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Jimmy's opening monologue from the 95th Academy Awards. #Oscars


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11 mar 2023






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Chris Davidson
Chris Davidson Hace 7 días
If Matt Damon had stormed on stage and slapped Jimmy that would have been the best bit ever.😂
Chelo Chelini
Chelo Chelini Hace un hora
Hahahaha best Best ever
tml Hace 4 horas
Nah, we're all sick of this lame feud that doesn't exist.
Mᴥāz Kalīm
Mᴥāz Kalīm Hace 9 horas
{Only-&-only to "the OP" & those who "👍" their parent-comment till the time of successful-posting of this reply: }Ohhh.. ...Wow!!! From celebrating verbal-feud to conditioning physical violence.°
Miguel duran
Miguel duran Hace 14 horas
Definitely missed that one
BRENT BIR Hace 15 horas
Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel are friends bro aren't you in on the joke😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mark Calvert
Mark Calvert Hace 6 días
A well-deserved shout-out to John Williams! Thank you, Jimmy and the writers for acknowledging this living legend and remembering his 53 nominations!
Tᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ:†𝟏𝟗𝟑𝟕𝟗𝟔𝟒𝟐𝟒𝟔𝟑
☝️❤️ thanks for loving the show@Beka Lara
Tᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ:†𝟏𝟗𝟑𝟕𝟗𝟔𝟒𝟐𝟒𝟔𝟑
☝️❤️ thank you very much and thanks for watching the show.
Dizzy Hace 2 días
@csjcsj hah - good catch! i should never write comments after midnight
csjcsj Hace 2 días
​@Dizzy Don't remember Powerll... ...but I remember Powell, though!
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 Hace 5 días
@Dizzy That was random. :p
TimeBucks Hace 6 días
So happy Guillermo has a seat at the Oscars
shorts video
shorts video Hace 22 minutos
Nitika Nitu
Nitika Nitu Hace 2 horas
Nishat Parveen
Nishat Parveen Hace un día
Яна Бордюг
Яна Бордюг Hace un día
Azam Nasir
Azam Nasir Hace 2 días
lindsey s
lindsey s Hace 6 días
This is the first time the Oscars have felt like "good old days" in probably 5-10 years. No grandstanding, no angry hurt-filled speeches, no drama, no traumatic sex predators, no real politics, no lineup of legacy nominees only there to make condescending statements about Hollywood's narcissism. Just a whole bunch of first-time nominees THRILLED to be there, speeches full of joy and enthusiasm, and a round of movies that I actually felt like I've seen. This felt like an Oscars full of positivity with very little cynicism, and I was genuinely overjoyed for every person who won. I wish more people actually watched this year because I feel like this was the year they finally got it right.
GregariousRat Hace 5 horas
LMAO good old days of Weinstein
Ilea Vazan
Ilea Vazan Hace 23 horas
ok cancel culture troll
Gears Of Arkham
Gears Of Arkham Hace un día
… and NO ONE trying to start a race war, ANTHONY ANDERSON.
Maria Hagosen
Maria Hagosen Hace 6 días
I have never seen so many people smile so hard, so long, ever😂
giang truc
giang truc Hace 12 horas
MichaelJ Hace un día
hard and long 🤭
doan tran van
doan tran van Hace 2 días
thi kim
thi kim Hace 3 días
Ilea Vazan
Ilea Vazan Hace 3 días
Yeah, of course, they are happy, Ricky Gervais isn't there to roast them!
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
“Do what you did last year, nothing. Sit there and do absolutely nothing. Maybe even give the assailant a hug!” 😂😂
8732Best Hace 2 días
Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca Hace 3 días
Quite sure Chris Rock liked that comment
curiously.m3 Hace 3 días
Savage 🙌
Brittany Phillips
Brittany Phillips Hace 7 días
The fact that Brendan Fraser was just tearing up being mentioned, being a nominee warms my heart. He totally deserved his win
captprice007 Hace un día
He has milked emotions really well to win awards this year
Marie Minshull
Marie Minshull Hace 2 días
He had a great career such a comeback 😊 he's a true legand
Marie Minshull
Marie Minshull Hace 2 días
He does😊
Eddy Lorenzo
Eddy Lorenzo Hace 6 días
Absolutely does
Hang in there
Hang in there Hace 6 días
“We have nominees from every corner of Dublin.” This line always gets me 😂 among five Irish actors, four of whom are for the roles in The Banshees of Inisherin. Definitely worth watching ❤❤❤
thi tran
thi tran Hace 4 días
Sic Mundus
Sic Mundus Hace 4 días
funny movie.. funnier dialogues
Fran V
Fran V Hace 5 días
@Spenser Lol
Spenser Hace 6 días
@Fran V In fairness, he's unemployed and this is the 17th time he's watched this video.
Fran V
Fran V Hace 6 días
Always gets you? Lol as if this happened years ago
Toby Flenderson
Toby Flenderson Hace 6 días
Not a Kimmel fan in the slightest, but this was a solid monologue, he had me cracking up more than a few times.
Jerry Winker
Jerry Winker Hace 15 horas
@MichaelJ liberal
MichaelJ Hace un día
Yeah Kimmel repulses me to the utmost extreme, and just the mention of his name has me wretching in disgust. This monologue however, was pure gold and I was absolutely rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. I thought I was going to puke in delight. Yeah, this was the monologue.
EwPaint Hace 6 días
@Andrew Borody this.
Andrew Borody
Andrew Borody Hace 6 días
His writers did a fantastic job
Jacob Prescott
Jacob Prescott Hace 6 días
I'm so happy Guillermo has a seat at the Oscars
Dekimate Hace 2 días
@ASAP.69 imagine being so smug you think not wearing a tuxedo to a formal globally televised event makes you humble.
Jessy Morgan
Jessy Morgan Hace 2 días
Hello How are you doing?
Enkhbold Ganbold
Enkhbold Ganbold Hace 3 días
He took Will Smith’s
tam thuong
tam thuong Hace 4 días
Ti My
Ti My Hace 4 días
Yes, both of them.
Jaber Jb
Jaber Jb Hace 7 días
Guillermo Moment was all worth it for me. He so much deserved it😊
tr011ful Hace 5 días
I saw him in sitting down before he was shown and was excited.
Ayoub. Hace 5 días
did you hear people barking in the background why is that?
Jaber Jb
Jaber Jb Hace 5 días
@Sam Strider yeap that too. But nothing takes away that guillermo stare at the screen 👀😅
Sam Strider
Sam Strider Hace 5 días
I was hoping it was the guy from What We Do In The Shadows.
Kick her Back-Now
Kick her Back-Now Hace 4 días
I really like how he pointed out that what happened last year was wrong and how the audience didnt react to it . he didnt shy away from saving what is right and did it in a classy way
MAX91 Hace 7 días
I love the face of Andrew Garfield when Jimmy mentions him 🤣
Ariel PH C
Ariel PH C Hace un día
His face was like sure…? But maybe not in this universe lol
Tony B
Tony B Hace un día
It was a look that said "Sorry, I'm not Tom Holland."
Roberto Hace 2 días
He thinking... Well, not me any longer
Ribeirao Hace 3 días
And now it became a meme
Trebolf Hace 4 días
@Jimmy Vong apparently that's what the show runners asked him to do, but he chose to do a different thing... Which is hilarious
Deminus Hace 6 días
I'm so glad Michelle and Brendan got their Oscars. Both very underrated people.
Marose LuCas
Marose LuCas Hace 6 días
The dancing off the stage and pushing Jimmy, omg made me laugh so hard...still laughing...will repeat 10x damn this was a good one. 🤣💗
Bryan Jacobs
Bryan Jacobs Hace un día
So where are you from Marose?
Bryan Jacobs
Bryan Jacobs Hace un día
Marose LuCas
Marose LuCas Hace un día
​@Bryan JacobsStill go back to watch this again and again lol 😂😂😂
Bryan Jacobs
Bryan Jacobs Hace 3 días
For real 🤣🤣🤣
양Vikkki Hace 6 días
One of the best Oscar monologues ever. Love the John Williams shoutout. Listened to him since I discovered his soundtracks as a kid. And love Andrew Garfield’s face when Jimmy said Spider-man 😂 wrong one!
HRHDMKYT Hace 6 días
I never saw this on Sunday night, so am happy this is up on ESvid. I think the writers and Jimmy Kimmel did a *terrific* job! This must be a difficult gig, and when live, anything can happen. Yet the participants in his jokes all played along, which was fun, and no one was insulted (too badly). It *is* just movies, after all.
Surya Prashanth
Surya Prashanth Hace 6 días
Best monologue! But the moment when those dancers came in dancing to dance him off.. that is THE BEST.
C Ang
C Ang Hace 5 días
Classic! After last year’s disastrous ending this comes as a refreshing reboot!
Vera's Lifestyle Wereld
So brilliantly done! Loved the warmth, love and respect towards the audience. This is the way it should be done.
Saad ur Rehman
Saad ur Rehman Hace 6 días
Its been a while since I felt this happy watching a video!!! Jimmy saying Top Gun Maverick was the best was emotional, every frame had 2-3 people I know but after Jimmy saying creed and beautiful Michelle yeoh, The Mandalorian Pedro Pascal AND OFCOURSE Spider-Man Andrew Garfield will be protecting him, broke into absolute hysteric applause!!! I loved this soo much!!!!! Well done Jimmy at the Oscars! 14.3.2023
Mother Nature’s Apothecary
Jimmy did an absolutely fantastic job of hosting. The way he addressed the audience showed so much respect and reverence while still being funny. Let’s not even mention that the way he addressed last year’s unfortunate event was the most tasteful and impactful anyone could have dreamed. Outstanding job Jimmy! Thank you!❤️
Cioccolateria Veneziana
Yes, he can be funny and classy at the same time. What I like about his monologues, he manages to naturally turn them into hommages to people who deserve it, this time John Williams.
dallas yap
dallas yap Hace 3 días
I totally agree. He did a fantastic job in hosting the event. I was even amazed that I can hear a presenter just talk like that for more than 12 mins.
computerjantje Hace 4 días
please bring Ricky servais back. This thing is getting too soft and safe again
Lucky889 S
Lucky889 S Hace 6 días
Now i wanna see conan host this...
Marty Zink
Marty Zink Hace 6 días
Great monologue, Jimmy! ❤ Well written, and well delivered!
Mackenzie Gray
Mackenzie Gray Hace 6 días
Great opening monologue! Jimmy nailed it!!!🎉
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Hace 6 días
You did a great job Jimmy Kimmel and saved the best for last, can't wait for Guillermo's interviews to the stars!
MK Piatkowski
MK Piatkowski Hace 6 días
That was an incredible opening. Well done, Jimmy.
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz Hace 7 días
"And if any of you get mad at a joke and decided you wanna come up here and get jiggy with it... it's not gonna be easy." 😂😂😂
MichaelJ Hace un día
@Garry respect for the elderly…you’re heading in that direction
Francyne Alvarez
Francyne Alvarez Hace 6 días
Yomama Bin Fartin
Yomama Bin Fartin Hace 6 días
So great😂😂
lamine Aim
lamine Aim Hace 7 días
If anyone can pull this off it's jimmy damn he's so good and the best i could listen to him for hours
Ron Perillo
Ron Perillo Hace 6 días
What a perfect monologue, they even addressed some of the snubbed movies that were worthy.
Wow, Jimmy Kimmel really brought his A-game to the Oscars this year! His monologue had me laughing from beginning to end.
Q Crew
Q Crew Hace un día
Jimmy kills it every time he does this show
Rahoul Daswani
Rahoul Daswani Hace 6 días
Jimmy Kimmel is Incredible :) Please bring him back to host the Oscars next year :)
MkaMee ML
MkaMee ML Hace 6 días
That was an awesome opening!!! ❤
D Ttra
D Ttra Hace 7 días
So glad that they brought back all 23 categories to be broadcast live. It was ridiculous to eliminate such important categories like cinematography, the very thing that makes movies as movies. Without cinematography, movies are plays or novels for chrissake. Finally everything is back to how it should be.
The Boxer
The Boxer Hace 4 días
@Emmanuel Bassey ... LOL!!! That was good! Ricky Gervais is the best!
D Ttra
D Ttra Hace 6 días
@Asha Nimo Without score, movies are again stage plays.
Arnold Schwarzen-word
12:20 Andrew constantly serving the meme community
Ej Ridenhour
Ej Ridenhour Hace 7 días
This the first time I actually laughed at an award show joke this was pretty good they need to have more talk show host they talk show host for a reason like Trevor Noah also did good 😂jimmy did good ngl
Roland of Gilead 43
Roland of Gilead 43 Hace 6 días
i didn't see all of it so i missed a lot but i love him as host. plus i do love the comedy bit about Matt Damon i would not be surprised if they are actually friends in real life but to keep the joke going they act like enemies.
fob1xxl Hace 6 días
Katie Pfleghar
Katie Pfleghar Hace 3 días
Perfectly said 🙌🎉
Skuffel Hace 6 días
Thank you JK for showing how to be gracious, heartwarming and humorous!
sema6008 Hace 4 días
Jimmy is perfect for this. He was extremely entertaining. I hope he is chosen for next year’s, too. 👍
Chito de Castro
Chito de Castro Hace 7 días
3:29 I feel sorry for the people seated behind the veiled lady. 😭
K M Hace un día
Pure ignorance.
Bibi Kyut
Bibi Kyut Hace 3 días
@sema6008 shes not even famous so she thought of something to be famous instantly
Bambi Hace 3 días
They shud have send her to sit in the back!
sema6008 Hace 4 días
For real. WTH was she thinking? Is she that selfish and inconsiderate of others? The dress was awful, too. Lol
Vladimir M
Vladimir M Hace 4 días
And this is why they use to sit in the back of the bus
Melisa leal diaz
Melisa leal diaz Hace 7 días
Thank you Jimmy for making us laugh !
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Hace 7 días
Pleasantly surprised by Jimmy's monologue; kudos to the writers and him!
Theodore Robert
Theodore Robert Hace 6 días
It was a corny, boring monologue
Ankit Shai
Ankit Shai Hace 3 días
2:55 He was tearing up!! Such a genuine reaction..it indeed is an honor to even be nominated...such a deserved win!
Mᴥāz Kalīm
Mᴥāz Kalīm Hace 9 horas
Mr Gleeson?
Renata Cantore
Renata Cantore Hace 6 días
Fantastic & educational!!! Great job Jimmy!!!🏆🏆🏆👑⭐️🌟💐🎥🎬🎞📽
Kelly Ribeiro
Kelly Ribeiro Hace 6 días
Jimmy killed it. So good.
Chris James
Chris James Hace 7 días
The Oscars are just so much better with a host. Any awards show needs an MC, gives the whole things structure and doesn’t feel awkward like the other years. He gets people laughing and loosens up the energy a bit and then its not as stiff for the rest of the show.
MrDac0964 Hace 6 días
@Joni thanks 😊
Bruce Hurley
Bruce Hurley Hace 6 días
@Travis Repp Even Howard Stern couldn't get away with talking about his wife's personal issues on air, so Shapiro certainly can't. I'm afraid to Google this, so I'll just have to stay ignorant in this case.
Joni Hace 6 días
@MrDac0964 I don't think so but you're right he would be great. I looked it up and couldn't find his name on the list. Bob Hope hosted 19 times, johnny Carson 5, David Niven 3, Steve Martin 3, Whoopi Goldberg 3, Billy Crystal 4, and Jimmy Kimmel 3.
Tobi Simmons
Tobi Simmons Hace 6 días
Loved the entire show from start to finish. Instant laughter while enjoying my Big Mac and tater tots. Good job Jimmy
Bryan Jacobs
Bryan Jacobs Hace un día
Jimmy has been like this, Nice intro for real. I respect him so much. Who's your favorite Male Actor?
Sandra Vigil
Sandra Vigil Hace 6 días
Great job, Jimmy!! You made it worth watching the Oscar's this year!!
Caleb Sam
Caleb Sam Hace 6 días
Legendary monologue 🔥
Michael Reed
Michael Reed Hace 6 días
Really great laid back opening monologue. Jimmy can do no wrong. Easy like Sunday morning.
Platinum Pineapple
Platinum Pineapple Hace 7 días
“Do what you did last year, nothing” 😂😂😂
Deus Vlad2.0
Deus Vlad2.0 Hace 2 días
@8732Best LOL
8732Best Hace 2 días
​@Deus Vlad2.0 you won't, since Chris Tucker wasn't there in the first place. I swear, you all think we all look alike. Do better.
8732Best Hace 2 días
​@Katy P THANK YOU KATY P. Its about time someone said that. Finally. Katy P 1, the world 0.
8732Best Hace 2 días
​@Sanju Shah twice? Not funny. Stop.
Josias Lourenço
Josias Lourenço Hace 6 días
Seguid la paz con todos, y la santidad, sin la cual nadie verá al Señor. Hebreos 12:14 Así que, arrepentíos y convertíos, para que sean borrados vuestros pecados; para que vengan de la presencia del Señor tiempos de refrigerio, Hechos 3:19 Vosotros veis, pues, que el hombre es justificado por las obras, y no solamente por la fe. Porque como el cuerpo sin espíritu está muerto, así también la fe sin obras está muerta. Santiago 2:24,26 Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna. Porque no envió Dios a su Hijo al mundo para condenar al mundo, sino para que el mundo sea salvo por él. Y esta es la condenación: que la luz vino al mundo, y los hombres amaron más las tinieblas que la luz, porque sus obras eran malas. El que cree en el Hijo tiene vida eterna; pero el que rehúsa creer en el Hijo no verá la vida, sino que la ira de Dios está sobre él. Juan 3:16-17,19,36
coupure et saignement
Spiderman was the scariest and most imposing and I just want to hug him. That level of cuteness is friggin dangerous ❤️
Melania Monica Craciun
Big loving hug all gorgeous performers out there in the audience, wishing everybody other hundred years more having fun performing and entertain us fans because...you are our survivors kit, cinema shows are helping us carry on & you are doing a great job, no matter if good or not the best, watching a movie is suuuuper great always, nice speech, nice Oscar family...we have to find a bride for this poor bachelor, hoping he will have baby Oscars from now on, who is willing to become the next Oscarette?
CCC /CCC Hace 6 días
Love Jimmy doing the Oscar's!!!
Jason Hace 6 días
That was handled really well. Its time to heal and move forward with positive vibes!
emily cheetham
emily cheetham Hace 5 días
I watched in uk yesterday. Jimmy is the best. Made me laugh. Was my favourite opening in many years. Great job Jimmy.
Ocelot4R Hace 7 días
I love that he was danced off the stage... 😆😂
Arngeir Hace 6 días
@Josias Lourenço que are you saying?
John Smith
John Smith Hace 6 días
He was shoved hard. I don't think that was in rehearsal
Arngeir Hace 6 días
@tr011ful Hey it wasn't 19 minutes, but I suppose that's because he didn't attack anyone
tr011ful Hace 6 días
His monologue was too long XD
Chris Shorts
Chris Shorts Hace 6 días
When they was pushing him I almost died😂😂
OR Hace 7 días
The light feeling you get from the room whether due to the Host, Audience or the Stage Design it all fell into place. Ego's were set aside and everyone was just cheering for their Colleagues success! Plus that reunion with Harrison Ford and Short Round..memorable! Makes one forget Will Smith ever won an Oscar.
YVONNE LEWIS Hace 6 días
You just can’t help but love Jimmy Kimmel! Such a great choice to host the Oscars.
Edison Gutierrez
Edison Gutierrez Hace 4 días
@Noah he’s not there.
Noah Hace 4 días
Where’s the list Jimmy
sunflower Hace 6 días
I agree! Love Jimmy, the best !!
Aye Carumba
Aye Carumba Hace 6 días
See? This is why we love Jimmy. Thank you Jimmy!
A Yen
A Yen Hace 6 días
That was an awesome monologue. Jimmy K hit just the right balance!
Bethuel Mamabolo
Bethuel Mamabolo Hace 7 días
That Guillermo bit made me so happy!!🥰🤣🤣
Fair Dinkum
Fair Dinkum Hace 7 días
@Estefi Medina Oh Wow! I didn't know he named him after Guillermo! 😀
james williams
james williams Hace 7 días
hellboy ! pans labyrinth
Estefi Medina
Estefi Medina Hace 7 días
@Fair Dinkum Also Jimmy named his youngest son after Guillermo :) Guillermo is William in Spanish.
Anna Narysheva
Anna Narysheva Hace 6 días
Great hosting! Witty and funny as always please host the Oscar’s always
Bryan Jacobs
Bryan Jacobs Hace 3 días
Jimmy is funny asf
Evan Dantes
Evan Dantes Hace 4 días
That Guillermo joke was pristine 😂
nago217 Hace 6 días
First time for Colin Farrell? I did not know, he is such great actor! And this latest Irish movie was fantastic!
Alaa Hajj Hassan
Alaa Hajj Hassan Hace 6 días
Best monologue ever for the Oscars. Jimmy's so great 👏👏
Stephen Parsons
Stephen Parsons Hace 4 días
Haven't watched this in thirty three years. And my happiness just keeps going.
Keller Hammer
Keller Hammer Hace 7 días
As a current student in a public speaking class, I really appreciate the skill it takes to be able to speak for such a long time without reading off of something. Kudos to you Jimmy!
Mᴥāz Kalīm
Mᴥāz Kalīm Hace 6 horas
I understand why you would think that way. Either way, The annual Academy Awards® by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® is not 'a Mark Burnett production' - so I don't think they would something like, say, ‘Shark Tank®’: As a closest/non-scripted/unscripted parallel.
Roland of Gilead 43
Roland of Gilead 43 Hace 7 horas
@Mᴥāz Kalīm I know he wasn't a host but I would not be surprised if they did do them
Mᴥāz Kalīm
Mᴥāz Kalīm Hace 9 horas
He wasn't a host, why would he need a rehearsal - Mr "​@Roland of Gilead 43"?
Roland of Gilead 43
Roland of Gilead 43 Hace 4 días
@Lola pearson because if smiths Wife suffering hair loss I forget what it's called you'd think someone would know that. I'm just guessing of course I do think it could have been a better joke also why a slap? Why not a punch?
Lola pearson
Lola pearson Hace 4 días
@Roland of Gilead 43 why will the joke be killed That joke was better than joking about entanglement
Marilyn Y. Bennett
Marilyn Y. Bennett Hace 6 días
Jimmy you did a fantastic job!!!
Cesar Omiste
Cesar Omiste Hace 6 días
Jimmy Kimmel probably the best host ever; perfect delivery, level of sarcasm, etc, etc.
Chester Gary
Chester Gary Hace 6 días
Maybe it was just me but I really love the sense of camaraderie that Kimmel developed just calling out the names of those characters....(got chills with Mandalorian) as if they would form some kind of an Oscar superleague LOL....
Katherine Perez
Katherine Perez Hace 7 días
That was excellent! I enjoyed it and rewind many times to laugh again
I can't think of a good username
I'm at 13:43 and still waiting for the jokes but i won't give up yet 👍
Dr. Emil Schaffhausen
Could you timestamp the jokes gor me? I missed them.
Pash Vang
Pash Vang Hace 5 días
I love that Jimmy points a spotlight on Guillermo any chance he gets.
Mary Sketch
Mary Sketch Hace 7 días
So glad he can convey through a joke how absolutely ridiculous the lack of response to the slap last year was by Oscars and audience.
Cappiece Hace 2 días
@Sheryl Bjerre joke gone way to far
Sheryl Bjerre
Sheryl Bjerre Hace 2 días
What exactly were a seated audience at star-studded event celebrating the best in movies expected to do? Will Smith was laughing as the replay has demonstrated until he caught a glimpse of Jada's non-amused expression. His reaction & behaviour was way out of line. I didn't understand the hugs that followed but perhaps knowing he was probably going to win best actor, it was to calm him & remind him of an enormous moment in his career ahead. The standing ovation he received, well that a reaction that might have been fitting for his filmed performance, had he not shown himself in such a poor ' live' performance by striking Chris Rock. The irony of the win is that the cost was so great.
Prasad Hace 6 días
@Cappiece exactly 👍
Cappiece Hace 6 días
@Prasad yup tactless jokes going way to far this put it in check
JaySix Hace 6 días
Good opening monologue from Jimmy. 👍
Martin Pescador
Martin Pescador Hace 6 días
Jimmy killed it !!!
siddharth poojary
siddharth poojary Hace 6 días
Best monologue ever in Jimmy Kimmel.. Oops !! the Oscars!! 👏
DF Favorites
DF Favorites Hace 6 días
That was an amusing, insightful and brilliant opening monologue!! Absolutely loved it.
Jim Warren
Jim Warren Hace 5 días
Jimmy Kimmel was the perfect host. I laughed out loud a lot, right up till the final bit. I noticed in the comments a lot of new fans - watch his show, as he is perfectly hilarious every single night. He is the absolute best!!!
PomGranny Coco
PomGranny Coco Hace 7 días
Well said...He introduced the movies and actors nominated, spoke about cinema and other movies not nominated...+ Some funny facts. He brought some respect back to the Oscars.
Jeneane Ally
Jeneane Ally Hace 6 días
​@Borris seriously? It was classy, on point and funny. Don't watch. Millions will disagree with you.
James Macker
James Macker Hace 6 días
Oscars and respect lol
Borris Hace 6 días
He's a terrible host
Jeff McNasty
Jeff McNasty Hace 6 días
One of the best and funniest monologues to date. Jimmy Kimmel is a pro!
Shelley Davis
Shelley Davis Hace 6 días
That was some serious and well deserved shade to will🤣
Cool Panda The Movie Nerd
I love the shade Jimmy throws at the audience and security of last year.
JAccountant1 Hace 6 días
Only watched because of Jimmy. He is so awesome! Always a good laugh!
Nikki Swenson
Nikki Swenson Hace 6 días
Well done, Jimmy! You are the best!!
KR6 Productions
KR6 Productions Hace 7 días
The Spiderman, Fabelman and Guillermo joke was hilarious 😂😂. Jimmy was really good with this monologue, wasn't expecting so many good jokes from him especially some risky jokes.
JP Hace 7 días
I really can’t wait to see Guillermo’s video at the Oscars.
CharmedTrailers Hace 6 días
my eyes were rolling at that typewriter story from tom and austin, that jimmy finally got a laugh from me for his monologue saying how silly it all is
Lalu Fernandez
Lalu Fernandez Hace 6 días
Good monologue and jokes throughout the night, it was entertaining 🙂
Dr. Emil Schaffhausen
Good jokes? Hes far too safe, and thats why they picked him.
System Bypass Productions
That was a great opening monologue!
Andrew Sia
Andrew Sia Hace 6 días
He did well for hosting!!
matt Hace 5 días
I love the shoutouts to the different actors and actresses. That was awesome
Marco Chen
Marco Chen Hace 7 días
this was actually a really solid ceremony overall
HeyImMagenta Hace 7 días
idk, that slap set the bar high...
Keeping Up With Culver
Yup, definitely the least cringe Oscars in a looong time!
Comfortably Vegan
Comfortably Vegan Hace 6 días
Just make him a permanent host! Being danced off the stage was new 😂!
June Darius
June Darius Hace 5 días
What a difference ONE year makes! From the absolute crass, classless Will Smith train wreck to what will be one of the best comeback story of once blackballed and forgotten actor Brendan Fraser as Oscar winner for best actor. Jimmy’s Opening monologue captured the energetic upbeat vibe.
Will P.
Will P. Hace 6 días
Andrew Garfield's facial expression when Mentioned Spider-Man lol. 😆😆
Justin Neill
Justin Neill Hace 6 días
So very natural and spontaneous, you would never believe that any of it was scripted.
jwon Hace 5 días
This monologue was so funny I laughed once
Bluemgwes Hace 7 días
I think we can all agree that tonight's Oscars was what we needed. Such a beautiful night and hit all the right notes. Well done, Jimmy!
Jaygo Sev
Jaygo Sev Hace 7 días
Go touch grass. How many visits to Epstien's Island did Jimmy make?
Romario Hace 7 días
Yea, he made sure not to offend anyone's fragile ego, including yours.
Barney with suits
Barney with suits Hace 7 días
best one in years 💯💯
g Hace 7 días
@Deepen Jangpangi how about all the other asians lol, EETAO annilated that show
MONTANA Hace 4 días
Incredible monologue so finesse from him just awesome
GoatedTokxfy Hace 6 días
Jimmy kimmels humor is amazing lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Rock's Opening Monologue
RRR Natu Natu at the Oscars
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