Jamie Oliver Struggles To Make One Of Italy's Rarest Pastas | Jamie's Super Food

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Jamie Oliver travels to Sardinia to try one of Italy's rarest pastas, and he has some trouble preparing it himself.
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27 sep 2016






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Васи́лий Hace 4 días
is this the guy that put chorizo in paella ?
Ronin Ronin
Ronin Ronin Hace 24 días
Sure if you eat clean Organic food and don' have Feminists Haters !! No Vaccines and No abortions too. Just love ,harmony , no drugs and depression , Respect for the older and good community . Of course you live long happy life .
Warlight Hace 4 meses
amused how this reminds me of chinese hand-pulled noodles
Dominiq Mondonedo
Dominiq Mondonedo Hace un año
Thats more like a soup lol
Darryl Donnelly
Darryl Donnelly Hace un año
Jamie Oliver is better than Gordon Ramsay Jamie should 4 Michelin stars by now
Tuc Miend
Tuc Miend Hace un año
3:21 bus down bastiano
jaimie morue
jaimie morue Hace un año
I saw it in Pasta Grannies
Natacha Wu
Natacha Wu Hace un año
looks similar to pulled noodle from china ;)
Dr. Spectre
Dr. Spectre Hace un año
Sardegna! My home! That's where my ancestors are from on my mothers side! It's such a gem (in every way)! When I finally paid off my student loans, my sisters & I bought a home in calgiari & though it was a bit expensive, I dont regret it one bit! Sardegna has EVERYTHING to offer! It's such a unique region & people there live so long not simply because of the healthy food, its also from a lack of stress! Life there is SO SIMPLE! Old people have the security of free healthcare & a government pension that you can actually live off of, & kids dont have iPhones or iPad's, they actually grow up as kids are supposed to grow up, playing in the beautiful sunshine on the beaches & with their many brothers, sisters, cousins & friends!
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
See why this type of videos are bad. Showing uneducated pigs our millennial culture is not good for us and for them since they are just too simple minded people with no food culture whatsoever
Your Conscience
Your Conscience Hace un año
So funny that one of italy's rarest pastas is one of China's most common and hundred of cooks can do it.
Aria Cinquantuno
Aria Cinquantuno Hace 5 meses
Then quick! Call all these Chinese chefs and force them to use wheat as opposed to soy as its main ingredient then maybe you will get a grip on your ignorance and tendence to generalise without knowing what you are talking about. Everyone can do it??
gaudetjaja Hace un año
Jamie oliver is a ridiculously overrated chef who just jizzes olive oil on anything anyway, i wouldnt have expected him to be abel to come close to this pasta making skill.
Vladimir Bajmetkov
Vladimir Bajmetkov Hace un año
when i was a kid in Uruguay it was in all the soups, i don't know if still is around, we called angel's hair, tell Jamie that there'snot only ten people doing it,
Alessandra Amadesi
Alessandra Amadesi Hace 6 meses
@Maverick 1926 Yes, but I think that the "Capelli D'angelo" are a little little more wide (but little!) of this kind of pasta from Nuoro. And yes, the angel's hair is a traditional Italian pasta :)
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
A lot of Italians emigrated in South America. Angel hairs is the translation of the traditional Italian name for this type of pasta:"capelli d'angelo". Now Russians wants to teach us about food as well 😂
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams Hace 2 años
this is nothing like asian noodles, not in form or texture or ingredients
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
Lovely though from a lovely American idiot
Dat NguyenThe
Dat NguyenThe Hace 2 años
0:09 Jamie, don't lie, Italy is #6 :D en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy
Il Padre Tallico
Il Padre Tallico Hace 2 años
Sono andati a Nuoro a protestare, perchè mangiano male.. Cit. Salvini
rockingodzilla Hace 2 años
She is absolutely lovely!
Walter White
Walter White Hace 2 años
First an only gold rule if you visit italy... *Never* , *Never* make a joke about Pasta, Mamma and Soccer if you want to live this country alive. Remember.
Automatic Diaphragm
@ginger you can get away with that one, but don't joke about calcio
ginger Hace 5 meses
Andò about mafia also
Cassian Hace 2 años
God bless you, Italy!
Monstermushmush Hace 2 años
Why does he have lipstick
88 88
88 88 Hace 2 años
it's annoying how everyone is fighting over who invented pasta first, while no one see the beauty of the fact that two such different and distant cultures have developed this technique
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace 3 meses
@The Huntress Danni sorry incel
The Huntress Danni
The Huntress Danni Hace 3 meses
@Maverick 1926 A 'real' man eats whatever he wants. Quit making toxic masculinity comments like that.
anonymous Hace un año
L F pasta was invented by Italians. Chinese invented 中国面条. The shape is similar, the reicipe is different.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
The thing is that soy pasta is for soy boys. Italian pasta is for real man
Tony Gazza
Tony Gazza Hace un año
historical evidence of archeology shows that Pasta existed in Italy before the romans, it has been found in graves of italic populations like the etruscans, in china too there's been Pasta made out of Soy since nobody knows when, they both invented it in a different context, the italians with Flour and the Chinese with soy, i don't get what's so hard to understand for people who argue over this.
vic farol
vic farol Hace 2 años
Hohum...Misua...bow! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L54-cInHrg0.html So...what's so special about this "rare" pasta? I really don't think that it is rare as Asians have been feeding the elderly and kids soup made from Misua for thousands of years.
Cicolas Nage
Cicolas Nage Hace 2 años
YES! i was born in nuoro and my grandma is one of the few that can make it! she even sent us a bunch of it after our last visit.
Sardinia Fashion
Sardinia Fashion Hace 2 años
This is a Masterpiece.
Da Great AND powerful Ryan
Fan Tas Ti Co
Mike L
Mike L Hace 2 años
So beautiful. Impressive lady.
Angel Sandoval
Angel Sandoval Hace 2 años
Thoai Ho Quang
Thoai Ho Quang Hace 2 años
How does it taste ?
JChoy Hace 2 años
It looks so wonderfully fine and delicate. The Chinese have this very, very thin noodle called Mee Suah, nothing like La Mian even. Super super thin and delicate too. It literally almost melts in the soup, and it is often served to invalids and babies, so delicate. I hope to one day visit this Italian place and have a look and compare.
Lei Sheng
Lei Sheng Hace 3 meses
I've never had Mee Suah but I had La Mian soup in Guangzhou and it's one of the best things I've ever eaten. And you can watch the man making the noodles, so it's dinner and a show!
Warlight Hace 4 meses
speaking of mee suah i haven't had that in a long time...
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
JasminChoy Do it quick... These 10 grammies are getting old... Sooner there where no any lady capable to do it anymore...
Snow Raven
Snow Raven Hace 2 años
Who else thinks gordon ramsay would be good at this
Callum Imeson
Callum Imeson Hace 2 años
I love how friendly and genuine she is and not pretentious
Kuroyukikaze Kanade
Kuroyukikaze Kanade Hace 2 años
So basically pasta 拉面
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
You imitate everything you can. It's your culture. It's trash
ChosenTripster01 Hace 2 años
it kinda looks like how the japanese make noodles everytime you turn and fold the noodles they double
Molly Mayor
Molly Mayor Hace 3 años
Wow looks so simple but so yummy. It always amazes me just how a few ingredients make yummy food xoxo
marco lucca
marco lucca Hace 3 años
Non me ne vogliano gli amici sardi, ma tutta sta menata per poi fare un brodino che mi sembra la minestrina con pane raffermo e formaggio che faceva mia nonna a Brescia??? mah. ...
roberto rossi
roberto rossi Hace 3 años
Io sono un Bolognese trapiantato in questa incredibile isola.A te può sembrare una semplice minestrina,ma non sai in realtà quale sapore può avere.Te lo dico io,è un piatto incredibile con sapori assolutamente sconosciuti al resto degli italiani.Il filindeu è un piatto semplicemente straordinario fatto con il brodo di pecora Sarda e pecorino primo sale sardo,oltre varie erbe comuni nelle campagne Sarde.La carne di pecora si mangia a parte e il brodo viene filtrato dalle verdure e erbe..Fidati,io l'ho assaggiato e ti garantisco che è una roba da 5 stelle michelin..
67claudius Hace 3 años
Ok, nothing to do with Marco Polo and Chinese noodles, the Italian pasta dates much further back to ancient Etruscan civilizations. Enough of this unfounded story!
anonymous Hace un año
Much older than that...
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
Get informed before talking. Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization!
Sigrid Hering
Sigrid Hering Hace 3 años
Fantastische Pasta... mit so viel Liebe hergestellt.... Wahnsinn!
Gary Goh
Gary Goh Hace 3 años
Isn't that Chinese pull noodle ?
Reserved 86
Reserved 86 Hace 3 años
This James Oliver should go to China and see who invented the technique. Just search on ESvid: Chinese making noodles.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
Stupid American without culture. The only thing you brought to the world are wars and trump. You should be ashamed only in thinking about an ancient culture like the Mediterranean one. Stupid simple minded Americans
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
Andre N, get informed before talking. Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization! The Chinese have nothing to do with Sardinia, in fact that when Marco Polo discovered China, pasta was already present in Italy for a long time. Obviously thousands of years ago we did not use the tomato as a seasoning, for that we had to wait for Cristoforo Colombo's discoveries!
Tziu Ricky
Tziu Ricky Hace 3 años
It's not that someone "Invented it" and the others followed. Sardinia is an island and is very far away and pretty much isolated from the asian world (buth pretty much also from Europe, except that nowadays we import a lot of food from the Italian peninsula, which is different from the local tradition), and considering they end up being used in a different way, it's more correct to say that both the Chinese and Sardinians came up with a similar idea, just in different places and different time. The Chinese for example make these much longer and thicker, and don't pile them up to form a net / disk, and they don't melt them into almost creamy soups. So they are similar but not the very same product.
Stefd cilsd
Stefd cilsd Hace 3 años
is not chinese , is very very very ancient type of pasta from sardina , my god learn history stupido coglione
Matteo Bonomi
Matteo Bonomi Hace 3 años
questa donna è un artista jamie è l'unico chef che vedo in tv che si è misurato con la cucina italiana in giro per il mondo un grande
Susie Bear33
Susie Bear33 Hace 3 años
awesome she makes it look so easy
Maria Teresa Satta
Maria Teresa Satta Hace 3 años
Barbagia, not Barbaglia :D
Soggy Brick
Soggy Brick Hace 3 años
Fantastico ? Is dat how u spell it ?
GoTeamCook Hace 3 años
Does anyone know the exact recipe for filindeu pasta, anyone?
Maurizio Costa
Maurizio Costa Hace un año
A little bit of salt. And mutton broth. And fresh primo sale cheese made with sheep milk.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
Gideon Bright Correct! 👍
Kathryn Merritt
Kathryn Merritt Hace un año
And salt.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
GoTeamCook durum wheat semolina and water... That's all folks... 😎
Liz Xu
Liz Xu Hace 3 años
When I die I want to be wrapped in this pasta.
TurtleMan8365 Hace 8 meses
Liz Xu when I’m dead just throw me in the trash
Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan Hace 3 años
What a life to live... Simple, fresh and all about food!!
slaiyfershin Hace 3 años
All that work into that lovely form...then she boils it into an unrecognizable mush. :(
amalobo Hace 3 años
Seriously - rare?! anyone been to china and watched all the noodle makers?
mtl blues
mtl blues Hace 3 años
Hmm fascinating, When Marco Polo brought noodles from china to italy,this type of pasta is surely the closest thing to the original.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
@erad67 you guess? I am sure you are an American uneducated idiot. Cancer
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
erad67 Yes. They imported also Spring Rolls, Beijng Duck, Cantonese Rice. Emperors Nero and Caligola imported scandalous quantities of swallow nests a shark fin soup to serve it during orgies. Unfortunately none of these dishes remains in Italian Cuisine and no goodthinkers are capable to tell why pasta still here and not the rest. Maybe it is because it never happened. Pasta, etc. is not silk, nor ivory, neither pearls or black pepper that were precious things romans bought from China and that were draining Roman treasuries and that caused Augustus to stop imports from China just like Trump did with US nowadays... And perhaps it is notorious Chinese invented Cellphones 4000 years ago, right? 🤣🤣🤣
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
No Marcp Polo... It was the abominable Doctor Fu Manchu who imported pasta in Italy. 😘
hans sebans
hans sebans Hace 2 años
Italian pasta is made with durum wheat , Chinese noods are not.
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
mtl blues and Marcus Chan, get informed before talking. Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization! The Chinese, Japan and Korea, have nothing to do with Sardinia, in fact that when Marco Polo discovered China, pasta was already present in Italy for a long time. Obviously thousands of years ago we did not use the tomato as a seasoning, for that we had to wait for Cristoforo Colombo's discoveries!
Joshua Feuerriegel
Joshua Feuerriegel Hace 3 años
Pretty much the same technique the chinese use.
DynastyFBN Hace 3 años
it's made really similarly to Chinese noodles, la mian! interesting how the same technique developed in these two far away places
Gio CH
Gio CH Hace 4 días
Same pulling technique but I think due to the ingredients it takes a completely different "hand" to know when the dough is ready to stretch and how to stretch it. Different flours have a different feel and I bet that this lady may find it hard to work with a rice dough, and a chinese noodle master might find it challenging to work with a semolina flour dough. Both take artistry and are very impressive!
Ori On
Ori On Hace 3 años
RamblingRyan Hace 3 años
Thats like Da Vinci level pasta.
Freddusya Hace 3 años
China called and want their noodle back.
anonymous Hace un año
Freddusya well, the name is different, the recipe too. Also, they have a different story. Sorry, they are not the same thing.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
Freddusya No rice, no noodles, sorry China.. Better taste spring rolls then...
David Hace 2 años
ArchJasiri HH Pasta is a extremely type of noodles.
Gundam Pilot
Gundam Pilot Hace 2 años
Freddusya these aren't noodles for the last time
Mar d
Mar d Hace 3 años
I WILL eat this one day!
S Chu
S Chu Hace 3 años
First time seeing a Westerner do this, but Asians have been doing this for millenia (vermicelli) and even thinner (1024 or 2048 strands) without breaking. Still impressive, though. The cooking method is very different though.
anonymous Hace un año
Wrong, older than that. Before 6,000 BC the islanders sold obsidian crystal stone s in the Mediterranean area, above all in France, imagine...
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
Don't make other peoples stupid pal... Any human things can be discovered by other humans. 😎
andrea piras
andrea piras Hace 2 años
S Chu, Sardinia has an old history of 5,000 years, like its nuragic civilization!
Malaika Amin
Malaika Amin Hace 2 años
wow thats so relevant to the video
Judith Book
Judith Book Hace 3 años
@EddyElemental You know if you claim something you need to be able to back up your claim with solid proof. You don't have to but it gives what you said some worth.
frilink Hace 3 años
it's funny how she went into all the trouble in making the pasta look like noodle and end up making the pasta flat like a tortilla
Fart Farmer 2.0
Fart Farmer 2.0 Hace 2 años
frilink did you watch the end? When it Cooks down it turns back into those tiny strands
M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë
Not bad for first attempt if enybody says they can do better on first attempt there bullshiting
Adanos Hace 3 años
M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë try some sense of humor
M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë
@Adanos try growing up
Adanos Hace 3 años
I can do better, hold my beer
Phillip Leong
Phillip Leong Hace 3 años
Just like Chinese lai mien. Well, pasta did originate from China.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
You are just stupid. Your culture is soo poor and simple that you have to steal from us. Chinese have been good imitators since the beginning 😂
Giorgio JK
Giorgio JK Hace 3 años
Oh my ! that lady is clearly the Sensei of that pasta... so not only Jamie but everybody else is gonna struggle/fail to do it... i mean come on.. she is the ONE... the only one :)
anonymous Hace un año
No, she's one of the many....
Xe M
Xe M Hace 3 años
So basically they are doing what Asians are doing for centuries.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
@Mike shout the fuck up. You don't ha e a national culture. You can't understand
anonymous Hace un año
Xe M When did they steal the idea? Oh, wait, I guess you are one of those youtube trolls looking for readers...
anonymous Hace un año
Xe M sure, in your dreams...
anonymous Hace un año
Andre NWell, in Italy too, if you studied history...
no one
no one Hace 2 años
You do know that some cultures have created similar foods, dispite never meeting before. If it's the "who made it first" argument, then that's one of the most retarded things ever.
amazncy Hace 3 años
this technique is the same as chinese "la mian" noodles..
anonymous Hace un año
Yoona Lee all the time? It's not 中国面条 Try to do that by using semolina made from durum wheat. LOL
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
The flour used by the Chinese is easy more elastic and has a much worse taste. Noodles are like anything Chinese. Easy to make bad quality but it will get the wow effect of out Americans and British people that with food has nothing to do
angeltheya12 Hace 3 años
puffin51 different cultures, but same techniques. my grandma used to make it, thin enough that she can hang it by the window to dry but not too thin it breaks, not too thick as well. The technique has been passed from generations (usually men) but it's perfection, doesn't break or slime out in your mouth. as I said, u can't say their procedure is more meticulous than the other because to each their own. you don't need to sound snobby "but can you do this..."type of attitude. because what the commenter is saying is true, the technique us similar to making asian noodles. Other thing that's similar, you need years (yes) to perfect that hand work. whether it's pasta or noodles.
puffin51 Hace 3 años
Yes, but do they reform the noodles into a disk, which can only be that thin without tearing because of the separate strands of noodles formed as the spokes of a wheel?
Yoona Lee
Yoona Lee Hace 3 años
lol I was gonna say east asians make these thread noodles all the time
Roz Sa
Roz Sa Hace 3 años
Respect to my sardinian brothers and sisters, but how could this not taste good with the abundany pecorino added? any pasta would taste good in a mutton broth with lots of pecorino.
Tziu Ricky
Tziu Ricky Hace 3 años
Marc, what makes this peculiar is the texture and feeling when you eat it, but otherwise you're right, the basic taste is just some wafer thin pasta. And what makes it typical, is that Sardinia is an island with about 4 million sheep and less than 2 million people, so sheep broth and sheep cheese are integral part of the local culture, a very typical flavour.
Roz Sa
Roz Sa Hace 3 años
@MarcAnthem its delicious. anything with pecorino sardo is delicious
MarcAnthem Hace 3 años
Roz Sa if you look at it, its jist pasta. there isnt any special ingredients added to make it taste different. i think the prestige is more in the fact that very few people know how to make it, its literally an ancient dish, and can only be eaten in one place in the world. to be honest it doesn't look like something id like very much. but id be very humbled by the opportunity to eat it.
Chris Lai
Chris Lai Hace 3 años
isnt that just shanghai la mian.... oh wait nvm
Summer Liang
Summer Liang Hace 3 años
isn't it similar to asian hand pulled noodles?
Heather Snow
Heather Snow Hace 3 años
"I've been making pasta for 20 years, I've never seen anything like this." he says. Guess he's never been to a chinese noodle shop. :/
Nathan Hace un año
@Roz Sa Racist ass loser
Dr. Spectre
Dr. Spectre Hace un año
Well...technically that's not pasta....it's Chinese noodles.
Brandon Vistan
Brandon Vistan Hace un año
@Raffaele Irlanda I forgot to add that things did get picked up from Europe to China. For example, the idea of making sculptures of humans was picked up from trade with the Macedonian Empire. That's around the same time the Terracotta Warriors were built. I'm not trying to belittle Ancient European society in any way.
Brandon Vistan
Brandon Vistan Hace un año
@Raffaele Irlanda I agree that the thing I said about the Etruscan alphabet was ignorant. It was a misinterpretation on my part regarding the fact that modern historians have trouble understanding their language. Responding to your other comment, the reason why noodles were brought over was because Arab and Turkic traders probably liked how pasta could be in a dry state and boiled later (you can't do that with bread). Also, flatbreads were more common than normal bread in China probably because traders didn't have to carry around an oven and wait a long time for it to bake. Plus, I don't think they had many ovens in China. Most of the food over there was steamed, boiled, or fried.
Raffaele Irlanda
Raffaele Irlanda Hace un año
Brandon Vistan Ah! By the way I read one of your ignorant comments I missed, stating Etruscans couldn't read or write... Never heard of Etruscan Alphabet? Google for it...
Berkay Orhaner
Berkay Orhaner Hace 3 años
Is that Gennaro Contaldo lauging at 1:58 ?
Lawlser Hace 3 años
Does sound like it yes.
daipaulig Hace 3 años
Struggles or fails? 😂
greeeneyes91 Hace 3 años
I don't get it .. they just pull the dough and out of a sudden, there are some threads to a appear..?
greeeneyes91 Hace 3 años
ah ok, thank you!
moeeeeeeeep Hace 3 años
you start with one "thick" thread, pull it and put the end back into your hand to form a loop, you strech the loop and fold it back up to get 4 threads, rinse and repeat and you'll get 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and finally 256 threads
Winistan Hace 3 años
this is the first time I've heard anyone suggest pasta in a *healthy* light ... someone fact check this
Maurizio Costa
Maurizio Costa Hace un año
In Italy we only eat twice a day. Only a few idiots who are stuck to television all day continue to eat sweets and dirt. In the morning we eat a cookie or two and drink a coffee or cappuccino. Fresh fruit for the babies. At 1 p.m. we can eat 80-100 grams of pasta with a great variety of sauces (no cream, sauces fresh made with vegetables or fish ot meat or cured pork meat, sometimes with 10 grams of parmigiano or pecorino cheese; and so on), 100-150 grams of cheese, or meat or fish,in addiction fresh vegetables cooked or seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt. At 8-9 p.m. we can eat a soup plate of minestra (soup) with vegetables or/and legumes (with rice or with 20-30 grams of small shaped pasta), 1 or 2 eggs, sometimes cheese, greens and other fresh vegatables. Rarely we eat canned or freezed foods. It's understadable?
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange Hace 2 años
The statistic that he mentioned about life expectancy is enough proof. Food, family, lifestyle is the Italian way.
de0509 Hace 2 años
@Michael No one eats spoonfuls of sugar as a meal bro
Michael Panggabean
Michael Panggabean Hace 3 años
Winistan complex carbs are healthy, and pasta is an example of complex carbs. yes, it might not be as complex as whole wheat pasta, but it's still more complex than refined sugar our modern diet abundantly has.
memberofthetribe1 Hace 3 años
Why don't you fact check it yourself?
CptShiba Hace 3 años
seems like its just the italian version of Chinese Lamian... atleast until the actual cooking process.
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
Different flour used. Chinese noodles are chewy like rubber compared to this
Maverick 1926
Maverick 1926 Hace un año
Sometimes I'd like people not to. Come here to show the world our traditions because of isiots like you that wants to bring us down to the same level of the dog eaters. Just stay in your ignorance. Nobody asked for your opinion you sick fuck
anonymous Hace un año
The Italian version? Man, they are two different kind of food...
A. Ferizaj
A. Ferizaj Hace 2 años
Lamians are thicker than this.
ausMAN Hace 3 años
I'm unsure of what's happening. It happened too fast. It's a round hard disk? Huh? Did I miss something? The volume was low
Daniel Dubeau
Daniel Dubeau Hace 3 años
They make several of the thin pasta strands and pile them on the anvil until they form a sheet, which they leave to dry. Essentially what is made is a "pasta cloth"... they basically weave it lol.
Matthew Amelino
Matthew Amelino Hace 3 años
It's Sardegna for fuck sake
Tziu Ricky
Tziu Ricky Hace 3 años
Sardinia is in Latin and English, Sardinnia in Sardinian language, so I see nothing wrong here. In English language they also say "Italy", but in Italian language it's Italia, in French Italie and in German Italien. I don't see the problem, there is no need to go around cursing and claiming that it is "Sardegna", because "Sardegna" is neither more original nor closer to its local, Latin and English name.
Matthew Amelino
Matthew Amelino Hace 3 años
@Tacitus1897 ah allora alzo le mani se te sei sardo e sai come si pronuncia me sto zitto hahahah,è solo che in "italiano" si pronuncia Sardegna non sapevo come si pronunciava in dialetto.
Kyon Hace 3 años
@Matt The Punk Italy, like you.
Matthew Amelino
Matthew Amelino Hace 3 años
@Tacitus1897 where are you from?
Kyon Hace 3 años
Matt The Punk In sardinian language is Sardigna/Sardinnia, in northern sardinian dialects is Sardhigna/Saldigna, in algherese catalan is Saldenya.. If you say "it's Sardegna for fuck sake" a Sardinian would respond you in your same way with one of the names of their language/dialect...
Oskar Thormar
Oskar Thormar Hace 3 años
lol pasta isnt a complex sugar
Nikola Mladenoff
Nikola Mladenoff Hace 3 años
Yes, it is.
Hush Hush
Hush Hush Hace 3 años
too much work. i guess i'll just live less :|
Spiral Breeze
Spiral Breeze Hace 3 años
Jamie, as should all male chefs, realize that some things are just left to the grandma's of the world.
Casper L
Casper L Hace un año
Yeah, no shit..because those grandmas usually are guarding this like dragons guarding gold
Cicadian Rhythm
Cicadian Rhythm Hace 3 años
So that when all the grandmas inevitably die, and they have no daughters to pass their skills onto (or none that are willing/able to learn those skills), the entire art can just die, because men gotta know their place? She's taught this technique to one of her daughters, but she doesn't have the patience for it. She's tried to get local schools involved, trying to teach girls outside her family the art, but as soon as they realized how difficult it was, they gave up. If a boy or man shows an interest in learning a dying art that is traditionally female, then tradition best step off and let him, same as with girls wanting to pursue traditionally male skills. I once met a Pueblo potter, a man, who had learned the art of making these paper-thin pots using the wheeless pinch technique (and shamed myself by totally screwing up and having to salvage my "pot" by turning it into an ashtray), using clay that he harvests himself from the local area, that are fired in traditional kilns. This is traditionally a woman's skill. It's also endangered. Change or die.
David O'C
David O'C Hace 3 años
Spiral Breeze nothing wrong with new tech jobs but yeah i agree. A group of engineers did come here in an effort to mechanise this process but it turned out to be far too difficult.
Spiral Breeze
Spiral Breeze Hace 3 años
@David O'C I was just having this conversation with someone else the other day. Regarding Michelle Obama wanting to bring formal education to underserved areas of the world. I feel we need to preserve our crafts and recipes. Formal education doesn't do this. Then later, adults go back to their village and want to learn but can never master these ancient techniques which need to be taught to young kids to continue. My father can't make his own boots like his father did, I do know how to knit, but not the way my grandmother did it. It kills me that the these things are being lost in favor to tech jobs.
David O'C
David O'C Hace 3 años
Now only 3 people in the world can make it, this technique is dying off along with the "grandma's" of the world so I hope that some new people perhaps some 'male chefs' learn the technique.
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