 3 meses
These timelines don't make sense to me. Diddy super famous when he had songs out but Jay was unknown? Neptunes and Kanye there and Jay is unknown? Nigga cooked this up
BAYOU Amine Hace 3 meses
I keep coming back to this video lol he's hilarious
Nelsen Mono
Nelsen Mono Hace 3 meses
What a great storyteller. I felt like I was there with him 😂
Ammogram Hace 3 meses
Jamie Foxx is probably one of the greatest story tellers I've ever seen or heard. His stories never get old.
Amanuail A.
Amanuail A. Hace 3 meses
In case ya'll didn't know, he was talking about Slow Jamz. An absolute classic
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