Jey Uso makes Roman Reigns see double en route to Hell: SmackDown, Oct. 23, 2020

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Jey Uso enlisted his brother to launch a sneak attack on Universal Champion Roman Reigns. But that didn't stop The Big Dog for revealing brutal consequences to his cousin for this Sunday. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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23 oct 2020






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Comentarios 4 240
CrazyDonut Hace 4 horas
"tribal cheese" 😂😂😂😂😂
chiggie niggie
chiggie niggie Hace 3 días
I absolutely hate this storyline. I hate heel roman. He turns in his family which is something that roman has said he would never do, and that's why he didn't like seth Rollins after sheild. And I don't like that he went to paul. (post) don't get me wrong Roman has and always will be my favorite wrestler, but I just don't like the way he acts as heel roman
Tianna Lindsay
Tianna Lindsay Hace 4 días
wtf is roman reings
Harin Hari
Harin Hari Hace 5 días
now im just waiting rock to come and teach Roman a lesson
lil lucha
lil lucha Hace 12 días
Plz go face roman
Heyy x
Heyy x Hace 21 un día
To whoever is reading this Jesus is coming soon repent and turn away from your sins before its too late! Jesus loves you
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo Hace 21 un día
Mostra quem manda nunca essiste o melhor
Lacole Murrill
Lacole Murrill Hace 28 días
Shut up Roman 🙄
Giorgio Jubithana
Giorgio Jubithana Hace un mes
June 30, 2021 and i'm still whaiting for the Rock to return and confront Roman
Dream City
Dream City Hace un mes
only thing that was stupid is that Paul could've easily said roman he's there lol
Maggie Shi
Maggie Shi Hace un mes
Wao cant wait to see the end Ilove jeyjim usos
Lucy Eaton
Lucy Eaton Hace un mes
Roman reigns has lost his torch he no longer knows the meaning of family he's playing a game and it's Indians and chief and he ain't no cheif just another bully where is rakishe to stop the pain his boys have to put up with think he has one more fight in him
Kennetta Bradford
Kennetta Bradford Hace un mes
I don't like to see family fighting. Let them make up soon.
WastedMinds Hace un mes
And now he's kissing his a$$ how things change in a year Lol
Ana clea Miranda
Ana clea Miranda Hace un mes
Quero ouvir português 😁
Robby Yasu
Robby Yasu Hace un mes
Imagine sitting around a table this year an being like “okay guys this week year is about “Family”. Didn’t realize this is Steve Harvey’s show
Larz The Nerdy Norseman
One Chief.. and that was Peter Miavia...
shereef haynes
shereef haynes Hace un mes
Who he to say that they are Out the whole the family. He can’t think for them.
Vernon Hampton
Vernon Hampton Hace un mes
Tribal Cheese, that's my takeaway from this.
Shawn Carroll
Shawn Carroll Hace un mes
I think the rock is coming back
Steve P
Steve P Hace un mes
This would be a perfect storyline for a Rock/Rikishi appearance for a quick WWE cash grab
Edgar Rios
Edgar Rios Hace un mes
I was about time someone did something
tang beng siong
tang beng siong Hace un mes
This is boringggg
Jason Madderra
Jason Madderra Hace un mes
The Usos are back! Yeah!
PlebeianGaming Hace un mes
I was thinking Jey would climb up the cage and stare down at Roman. Anyway this has been a great run for hell Roman.
Antonio Curry ( Old Channel)
That's good stuff
Uzo made me hungry with that food 😆
Jamaicanmecrazy Hace un mes
Storyline of the decade . Hands down 👌🏾
SharinganSakura Hace un mes
Tribal Cheese!
SPtheGREAT Hace un mes
Warren Reid
Warren Reid Hace un mes
Jey and Jimmy......it was nice knowing ya.
Canukistanian Hace un mes
I've been saying this all year......if this don't end with Jey Uso as Universal Champ, then it been a waste of the Usos. Roman could do this successfully either way. But Jey playing the reluctant and torn right hand was great stuff
Ashton Karijowidjojo
Fire him
Ashton Karijowidjojo
Ashton Karijowidjojo
Ashton Karijowidjojo
Can someone win the title plz i hate roman
The Texas Rattlesnake
Regins has gone too far
Tiquane Sappleton
Tiquane Sappleton Hace un mes
I miss the old Roman reign😐😐
Bonnie Weeden
Bonnie Weeden Hace un mes
I hope they don't give the belt to the rock been to long i thought he retired
Kenology2011 Hace un mes
Too bad of you gus
Luciano Rodrigues
Luciano Rodrigues Hace un mes
I quit watching wwe while they put reigns champion
anthony Hace un mes
They gonna do the handi cap match yet? Just FF to Jey winning the title, even if its for a night.
Edgar John Joshua Jasmin
Roman is boring
DELTA WOLF Hace un mes
Who’s here after Jey had joined Roman
Corey Hace un mes
he been joining Roman bruh 😭💀
Ephraim Colbert
Ephraim Colbert Hace un mes
Didn't this already happen?
The Bigg X
The Bigg X Hace un mes
Algorithm, I thought this was today 😂
joel arrascue
joel arrascue Hace un mes
Just asking… how did anyone know that was Jimmy when he removed the hat and bandanna before he said ‘Ask my brother Jey.’
Denis Rambaran denispaul
Good job guys
Johan Jacome
Johan Jacome Hace un mes
t- 800
t- 800 Hace un mes
loving this story
Crystal Samuel
Crystal Samuel Hace un mes
It's time they knock some sense into Roman Reigns
ابو عبيده
ابو عبيده Hace un mes
take care of yourselves
Mercury Hace un mes
The Rock is going to come and layeth the smacketh down on Reigns
SharinganSakura Hace un mes
Roman is going to nearly cripple The Rock. And I saw that as a huge Rock fan.
KEVIN HALL Hace un mes
Wesley Adair
Wesley Adair Hace un mes
You do know this was last year right?
Tufa Vaitusi
Tufa Vaitusi Hace un mes
They should know as Samoans that family, is life. Only if they knew
Imyadaddy Hace un mes
This is like one of the best story lines they’ve had In years
X1Lumio Hace un mes
Brayden Zayas
Brayden Zayas Hace un mes
Bring the hole family out to confront roman
MH Rios
MH Rios Hace un mes
Lingerie Fighting Championship
moses lejau
moses lejau Hace un mes
no is austin help uso
George Yang
George Yang Hace un mes
The old Roman was better
Lil Gaming
Lil Gaming Hace un mes
Roman is young
Brieona Moorning
Brieona Moorning Hace un mes
For real I think they will
Aaron Rosario
Aaron Rosario Hace un mes
Nah Roman can’t do that and why can’t he go back to the Big Dog
N.T.B RUGRXT Hace un mes
Tribal cheese 😂😂😂
Jay Slays
Jay Slays Hace un mes
This better happen again
Lil Gaming
Lil Gaming Hace un mes
Heyyy again
Dean Hace un mes
I keep seeing this in my recommendation and keep thinking it’s Jimmy
brittany haynes
brittany haynes Hace un mes
I called it 😭
Bladeboy Hace un mes
We gonna ignore they messed up the caption cause it says en instead of In
Flor De Leon
Flor De Leon Hace un mes
Bring The Rock to confront Roman!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nowhere Near Berlin
Who's here ready for the next Hell In A Cell under very different circumstances?
Official Tru-Dru
Official Tru-Dru Hace un mes
Are they beefing?
katie mangold
katie mangold Hace 2 meses
Roman reigns is a phenomenon wrestler and so is the rock.
Andre La Grange
Andre La Grange Hace 2 meses
This storyline is the worst I've ever seen no one wants to see this garbage anymore vs AEW this is why we change the channel
Andre La Grange
Andre La Grange Hace un mes
@roman4champ wrong buddy I don't watch I see the the vids for them when I watch the old wwe when it was actually good in my recommended I watch AEW friend
roman4champ Hace un mes
But here you are watching it....
Ammar Jafri
Ammar Jafri Hace 2 meses
This popped up on my recommended
Ssjgohan Roblox
Ssjgohan Roblox Hace 2 meses
Why roman is being arrogance?
ThinkBeFree99 Hace 2 meses
Since Roman Reigns got his teeth done, he looks like he has a mouth piece in his mouth...looks odd
PlanSecret Music
PlanSecret Music Hace 2 meses
Leonel Cardenas
Leonel Cardenas Hace 2 meses
Darn it, I thought this was in May. I missed smackdown last night!!!
RIDGERAW7 Hace 2 meses
And I WILL make you quit... lol so disrespectful
BGChamp2013 Atkinson
I thought this was new
TMB1974 Hace 2 meses
This is why Jey and Jimmy needs to reunite and take Roman down a few notches.
رضا رضا
رضا رضا Hace 2 meses
ایول 👍👍👍👍👍
Christine Lambert
Christine Lambert Hace 2 meses
Roman Reigns (Acknowledge Me) Rhea Ripley (This is My Brutality)
Petite Hace 2 meses
Jason Bradham
Jason Bradham Hace 2 meses
If this is the best they got for a storyline, go AEW
D-44 Hace 2 meses
The rocks mom gonna beat some sense into Roman
dashaymac Hace 2 meses
Roman with a nasty edge is wayyyyy better than a face...
the duelist
the duelist Hace 2 meses
Where in the hell in the cell has this roman been all these yrs
Maine Collins
Maine Collins Hace 2 meses
I what to see new people with the belt
Maine Collins
Maine Collins Hace 2 meses
I am so tried of drew try get belt
WE#An Extraterrestrial Laboratory
Brett Troutman
Brett Troutman Hace 2 meses
Niver turn back on family pride and family Legacy
QAZ OMEN Hace 2 meses
This just keeps getting better
tahiem foster
tahiem foster Hace 2 meses
roman is not the same
Life With Brii
Life With Brii Hace 2 meses
I don't like Roman like this
keimah Rosalle
keimah Rosalle Hace 2 meses
Hey Roman nice Jordan's.
David Ladd
David Ladd Hace 2 meses
I would figth Roman for real no fake punches
David Ladd
David Ladd Hace 2 meses
Shut up Roman your no one
David Ladd
David Ladd Hace 2 meses
About damn time
LSx life
LSx life Hace 2 meses
Reigns will beat him at hell in a cell then rock will come back to let them back in the family and win the belt