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Jim chats with a group of Japanese millennials about their dating and sex woes and discusses why birth rates in Japan are at an all-time low.
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8 oct 2019






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CRD Hace 2 horas
I can fix their birth rates, ;)
Adim Deam
Adim Deam Hace 2 horas
Wow pure cringe show!
Anees Ali
Anees Ali Hace 2 horas
Men have to approach women, why we live in 2020, there should be more equality, if you are interested in someone approach them dosent matter if you are a women or a man..
Siddhartha Chaturvedi
Why do they have to sensor a porn video. It's not like we are gonna watch it with family, on a big TV.
Xcelerator Hace 4 horas
Where the low birth rate is a problem people that are hating on Jim for forcing his opinions on people have to remember this a Comedy Central video. It’s not meant to be taken seriously
DIANA GUEVARA Hace 5 horas
He’s got it all! He can hardly see you! Wow 🤩
Max Hoffer
Max Hoffer Hace 6 horas
Young people in Japan are often very introverted because of the pressure of society and their parents to succeed in education, to succeed in work. In Japan the bar is set very high for everyone so everyone has to work their asses off to get and maintain an OK job. They simply don't have time to socialize and any interest in having a baby "ruin" their career.
Muhammad Mustaqim Fakarudin
They dont fuck because they don't marry.
TaCo Sauce
TaCo Sauce Hace 11 horas
Would u rather they be american thots, ik hes a comedian but just putting my input.
Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer Hace 12 horas
Who else wants to help Japan's birth rate?
Tim Hudspith
Tim Hudspith Hace 13 horas
Because the Japanese are now aware of the human form beyond their own shores and can no longer find each other attractive.
Raging Bull
Raging Bull Hace 14 horas
It falls mainly on the guys. Theyre too shy and rather stay in their rooms jerking it to hentai. I dont see how or why. Japanese girls are so nice and easy to talk to. Above all theyre bad as hell 😏. Another reason why alot of women in Japan dating foreigners lately. Also we got bigger 🥒 🤷🏽‍♂️
sepulchur 13
sepulchur 13 Hace 15 horas
Because they're busy with work I guess.
B G Hace 23 horas
Small penises?
HolyKiko Hace un día
Lol they fuck almost everyday
Chv Hndrtntlr
Chv Hndrtntlr Hace un día
And the otherwise....why western people like to fuck very much...I mean...why every film must have sex scene....even a kid show must have kiss scene....like you all will be dead if not fucking someone...
miguel ornelas
miguel ornelas Hace un día
China: we need to stop making babies Japan: we need to start making babies!
Peanut Pete
Peanut Pete Hace un día
Wait....so in West its basicaly womens fault and in East its mens fault? Ok im switching cultures!!!
Fred Fuckerton
Fred Fuckerton Hace un día
Why is a white man worried
Markus9229 Hace un día
That maid is so scary lol
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez Hace un día
Jon-Michael Harris
Jon-Michael Harris Hace un día
2:30 - maybe you shouldn’t have the government provide them in the first place? Then you wouldn’t have one segment of the population relying on the government to seize money at gunpoint from another
Singularity -
Singularity - Hace un día
All of my Japanese customers want to f.. k when they came to visit me in Bangkok, All of them. They even called me to take them out to get the girls even we are no longer have business relationships. The reason they don't engage in relationship with Japanese women is the economic of having a family.
washie washie
washie washie Hace un día
Wtf is this lol
The Farang Show
The Farang Show Hace un día
Insightful video with serious humor
Wookien Hace un día
The waiter is absolutely obnoxious
The Luifas
The Luifas Hace un día
Who'd want to fuck if they can get that on a maiden's cafe. I understand the Japanese men.
Smookie Hace un día
Why is Nobita there?
I couldn't believe that Milf Hunter Nobita is single 😆
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Hace un día
I hate vids like these, they are full of bs and inspire sexpats to Japan
Isaías Sosa
Isaías Sosa Hace un día
They gotta loosen up on the work culture. That maid girl, not breaking character kinda freaked me out. She cute though
Vineet Kansotia
Vineet Kansotia Hace un día
He blunt...way too blunt. It's kinda annoying 😒 But he's right tho- they need to f*ck. Could have put it more...subtly.
619 ex
619 ex Hace un día
They not fucking cuz of asian culture is different ,you should married to allow you to fcking
Advenutre Tiem
Advenutre Tiem Hace un día
What would they do if I vomited in a maid cafe
Jin Raigami
Jin Raigami Hace un día
The correct title should be: Japanese Boomers messed up the economy so bad that their youth doesn’t have time to think about sex and family anymore.
TheMakeshiftHero Hace un día
I can't believe Nobita ended up on comedy central
Creatip Hace un día
They love sex. They got big, maybe the biggest adult video industry. Porn industry won't sell in a country that hate sex. They just hate the effort they have to put into building a relationship, and hate the drama.
Tom Arnold
Tom Arnold Hace un día
Because we don't need more Nancy Pelosi's or AOCs trying to destroy the free world
The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow
That's stupid.. the world only thinks about sex. Im asexual and aromantic so I guess it doesn't reflect towards me.
A letter a with internet access
I feel like theres a neck beard somewhere in this comment section.
Tsuki Ōkami-sama
Tsuki Ōkami-sama Hace 2 días
I have a car, and driving license, maybe i learn japanese now on.😉
Vinnisl a
Vinnisl a Hace 2 días
Wow the comments are stupid... Good lord this was a comedy act, if you take even half of it seriously and try to somehow extrapolate „expert knowledge“ on the Japanese society you are pretty ignorant
Rin futagobana
Rin futagobana Hace 2 días
If u want a kid adopt one. Unless you are a criminal or a bad person.
gyacohooay godess
gyacohooay godess Hace 2 días
If japanese people do not make a move now,there won't be any japanese girls left for us to fantasize about soon enough.
Vishal Yadav
Vishal Yadav Hace 2 días
According to west - Sex helps you accomplish greater things.
GOD Hace 2 días
I havent dated for 7 years and i dont even live in japan
Mr Flip-flop
Mr Flip-flop Hace 2 días
Maybe it's because a lot of Japanese men belong in the "ugly bastard" category.
Joel Ricketts
Joel Ricketts Hace 2 días
I had 3 kids in 2018-19🇺🇸
Ian New Yasha
Ian New Yasha Hace 2 días
Plot twist: The Japanese f*** more than the Americans. Their birth rate's been low because their pull out game is _ichiban_ from mastering the art of *B U K K A K E*
Jag vill dö
Jag vill dö Hace 2 días
It's because Asian women want big white cock
Brendon Colson
Brendon Colson Hace 2 días
Wow...men scared of women because they don't understand them. Men have barely ever understood women since the beginning of time. But that hasn't stopped people from mating and getting married. Hell I know people that have been married for decades and still have trouble understanding each other.
EvilFriends Hace 2 días
We need a team of highly classified individuals to solve this issue I for one volunteer
Akash Dobhal
Akash Dobhal Hace 2 días
I think I can bring my reproductive expertise from india to japan
wertzui Hace 2 días
Watch the movie called "Princes of the Yen", that will explain the fiscal side of this
Edwin Servin
Edwin Servin Hace 2 días
The girl in pink looks like what you expect about when you hear the name "Jhene Aiko" both are fine the expectation and reality
MrIronSentinel Hace 2 días
Why men don't approach women anymore? It's simple because nowadays you can easily be accused of sexual harassment, or even rape just for trying to talk to women, its absurd but true. This is what makes men "scared" of women, it's not there beauty and charm that makes us nervous it's the fact that they have the harassment card up there sleeve at anytime to use against us.
sasmith jayasekera
sasmith jayasekera Hace 2 días
Wait is this supposed to be serious?
SHOEB AHMED Hace 2 días
Very body minding there business and here's a western planting his seed of sex in them XD
un ko
un ko Hace 2 días
Its kinda sad on how he forces his opinion on others Especially when most japanese guys are shy, you dont have to be forceful on your words Sorry form my bad english
DisThoughts Hace un día
@un ko think of it as manzai and him playing boke and the people he talks to being tsukkomi.
un ko
un ko Hace un día
@DisThoughts but imagine building up courage just for the sake of comedy... Idk maybe its just me
DisThoughts Hace un día
He's playing a character. He's being rude on purpose for the sake of comedy.
srajendra3977 Hace 3 días
Am I only one who hopes the cute girl the pink sweater and the bowtie guy hooked up. That translation is just saying, " Ask me out"? Jim is outstanding 😂😂😂
M IV Hace 3 días
Send me over and there will be a population boom.
Ralph Cesar Yabut
Ralph Cesar Yabut Hace 3 días
I think I want to move to japan
Zachary Thoroman
Zachary Thoroman Hace 3 días
-100,000 a year.
tartarus Hace 3 días
I’m doing my part at least.. Jesus Christ there is so much women in here
Kevin Ballad
Kevin Ballad Hace 3 días
this iz completely disrespectful and condescending towards japanese ppl. ugly pigfaced host
FPS SERBIA Hace 3 días
you think that is the hardest way to get to your driving licence let me show you our way: 40 theoretical classes + 40 driving lessons + exams for first aid = about 3 months............. how does this sound to you -40 theoretical classes, then exams ( you have to pass it to be able to continue ) - exams for first aid (something like that) -then you have to pass medical test so you can start with driving lessons -driving lessons on driver training ground, you pass that and then you are going on the streets
Slash G
Slash G Hace 3 días
Ama go there in the future and be the harem king...........@ . @
J Hace 3 días
Ive taught english to Japanese students for a year and many of them would talk about this issue
Roedor Hace 3 días
4:59 pretty much how it should be anywhere. So many incompetent people driving in my city. That would lower the deaths in traffic accidents AND pollution problems as well...
Dikka Do
Dikka Do Hace 3 días
I will gladly help raise Japanese population, the only thing they need to do is just ask. Will be eating sprouts from this day on.
gerretet Hace 3 días
I want to die now
FoxBro Hace 3 días
Japan as a culture has been spayed by the American occupation for so many decades that their men forgot how to be men. How sad.
Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray Hace un día
Not true, vids like this are bs and also leave out the fact that Japanese woman want to be more career oriented and don’t want kids to begin with. Though it was amusing to see a bunch of retards prior to the virus, come here to Tokyo and expect getting laid left and right only to be kicked out of clubs and stuff.
Yooniebear small button nose
Does being a man means fucking before a certain age or with a certain number of women before settling down? I guess that's how limited being a man truly is huh? A woman can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. If she's a virgin before marriage, praises.. If she's experienced before marriage, lucky husband.. In asian culture, we don't like fucking around and we don't need that to be a true man or woman. For most people here, sex is still sacred, not something casual and meaningless like for western people. We're also more competitive in life since we're not animals who can go hunting mice for food. That's why we work and work. And having children isn't our top priority. Why would anyone want to bring an innocent life into this dreadful earth anyway if they're not ready to provide the kid with only the best?
Joseph Hace 3 días
Yep its always about sex . Never understand this obsession of how much sex other people in are getting .
Imperatore Gor
Imperatore Gor Hace 3 días
mgtow 4 life
Baithoven Hace 4 días
I hope they wont get replaced by 3. World refugees only because they stagnate in birthrate dont let u get replaced like the germans do
Emily Lavën
Emily Lavën Hace 4 días
Leave them alone, we've got enough bloody humans and maybe they're the only ones with enough sense to see that
Worm Driver
Worm Driver Hace 4 días
One word, anime.
Flanking Foxtrot
Flanking Foxtrot Hace 4 días
Is that nobita
J V Hace 4 días
The cringe is too strong
Seriously! How?
Seriously! How? Hace 4 días
I must say it is insanely easy to get a date in Japan.
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