Jamie Oliver Struggles To Make One Of Italy's Rarest Pastas | Jamie's Super Food

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Dominiq Mondonedo
Dominiq Mondonedo Hace un mes
Thats more like a soup lol
the great one has arrived
Jamie Oliver is better than Gordon Ramsay Jamie should 4 Michelin stars by now
Tuc Miend
Tuc Miend Hace 3 meses
3:21 bus down bastiano
jaimie morue
jaimie morue Hace 5 meses
I saw it in Pasta Grannies
Natacha Wu
Natacha Wu Hace 8 meses
looks similar to pulled noodle from china ;)
Dr. Spectre
Dr. Spectre Hace 8 meses
Sardegna! My home! That's where my ancestors are from on my mothers side! It's such a gem (in every way)! When I finally paid off my student loans, my sisters & I bought a home in calgiari & though it was a bit expensive, I dont regret it one bit! Sardegna has EVERYTHING to offer! It's such a unique region & people there live so long not simply because of the healthy food, its also from a lack of stress! Life there is SO SIMPLE! Old people have the security of free healthcare & a government pension that you can actually live off of, & kids dont have iPhones or iPad's, they actually grow up as kids are supposed to grow up, playing in the beautiful sunshine on the beaches & with their many brothers, sisters, cousins & friends!
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
See why this type of videos are bad. Showing uneducated pigs our millennial culture is not good for us and for them since they are just too simple minded people with no food culture whatsoever
Your Conscience
Your Conscience Hace 10 meses
So funny that one of italy's rarest pastas is one of China's most common and hundred of cooks can do it.
gaudetjaja Hace 10 meses
Jamie oliver is a ridiculously overrated chef who just jizzes olive oil on anything anyway, i wouldnt have expected him to be abel to come close to this pasta making skill.
Vladimir Bajmetkov
Vladimir Bajmetkov Hace 10 meses
when i was a kid in Uruguay it was in all the soups, i don't know if still is around, we called angel's hair, tell Jamie that there'snot only ten people doing it,
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
A lot of Italians emigrated in South America. Angel hairs is the translation of the traditional Italian name for this type of pasta:"capelli d'angelo". Now Russians wants to teach us about food as well 😂
K Mac
K Mac Hace un año
That broth It looks disgusting
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
You typical breakfast make me puke every time I see a brit pig eating beans
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
Kieran McCarthy Do you prefer Ramen Broth cooked for hours out of the bones of pork? 😎😀🤣😘
Tery Morison
Tery Morison Hace un año
this is nothing like asian noodles, not in form or texture or ingredients
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
Lovely though from a lovely American idiot
Dat NguyenThe
Dat NguyenThe Hace un año
0:09 Jamie, don't lie, Italy is #6 :D en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy
Il Padre Tallico
Il Padre Tallico Hace un año
Sono andati a Nuoro a protestare, perchè mangiano male.. Cit. Salvini
rockingodzilla Hace un año
She is absolutely lovely!
Walter White
Walter White Hace un año
First an only gold rule if you visit italy... *Never* , *Never* make a joke about Pasta, Mamma and Soccer if you want to live this country alive. Remember.
Cassian Hace un año
God bless you, Italy!
Monstermushmush Hace un año
Why does he have lipstick
88 88
88 88 Hace un año
it's annoying how everyone is fighting over who invented pasta first, while no one see the beauty of the fact that two such different and distant cultures have developed this technique
anonymous Hace 10 meses
L F pasta was invented by Italians. Chinese invented 中国面条. The shape is similar, the reicipe is different.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
The thing is that soy pasta is for soy boys. Italian pasta is for real man
Tony Gazza
Tony Gazza Hace 10 meses
historical evidence of archeology shows that Pasta existed in Italy before the romans, it has been found in graves of italic populations like the etruscans, in china too there's been Pasta made out of Soy since nobody knows when, they both invented it in a different context, the italians with Flour and the Chinese with soy, i don't get what's so hard to understand for people who argue over this.
ThePhatman1982 Hace un año
L F you’re telling me. Majority of the comments are basically debates about which culture created it first and how the pasta is a copy of Chinese noodles or vice versa. Nobody can confirm it so just enjoy this awesome video
vic farol
vic farol Hace un año
Hohum...Misua...bow! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L54-cInHrg0.html So...what's so special about this "rare" pasta? I really don't think that it is rare as Asians have been feeding the elderly and kids soup made from Misua for thousands of years.
Cicholas Nage
Cicholas Nage Hace un año
YES! i was born in nuoro and my grandma is one of the few that can make it! she even sent us a bunch of it after our last visit.
Sardinia Fashion
Sardinia Fashion Hace un año
This is a Masterpiece.
Da Great AND powerful Ryan
Fan Tas Ti Co
Mike L
Mike L Hace un año
So beautiful. Impressive lady.
Angel Sandoval
Angel Sandoval Hace un año
Thoai Ho Quang
Thoai Ho Quang Hace un año
How does it taste ?
JasminChoy Hace un año
It looks so wonderfully fine and delicate. The Chinese have this very, very thin noodle called Mee Suah, nothing like La Mian even. Super super thin and delicate too. It literally almost melts in the soup, and it is often served to invalids and babies, so delicate. I hope to one day visit this Italian place and have a look and compare.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
JasminChoy Do it quick... These 10 grammies are getting old... Sooner there where no any lady capable to do it anymore...
Snow Raven
Snow Raven Hace un año
Who else thinks gordon ramsay would be good at this
Callum Imeson
Callum Imeson Hace un año
I love how friendly and genuine she is and not pretentious
Kuroyukikaze Kanade
Kuroyukikaze Kanade Hace un año
So basically pasta 拉面
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
You imitate everything you can. It's your culture. It's trash
ChosenTripster01 Hace un año
it kinda looks like how the japanese make noodles everytime you turn and fold the noodles they double
Molly Mayor
Molly Mayor Hace 2 años
Wow looks so simple but so yummy. It always amazes me just how a few ingredients make yummy food xoxo
marco lucca
marco lucca Hace 2 años
Non me ne vogliano gli amici sardi, ma tutta sta menata per poi fare un brodino che mi sembra la minestrina con pane raffermo e formaggio che faceva mia nonna a Brescia??? mah. ...
roberto rossi
roberto rossi Hace 2 años
Io sono un Bolognese trapiantato in questa incredibile isola.A te può sembrare una semplice minestrina,ma non sai in realtà quale sapore può avere.Te lo dico io,è un piatto incredibile con sapori assolutamente sconosciuti al resto degli italiani.Il filindeu è un piatto semplicemente straordinario fatto con il brodo di pecora Sarda e pecorino primo sale sardo,oltre varie erbe comuni nelle campagne Sarde.La carne di pecora si mangia a parte e il brodo viene filtrato dalle verdure e erbe..Fidati,io l'ho assaggiato e ti garantisco che è una roba da 5 stelle michelin..
67claudius Hace 2 años
Ok, nothing to do with Marco Polo and Chinese noodles, the Italian pasta dates much further back to ancient Etruscan civilizations. Enough of this unfounded story!
anonymous Hace 11 meses
Much older than that...
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
Get informed before talking. Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization!
Sigrid Hering
Sigrid Hering Hace 2 años
Fantastische Pasta... mit so viel Liebe hergestellt.... Wahnsinn!
Gary Goh
Gary Goh Hace 2 años
Isn't that Chinese pull noodle ?
Andre N
Andre N Hace 2 años
This James Oliver should go to China and see who invented the technique. Just search on ESvid: Chinese making noodles.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
Stupid American without culture. The only thing you brought to the world are wars and trump. You should be ashamed only in thinking about an ancient culture like the Mediterranean one. Stupid simple minded Americans
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
Andre N, get informed before talking. Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization! The Chinese have nothing to do with Sardinia, in fact that when Marco Polo discovered China, pasta was already present in Italy for a long time. Obviously thousands of years ago we did not use the tomato as a seasoning, for that we had to wait for Cristoforo Colombo's discoveries!
Tziu Ricky
Tziu Ricky Hace 2 años
It's not that someone "Invented it" and the others followed. Sardinia is an island and is very far away and pretty much isolated from the asian world (buth pretty much also from Europe, except that nowadays we import a lot of food from the Italian peninsula, which is different from the local tradition), and considering they end up being used in a different way, it's more correct to say that both the Chinese and Sardinians came up with a similar idea, just in different places and different time. The Chinese for example make these much longer and thicker, and don't pile them up to form a net / disk, and they don't melt them into almost creamy soups. So they are similar but not the very same product.
Stefd cilsd
Stefd cilsd Hace 2 años
is not chinese , is very very very ancient type of pasta from sardina , my god learn history stupido coglione
Matteo Bonomi
Matteo Bonomi Hace 2 años
questa donna è un artista jamie è l'unico chef che vedo in tv che si è misurato con la cucina italiana in giro per il mondo un grande
Susie Bear33
Susie Bear33 Hace 2 años
awesome she makes it look so easy
Maria Teresa Satta
Maria Teresa Satta Hace 2 años
Barbagia, not Barbaglia :D
Soggy Brick
Soggy Brick Hace 2 años
Fantastico ? Is dat how u spell it ?
GoTeamCook Hace 2 años
Does anyone know the exact recipe for filindeu pasta, anyone?
Maurizio Costa
Maurizio Costa Hace 2 meses
A little bit of salt. And mutton broth. And fresh primo sale cheese made with sheep milk.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace 11 meses
Gideon Bright Correct! 👍
Gideon Bright
Gideon Bright Hace 11 meses
And salt.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
GoTeamCook durum wheat semolina and water... That's all folks... 😎
Liz Xu
Liz Xu Hace 2 años
When I die I want to be wrapped in this pasta.
Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan Hace 2 años
What a life to live... Simple, fresh and all about food!!
slaiyfershin Hace 2 años
All that work into that lovely form...then she boils it into an unrecognizable mush. :(
amalobo Hace 2 años
Seriously - rare?! anyone been to china and watched all the noodle makers?
mtl blues
mtl blues Hace 2 años
Hmm fascinating, When Marco Polo brought noodles from china to italy,this type of pasta is surely the closest thing to the original.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 10 meses
@erad67 you guess? I am sure you are an American uneducated idiot. Cancer
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
erad67 Yes. They imported also Spring Rolls, Beijng Duck, Cantonese Rice. Emperors Nero and Caligola imported scandalous quantities of swallow nests a shark fin soup to serve it during orgies. Unfortunately none of these dishes remains in Italian Cuisine and no goodthinkers are capable to tell why pasta still here and not the rest. Maybe it is because it never happened. Pasta, etc. is not silk, nor ivory, neither pearls or black pepper that were precious things romans bought from China and that were draining Roman treasuries and that caused Augustus to stop imports from China just like Trump did with US nowadays... And perhaps it is notorious Chinese invented Cellphones 4000 years ago, right? 🤣🤣🤣
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
No Marcp Polo... It was the abominable Doctor Fu Manchu who imported pasta in Italy. 😘
hans sebans
hans sebans Hace un año
Italian pasta is made with durum wheat , Chinese noods are not.
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
mtl blues and Marcus Chan, get informed before talking. Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization! The Chinese, Japan and Korea, have nothing to do with Sardinia, in fact that when Marco Polo discovered China, pasta was already present in Italy for a long time. Obviously thousands of years ago we did not use the tomato as a seasoning, for that we had to wait for Cristoforo Colombo's discoveries!
Joshua Feuerriegel
Joshua Feuerriegel Hace 2 años
Pretty much the same technique the chinese use.
DynastyFBN Hace 2 años
it's made really similarly to Chinese noodles, la mian! interesting how the same technique developed in these two far away places
Ori On
Ori On Hace 2 años
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