Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Kevin Hart to conquer his fear of roller coasters while they're hanging out at Universal Orlando Resort.
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Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster
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17 jun 2014






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Car Guy Repair
Car Guy Repair Hace un hora
Please help me reach my goal by subcribe, like and comments my page. Thank you.
Meghan Olwagen
Meghan Olwagen Hace 3 horas
Lol 1:43 I DIED
FoxRose_Playz Hace 3 horas
FoxRose_Playz Hace 3 horas
Addison F
Addison F Hace 6 horas
cussing and taking God’s name in vain are sinful 🥺 speaking out of love and incase anyone doesn’t know! God bless! 💗😊✝️
Eva Lu
Eva Lu Hace 8 horas
What a fun team. Hart and Fallon. 💕
Camden Frame
Camden Frame Hace 8 horas
Wow I’m in Orlando and was just in universal
don't read my profile picture
112M ppl InreStiNg..... (don't read my name)
Bon homie
Bon homie Hace un día
Xiaotu Zhong
Xiaotu Zhong Hace 2 días
Enjoy the view there. “We man up.”🤣
Idk wot to call my self
This ain’t the first time you seeing this
Susie Aguilera
Susie Aguilera Hace 2 días
Shaunta Watkins
Shaunta Watkins Hace 2 días
Jimmy yelling about a big Kevin yelling to God to save him LMAO 😂🤣😅😅😅🤣😅😅
XxDang Itz VictoriaxX
2:34 *man titties*
Im A Porcupine
Im A Porcupine Hace 2 días
can he ride incredicoaster next time? Disney Californa Adventure
Susana Sarrazola C
Susana Sarrazola C Hace 2 días
ellos siguen igual :O
Meguel Riddle
Meguel Riddle Hace 2 días
You guy's are Hilarious man I love it
Rani Chowdhury
Rani Chowdhury Hace 2 días
It's looking so scary.
Punit Tripathi
Punit Tripathi Hace 2 días
Every second of his life , Kevin Hart is a performer.
sadrjahon Hace 2 días
Nobody: ESvid Algorithms: Binod, I recommend to watch this video again.
Tundra Chill
Tundra Chill Hace un día
Jokes on you I searched for this 😎
efrijim Hace 3 días
One of the better Rollercoaster 's I've been on.
Bajengam Roi
Bajengam Roi Hace 3 días
I die laughing 😂😂😂 Kevin hart love from india
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I just searched rollercoasters and filtered it by: View Count. That's how I got here!
Jazmyn Fuller
Jazmyn Fuller Hace 4 días
When he screams it is so loud that you can’t hear anything 🤣
ꕥ A l l i e ꕥ
ꕥ A l l i e ꕥ Hace 4 días
*The fact that the other people don’t even care that they’re there.*
ꕥ A l l i e ꕥ
ꕥ A l l i e ꕥ Hace un día
Hossein Jamshidi- Oh... So they don’t get snatched?
Hossein Jamshidi
Hossein Jamshidi Hace 2 días
you think they just go there as normal people ?! a lot of security process is going on there
Riverdale girl
Riverdale girl Hace 4 días
I went on this ride
Google User
Google User Hace 4 días
I am getting laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
baz ali
baz ali Hace 5 días
Kevin is soo me on the roller coaster
Nicolas Serrano
Nicolas Serrano Hace 6 días
esa cara de puro cagado JAJAJAJAJA
Brian Hace 6 días
The bug was a paid actor
Jill Cole
Jill Cole Hace 6 días
Love this video
Jill Cole
Jill Cole Hace 6 días
Plz listen to pr 2 ns
Andrei Gheorghe
Andrei Gheorghe Hace 7 días
fuuuuucccck this emition
Kari Madrigal
Kari Madrigal Hace 7 días
i died when they went again
Kari Madrigal
Kari Madrigal Hace 7 días
"Push it further:🤣
Kari Madrigal
Kari Madrigal Hace 7 días
6 years later 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Judy Motto
Judy Motto Hace 7 días
Amy Combs
Amy Combs Hace 7 días
Omg i would totally love to ride a roller coaster with Kevin hart
tashon kece
tashon kece Hace 7 días
Just imagine kevin heart on the batman😂🤣
Uma Sharma
Uma Sharma Hace 7 días
These many people are watching in 2020 ............... 👇
Lucas Michaud
Lucas Michaud Hace 7 días
Kevin: “HELP ME LORD, PLEASE!!!” Jimmy: *”a bug”*
Addison F
Addison F Hace 6 horas
ik you were just quoting him but I just wanted to tell you that taking God’s name in vain is sinful 🥺 speaking out of love and incase anyone doesn’t know! God bless! 💗😊✝️
Hey guys please follow my playlist on spotify open.spotify.com/playlist/2adgCQj7qJTuRamWy3XNGG?nd=1&nd=1
Theclearance_wolf Hace 8 días
Turns out the bug was a paid actor
Redraptor2003 Hace 8 días
Jimmy: One more time here we go Kevin: NO SON OF A BITCH NO 🤣😂😅 3:44
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Hace 8 días
Completely out of groceries anything helps $vampfrom217
youngan_dominic210 Hace 8 días
whos here after he had an accident
Aaliyah v
Aaliyah v Hace 9 días
Bruh is that tupac behind them
Karla González
Karla González Hace 9 días
Don't make up it was very funny and how he put his face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
kenzie sands
kenzie sands Hace 10 días
112m views and 926k likes dislikes and comments COMBINED. I don’t understand
Sllins Hace 9 días
worldender225 Hace 10 días
That must have been so awkward for anybody who was there and did not know who Kevin and Jimmy were
ConfusedPotato •
ConfusedPotato • Hace 10 días
They need to do the Hulk next XD
Siloam King
Siloam King Hace 10 días
Open your eyes or you won't be able to breathe
Sameer Fon
Sameer Fon Hace 11 días
ن أن نزل نز
Hussain Almubarak
Hussain Almubarak Hace 11 días
Who else thinks this is fake? I mean don't you have to be yay high to be on a roller coaster?? Just kidding man, couldn't help with a height joke here.
Pinguim Vídeos
Pinguim Vídeos Hace 11 días
Samantha Atkins
Samantha Atkins Hace 11 días
I cant believe there is only a lap lock.
KevinC85 Hace 11 días
I FINALLY went on this and it is totally fun! BUT the scary thing is here they stop to let them on but for regular people the loading track actually slowly keeps moving as you’re getting on. So you actually have no time to think about what you’re doing which can make it a bit stressful. . You just gotta Sit down, get locked in and go! I hate the belly drop feeling of coasters like this but I can truly tell you that if you work your way up to this one and BREATHE it’s not that bad. Do it!
Purple is Pretty
Purple is Pretty Hace 11 días
See y'all in 3 years...
Honestly the funniest episode of Jimmy Fallon😂😂😂 I literally have tears from laughing everytime I watch this episode. And I’ve watched this so many times now🤣😂
Negan Leader of the Saviors
I looked up scary and this was one of the first results
Khanna Barrow
Khanna Barrow Hace 11 días
Eyoel Zelalem
Eyoel Zelalem Hace 11 días
My palms where also sweaty I couldn't hold my tablet!😂
Ernie Martinez
Ernie Martinez Hace 12 días
This has 111M views 🤯🤯
FUN&Game PLAY Hace 12 días
Ahahaha thats was freaking funny man
star brightred
star brightred Hace 12 días
cool but... why does this video have 111 million views?!?!
D R I P God
D R I P God Hace 12 días
Little Fox
Little Fox Hace 12 días
i can feel the nervous, it's real, i won't ride this thing unless someone pay me well like 1 million USD, 20 thousands is enough though..
xBlueWolf Hace 12 días
Yeah I couldn't ride one of those yikes.
Clara Frost
Clara Frost Hace 12 días
That guy behind them be takin a suitcase on date
Digesh Mamtora
Digesh Mamtora Hace 13 días
Imagine if DJ Khalid was in the seat behind them screaming another one when they were screaming 😂
Caren Jose
Caren Jose Hace 13 días
Jana Channel
Jana Channel Hace 13 días
Jesus loves you god bless you amen seek the lord Jesus while he may be found isaiah 55:6 amen
Clari Nascimento
Clari Nascimento Hace 13 días
Oomg hajahajahaha this is so cool 😂😂😍♥️
Higgs Bozon
Higgs Bozon Hace 13 días
just saying hi
Don’t subscribe To me
Kevin hart is literally me the whole ride
M Catherine W
M Catherine W Hace 13 días
Deepti Hace 13 días
The bug... 😂😂😂😂
Henry Robinson
Henry Robinson Hace 13 días
Greatest coasters in the world. Lol not even close
kethany hudison
kethany hudison Hace 13 días
Anyone here after 5 yrs from their recommendations?
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Hace 13 días
These millionaires having a blast. cool
Johnathan Ahlvers
Johnathan Ahlvers Hace 14 días
DariusFN Hace 14 días
His real fans know he don’t like roller coasters.. as said in his stand up
Puny_God Hace 14 días
"We think like a man we gotta act like a man, we manned up-" that shit is so outdated.
Chiefs4Life / StarWarsMarvel
Jimmy: Says anything Crowd: 🗣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones Hace 14 días
When I was little, like 3, I was allowed to go an a roller coaster because I a, overly tall, and when I was going up, I remember being like “THIS IS FUN!!!” But when we started going down, o was like “THIS IS NOTT FUNNNNNN, EEEEEEEEEEE”😂this reminded me of that
henrique jesus
henrique jesus Hace 14 días
wow thank you for deleting the most viewed video on this channel (ariana doing impressions) bruh 🙄
tuana willer
tuana willer Hace 14 días
Becca Seydou
Becca Seydou Hace 15 días
Omg I love roller coasters
Patti Taylor
Patti Taylor Hace 15 días
Justin Kauffman
Justin Kauffman Hace 15 días
So excited!
Ninjaboy Hace 15 días
What we saw hear was pure fear
Eda HASANI Hace 15 días
That's me this summer when my mom and my sis said let's go🤣😂🤣
Kendra Craig
Kendra Craig Hace 15 días
Who remembers Jimmy falon in ew
I’m forever watching this video at least 50 times a year
John Blacklight
John Blacklight Hace 15 días
James Pilon
James Pilon Hace 15 días
Man u think that is bad, try the Fury 325 at Carowinds
Rainbow of love
Rainbow of love Hace 15 días
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adam winslade
adam winslade Hace 15 días
that coaster actually looks fun
christopher cornish
christopher cornish Hace 16 días
Caz Wiliams
Caz Wiliams Hace 16 días
I love these two together ❤️they are so funny
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