Joe Rogan - The Mindset of Winners

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1265 w/Andrew Schulz:

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14 mar 2019






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athul siby
athul siby Hace 8 horas
Joe should actually look at Cristiano Ronaldo.. now that is an elite athlete!
Gage Ludwig
Gage Ludwig Hace 8 horas
Nuggets had the Warriors at 4 out of 7. Just saying
Roger Ferris
Roger Ferris Hace 16 horas
Elite athlete from mma, GSP!!!! "Jon Jones" are you kidding me!? Bones is the most elite fighter in mma. GSP period
Jayden V
Jayden V Hace un día
Extremely driven people gentically have produce less serotonin than other people (20% of population affected), they try make up for this through success (usually ultra competitive, high inner tension, strong willpower) some have this more than others depending on how servere the genetic defect is. MJ clearly had it and is the definition of it. It's called undermethylation, Look up 'undermethylation personality' it fits jordan to a tee, and makes sense scientifcally.
Lenny Ace
Lenny Ace Hace un día
The hardest things in sports is being a soccer keeper, buddy
theconstruct67 Hace un día
Jordan was the man! I remember watching him right after he won one of his titles... Dennis Rodman is on the court crying and Jordan grabs his head and gets in his face saying... "I told you we'll do this.. I TOLD YOU!" Meaning he told him/his teammates in the locker room beforehand what was gonna go down and to not doubt him... EVER!
gabriel Bra
gabriel Bra Hace un día
Joe “I don’t know shit about basketball” Rogan
Jefferson Hace un día
I want to know joe rogan's thoughts on pacman vs Mayweather fight
Jo O
Jo O Hace un día
Mr rogan, love ur podcast. Get Kobe as a guest please
Swaggin Goat
Swaggin Goat Hace un día
Apex legends=Outcome
MaRzY cF
MaRzY cF Hace un día
I don’t have to be able to jump 40 inches to be athletic
Palmarius Beats
Palmarius Beats Hace un día
Schulz looks like hes tweaking lmao
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Hace un día
Andrew SCulz!
tupachussain Hace un día
I think these boys are doing cocaine during breaks, Noticed it during the Alex Jones podcast. They crazy.
Carelessgamer Hace un día
*Joe tells a joke 7:44 *guest Commence kissass laugh
Tommie Johnson
Tommie Johnson Hace un día
It’s not about muscles , it’s about heart and intelligence.
Tommie Johnson
Tommie Johnson Hace un día
With out the defense and offensive line the other players wouldn’t even score period.
J Hace un día
“Tom Brady shredded” “Ben askren body” ok Jamie
Benjamin Hollenbeck
Benjamin Hollenbeck Hace 2 días
He went into baseball because of his dad... That's why he retired that year. If that was a a joke, what a shitty joke. Jordan's gonna hate you now, for 2 months... what an insensitive prick, lol. Must've not grown up in the GOAT's era.
Ricky Rampage
Ricky Rampage Hace 2 días
man that guy is annoying as hell
Jun Zhang
Jun Zhang Hace 2 días
Joe “I’m 5’7” Rogan
LOCHY Hace 2 días
ADESANYA!!!!! 🤘🏿
bob jones
bob jones Hace 2 días
All this asshole does is ohhhh and ahhhh about people, then slander them when he gets an opportunity. He is literally a cocksucker.
James the Truth
James the Truth Hace 2 días
3:19 he has no clue about boxing
RIP LA 504 Nola
RIP LA 504 Nola Hace 2 días
Wait Francis isnt a destroyer.. Hes the hardest hitting guy in mma and next in line for a title shot Horrible example kome on joe youre tripping
Raymond Magante
Raymond Magante Hace 2 días
Who is this guy joe Rogan is talking too he doesn’t know anything lol
Dustin Edmiston
Dustin Edmiston Hace 2 días
Y’all have no fucking clue what it takes to be a great quarterback! Do you guys realize how fast you have to be able to process information? You literally have to scan the field from 3-5 different routes while moving the best Athletes in the world with his eyes in less than 3 seconds. All while complete killers are trying to rip his fucking head off! If you guys don’t think qb’s are valuable just ask browns fans. Look you can lose with a great quarterback but you 100% can’t win without one.
PacTheShmock Hace 2 días
Imagine if Joe Rogan got Michale Jordan onto his podcast. Maybe even Kobe they both some hardworking and inspiring guys. To me I would like to hear from MJ more I feel like Kobe is a little bit more out there with what he’s doing and what he thinks. MJ always has something he says that gets me going. People like MJ and Kobe say things that resonate and click in my head that I don’t get from many others.
tony Hace 2 días
Hardest thing to do in spirts is skate on ice. Not hit a baseball.
Jeef Jeeb
Jeef Jeeb Hace 2 días
hardest thing is hitting a baseball?? buddy probably never took a free kick in his life..
Matthew Redden
Matthew Redden Hace 2 días
Toms body is not regular Joey.... it's pliable
NolanEP Hace 2 días
Tom Brady isn't a "psychopath," he's just obsessed with winning and being the best he can be to help his teams win. It's the obsession with the craft, mixed with the drive and the discipline to see it through.
archy2frank2 Hace 2 días
Wrong about MJ. MJ loved the game of basketball and competition.
remusomega Hace 2 días
Michael Jordan on Joe's podcast would be just okay
Zackary Kutler
Zackary Kutler Hace 2 días
Joe "Wack WACK" Rogan
Zackary Kutler
Zackary Kutler Hace 2 días
Joe "Weird Calf Genetics" Rogan
Quentin Gross
Quentin Gross Hace 3 días
Remember a couple years ago where Jon Jones lifted a shit ton? Weird times
David Lalinde
David Lalinde Hace 3 días
Cristiano Ronaldo looks like an Elite athlete and just happens to be one of the greatest to ever play the game.
Ryan Mwenda
Ryan Mwenda Hace 3 días
Anyone feels like Schulz describes to a tee the Ronaldo vs Messi phenomenon. It always seemed to me that Ronaldo has the Jordan type of Mentality, always has a chip on his shoulder, like he wants to prove he's the best. Messi on the other hand just seems like he's doing what he was born to do for the joy of it. Awards and personal accolades are surplus.
SOKO™ Hace 3 días
Bo Knows elitism 🏈⚾🏒🏎️
Dustyn Miller
Dustyn Miller Hace 3 días
Try golf haha
John Russo
John Russo Hace 3 días
Joe "I can't wait to see Tom Brady without a shirt on" Rogan
duroSIG556R Hace 3 días
this fucking guy say's like too much. fuck you.
Bojo David
Bojo David Hace 3 días
The guy with the hair is annoying
c_ tatsu
c_ tatsu Hace 3 días
winners for jews
Nicolas Villamil
Nicolas Villamil Hace 3 días
The hardest thing in sports is most definitely not hitting a baseball. Has he ever heard of golf?
NURCKLE HEAD Hace 3 días
Iggy Pop should go on Joe Rogan
Andrew Bermudez
Andrew Bermudez Hace 3 días
Joe "knuckle sandwich after knuckle sandwich" Rogan
Uncle Sam's MisGuided Commentaries
karen chungus
karen chungus Hace 3 días
michael jordan podcast?
KY Never
KY Never Hace 3 días
Whack! The other leg haha!
robm78 Hace 3 días
Joe needs to do a fight..... its almost as bad as lebron never doing the dunk contest
astrokidtre money
astrokidtre money Hace 3 días
9:07 its called the frieza:goku dynamic
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira Hace 3 días
"weird calf genetic" joe rogan is retard and i can prove it
The Don
The Don Hace 3 días
Andrew Schulz lmao !!!!!! that's fucking hilarious. Tbh. In my own opinion baseball is fucking hard...AND for ME harder than football and basketball, and wrestling. Chess.
The Don
The Don Hace 3 días
"The toughest fighter doesn't always win, but being the smarter fighter will always wins the fight." - Mike (FUCKING) Tyson.....
SS Dar
SS Dar Hace 3 días
There is no better example of a winner's mindset than Cristiano Ronaldo
Kovidh Upadhyay
Kovidh Upadhyay Hace 3 días
The mindset of a winner is really just a narcissist.
GaeasBlessing Hace 3 días
9:01 The irony is that he's describing Joe perfectly: Effortlessly funny in conversation and okay at best on stage.
Janoy Cresva
Janoy Cresva Hace 3 días
Andrew is a fucking idiot. "No 1 position in football that changes the game" QBs are getting paid more than anyone on the field because they DO change a team.
Chris 1
Chris 1 Hace 3 días
hardest thing in sports is hitting a baseball? how bout a hole in one?
cletus2941 Hace 3 días
speaking of elite athletes, has anyone seen meek mill hitting the bag :)
Jared Correa Fitness
The will to win is what greatness is all about
Young Kingdom
Young Kingdom Hace 3 días
Definitely touched on some truth with the elite natural athletes sometimes do not know how to work. A kid at my school was approaching 90mph fastballs when we were 14, and then in high school started skipping practices and smoking cigarettes. He was still the best in our conference but never went anywhere.
DSdouble Hace 4 días
This is Joe at his best.
DSdouble Hace 4 días
Schultz made me think. Is Usman an elite athlete? In wrestling he was never quite elite. In MMA he's absolutely elite.
Sam King
Sam King Hace 4 días
If Michael Jordan was on this podcast it would break records.
Geoff L.
Geoff L. Hace 4 días
Please Michael Jordan come on Joe Rogans podcast!!!
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 4 días
Wayne Gretsky also had a tall lanky weak non-sport looking body, yet he's the best in NHL history.
David Hace 4 días
Have MJ on the podcast
isaac robles
isaac robles Hace 4 días
This nigga said quarterback is overrated lol dumbass
Dave Studdaman
Dave Studdaman Hace 4 días
oh I see. So Askren saw Robbie Lawler pick him up and slam him on his head.
Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins Hace 4 días
lol.. Jamie typed in 'Tom Brady Shredded'
Eti Mani
Eti Mani Hace 3 días
Jay Howard
Jay Howard Hace 4 días
These guys have absolutely no idea about what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. The amount of information that they have to get through is insane.
chicobiabia Hace 4 días
Really ? They could have at least got the better brilliant idiot.
Niners94 Hace 4 días
Only Bugs Bunny can abduct Jordan.
Frickin Taco
Frickin Taco Hace 23 horas
Haha as soon as he said Michael Jordan was abducted I thought they were gonna talk about space jam
Russel Westbrook
Russel Westbrook Hace 4 días
Adesanya has no power behind he’s strikes, all he’s KO’s are actually TKO’s stopped by the ref. He’s wins come from points due to leg kicks and quick powerless combos. Askren could take him down easily & once he does Adesanya couldn’t get back up
Jack Sock
Jack Sock Hace 4 días
Roy Nelson has got the look.
David Ferguson
David Ferguson Hace 4 días
What makes Tom so special, how could he be good without big muscles? SKILL! 6 Rings, who the fuck needs to be strong when you are the best
PuzzleHunter Ibmthi
PuzzleHunter Ibmthi Hace 4 días
Andrew Shills sounds like he's all talk. He's just saying stuff for the same is saying stuff. Sometimes he needs to just shut up and let Joe finish what he's saying.
Jon Marshall
Jon Marshall Hace 4 días
But have they ever heard of DMT?
projectNERV Hace 5 días
Chad😂. He's a funny guy.
Gregory Cunningham
Gregory Cunningham Hace 5 días
These guys are wrong about Jordan..... Michael had a clause in his contract called the "love of the game" clause which allowed him to play basketball at any time. Pickup games during the offseason, he could play whenever he wanted because of his pure love of hoops. In his hall of fame speech he thanked countless people that helped him on his journey. Big fan of Joe Rogan but he was wrong on this subject and so was his guest. Fact
smokinnplatez Hace 5 días
I wonder if Michael Jordan even enjoys sex or if its some type of thing mocking or challenging him that he cant get a girl off
Yardie Hace 5 días
Joe farts @6:32
Nine Dnine
Nine Dnine Hace 5 días
Hey betas......the term we go by is alpha & if u are not one u woild never understand
Sardinah De Paiva
Sardinah De Paiva Hace 5 días
This guy with Joe is horrible cannot stand to hear him talking huuuuh
dannyrighi Hace 5 días
What about fedor emilianenko
Carlos Hace 5 días
When are you gonna have Mark Rippetoe on the show?
BR33CH HD Hace 5 días
Style Bender is the going to be a legend 💯 Mark my words 🔥
KROTUZ Hace 3 horas
BR33CH HD and he’s been knocked out twice by a guy who shouldn’t be knocking him out
KROTUZ Hace 4 horas
BR33CH HD that’s not always true there are some greats who are the greatest ever mj is a perfect example
BR33CH HD Hace 3 días
KROTUZ there’s always someone better bruh, he’s gonna go down as one of the best to ever do it💯 hate all you want
KROTUZ Hace 3 días
BR33CH HD he isn't gonna be the best to ever live tho
Corben Sutherland
Corben Sutherland Hace 5 días
Sheesh, Andrew is one of the mouth breathing morons who says things simply to be controversial/contrarian. Go ahead and deny your individuality, good move to pander toward the largest demographic possible. 100% LAME
Austin McKinley
Austin McKinley Hace 5 días
Dude in red and blue jacket is dumb..QB is not overrated at all. I'm a Panther fan and a big fan of Cam Newton but give us Brady or Aaron Rodgers for the same length of time and we would have AT LEAST one title
Derek Szman
Derek Szman Hace 5 días
Hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing in sports? 😂😂😂😂
JD123483 Hace 5 días
Schulz is a moron.
Ratz Buddie
Ratz Buddie Hace 5 días
Truth though, at the beginning. As long as 70, 80% of your intake is balanced and healthy, the rest can be indulging and feel-good, your body will handle it and you get the mental boost. Same with mental training, *some* punishment will do you some good Edit: Like sumo wrestlers, they have subdermal, not visceral fat. Bulky, yes, but under that is a superb frame. Edit 2: True competitors like that will strive to win even in a loss. It's literally fuel to them
Kevin James
Kevin James Hace 5 días
What about Shaq? A great one and very happy guy.
Saxon Elyaman
Saxon Elyaman Hace 5 días
This guest is a huge douche
Sean Gray
Sean Gray Hace 5 días
Not good enough? Jordan had no doubt he was great. Jordan was simply competitive beyond belief. Kobe had the same work ethic. On top of that, he LOVED basketball. Stepping on the court is like stepping into church for those who play on the playground. I suppose it was like being in Heaven for Jordan. And, there can only be one God in Heaven.
Jayden V
Jayden V Hace un día
tehyre right actually. People who are genetically like Jordan always feel like there is more to do, to improve their craft, more to achieve and that they're not good enough. The other MJ (jackson) felt the same way, even after Thriller that he wasnt good enough
Joseph Casas
Joseph Casas Hace 5 días
Does anyone else hate when Jamie lags to pull up the picture
Aberfoyle Samson
Aberfoyle Samson Hace 5 días
“I’ve failed over and over again in my life .... and that’s why I am kanyè west” - Yeezy.
coach daday dayday
coach daday dayday Hace 5 días
Jesus .. Joe rogen pull ur tongue out of his ass,dogs do that ur not a dog are you..and u think cussing is gonna help you look less of a know it all ...FAHQ Joe rogen..lol
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