John Wick 1: Where Is My Car?

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After Wick loses his wife Helen to an unspecified illness, he receives a puppy named Daisy, per Helen's instructions, to help him cope with her death. He gradually connects with the puppy, and they spend their day driving around in his vintage Mustang.
At a gas station, he encounters a trio of Russian gang members whose leader, Iosef, insists on buying his car, but John refuses to sell it. The three mobsters follow John to his home and break in later that night; after beating John unconscious, they steal his car and kill Daisy.
Iosef takes the Mustang to a chop shop run by Aurelio to have the VIN changed, but Aurelio recognizes the car, and after learning Iosef stole it from John and killed his dog, he assaults Iosef and throws him out of his shop.
John visits Aurelio, who tells him Iosef is the son of Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist), the head of the Russian crime syndicate in New York City, and during a phone call, Aurelio informs Viggo of Iosef's actions.
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9 feb 2017

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Comentarios 5 435
I’ve never seen this movie...looks interesting, I’ve gotta watch it soon
Chentel Leresche
Chentel Leresche Hace 6 horas
Wick stop being so damn calm
jack fury
jack fury Hace 6 horas
The zodiacs didnt make keanu reeves. Keanu reeves created the zodiacs.
Castle Builder
Castle Builder Hace 6 horas
22Jack1000 Hace 6 horas
I rate this film very high... until the last film...
Ardent Ares
Ardent Ares Hace 6 horas
Chaos_YT Hace 8 horas
I like how they know exactly where eachother stay
anime for 9 year olds
Why im here🤔
RageAvenged of a Down
How much for the car Wick:Not for sale ..... End credits happy ending
Sammy Maxwell
Sammy Maxwell Hace 11 horas
What would you do if someone killed your dog and stole your 69' boss 429 and you knew where they lived? Hmmmmm
Ksha Hace 11 horas
John : Is it here ?? The Guy : Pour some water ...
Geovak Hace 13 horas
Ohh...i poop my pants.
Alok B
Alok B Hace 19 horas
The 'Oh' never gets old
John Wich
John Wich Hace 19 horas
No one takes my car and kills my dog survives🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
PsyQoBoy Hace 19 horas
If I ever get called for why I picked a fight with a particular person, my response would be 4:10 - 4:18.
DB jake
DB jake Hace 19 horas
2:46 Ah shit here we go again
BahamutEx Hace 20 horas
You are already dead.
R Hace 21 un hora
What city is that in the background
Shadow_ Watcher
Shadow_ Watcher Hace 23 horas
Imagine john wick in front of your door Johnwick:wheres my car?
Ladislao Leonardo
Ladislao Leonardo Hace un día
Name of movie ??
Cheg 10
Cheg 10 Hace 12 horas
Shrek 5
JMC RSA Hace 12 horas
Lion King 5
Qxhairi Hace un día
Viggo : I dont feel so good
Dicky Rachmad
Dicky Rachmad Hace un día
that "oh" means he just lost his son
Diamondare Hace un día
Jordan Utley
Jordan Utley Hace un día
I see Spyder from Spun everytime Leguizamo says "That shit's crazy..." 🤘😝🤘
Gengbang kocksukker
Gengbang kocksukker Hace un día
when u cant BREATHTAKING
Tonya Whitley
Tonya Whitley Hace un día
Dude, wheres my car? Where's your car, dude?
Just Rico
Just Rico Hace un día
Wow how gay was that
Jim Gilman
Jim Gilman Hace un día
is that bad?
xdeathcallsx Hace un día
lmao Such corny, and yet badass series. You'd think the kid would have some idea of Wicks supposed reputation.
HECK Hace un día
3:04 his inner Sid broke out
Jy Sal
Jy Sal Hace un día
Richard says ho yolanda is all yours
Jefferson Simeon Anyaipoma Izarra
John wick es un don nadie.
Cursive hand Writing
I don’t need sleep I need answers
Mark Solis
Mark Solis Hace un día
They should make a movie based on when he used to work for the russians.
Aion Hace un día
They are making a netflix series about john wick's past
rihant chhabra
rihant chhabra Hace un día
It was at this moment he knew he fucked up
SchwarzerRoegen Hace un día
Um, no? At that moment, he knew his SON fucked up.
ZaWarudo Hace un día
More like : John Wick Part 1 : *This Is For My Dog*
24 Lancelot
24 Lancelot Hace un día
Who did the subtitles and what were they smoking?
earlma million
earlma million Hace un día
michael browne
michael browne Hace un día
Why use subtitles? Are you death or a kid cause kids are stupid today
JMC RSA Hace un día
Open to the public, its in a temporary and very limited state until a full complete draft is processed through me, open to the public to help translate all the videos together
spunkygamer 007
spunkygamer 007 Hace un día
Amazing movie ....great work...
Tashi Phuntsok
Tashi Phuntsok Hace un día
You don’t know me punk I work for your father alright 😅😂🤣
Alex M
Alex M Hace 14 horas
"You don't OWN me punk, I work WITH your father alright"
Nando Silva
Nando Silva Hace 22 horas
He actually said with Not for
Garteh Smith
Garteh Smith Hace 22 horas
Own *
Julio Capeles
Julio Capeles Hace un día
He doesn't say that
Project Malin
Project Malin Hace un día
Tashi Phuntsok YOU DONT OWN ME, you deaf?
God's Child 84
God's Child 84 Hace un día
I assuming that stealing John Wick's car and killing his dog is a very very bad thing.
Reynaldo Cardoza
Reynaldo Cardoza Hace 15 horas
Stealing his car wasn't too bad,killing his dog was ,his girl gave him that dog
EliteNK Hace 19 horas
That's also what I gather from this scene, gonna have to watch the rest of it later today
BahamutEx Hace 20 horas
It is.
geoff beyer
geoff beyer Hace 21 un hora
Only on Thursdays and Sundays. It was stolen on a Thursday in this clip.....So yeah, it's a bad thang.
オタク Hace un día
Lol that's a death sentence.
Ananya Pandey
Ananya Pandey Hace un día
All of this for a dog!
Dominique Govinden
Dominique Govinden Hace 15 horas
They stole his car...And killed his F O C K I N' dog
FPS games
FPS games Hace un día
Indian logic: poo poo in the park, fuck deadbody and trashtalking in ESvid
Just Rico
Just Rico Hace un día
U fucking right I'd kill a nigga they hurt my dog I off ya ass not u jus sayin
m p
m p Hace un día
Yea dumbass his wife gave him that dog n car watch the movie dumb fuck
Abdulrahman Tayeb
Abdulrahman Tayeb Hace un día
Wasn’t just a dog
MrLeeCummings Hace 2 días
From now on, i would ask the stationary shop owner, "how much for a pencil?"
MrLeeCummings Hace un día
@FA7 TECH so? who gives a fuck?
FA7 TECH Hace un día
Bad fucking joke
AJ Amlan
AJ Amlan Hace 2 días
my neighbor(father) - Why did you hurt my son. me - Bcoz he stole John wick car and killed his dog , sir.
cfjlkfsjf Hace un día
Stef Ha
Stef Ha Hace un día
.............."oh"..........(imagine the further "oh holy crap" in his head...)
can we get 1,000 subs with no videos
AJ Amlan ... oh
uncle Poobie
uncle Poobie Hace 2 días
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 2 días
YeetMcSkeet_Alora Hace un día
are you ok?
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 2 días
No MAtter------Where U STand.
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 2 días
AHellReign Hace un día
What the hell r ur comments
Remi Werty
Remi Werty Hace un día
Stfu larry
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 2 días
When I say GO-----------------YU GONE>
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 2 días
NOT GOOD 4 Some.
benny101 Hace 2 días
poor son
KT Hace 2 días
Two letters put together never meant so much in a movie. Thanks
JPMoron Hace 2 días
JW1 was a freakin AWESOME movie!!!!! JW2 was so-so for me. JW3 well....still waiting for the REDBOX release. :(
Husky Fusky
Husky Fusky Hace un día
JW1 was awesone JW2 was OK JW3 was Awesome for me
ZIQ Entertainment
ZIQ Entertainment Hace 2 días
Totalavulsion Hace 2 días
How much for the car? Not for sale. Oh OK thanks, have a nice day. Roll credits...
lim zhanyi
lim zhanyi Hace 22 horas
stolen comment
Siddhant Patel
Siddhant Patel Hace un día
Stolen comment.
momo Leivon
momo Leivon Hace 2 días
He fuck up his dog n stole his car.... N the whole Empire is been fuck up by John wick
Gexel Sangrenes
Gexel Sangrenes Hace 2 días
We know the answer when you mess with john wick hahaha
Butter Cat
Butter Cat Hace 2 días
*chuckles* Im in danger
likitha  O
likitha O Hace 2 días
Epic scene thanks
George Mate
George Mate Hace 2 días
M gon fuck the hell outta the car dealer's ass. ... A few moments later "Oh!" And it was this moment he knew he fucked up
Ryu Hace 2 días
😂 he knew, he fuked up...
Nathanael Valville
Nathanael Valville Hace 2 días
He should have bitch slapped my idiot of a son some more 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nino Hace 2 días
A man With his cigarette
....oh..... mean..... I AM DEAD.
Cyan Hace 3 días
the russian speech was so bad, that russian localizators had to dub that line anyway lol
Reynard xo
Reynard xo Hace 2 días
Sounds good enough for me as a non russian speaker
Andrew Bills
Andrew Bills Hace 3 días
Oh . . . Hangs up. Classic.
Diana Dibblee
Diana Dibblee Hace 3 días
Never should have killed his dog!!!
—\\T4SKF0RC3UN1T//— —
Diana Dibblee, and stole his car
Blackhen Whitehen
Blackhen Whitehen Hace 3 días
That ohh was so intense.
Emil Yu
Emil Yu Hace 3 días
Close your eyes and listen to Aurelio. Its like a gangster version of Sid in Ice Age.
joejitsu034 Hace 2 días
Nikkiismydog 1 I never knew that. Thanks 👍
Nikkiismydog 1
Nikkiismydog 1 Hace 3 días
Thats because he does play as sid
kawasaki whip two
kawasaki whip two Hace 3 días
When John Wick enters a confessional,the priest tells him his sins.
Ferri Liu
Ferri Liu Hace un día
Hayden Foulds
Hayden Foulds Hace 4 días
Everybody’s gangsta until John Wick walks in.
Ryu Hace 2 días
Hayden Foulds
Hayden Foulds Hace 4 días
The 3.1 thousand dislikes are probably holding a grudge against John Wick.
Hayden Foulds
Hayden Foulds Hace 4 días
Pro tip: “Oh” = *I am f***ed.*
Hayden Foulds
Hayden Foulds Hace 4 días
John Wick: *Exists* Bad guys: Ah s**t, here we go again.
sagi alex
sagi alex Hace 2 días
@blackmage665 well he doesnt go aroound murdering dogs and stealing cars. He just wanted to live a peaceful life as he got out of the business.
bogatas zidovski
bogatas zidovski Hace 2 días
@blackmage665 he is the best person alive!
blackmage665 Hace 3 días
To be fair, John Wick isn't a good person. He is the protagonist, yes...but he is clearly far from a good person.
Michael Tondi
Michael Tondi Hace 4 días
X on the license plate meant it was registered with commercial plates.
trebor robert
trebor robert Hace 4 días
thanos : i'm inevitable jw : were's my car? thanos : (snap his finger) here it is john, & the dog inside too..
first name last name
@The Thanos oof
trebor robert
trebor robert Hace 3 días
@The Thanos 🤔🤔🙄😂
The Thanos
The Thanos Hace 4 días
trebor robert when did I do that
Charlie B
Charlie B Hace 4 días
He should have told him to leave the car, then called John to pick it up.
Ankit Hace 3 días
Killed his dog so theyre fu..ed anyways
aman parashar
aman parashar Hace 4 días
He still would have died for killing the dog
Mad Titan
Mad Titan Hace 4 días
After I checked the cast I just can’t stop thinking that he’s the dude who voiced Sid😂😂
_ Isaac
_ Isaac Hace 5 días
I heard you struck my son Yes sir I did And May I ask why Yea will.. He stole John's Wick car and killed his dog Ou...
Ambika Kaushik
Ambika Kaushik Hace 5 días
Tony stark: "I am Iron Man" John Wick : "I am the boogeyman" Tony stark: Oh!
YATTY Hace 2 días
@Ambika Kaushik oh poor you. Look how dumb you are.
Ambika Kaushik
Ambika Kaushik Hace 3 días
@UwU Your 'boi frnd' is dead now 😂.Move on !
Ambika Kaushik
Ambika Kaushik Hace 3 días
@YATTYNow That's gay! Are you gonna sue me 😂
Ambika Kaushik
Ambika Kaushik Hace 3 días
@Mr SalsaSalad And thus he earned the title of "The boogeyman"
Mr SalsaSalad
Mr SalsaSalad Hace 3 días
Actually John Wick is not the Boogeyman, but the one who killed the Boogeyman
Sreehari kh
Sreehari kh Hace 5 días
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