Jessie Reyez - Far Away

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Listen to Jessie Reyez's "Far Away":
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Music video by Jessie Reyez performing Far Away. © 2019 FMLY
Directed by Peter Huang
Produced by Mad Ruk Entertainment


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4 oct 2019






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Hosé TV!
Hosé TV! Hace 18 minutos
Basically the Long Distance Relationship song
Kelsey Gaude
Kelsey Gaude Hace 2 horas
This song breaks my heart.
girlnasty Hace 15 horas
I know it's not the point of the song, but the lyrics fit really well with how military deployments feel...
Yoyis Rodriguez
Yoyis Rodriguez Hace 18 horas
I really be wishing my mom was here but she got deported and I really be missing her..
Austin Richards
Austin Richards Hace un día
I need someone who does this to me who makes me feel this way I mean I feel for people all the time it’s just I need actual love
eviesomeone Hace 2 días
One day I'm going to be able to watch this video without wanting to cry...one day.
Karinas Daily
Karinas Daily Hace 2 días
screw this Donald trump is awesome the only he is putting borders is cause IT IS ILLEGAL what do you not understand plus drugs are being smuggled in !!!!!!!!! ):
Alder Gonzalez
Alder Gonzalez Hace 2 días
this song is so beautiful -alder
Elian Den
Elian Den Hace 3 días
this song needs more recognition!
Greedy Child
Greedy Child Hace 5 días
This is a very good song and it is very meaningful l feel u girl I feel u
Greedy Child
Greedy Child Hace 5 días
I likd this f******* song
Hayyan Ali
Hayyan Ali Hace 6 días
Nothing...... Just a VERY underrated artist with those vibes and a great taste of music....
Central Elegance
Central Elegance Hace 6 días
This is powerful
Ana-Gertrudes Gonzalvez
Kendrick and Jessie need to collab
Rakotoarizaka Tantelinirina
Cartel 118 !
brinve Hace 7 días
i don't like this sound
Ana-Gertrudes Gonzalvez
I am just so proud to see Jessie growing so much in her empathy, awareness, and impact on society. 2.2 milliom views honestly I feel like Jessie feels how I feel...so strong, so passionate, a love for her family and friends that transcends borders and politics. Love you Jessie got me crying, hope I get to meet you one day ❤💯
abba jimenez
abba jimenez Hace 8 días
here from the texttt ❤️
Sfiso Hlongwane
Sfiso Hlongwane Hace 8 días
love of my life.. you are loved by my life and soul Jessie Reyez
Familia Segarra vlogs
Amazing 😩😍👏🏻
Tristen White
Tristen White Hace 8 días
The border is about woman and kids being trafficked. Stop falling for the media slop. This is ridiculous.
SyxToes Hace 9 días
Ice doing their jobs, awesome!! Take those illegal skumm out
Emmanuel Nwankwo
Emmanuel Nwankwo Hace 9 días
RiP edgar
paula ulloa
paula ulloa Hace 9 días
this one hit differently wow
Fredo XvX
Fredo XvX Hace 10 días
Why isn’t this video available in the US?
Wafai Khaliq
Wafai Khaliq Hace 12 días
MichelleYourBelle Hace 12 días
This is powerful.
Natalie Red
Natalie Red Hace 13 días
Six Cents
Six Cents Hace 13 días
Shweta Official
Shweta Official Hace 13 días
You're the BEST Jessie....I love you!!!❤❤❤ #FarAway
nah i'm good
nah i'm good Hace 13 días
the bitches that disliked this are 'oppressed' white supremacists that deserve to burn in hell along with those other hateful racists that ruined our planet
Juan Jaramillo
Juan Jaramillo Hace 14 días
Her and Cole should make a song together
Nick brooks
Nick brooks Hace 14 días
I am a trump supporter but I support Jessie
jazzzmine rodriguez
jazzzmine rodriguez Hace 14 días
I love this song.
Nicole Danielle Rodriguez Marcano
this song is so beautiful and lovely to cry to, thank you for this and cant wait for more
Nicole Danielle Rodriguez Marcano
yo she shouldve farted or pooped on the guys shoulder tryna come into her photo frame
Denzel Williams
Denzel Williams Hace 15 días
Love u bro...just keep it coming ya music speaks to my soul Everytime... Thank you soooooo much!!!
Jason Carby
Jason Carby Hace 15 días
This is activism poetry ...one love
Alexandre Jacqueson
Alexandre Jacqueson Hace 15 días
Alguien sabes el nombre de su " novio "
Fremont Rémy
Fremont Rémy Hace 15 días
so far
LunaZombeh Hace 16 días
THis.....is possibly one if not the only very few music videos that actually make me cry every single time
MOB417 Squad
MOB417 Squad Hace 16 días
She’s the best R&B artist .. Rn , and she deserves the Grammy .. but she don’t need no Grammy .. cuz she’s off the top 🙏🏼🙏🏼💯💯what a voice and what a vocal .. every song you have get into me really bad and I love it , not gonna cuz what u saying it’s true .. you’re a true artist in everything and a great song writer #jessie ❤️❤️
MOB417 Squad
MOB417 Squad Hace 16 días
I’m in love with you Jessie ❤️
Jackson Githaiga
Jackson Githaiga Hace 16 días
Beautiful, just beautiful...
Riki Vera
Riki Vera Hace 16 días
God damn that shit brought tears to my eyes. Mad powerful.
Andrea Vasco
Andrea Vasco Hace 17 días
wow....im in literal tears...
jean gray
jean gray Hace 17 días
Well shoot if you get caught being illegal or doing something illegal there's consequences
Jade Giose
Jade Giose Hace 17 días
this slaps on 1.25 speed
Akash Chopra
Akash Chopra Hace 17 días
She paints such a disturbingly beautiful picture.
Anthony Lowery
Anthony Lowery Hace 17 días
Somenody PLEASE tell me what old song has the same melody as the chorus. I cannot find it for the life of me.
NOTICE Hace 17 días
Keep at it, your work is next level :)
Jocelyn Najera
Jocelyn Najera Hace 17 días
crying. beautiful song and video. jessie is a true artist
Alvaro CORREA LÒPEZ Hace 17 días
vine por la cancion que saco con karol g JAJA
Ant Woman
Ant Woman Hace 18 días
Repeat repeat repeat 💕
Musica Translate
Musica Translate Hace 18 días
im working on this song Latinos need to be told what is all about wow great job Jessie!!!🖖✅🖖
Saleh Bq
Saleh Bq Hace 18 días
Will you marry me jessie 🥺
Chantell Peiter
Chantell Peiter Hace 18 días
0.75× speed You're welcome
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown Hace 18 días
I dont fan girl anyone except jessie 💜💜
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Hace 18 días
This song with a Kendrick Lamar remix would be THE SHIT
Abel Perz
Abel Perz Hace 19 días
Arte uwu
A continuación
Goodbye Jessie
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