John Wick 2 Deleted Scenes La Pope, Charlie, Aurelio and Santino

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5 jun 2017






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Eduardo M.
Eduardo M. Hace un día
In the last scene John wasnt looking for blessing but for approval. When he says Dantonio name the priest get out and a higher priest step in to give him his approval with a clear affirmative head signal. Then Jhon feels relived. The cardinal words wasnt coincidence but probably some ritual that Jhon should have passed through
cj ume
cj ume Hace 2 días
Does anybody want to see Agent 47 vs John Wick. Or is John Wick to op
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Hace 2 días
Baba yaga
Alister Hace 2 días
It's like John wick is in assassin's creed nowadays
Totoy Bibo
Totoy Bibo Hace 4 días
so aurelio will be helping john in the next movie
Mohd Juned
Mohd Juned Hace 4 días
Achha hua ye scenes movie me nahi the warna movie bore karti
Mint B.
Mint B. Hace 4 días
I watched all that Keanu Reeves is shown because he is a handsome angel, both handsome and whole body.
Kaycee Hace 6 días
make sense why they deleted these scenes
Jake G
Jake G Hace 6 días
Did anyone here not notice the guy playing the pope is same guy who played a priest i think it is or cardinal in the godfather 3 that killed Michaels daughter
Dark Rogue Wolf
Dark Rogue Wolf Hace 7 días
Lol that first punch was laughable
RetroSimon Hace 11 días
" May your pencil always be sharp "
Never Ending Purpose
Never Ending Purpose Hace 12 días
These movies are great. The firearms and the incredibly muscle cars. Wish they tossed in a 77/78 Pontiac Trans Am in there.
David Crespín
David Crespín Hace 12 días
Alguien que hable español
Ray Israel
Ray Israel Hace 12 días
Who in the hell buried #MaxineWaters in the Pet Cemetery?
Mudaser Awan
Mudaser Awan Hace 15 días
Kalil El Lapiz brujo
Kalil El Lapiz brujo Hace 15 días
Y de repente pum un comentario en español ahahahaha
jhonatan parra carmona
alguien mas esta aqui sin saber ni pija del ingles pero igual se vio el video solo por ser se Jhon Wich
stubbornscorpio7 Hace 16 días
I wanted Aurelio’s men to pull guns out and fuck them all up. At least beat the shit out of them with wrenches...something.
Shane K
Shane K Hace 19 días
Was the cardinals ring poisoned or something?
DOVAWIRL Hace 19 días
Wait, is he talking about an mr2 😢😢😢 i have one
puan juliana
puan juliana Hace 21 un día
In the future you'll be made it the best
Lissa Ma'muroh
Lissa Ma'muroh Hace 21 un día
🎥 *JOHN WICK:* *CHAPTER 2 2017 FULL MOVIE HD* *WATCH NOW* ➤➤ t.co/1lQ91f4S8T?Johnwickchapter2 *SUBTITLE* ➤➤ English | Spanish | French | German | Russian | Italian | Norwegian Dopo il ritorno alla malavita per rimborsare un debito, John Wick scopre che una grande taglia è stata messa sulla sua vita. Legato da un inevitabile debito di sangue al Signore del crimine italiano, Santino d'Antonio, e con il suo prezioso 1969 Mustang ancora rubati, John Wick, il taciturno e spietato assassino che ha sete di solitudine, è costretto a visitare l'Italia per onorare la sua promessa. Ma presto, l'uomo nero si troverà trascinato in un compito impossibile nel cuore della società segreta criminale di Roma, come ogni killer nei sogni d'affari di curva il leggendario stoppino che ora ha un prezzo enorme sulla sua testa. InTriso di sangue e spietatamente braccato, John Wick può sicuramente dimenticare una pensione pacifica-ma soprattutto-in questo balletto letale di proiettili, può farlo fuori in un unico pezzo?
hateUmankind Hace 21 un día
Glad John Kill that mother fucker
Big Don
Big Don Hace 22 días
How man got kickd in the balls 😂
Action Albert
Action Albert Hace 22 días
“Fortune favors the bold.” Nice line.
Action Albert
Action Albert Hace 22 días
“Tradition is the enemy of progress.” Interesting. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. It depends . You have to use your judgement on these type of situations.
Cerberus Hace 22 días
Hes workers just watch
amelie rogers
amelie rogers Hace 22 días
Home interior stick give advocate wheel facilitate custom fund word burn.
RussellRoesner Hace 22 días
The Gay Italian is unintelligible. That's why they deleted most scenes he was in. That dude nees to take some elocution lessons!
Tyra walker
Tyra walker Hace 15 días
RussellRoesner Stands to reason, Riccardo is Italian lol
Lemuell Cabahug
Lemuell Cabahug Hace 22 días
Aurelio scene - Bad and glad they removed it, its his own shop and it would contradict his character greatly. Charlie (the undertaker?/cleaner?) - It was good slight shame they removed it. The Pope - I dont understand what was the point of John visiting if it had some importance or significance it might had been more impact.
Legion Hace 23 días
I'm glad they removed all these absurd scenes. They could've spoiled the movie. Hopefully, the didn't make it to the end.
MrNadie000 Hace 23 días
Agent 47 is the best mercenary in the video game history and John wick the best in movie history. Period.
techi9 Hace 24 días
Was that a pope or cardinal?
Chaleamchai Khumpol
Chaleamchai Khumpol Hace 24 días
SuperDenizen Hace 25 días
Rules areeant to be broken Winston.... That's why you got kill in the continental. These scenes really makes look like the real ass he was meant to be.
Dr Deuteron
Dr Deuteron Hace 26 días
Every John Wick scene I watch makes me like the movies even more. These scenes did not, so I'm going to try to forget them.
Misael Montes
Misael Montes Hace 26 días
It's me or in the last scene whit John and the Pope. The place it's the same as the fight in resident evil when Alice woke up in the mansion.
Budi Trianto
Budi Trianto Hace 26 días
Pilem e iki kapan tayange lurr??
Travis Kerr
Travis Kerr Hace 26 días
I am Gus
Cogzed Hace 27 días
68 Camaro! ROFLOL IT’S A 69!!!
MrSpeedyAce Hace 27 días
He tells Aurelio, "I like you....that's why I'm not killing you"
Adi Hace 28 días
Aurelio was made to look weak in that scene but i also get why it was shot, to make santino look like a worthy contender. But in the end it really didn’t
Jeremy Hace 28 días
Even actual scene is not shown wide enough. no need to show off deleted scenes.
Bow Hunter
Bow Hunter Hace 29 días
Scene 2 is good. Other 2 are bad.
Yohanes Marwan Setiawan
Mr. Wednesday? Is he Odin from American Gods?
J.C. Hace un mes
I read people saying Aurelio acted like a b*tch, they clearly didn’t see what was going on. You have one of the members of the high council wanting information and he is talking sh*t to him. Remember this is part of the reason there’s a contract on John Wick. Aurelio gave in when he threatened to kill his men, that took more courage than most. He’d rather look like a b*tch to keep his men alive. Everyone can say.. “Why weren’t they armed or I would’ve done this”... And you’d have the same contract on your head without the skills as Wick.... Oh!
Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt Hace un mes
good cuts. Aurillos lines were crap....smart ass, tough guy lines that really didn't fit esp talking to the boss like that. the scene was good to cut.
Adin Icic
Adin Icic Hace un mes
I thought La Pope was the owner of Italy Continental Hotel not the church dude at the end.
Mark Paul Rios
Mark Paul Rios Hace un mes
Pride...the mighty destroyer of many saints...yet Jesus saves!
Tazz1991 Hace un mes
I’m glad they deleted this bc the punching was so lame 😂
Juan Miguel Coimbra
No hay peliculas en español latino,el español de España es pesimo.
Anthony Maher
Anthony Maher Hace un mes
That’s not just any car.......
Alexandria Lee
Alexandria Lee Hace un mes
Llp o.o loo)
jr Resendiz
jr Resendiz Hace un mes
Q tenían las cajas que le quitaron a aurelio??
Alex McCoy
Alex McCoy Hace un mes
You dont treat malbojah like that
jesus deavila
jesus deavila Hace un mes
That’s an Italian piece of shit that can’t do shit without his goons to protect him ! By himself he would gladly bend his britches to all!
Precious Orange
Precious Orange Hace un mes
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dam imgud
dam imgud Hace un mes
Johnwick 1 theon greyjoy Johnwick 2 Ramsay Bolton
Sonia Fajardo
Sonia Fajardo Hace un mes
Keanu Reeves nice actor 👑👑👑👑
Danny Hace un mes
2:34 in slow motion... what the F@@@K!! I kicked on your nuts and your head bounce back like if I punch you your face? Really!!!!!??? I'm so glad they deleted this crap. Also, who stands with their legs like that? You want to get your nuts kicked?
José Zulueta
José Zulueta Hace un mes
Is that a gold Apple Watch at 7:47?
60 Second Scifi
60 Second Scifi Hace un mes
That is a huge frikkin room.
Chris Denega
Chris Denega Hace un mes
YES...John Fucking Wick is Back with a Vengeance!!! #babyaga
Efrain Calderon JR
Efrain Calderon JR Hace un mes
#calderon la imprezza
Goldclaw837 Hace un mes
Cant wait for John Wick 3!
Struen Lee
Struen Lee Hace un mes
Pls subscribe to my chanel pls
Asif Ahmed Emon
Asif Ahmed Emon Hace un mes
i m glad it was deleted
x tentacion
x tentacion Hace un mes
Who from indonesia
الــ۶ــرابツ需 الاردنــي
Its not deleated i watched it
Mihailo Milovanović
Emmm... that Pope scene was in the movie!
Shail Khanna
Shail Khanna Hace un mes
I am confused.. 1. where these scenes were supposed to be in the Movie? 2. What did he took from Aurelio and why? 3. And was he doing at the Continental? Was he killing people?
Joneri Juseppi
Joneri Juseppi Hace un mes
This was a great movie
Kirito apik
Kirito apik Hace un mes
I know how aurelio feeling went stupid men kick her bird... Give me like bitch
Screaming Peter Parker
This guy Looks Like A Newbie that came with bunch of money to Lvl cap his own character on Game
rj ramirez
rj ramirez Hace un mes
That euro wanna be tough guy wimp’s character ruined this movie, he lacks substance.
jacqueline walker
jacqueline walker Hace un mes
the funny thing is that the dude would of had the stuff any way if he had let him showed the car. that why they remove the scene.
George Montes
George Montes Hace un mes
Yea the garage scene makes no sense, it's a decent scene, but it doesn't make sense if he had ample time to fly from France to the USA and France again in a matter of a few hours while John is killing his way around France.
Alexei Wheel
Alexei Wheel Hace un mes
what was in those boxes ?
Yuri Katana
Yuri Katana Hace un mes
Only true John Wick fans know - " WITH A FOOKIN PENCIL "
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots Hace un mes
Actually in the entire organization, Charlie the cleaner probably knows most of the secrets.
Ernestisbell 153 Isbell
Gray two
bio2020 Hace un mes
They should have kept the Cardinal part in the movie but with a few changes. When John walks up to the table, he should have said "Is the Cardinal in?", then the man gets up and leaves and the Cardinal comes in. Then the Cardinal asks, "What is the name?" and John says "Gianna D'Antonio"... and the Cardinal looks at John surprised, and says "What is the reason?" and John says "I have a blood marker. The owner of the marker wants her dead." Then the Cardinal thinks about it and gives his blessing just like he did in the cut out scene.
valleyboy Hace un mes
I can see why it was deleted.. shit film !
Eric Msemwa
Eric Msemwa Hace un mes
attachment issues..lol
Ingerimm Hace un mes
2:32 This is my hand in my face! No, wait! I mean by my side.
My Test Tickles
My Test Tickles Hace un mes
Im so glad Wick shot him dead
Celine Palacios
Celine Palacios Hace un mes
me caes bien, por eso no te mato!
MOhsin NAwaz
MOhsin NAwaz Hace un mes
I have seen this scene in movie Not deleted
Vagner Ribeiro
Vagner Ribeiro Hace un mes
Essas cenas foram deletadas por que são muito chatas e só serviriam para encher linguiça.
Czechbound Hace un mes
It's a good job they were cut. They were rubbish
Sailhamovic D.
Sailhamovic D. Hace un mes
14k likes 1.4k dislikes See, a dot really makes difference.
KD Nguyen
KD Nguyen Hace un mes
what does the last scene mean?
paloma lion
paloma lion Hace un mes
Gracias por la flor mi cielo mi dulce amor mi ojos lindos eres tu mi persona especial te deseo ke Dios los bendiga siempre y me bendiga a mi familia también 26/12/2018
propane and propane excesories
No wonder john killed that asshole
Luiz Carlos Ferreira
Vai ser lançamento qual mês ?
Clint Gregor
Clint Gregor Hace un mes
What a load of crap . Maybe I need to see the movie .
Sid J
Sid J Hace un mes
I hope John Wick 3 has some badass villain unlike those two fuckbois in 1 and 2.
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