Joe Rogan - The Mindset of Winners

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1265 w/Andrew Schulz:

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Jacob Goodman
Jacob Goodman Hace un día
Nice click bait
David De La Toba
David De La Toba Hace un día
I just want everyone to know that Joe doesn’t know shit about nutrition
From a Bicycle seat
From a Bicycle seat Hace 2 días
They started getting deep there for a sec
lloganmusic Hace 3 días
Mj is the undisputed GOAT.
Tyler Holman
Tyler Holman Hace 3 días
Do you think there will ever be a guy that is all time elite on the ground and on the feet in MMA?
Camden McInnis
Camden McInnis Hace 4 días
MMA athletes are the elite.
JustaBoy93 Heheh
JustaBoy93 Heheh Hace 4 días
Thumbnail and title makes me think bald bois are winners. But yeah no lemme watch this now
Jacob Moersfelder
Jacob Moersfelder Hace 5 días
“I think a quarterback is overrated”
Logan Hace 5 días
Did this MAFCK just say Jon Jones has 20 in vert??? Cmon bro I’m white and I have 30 in vert
EspressoShot Hace 5 días
this guy thinks he gets it.. but he does not get the killer mentality, and as much as he tries to analyse it he never will. your either born with it or your not. rogan understands it but he doesnt want to offend this guy. its the drive to win, you will work harder and study more becaue you WILL win. the competition and drive to win is not because of low self esteem or "proving " something or doubt. its strictly about being the best because you know you can be. hes saying theses guys arent happy why because they have drive? let me tell you something, knowing you didnt give it your all is what would make these guys unhappy knowing you didnt go 110 percent is what drives them nuts. you go all out because if your going to do something you do to the best of your ability. talent and hard work can make you great , LEBRON. talent hard work and drive to destroy opponents make you a LEGEND, JORDAN.
Supreme Ki
Supreme Ki Hace 6 días
Joe “knuckle sandwich” Rogan
scottwidiculous Hace 7 días
MJ 1994 stats from AA, 127 games, 436 at bats, .202 batting average, .286 on base percentage, .556 Slugging percentage. Not everyone could get on the field for a minor league team, for sure, but those numbers are bad. I mean bad. If your name is Joe Snuffy and not Michael Jordan, they’d probably move on from a guy like that fairly quickly. MJ is great, no doubt. He is a winner, no doubt. But, not a professional level baseball player.
Tony Mondola
Tony Mondola Hace 7 días
We heard you call Chad "Floyd" by mistake Joe... The save was mediocre but no worries we like you
Isaac Miranda
Isaac Miranda Hace 7 días
Joe “Knuckle Sandwich” Rogan
Thoma Pethuqi
Thoma Pethuqi Hace 8 días
Baseball sucks.....
Justin Gama
Justin Gama Hace 8 días
Brady is more of an athlete then both of you ! Smh 🤡
Simran Likes the 6
Simran Likes the 6 Hace 9 días
I would rather have lebron James on his podcast rather than Michael Jordan. Jordan a asshole off the court everyone knows that
Chris Ollivier
Chris Ollivier Hace 10 días
There is a great documentary about why Michael Jordan went to baseball called 'Space Jam'
MEAN GREY CAT Hace 11 días
Kelly Slater is both natural and psycho talent. The best example. love u joe
Yellow Penetrator
Yellow Penetrator Hace 14 días
„Im approaching this time in my life where I think that I get it“ I’m 17, but that’s always bin bullcrap for me till now...
Conner Pond
Conner Pond Hace 18 días
Comment 1000
Lebron James
Lebron James Hace 24 días
Tom Brady can be as good as he is because of his system and how smart he is. Quarterback is a position where as long as you have a strong arm you don’t have to be an amazing athlete. Tom knows the game really well, he studies his playbook, and he has the greatest coach in NFL history. But he also just has it. That gene that every great athlete has that pushes them to be great. Any QB could have been a good QB in the patriots situation, but very few could use that position to become the greatest.
Kyle Erickson
Kyle Erickson Hace un mes
"Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing in sports." Bitch try redirecting a hockey puck. Same speed, smaller object and you need to be very precise with where your stick is.
red zen
red zen Hace un mes
Joe 7 minutes in and no real talk about the "mindset of winners" Rogan.
Mike St. Michael
Mike St. Michael Hace un mes
Elite Athlete= Black Guys.
Bruno Yudi Honda Cantanhede
3:38 joe just killed it...
Bron the GOAT
Bron the GOAT Hace un mes
get Kobe on. MJ would never come on but kobe is cool doing stuff like this. teach joe the mamba mentality
Kevin Defluri
Kevin Defluri Hace un mes
Is it just me or does this guy look like the cameraman from the 1998 version of Godzilla
vecomeco Hace un mes
Wtf does this clown knows about MJ
Tehui1974 Hace un mes
"Like a leopard" - LMFAO
Connor Lane
Connor Lane Hace un mes
Joe “Anderson Silva in his prime” Rogan
Papito Hace un mes
That’s dude with the red jacket says the dumbest things every
Flashyfinancier Hace un mes
Air Jordan folks 😎
Flashyfinancier Hace un mes
Michael Jordan got abducted into the Hall of Fame
This Guy
This Guy Hace un mes
He got abducted in space jam he got inducted into the HOF
Marcos leon
Marcos leon Hace un mes
There’s not going to be enough of them coming to mma because usada would fine and ban them
John Horne
John Horne Hace un mes
This was a good ass segment!
We want mayweather on podcast
Ansar Muhammad
Ansar Muhammad Hace un mes
Joe Rogan: Do you think we can get MJ on the podcast? Jamie: Hold my beer
Tenzin Baro
Tenzin Baro Hace un mes
i dont know what it was about this guest, wasn't really feeling him. i tried to but no success.
Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes Hace un mes
Nah, Anyone can swing a bat & hit a baseball. Hitting a golf ball with clubs & irons is harder
King Joshua
King Joshua Hace un mes
Askron a scrub 1 dimensional
WhereIsAndree Hace un mes
Get Cristiano Ronaldo on the Podcast please! One of the Greatest Athletes of all time, still outperforming guys way younger than him. Has the strongest work ethic I have ever seen.
Judodarkfist Hace un mes
Can we get Rollo Tomassi?
zZWAR_Legends Hace un mes
gonna put butterbeans name here when hes talking about body
Esraa Hegazy
Esraa Hegazy Hace un mes
Joe Rogan, coming from an ophthalmologist- you need glasses to stop with all the squinting!!!!
bigdogg johnson
bigdogg johnson Hace un mes
People die in boxing. The comparison of football and basketball shows how retarded this guy is.
yes me
yes me Hace un mes
Is usman muslim?
MR. PERFECT Hace un mes
They should’ve brought up that video of Andre Berto talking about fighting Floyd
Nathan Drouillard
Nathan Drouillard Hace un mes
I'd say Gretzky appears to be happy...so yeah I agree with that last point
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss Hace un mes
i dont think you understand.... chad eat them every day before practice
Skillz514 Hace un mes
who's Chad?
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel Hace un mes
Get Michael Jordan on the podcast
ramosisaac1 Hace un mes
This guy is so nutty 🤭
Ethenthegreat123 Hace un mes
Talk about amway
3D Z
3D Z Hace un mes
"the hardest thing in sports is hitting a baseball".....
zhawn14 Hace un mes
So to clarify at 12:24 on Jordan's baseball success, he hit a 202. If Jordan hit 302, he would have moved up to AAA.
Aaron Gilmore
Aaron Gilmore Hace un mes
Lol just Google Tom Brady running the 40 yard dash at the combine
Joseph Granton
Joseph Granton Hace un mes
Quarterback is top 3 most important position in sports
intelligence wisdom
Winners? Jordan was literally swept by Larry Bird when they played. Jordan did not win any title until Bird retired.
dfdfdgg gjhjjh
dfdfdgg gjhjjh Hace un mes
Bird was probably even more competitive than Jordan. Bird has got to be the most underrated player of all time. I’d take him over Lebron
Samuraisahsah Hace un mes
Well, this got fairly homo-erotic fast🤷‍♂️
lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t
Can anyone but the winner themselves know what they think? Or if they tell u what they think is it true ? Would a winner really tell u ? I really don't believe the "break down " analysis of Jordan cuz if u knew you'd do it,lol,talkers
Kyle Wilhelmsen
Kyle Wilhelmsen Hace un mes
"he looks even worse now" - lmao Joe Rogan is mean it's making me cry
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Hace un mes
Schulz is just annoying as fuck all the time. Insufferable and just not funny in the slightest.
athul siby
athul siby Hace un mes
Joe should actually look at Cristiano Ronaldo.. now that is an elite athlete!
ArnoldFTW97 Hace un mes
greatest athlete EVER
Gage Ludwig
Gage Ludwig Hace un mes
Nuggets had the Warriors at 4 out of 7. Just saying
Tom Berry
Tom Berry Hace un mes
Elite athlete from mma, GSP!!!! "Jon Jones" are you kidding me!? Bones is the most elite fighter in mma. GSP period
Jayden V
Jayden V Hace un mes
Extremely driven people gentically have produce less serotonin than other people (20% of population affected), they try make up for this through success (usually ultra competitive, high inner tension, strong willpower) some have this more than others depending on how servere the genetic defect is. MJ clearly had it and is the definition of it. It's called undermethylation, Look up 'undermethylation personality' it fits jordan to a tee, and makes sense scientifcally.
Lenny Ace
Lenny Ace Hace un mes
The hardest things in sports is being a soccer keeper, buddy
theconstruct67 Hace un mes
Jordan was the man! I remember watching him right after he won one of his titles... Dennis Rodman is on the court crying and Jordan grabs his head and gets in his face saying... "I told you we'll do this.. I TOLD YOU!" Meaning he told him/his teammates in the locker room beforehand what was gonna go down and to not doubt him... EVER!
gabriel Bra
gabriel Bra Hace un mes
Joe “I don’t know shit about basketball” Rogan
Jefferson Hace un mes
I want to know joe rogan's thoughts on pacman vs Mayweather fight
Jo O
Jo O Hace un mes
Mr rogan, love ur podcast. Get Kobe as a guest please
Swaggin Goat
Swaggin Goat Hace un mes
Apex legends=Outcome
MaRzY cF
MaRzY cF Hace un mes
I don’t have to be able to jump 40 inches to be athletic
Wayne Collis
Wayne Collis Hace un mes
Schulz looks like hes tweaking lmao
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Hace 2 meses
Andrew SCulz!
tupachussain Hace 2 meses
I think these boys are doing cocaine during breaks, Noticed it during the Alex Jones podcast. They crazy.
Carelessgamer Hace 2 meses
*Joe tells a joke 7:44 *guest Commence kissass laugh
Tommie Johnson
Tommie Johnson Hace 2 meses
It’s not about muscles , it’s about heart and intelligence.
Tommie Johnson
Tommie Johnson Hace 2 meses
With out the defense and offensive line the other players wouldn’t even score period.
J Hace 2 meses
“Tom Brady shredded” “Ben askren body” ok Jamie
Benjamin Hollenbeck
Benjamin Hollenbeck Hace 2 meses
He went into baseball because of his dad... That's why he retired that year. If that was a a joke, what a shitty joke. Jordan's gonna hate you now, for 2 months... what an insensitive prick, lol. Must've not grown up in the GOAT's era.
Ricky Rampage
Ricky Rampage Hace 2 meses
man that guy is annoying as hell
Jun Zhang
Jun Zhang Hace 2 meses
Joe “I’m 5’7” Rogan
LOCHY Hace 2 meses
ADESANYA!!!!! 🤘🏿
James the Truth
James the Truth Hace 2 meses
3:19 he has no clue about boxing
RIP LA 504 Nola
RIP LA 504 Nola Hace 2 meses
Wait Francis isnt a destroyer.. Hes the hardest hitting guy in mma and next in line for a title shot Horrible example kome on joe youre tripping
Raymond Magante
Raymond Magante Hace 2 meses
Who is this guy joe Rogan is talking too he doesn’t know anything lol
Dustin Edmiston
Dustin Edmiston Hace 2 meses
Y’all have no fucking clue what it takes to be a great quarterback! Do you guys realize how fast you have to be able to process information? You literally have to scan the field from 3-5 different routes while moving the best Athletes in the world with his eyes in less than 3 seconds. All while complete killers are trying to rip his fucking head off! If you guys don’t think qb’s are valuable just ask browns fans. Look you can lose with a great quarterback but you 100% can’t win without one.
PacTheShmock Hace 2 meses
Imagine if Joe Rogan got Michale Jordan onto his podcast. Maybe even Kobe they both some hardworking and inspiring guys. To me I would like to hear from MJ more I feel like Kobe is a little bit more out there with what he’s doing and what he thinks. MJ always has something he says that gets me going. People like MJ and Kobe say things that resonate and click in my head that I don’t get from many others.
tony Hace 2 meses
Hardest thing to do in spirts is skate on ice. Not hit a baseball.
Jeef Jeeb
Jeef Jeeb Hace 2 meses
hardest thing is hitting a baseball?? buddy probably never took a free kick in his life..
Matthew Redden
Matthew Redden Hace 2 meses
Toms body is not regular Joey.... it's pliable
NolanEP Hace 2 meses
Tom Brady isn't a "psychopath," he's just obsessed with winning and being the best he can be to help his teams win. It's the obsession with the craft, mixed with the drive and the discipline to see it through.
archy2frank2 Hace 2 meses
Wrong about MJ. MJ loved the game of basketball and competition.
remusomega Hace 2 meses
Michael Jordan on Joe's podcast would be just okay
Zackary Kutler
Zackary Kutler Hace 2 meses
Joe "Wack WACK" Rogan
Zackary Kutler
Zackary Kutler Hace 2 meses
Joe "Weird Calf Genetics" Rogan
Quentin Gross
Quentin Gross Hace 2 meses
Remember a couple years ago where Jon Jones lifted a shit ton? Weird times
David Lalinde
David Lalinde Hace 2 meses
Cristiano Ronaldo looks like an Elite athlete and just happens to be one of the greatest to ever play the game.
ArnoldFTW97 Hace un mes
THE greatest
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