Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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After attending Diddy's million-dollar party, he showed the rap mogul that a party could thrown on a budget.
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16 may 2018






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Comentarios 1 545
Square Bidnez
Square Bidnez Hace 2 horas
Most talented man on the planet!
Steve Livingston
Steve Livingston Hace 3 días
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Jamie Foxx is pure gold.
marischka exaudia
marischka exaudia Hace 8 días
Back in the day..
Fernando Mercado
Fernando Mercado Hace 11 días
😂😂😂 that shit funny
El Guapo Ben
El Guapo Ben Hace 11 días
This is the fourth time i hear this dude telling the same story, and im not even a fan looking for his videos.
Heisenberg 2420
Heisenberg 2420 Hace 12 días
This storys bullshit...jayz was known by 96 kanye came around in 03 theres no way this storys true im sure the parts are true it just happened at diffrent times but he made it all in 1
avetik32 Hace 12 días
This is the best interview i have ever seen. PERI fucking OD
amanda dingman
amanda dingman Hace 13 días
hahaha omg. I don't care if I've heard this story a million times - he's such a fun and entertaining storyteller!
Sid Parsan
Sid Parsan Hace 14 días
Storytelling skills 9000
Sis I Si
Sis I Si Hace 14 días
He is so entertaining and gets better and better looking with age...What?!? Jay z, Pharrell, KW ...so COOL!!!
TANK DA BOSS Hace 14 días
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Hace 15 días
Jamie Fox is an amazing person
Tre Wien
Tre Wien Hace 15 días
Jamie Foxx is good man,respect.
mike johnston Bob
mike johnston Bob Hace 16 días
Foxx throws a party worthy of a presidential dinner!
John Yap
John Yap Hace 16 días
John Yap
John Yap Hace 16 días
hahahahah he is the best omg hahahahah fuck!
Daddy 08
Daddy 08 Hace 16 días
i lost it when he said "the fox hole"
Lunamaria Hace 16 días
Second best comedian after Eddie Murphy lol
DIYTFY Hace 16 días
Bruh thanks for farting in my eyes and ears. This stinks.
Maisa Roozie
Maisa Roozie Hace 17 días
Red foxx
Rohan Antony
Rohan Antony Hace 17 días
How you gonna book 3 other guests with Foxx
Adel Atienza
Adel Atienza Hace 17 días
why are ther eno cmments
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon Hace 18 días
He has the same pants like I did in high school. How he did that?
Karl Ponte
Karl Ponte Hace 18 días
That world needs more storytellers like Jamie Foxx.
Melanie Bowers
Melanie Bowers Hace 20 días
Did no one hear Stephen at 6:30 ?
Ronny Sutedja
Ronny Sutedja Hace 20 días
What song is he talking about ?
Khulood Faraj
Khulood Faraj Hace 20 días
Slow Jamz
WHATS VIRAL? Hace 21 un día
MarinersFK7 Hace 21 un día
Jamie foxx is da realest wokes
Gamaliel Jaramillo
Gamaliel Jaramillo Hace 22 días
Jamie Foxx really looks like Jimmy "buckets" Butler.
rideordieguy rideordieguy
NO-1 KNEW J-Z????? Makes no sense? When your song came out J was already on top of the rap game. So either the timeline on your story is way off or juss BS
Santi Cardona
Santi Cardona Hace 21 un día
Thabo Lefleur
Thabo Lefleur Hace 22 días
These timelines don't make sense to me. Diddy super famous when he had songs out but Jay was unknown? Neptunes and Kanye there and Jay is unknown? Nigga cooked this up
BAYOU Amine Hace 23 días
I keep coming back to this video lol he's hilarious
Nelsen Mono
Nelsen Mono Hace 24 días
What a great storyteller. I felt like I was there with him 😂
Ammogram Hace 25 días
Jamie Foxx is probably one of the greatest story tellers I've ever seen or heard. His stories never get old.
Ace2da206 Hace 25 días
In case ya'll didn't know, he was talking about Slow Jamz. An absolute classic
Lance Greene
Lance Greene Hace 25 días
3 million views and not one comment....
give haechan a solo album
me: jamie fox:
Johny Kilroy
Johny Kilroy Hace 26 días
The LOVELY and talented Jaime Fox???? WTF ? Lovely ????
Nick Leone
Nick Leone Hace 26 días
Just shows you that if you keep hustling and take every opportunity you can get your hands on eventually something will break your way
Pal Tomori
Pal Tomori Hace 28 días
Blacks are very good at entertainment and sports. But they are not really good at anything else.
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga Hace 29 días
Jamie's impressions are hilarious lol u should see his Quentin Tarantino
Vienesko Hace 29 días
Jamie Foxx true hollywood stories
Spicy Yahya
Spicy Yahya Hace un mes
If I were the guest to follow this dude, I’d just say fuqit and go home.
Balbi Francesca PY
Balbi Francesca PY Hace un mes
Im just listening to this awesome storyteller. I’ve hear some of his stories before but yet im here grinning like an idiot happy. Jamie is the bomb
NHEFF09 Hace un mes
hes one cool dude
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams Hace un mes
When that song came out Jay-Z was well known. Jamie lyin. Period 👎🏾
Czar Diezmo
Czar Diezmo Hace un mes
Ma man Jamie foxx
Monia a
Monia a Hace un mes
Jamie is a real model of success
Kaila Dennis
Kaila Dennis Hace un mes
Is there anything Jamie Foxx can't do?
Just Anonymous
Just Anonymous Hace un mes
the Jay Z impression wtf lol
Zander Egac
Zander Egac Hace un mes
Go to the 2:08 mark he says puff showed up with black SUV’S and the FBI . He stumbled stumbled in the end realizing what he just said and stupid as fuck he is. Puff has always had FBI PROTECTION they all know it. Killed two legends
Cindy Hace un mes
Awesome stories
mr.realtrap nigga
mr.realtrap nigga Hace un mes
Black dont crack!
Bill Vo
Bill Vo Hace un mes
Jamie Foxx's story telling skills are amazinggg
Spikey Smith
Spikey Smith Hace un mes
Jamie is the best guest of all time 😂😂 he gets me crying of laughter every time
Dan W. Blumreich
Dan W. Blumreich Hace un mes
This clip starts out with insulting half of American soldiers by saying "no Atheists in fox holes"?
Mikhail Protasov
Mikhail Protasov Hace un mes
Pretty cool story
bojan bilandzija
bojan bilandzija Hace un mes
What a lie of a story 😂
Kamil M.
Kamil M. Hace un mes
That song is one of those songs..... 1 in ten years .... reminds me of so good times man wanna go back home to England
jay Pazare
jay Pazare Hace un mes
6:16 Stephen Colbert said ni**a And Jamie doesn't know
vinh nguyen
vinh nguyen Hace un mes
Who is Jamie’s barber? His hairline is wack
mark safronsky
mark safronsky Hace un mes
Too much talent for one human man...
Yves Younes
Yves Younes Hace un mes
This story is really getting old...get over it man...it's getting boring
Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn
jamie foxxes
Nova Love
Nova Love Hace un mes
Jamie Foxx is one of the best storytellers I swear
Diego Villarreal
Diego Villarreal Hace un mes
man what a great storyteller this guy
Ghebrehiwet Hace un mes
Jamie. New material. Please!
sherwyn santos
sherwyn santos Hace un mes
Jamie Foxx can eat all the 4 guest Air time bitch! Colbert Stinks!
Ms. Coeli
Ms. Coeli Hace un mes
Jamie Foxx so talented and down to earth.
Kudoo Hameedh
Kudoo Hameedh Hace un mes
Whats with the illumanatii based logo in the down rigth coner
mrswhatevernc Hace un mes
I am a new Jamie fox fan. He is so funny
Jean-Luc SaintFleur
Kanye and Jay-Z came up at the same time???
Christian Hace un mes
c Lok
c Lok Hace un mes
Diddy raped Jaime Foxx.
Gin B
Gin B Hace un mes
Two awesome guys!!!
KenMagus1600 Hace un mes
It's the same stories but I love it every time!!
porscheoscar Hace un mes
DJANGO should have been made as a series of films. Each one with a different famous partner. The first should be Tom Hardy as John Brown the baddest white man that lived 1800 - 1899. You kids who don't know who John Brown was need to get on wikipedia
Richard Michael
Richard Michael Hace un mes
Jamie is a great story teller
Alfredo Ramos
Alfredo Ramos Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-8nLsEKeSjUw.html watch this!
Alfredo Ramos
Alfredo Ramos Hace un mes
It wasn’t Stephen Colbert! It was computer animated.
Hunnid37 Hace un mes
The Messenger
The Messenger Hace un mes
6:30 "uhh dont do dat"
Enriquetta E
Enriquetta E Hace un mes
Emily Price
Emily Price Hace un mes
I LOVE THIS MAN!!!! Both actually...
JJ SS Hace un mes
He literally told all these stories on Joe Rogan's podcast lol
Alvin sebo
Alvin sebo Hace un mes
what you mean when he was famous stop mf hating puffy is still famous
Buddy Jesus
Buddy Jesus Hace un mes
He looks like in that scene from deadpool, where he's shirtcocking it...he desperately needs to train them spaghetti legs.
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly Hace un mes
Texas Bred!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
walter jones
walter jones Hace un mes
How tf is he old
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Hace un mes
This guy was amazing in the Collateral
MMA's Most Wanted
MMA's Most Wanted Hace un mes
That's so cool! Jaime is multitalented and HILARIOUS.
Bic Ball 'v Fyyurrhei
Cut! cut! cut! that black! for his sins! not his skin color. This is Bitchtown!
megazine Hace 2 meses
This was awesome
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D Hace 2 meses
Still waiting for someone to comment on his dress choice. Too distracting.
I ben
I ben Hace 2 meses
Diddy fucks the shit out of Jamie Foxx everyday. #FAGASSNIGGAZ
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
Snoop Dogg pool party!
n v
n v Hace 2 meses
he has to be high
Sampson Davinci
Sampson Davinci Hace 2 meses
7:25 hilarious "oh she's a gold digger " . That face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yo La
Yo La Hace 2 meses
He is so talented!
Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips Hace 2 meses
1 cool motherfucker
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