Jennifer Lawrence Tells Her Haters With Blogs Not To See 'Red Sparrow'

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While she encourages most people to see her new movie 'Red Sparrow,' Jennifer Lawrence singles out a group she'd like to NOT see it.
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27 feb 2018

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Comentarios 2 583
Ruby Annas
Ruby Annas Hace 12 horas
North Carolina woot woot! (It’s better than South Carolina) not sorry
Cathy Wolfe
Cathy Wolfe Hace 17 horas
Could we please replace Mitch McConnell with Jennifer Lawrence as a senator from Kentucky? We have a complete neophyte in the White House and 1 out of 100 in the Senate would do do far less damage, possibly even some good since she clearly has a good heart and Agent Orange doesn’t.
Natalia Diaz
Natalia Diaz Hace un día
I love that she is always herself, and funny as *%#%
Ashish Bhoi
Ashish Bhoi Hace un día
0:15 that face though
Saltyoonseok BTS stan
3:35 i do that all the time
Georgia Ritchie
Georgia Ritchie Hace 2 días
Stephen: A russian spy... Me: *'ONES A FORMER RUSSIAN SPY'* Hehe. Marvel jokes...
anup bhattacharjee
anup bhattacharjee Hace 3 días
Red sparrow is one of the most non sensible movie.
Just Playing
Just Playing Hace 4 días
I can't believe Jennifer has haters! She is an actor playing parts in movies for god's sake! Get a life! She is a natural real person who is very good at what she does. Plus she's funny!!! plus she's funny!!
Liam Harte
Liam Harte Hace 4 días
She's not wearing shoes 😂
Daniel Green
Daniel Green Hace 4 días
This was great. I hope Stephen didn't get too much heat for this
mike Hace 5 días
she's hilarious and very entertaining to watch.
Hapa Mama
Hapa Mama Hace 5 días
LOL Sparrow was crap, but I still 💖 her
Hapa Mama
Hapa Mama Hace 5 días
I 💖 her
Domi MSP
Domi MSP Hace 6 días
My name is actually Dominika 😏😎
RUSHIL JOHAR Hace 7 días
Red sparrow..where the writer /director fooled Jennifer into thinking 🤔 it's a revolutionary movie. She should stick to franchises.
TacShooter Hace 7 días
Kentucky is considered The South?
Megha naidu
Megha naidu Hace 7 días
I love u jennifer. U r d prettiest.
Sherry Chopra
Sherry Chopra Hace 8 días
Why is any and every interview there is talk about her drunkness😂😂
curt wall
curt wall Hace 8 días
Red sparrow is a horrible film one of Jennifer's worse films she must know that hideous 2/10 and shes a talented actress i was looking forward to it i love spy action im there i was disapointed
Maria Kaisheva
Maria Kaisheva Hace 9 días
sitting without shoes, trying to be so natural and funny it's actually so annoying and fake
Harshit Sharma
Harshit Sharma Hace 9 días
Then everything is fake,
KeyboardWrecker Hace 10 días
The movie is garbage though. I wish I hadn't bothered
nil Hace 11 días
It's definitely one of the best interviews.
Zohar Uzuki
Zohar Uzuki Hace 15 días
a ride along with the russians lol
Fletcher DeMaine
Fletcher DeMaine Hace 15 días
I get the feeling that dude got her drunk on purpose.
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Hace 16 días
One of the ugliest actress of Hollywood
Yes, I agree
Yes, I agree Hace 16 días
Graham Norton appears on Colbert's show and tells him he gives his talkshow guests alcohol. Colbert is genuinely surprised... ... fast forward a year or so and Colbert has a drinks cabinet for his guests. What a coincidence! (Don't me wrong - I like Stephen. Just think it's quite amusing how he basically adopted the tactic post-Norton)
众仆 Hace 17 días
Who is this lady?
Trane Francks
Trane Francks Hace 21 un día
She is legit one of the best interviews I've ever seen. I've never even seen her work (yeah, live under a rock), but I will now.
Crimsonphilosophy Hace 21 un día
Nice to see a human being for once.
SuperHappyNotMerry Hace 22 días
Whoever they bumped because Jennifer Lawrence was drunk on stage for like 15 minutes must have been really angry
ᴡɪᴅᴏᴇ Hace 22 días
Russian Spy...hmmm seems familiar- Oh Yes Natasha!
Monkey Hace 23 días
She's perfect
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin Hace 26 días
I always thought she was HOT, but it wasn't until his interview where I actually found her attractive.
Elizabeth Garrott
Elizabeth Garrott Hace 28 días
"We're spies!!!"
soundguysinequanon Hace un mes
Spy Kids: A Jennifer Lawrence approved film. My childhood is validated hahahaha.
CD Smith
CD Smith Hace un mes
I wanna meet Gail...
Trang Thu
Trang Thu Hace un mes
It’s 1am I’m on a Jennifer Lawrence interview marathon and I don’t know how to stop
June Novae
June Novae Hace un mes
so she basically revealed that in order to found out who's a spy, you go to the spy museum and follow parents and their kids
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Hace un mes
At this point in the interview she is fully Gail.
Zainab Umair
Zainab Umair Hace un mes
........And that ladies and gentlemen is how Gail came to be.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hace un mes
I m not native english speaker, but... She is acting...
Rock Brian
Rock Brian Hace un mes
Jennifer lawrence is god I worship her
Joshua Morriston
Joshua Morriston Hace un mes
Red Sparrow was really quite a good movie.
M K Hace un mes
Okay yea. Drinking with this girl must be hell of a lot fun :D
Bullet Supremo
Bullet Supremo Hace un mes
So this... is.. Gail😀
Milubee Hace un mes
why was she drunk though? :DDD
Marius Pintea
Marius Pintea Hace un mes
0:15 hello world I'm sofia, oh crap i mean jen
God_is_LoVe Hace 2 meses
@o3:34 is hilarous
uhmlol Hace 2 meses
gail showed up too fast.
Steven Dowens
Steven Dowens Hace 2 meses
She's such a Leo.
Ana María Padrón Soto
Talented Queen
D Ferrise
D Ferrise Hace 2 meses
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Hace 2 meses
nice show
Marco R. Cáceres López
hey, weird out of topic question, but what's the song at the end of all the late show videos?
CD Smith
CD Smith Hace un mes
It has a long title. I believe it's "Colbert's Theme as he Caravan Dances his way out of the Building"
Peter Picallo
Peter Picallo Hace 2 meses
She's naturally lovable. :) Very fun interview!
blindleader42 Hace 2 meses
I saw this full interview when it was on and this video shows the calm aftermath of the main event. As soon as the rum came out, she started slamming it down at an inhuman rate. There was at least one edit with the glass magically getting empty from one frame to the next. As I remember It, the interview got completely out of control and they went to a commercial break. That's where this video starts.
ghh hhh
ghh hhh Hace 3 meses
Until she's on the top she's fine, but when she gets less offers that alcohol will pull her right down.
Abdullah Sabir
Abdullah Sabir Hace 3 meses
“Aunt jen is drunk”
IronFromIce Y
IronFromIce Y Hace 3 meses
She is such a badass
Kurious Kat
Kurious Kat Hace 3 meses
how did she became the j law? oh ah she slept with weinstein
Ken Brownfield
Ken Brownfield Hace 3 meses
she is charming. And check out her Represent.us videos
iDara Hace 3 meses
she seems sweet
Jonathan Farley
Jonathan Farley Hace 3 meses
The entirety of the spy training in red sparrow was essentially giving all the recruits the fine points on how to be a whore. Nothing in the way of cool gadgets or any other James bond-esqe shit... Probably much closer to reality than any kind movie though...
Amanda Li
Amanda Li Hace 3 meses
lol love her
Aaron Hahn
Aaron Hahn Hace 4 meses
If I need to fall asleep, I'll watch Stephen Colbert.
hakeemdj368 Hace 4 meses
she speaks as Jennifer or Gail? :)
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan Hace 4 meses
Hahahahaha......so funny. Rum!
seeker ecstacy
seeker ecstacy Hace 4 meses
When you are that beautiful everything is humour and even if she sneeze that will be considered as extreme cuteness. .. 😂😂 but I love Jennifer Lawrence.
Hans Donni
Hans Donni Hace 4 meses
Red sparrow it is like a james bond movies spy
Ueban Films
Ueban Films Hace 4 meses
It's dangerous to drink on live TV, might say some things you regret
Sanne Hillemans
Sanne Hillemans Hace 4 meses
Stephen is such a class act. So respectful, the way he shook her hand at the end and apologised for her having to do another interview
Arthas Hace 4 meses
send MATORIN to deal with her 😁 love you jen😂🤗😘🗡️
herbert torres
herbert torres Hace 4 meses
Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Roderick Warjri
Roderick Warjri Hace 4 meses
Love her so..... 😍😘😍😍😍😘😘😘😘freaking bad 😍😍😍😘😘😘
D Bean
D Bean Hace 4 meses
I thought the interview when Jennifer Lawrence was on Letterman and complained she was cold and they brought her a quilt was her best interview until this one. Also during her press for Mockingjay 2 she looked way to thin. It looks like she's put some healthy weight back on which is good.
Erzsebet Deer
Erzsebet Deer Hace 4 meses
Adalberto Gomez
Adalberto Gomez Hace 5 meses
Her acting sucks
face lol
face lol Hace 5 meses
lmao haters with blogs
Ian Hornbuckle
Ian Hornbuckle Hace 5 meses
Why does he just seem like he’s always close to busting a nut when he’s interviewing his female guests
Akshay Chan
Akshay Chan Hace 5 meses
Ephy Hace 5 meses
Why would you get Jennifer Lawrence tipsy omg
Megan Mahoney
Megan Mahoney Hace 5 meses
3:34 😂💕
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
This girl is so sexy she is so down to earth and that makes me want her! She looks like she is wild in the sack and so slutty. I know she like the dirty stuff.
Veronica C
Veronica C Hace 5 meses
That is demeaning. That's not a compliment.
Sir LoveaLot!
Sir LoveaLot! Hace 5 meses
How is it even possible that she hasn't done Drunk History yet?
shadowpawn Hace 5 meses
Jerk Chicken me off Jenlaw?
playinthedark Hace 5 meses
I think there are a lot of Jennifer Lawrence haters out there who try to turn nothing into something that they can grab onto in order to justify their dislike of her. I love her, and my take is that she's simply not a cut-out "Stepford Wife" movie star who feels the need to put on an act. Granted, many say that what she does do is in fact an act, but I don't buy it. She's for me as genuine and honest a star as I've seen in a long time. Wish more were like her. She's fearless.
CD Smith
CD Smith Hace un mes
You're close, and you've probably nailed it for some. But I'd say for the vast majority of her haters the harsh reality is that they're mostly miserable people inside. Some are downright rotten inside. And the only way they can find any sort of fulfillment in their miserable lives is to project their vile rottenness onto others. The anonymity of the internet affords them the opportunity to spew their little garbage comments and their 'opinions' at their betters, and they take full advantage. A girl like Jennifer L, who is sexier, livelier, more fun to be around, exceedingly more popular and successful than they will ever be, offends their senses so greatly they feel compelled to trot their narrowminded ignorance onto the web and projectile vomit it wherever they can. It's what justifies their existence. If only they'd see that it also nullifies their relevance.
Raequan Gaymon
Raequan Gaymon Hace 5 meses
LOVE J LAW❤️❤️❤️❤️
Isabella Adams
Isabella Adams Hace 5 meses
this is right before the press tour that she talked abput on ellen
pam lia
pam lia Hace 5 meses
She's so pretentious. Jen, you come off like you're trying way to hard. Gtfoh
CD Smith
CD Smith Hace un mes
Go back to school. 'Pretentious' is too big a word for you to be tossing around the internet all willy-nilly, obviously. While you're there make sure Teacher teaches you the proper usages and difference between "to" and "too".
Jesse Gettings
Jesse Gettings Hace 6 meses
She is the worst
James Vincent Franco
He is a professional Mime he mimes everytime he gets up to talk He was practicing for Hollywood forever, his ear trick I wonder if he is actually drinking rum or colored water If it was CA they could sit and smoke monster pot
James Vincent Franco
Who hates Jen she is Strong Beautiful slightly crazy funny, I hate the lucky ass or asses that are with her and Stephen is perfect Choice
sunkid86 Hace 6 meses
It's so funny how much americans overract when ppl get the tiniest bit drunk -I mean the society on average but also in the comments down here too: It's such hypocracy. Your country is the heaviest drug user of both prescription and illegal drug , has the highest incarceration rate but can't say fuck on TV, and you act like it's a big deal when people drink a few glasses publicly. Give me a break. Gail is cool tho.
Optimistic Whovian
Optimistic Whovian Hace 6 meses
How come the rum didn't affect Stephen? They were going toe to toe with shots.
i have to force myself not to think Red Sparrow is related to Red Tails
The Dark Potato
The Dark Potato Hace 6 meses
i want to drink with her just for the fun of it. no weird fangirling or trying anything. just honest to god hang out and get hammered and play a board game or some shit!
johnny mays
johnny mays Hace 6 meses
have another drink sweetheart I'm sure you will feel better tomorrow.
kylio85 Hace 6 meses
How can one not love Jen?
David Breen
David Breen Hace 6 meses
The problem is not Jennifer Lawrence, it's people that need to get a life. Jen burst on the scene with her down to Earth vibe and the public was attracted to that but in a bit of a creepy way they treated her like she was their best friend and she isn't she is working actress and yes she has done well for herself but her fans don't know her, she's human with flaws just like the rest of us and yes she's made mistakes like the rest of us. I will admit certain elements of Hollywood she's probably uncomfortable with, so we need to cut her some slack.
jennifer86010 Hace 6 meses
I liked Jennifer until I heard she was friends with Amy Schumer.
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