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Top Global
Top Global Hace 4 horas
They are f#$&@g they just use 5 condoms.😂
Albador Ali
Albador Ali Hace 9 horas
the fuck NObuta doing here
Let There Be Truth
Let There Be Truth Hace 17 horas
From what i heard from some Japanese. It's because they focus more on their careers and work crazy hours
skymugen Hace un día
Any japanese women would love to fuck? Text me..i would gladly help
Arabella Drummond
Arabella Drummond Hace un día
So, but, like what if you don’t want kids?
Ritwik Banerjee
Ritwik Banerjee Hace un día
White guy goes to Japan and insists that men need to be the ones approaching women. That's not imposing the norms of one culture on to another, right?
Rogue Standards
Rogue Standards Hace un día
Im forever alone because i dont talk to people. If you folks met me in real life you'd think im creepy simply because i dont talk, i just dont have anything to say and contribute. I get asked "do you ever talk?" all the time, and by that i mean once a day at the minimum, and i just shake my head no and walk away.
sir ewok the first Idon'thavealastnameforIamaewok
i need to stand 2-3m away from a licence plate to be able to read it and i like asian chicks... let goo
Eunice Villariza
Eunice Villariza Hace un día
Why am I seeing Nobita here? Hahahaha
Jonathan Flora
Jonathan Flora Hace 2 días
After "debating" with climate change deniers on the internets, why bother? Humanity is kinda fucked at this point. Trump is pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, and his dimwitted dipshit followers are loving it! A few million assholes in the United States are fucking with the future of the human fucking race! #Punchadenier
Ronnie Thompson
Ronnie Thompson Hace 2 días
Less crowds ain't really a bad thing
Ma B
Ma B Hace 2 días
100% pure fake.
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong Hace 2 días
Japanese said "a little" means Yes. Japanese said "maybe" means No.
Jay Carlo Bulanadi
Jay Carlo Bulanadi Hace 2 días
That second woman is a stand up comedian, i just cant remember her name.
Who Cares
Who Cares Hace 2 días
If you go on Jim jeffries show.. You definitely did something wrong in your career.. This guy is a total Loser.. Hes like the angry drunk at the English bar.
joshua lor
joshua lor Hace 2 días
Since Japanese birth rates are low then I'm pretty sure they are down to fuck and be open yet careful to do anybody because everybody in Japan is pretty fucken aware of that.
Sajal Sahai
Sajal Sahai Hace 2 días
Bring back masculine values. You cannot replace it.
John McElroy
John McElroy Hace 3 días
Desmond Chars
Desmond Chars Hace 3 días
You think Jim Jeffries gives a crap about who's not having sex. This guy is banging chicks that you're never gonna get in this lifetime or the next.
Chris VB
Chris VB Hace 3 días
So... the japanese millennials are socially inept and immature?
Doc Comeau
Doc Comeau Hace 3 días
Seriously why should I hunt for a mate when women have no interest in actually being a mate.
Doc Comeau
Doc Comeau Hace 3 días
Let's be real in America it's women. They have nothing to offer us men except competition. We don't care about wealth and status in a mate and they do but don't want to provide or offer anything we do find attracted and appealing etc unless we have Bill Gates level status and money. American women are the garbage. There a few good women out there but they do nothing to combat the feminist insanity
Doc Comeau
Doc Comeau Hace 3 días
Looks like Japan is no longer a good place to find a wife. If young Japanese women aren't fucking there is no point. Also old dude has it right. Women have made themselves less approachable and overall attractive based on their own wants and choices us men don't have to change ourselves. They can adjust to us, find one of us they don't have to adjust for or take care of themselves and their 50 cats. Men are the catch and if women are going to take the male benefit of having a female partner in life why should we be expected to provide the benefits of having a male partner in life. We provide more to a relationship. We have more wealth and resources. We don't care about wealth and resources in a mate women do. So if women are not going to offer anything of value we are the catch. All women can offer is their ass and that isn't good enough with feminism and Me too
Coferosa Hace 3 días
We already have 7 billion humans roaming the earth, quite concerning really, do you still want more?
Web M
Web M Hace un día
You know people don’t live forever, right?
Fadel Rama
Fadel Rama Hace 2 días
We still can't let people without supervisions they will shit themselves, i think we need robot to take care them.
Ultra D
Ultra D Hace 3 días
They're fucking, they're just fucking the sex dolls.
YoutubeOverTV Hace 3 días
Latest news is millennials everywhere aren't fucking.
nuclear kid
nuclear kid Hace 3 días
You had Misa Misa in your interview. Good stuff.
shivaay softa
shivaay softa Hace 4 días
Because #Mgtow
Homo Quantum Sapiens
Cause they are no different than any previous generation of Japanese...they just don't know how to have really good fucks...trust me on this one.
Insert Clever Username
She is absolutely adorable, but.... In the WORST way. Imagine being around that all fucking day, every day. Ugh.
Jlopez240 Gaming
Jlopez240 Gaming Hace 4 días
I will gladly head over there and help populate gladly
Juan Manuel Penaloza
Me: Hola señoritas~
Jon-John Pinckney
Jon-John Pinckney Hace 4 días
I've seen the woman in pink before, is she a comedian?
epoiezam rasmi
epoiezam rasmi Hace 4 días
Better not fucking the having a majority of bastards acting like shit and making more bastards and whores like the west. And you have the nerve to talk about morals.. No.. Fuck You..
Paul Math
Paul Math Hace 4 días
So what? Me too, I'm from Russia btw
Ian Paul Saligumba
Ian Paul Saligumba Hace 4 días
Hahaha! Love this show 😂😍 More episodes like this please 😊😍
Jackie Di Angelo
Jackie Di Angelo Hace 4 días
How they multiply themself if they haven't sex
Jackie Di Angelo
Jackie Di Angelo Hace 4 días
Comment ils se multiplie si ils baisent pas 🐧
GRAND HIT Hace 4 días
I watch the guy in black ESvid channel 😂
GRAND HIT Hace 4 días
Must go save them 🤤
Everyman Aquarist
Everyman Aquarist Hace 4 días
Now we exactly know what happens when you blur the genitals in porns...
Date Mike
Date Mike Hace 4 días
The dude with the red bow tie is a true anime charachter MMMMMMMMMMM
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar Hace 4 días
Well done, ESvid Algorithm.
I know You are
I know You are Hace 4 días
Because life isnt about fucking. And women are way too scary to talk to.
Ghost 94
Ghost 94 Hace 4 días
And then there is India I am an Indian BTW
Ruben L
Ruben L Hace 4 días
Good thing we have bunch of horny Marines in Japan. Get to it boys.
NIko’s Channel
NIko’s Channel Hace 4 días
Hey how about you stop editing clips Jim and just put what they are actually saying. Oh wait my bad that’s going to hurt the agenda your trying so hard to push.
Mich Mich
Mich Mich Hace 4 días
Just transfer me to Japan, I will donate my power to increase Japan's birthrate
Sailakshya Sikdar
Sailakshya Sikdar Hace 4 días
You must be joking right
Cesar Zambrano
Cesar Zambrano Hace 4 días
In high school there was this asian girl who was crushing on me I didnt notice it for a while because its hard to tell a lot of the time because girls are usually more friendly and shit but eventually I caught on. I came close to just fucking her brains out but decided not to becauase it would've meant a lot to her and I just was living in the moment. Idk I think about that sometimes Glad i didnt though
xItzStormShadow Hace 4 días
There is hope, good hair and need glasses
Uraqt Dela Cruz
Uraqt Dela Cruz Hace 4 días
What happen to Japanese men!? My Grandma said Japanese is so aggressive is her time. Effect of nukes is scary
Postno Billgates
Postno Billgates Hace 5 días
They are, they eat bukkake instead.
Mojito Hace 5 días
Wasn't planning to go there anyway
Sm touhid
Sm touhid Hace 5 días
It would be a blessing if this happens in south asia...
ChrizdaBiz Hace 5 días
The are too many people on the planet as it is.
shivkant yadav
shivkant yadav Hace 5 días
How can they just say and really be cool that there is nothing sexual with maid café girls. If i had paid for cuddle i would have made sure to bang one of their kitties. Japanese men are nuts to play just son and mom and sleep on their lap.
Dishier Wand
Dishier Wand Hace 5 días
I’m going over to Japan and fucking all these Japanese girls 🤧
The Jackass Linguist
“Maybe, I could describe my masters! :D” Jim’s face here was priceless 😂
Chris Chehade
Chris Chehade Hace 5 días
Their Testosterone levels dropped so much that they stopped caring about sex.
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