John Wick 2 Deleted Scenes La Pope, Charlie, Aurelio and Santino

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LaZoucheCustomshop Hace 3 horas
Vatican scene.... hmmm too close to the truth maybe?
bilson bk
bilson bk Hace un día
What shit was on those wooden boxes anyway
drgnslyer45 Hace 2 días
Praise the Sun ⚡️🤘🌞⭐️🔥❤️✌️🤲💫☄️☔️💦💧🤠😂😅😇🥰😘😍
drgnslyer45 Hace 2 días
Haha by SMF
Chaos Reigns
Chaos Reigns Hace 2 días
Should've left mr. Wick asking for forgiveness in...that's a powerful and emotional scene
Itz Dusty
Itz Dusty Hace 3 días
Me and Aurelio have the same view on super cars
Ethan Cai
Ethan Cai Hace 3 días
somebody help with the italian's spanish? Ahora....Me caes bien? y por eso lo te mato?
tom pam
tom pam Hace 4 días
What was in the boxes
Biyonzo Hace 6 días
Shit scenes good decision to delete
MrC Hace 9 días
7:17 i thought *Morpheus* entered the room but its some white dude.
MrC Hace 9 días
Not a wicked scene 🎬 delete it !
sickick Naeem
sickick Naeem Hace 9 días
Retro Mammoth
Retro Mammoth Hace 10 días
Charlie grew a beard in 2 days?
PISAL SEK Hace 10 días
The guy ordered to kick Aurelio’s balls was already killed in JW 1
Raul Mondero Jr
Raul Mondero Jr Hace 10 días
Shit scenes. In real life those five guys already dead after punch.
edisonsun21c Hace 13 días
Duck fat, makes all the difference in the world
Radomir Scepanovic
Radomir Scepanovic Hace 14 días
Serious tanning!
BlackLinKid Hace 14 días
these scenes would completly ruin the vibe of the movie , so glad that they kept them away
Russell Hawkins
Russell Hawkins Hace 15 días
If they’d just shown a scene prior to, with the garage closing down, with the wanna be Don turning up, the mechanics just leaving, asking if all’s well and the owner waving them off, then that would have been a great scene to have added. As the acting, tension build and plot clarification is perfect. As do the other scenes. Give the storyline more background and the other actors their time to shine - and shine they did - as it builds the overall movie far, far more..... Which then adds to Keanu’s scenes even further, giving more emotional and intellectual impetus to them as he deals out Justice like the avenging angel he portrays... And thus appealing to a wider audience. Imho.
Mas A
Mas A Hace 19 días
Aurello was inviting that kick in the bollocks after mouthing off for no reason !
Spencer Ashford
Spencer Ashford Hace 21 un día
They cut it because of bad image in catholic church and for aurelio why they didnt attack him because of the high table that protected antonio and fans dont like that thing aurelio is like the sidekick of john wick and his badass word on losef
Steve Kunishige
Steve Kunishige Hace 23 días
aiman sam
aiman sam Hace 24 días
these scene seems boring
Jaques Taulard
Jaques Taulard Hace 25 días
Not the pope,by the way. The pope wears a white zuchetta (the little cap) and a white garment. This is likely a Cardinal, an important one but not the pope.
LA-ITSFLAT Hace 26 días
Too lazy to read all comments, but bald guy is a nod to hitman series?
Austin Zappas
Austin Zappas Hace 27 días
I actually liked these. Worldbuilding is rich in John Wick's world, too bad some of this left out cultivating the reall bad guys here. Good news id JW3 😁
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris Hace 27 días
Having the Cardinal played by the assassin in Godfather Pt. 3 was a nice touch of irony
Mayur Soni
Mayur Soni Hace 28 días
Can anyone tell me what was yhere in the two boxes santino took from aurileo?
mario mendez
mario mendez Hace 28 días
4:17.... that moment when santino has the Italian mafia...... but winston has gandal the grey 2019 version on his right.
Robertzon Torrevillas
Robertzon Torrevillas Hace 29 días
The cohones on this guy
PKplayr Hace 29 días
Wouldn’t this scene be significant in the 3rd movie especially in the trailer where he finds the box somewhere else
PKplayr Hace 29 días
Wouldn’t this scene be significant in the 3rd movie especially in the trailer where he finds the box somewhere else
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington Hace 29 días
Going to see big boy
AJ Bear95
AJ Bear95 Hace un mes
really glad these were the deleted scenes....otherwise would ruin the feel of the whole film
Shahriar Nasimi
Shahriar Nasimi Hace un mes
what was with the last one?... the movie also didn't show the disco scene or anything related to the second deleted scene
TonesTheGeek Hace un mes
I'd say that scene with Winston and Santino was relevant. Santino was someone with no respect for the very rules that laid the foundation of the very power he has now stolen. I'm surprised that a system so complex and dependent on everyone following the rules didn't revoke his position and have him killed. Instead they allowed him to run amok and basically threaten to tear everything down just so he can seize power for himself. Now with the 3rd movie coming, we can see clearly his actions now have consequences for everyone as Wick will now have to bring down the High Table in order to survive this.
Andrew Okelo
Andrew Okelo Hace un mes
when someone is kicked in the balls,he never looks up,he goes down asap...😅😅 who agrees with me @allmeninhere
Player1420 G
Player1420 G Hace un mes
Aurelio looked like a little bitch going down in agony from that weak ass punch , he became bitch ass ted from Fast and Furious when Tran pumps him full of 40 weight !
Sare Avcı
Sare Avcı Hace un mes
Türkler burdami
Daniel M
Daniel M Hace un mes
The scene was not deleted, it was not included.
Salah Braima
Salah Braima Hace un mes
Nobody: Santino: "bravo"
Paolo Vega
Paolo Vega Hace un mes
Last scene specially is so awkward... Looks like a whisky commercial.
JR Reed
JR Reed Hace un mes
Everyone is talking about how weak this makes Aurelio look... WTF are you talking about?! He’s tough AF! Because of who Santino is, he and his boys can’t do anything back... but he takes that ass whooping like a man. He only gives “it” up to save his men. He’s a leader and not someone I’d want to cross.
Logan11thMEU Hace un mes
the biggest and oldest mafia in the world is the church
Widian sasongko
Widian sasongko Hace 4 días
True, very true
guy c
guy c Hace 19 días
***and most powerful
victor calderon
victor calderon Hace un mes
WTF !!! I don't care !!! Its a fucking movie !!!!
Windi Maesa
Windi Maesa Hace un mes
Dargno is unlucky
Dargno is unlucky Hace un mes
Samanth Kumar
Samanth Kumar Hace un mes
6:38 Vladimir Putin on the stairs
Jose Sagrista
Jose Sagrista Hace un mes
Movil wester in panol
bruce sweatman III
bruce sweatman III Hace un mes
with movies like this?? no wonder little joey shoots up his school how does the hero handle the bad guys?/ he shoots them. who says they're bad. the crazy kid with the gun that who. you asshole label death has fun and wonders why your kids kill people?? to solve anything or everything?? your culture?? you don't have one!
Lingenfelter Zee Ohh Six
I wish 2 had shown this because I have no idea how any of this happened and how loyal he was to John. Sad mistake.
Raleigh Becket
Raleigh Becket Hace un mes
Wait what are those boxes that santino took from aurelios shop?
Raleigh Becket
Raleigh Becket Hace 13 días
+Yggdrasil42 Thank you very much for clearing it up for me
Yggdrasil42 Hace 14 días
Raleigh Becket They contain gold coins. It isn’t explained properly but I think it shows the Italian taking over control of the NY underground.
Roger Stokes
Roger Stokes Hace un mes
what did he steal?
Jackpot Kill
Jackpot Kill Hace un mes
What was taken from aurelio?
Arvin Gonzales
Arvin Gonzales Hace un mes
damn.. John got kicked in the nuts and didn't even made the film.. oh well... thats life ifuess
Win Andar
Win Andar Hace un mes
jhon Wick, Good Night 💤🌙 😊 Sweet Dream 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Tiks
Jesus Castillo
Jesus Castillo Hace un mes
Why didn't he kiss the ring at the blessing???
Yggdrasil42 Hace 14 días
Most people don’t actually kiss the ring. The motion is a show of respect. Everybody actually kissing it would be unhygienic.
Tenkai Pitstop
Tenkai Pitstop Hace un mes
just shoot winston and everyone happy
Jecob Reza
Jecob Reza Hace un mes
Honestly saying he has big nuts. That’s why he tried to deal with John wick.
Scorinitron Hace un mes
Wow John wick 2 was 2 years ago? The fuck?
Mark Pinkevich
Mark Pinkevich Hace un mes
John wick works for us oh yeah yeah
tom fiz
tom fiz Hace 2 meses
In real life , his friends at the work shop will overhaul those thugs
Eduardo M.
Eduardo M. Hace 2 meses
In the last scene John wasnt looking for blessing but for approval. When he says Dantonio name the priest get out and a higher priest step in to give him his approval with a clear affirmative head signal. Then Jhon feels relived. The cardinal words wasnt coincidence but probably some ritual that Jhon should have passed through
cj ume
cj ume Hace 2 meses
Does anybody want to see Agent 47 vs John Wick. Or is John Wick to op
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Hace 2 meses
Baba yaga
Alister Hace 2 meses
It's like John wick is in assassin's creed nowadays
Totoy Bibo
Totoy Bibo Hace 2 meses
so aurelio will be helping john in the next movie
Xarvis Hace 2 meses
Achha hua ye scenes movie me nahi the warna movie bore karti
Mint B.
Mint B. Hace 2 meses
I watched all that Keanu Reeves is shown because he is a handsome angel, both handsome and whole body.
Kaycee Hace 2 meses
make sense why they deleted these scenes
Jake G
Jake G Hace 2 meses
Did anyone here not notice the guy playing the pope is same guy who played a priest i think it is or cardinal in the godfather 3 that killed Michaels daughter
Dark Rogue Wolf
Dark Rogue Wolf Hace 2 meses
Lol that first punch was laughable
RetroSimon Hace 2 meses
" May your pencil always be sharp "
Butters Hace 2 meses
These movies are great. The firearms and the incredibly muscle cars. Wish they tossed in a 77/78 Pontiac Trans Am in there.
David Crespín
David Crespín Hace 2 meses
Alguien que hable español
Ray Israel
Ray Israel Hace 2 meses
Who in the hell buried #MaxineWaters in the Pet Cemetery?
Mudaser Awan
Mudaser Awan Hace 2 meses
Kalil Flores
Kalil Flores Hace 2 meses
Y de repente pum un comentario en español ahahahaha
jhonatan parra carmona
alguien mas esta aqui sin saber ni pija del ingles pero igual se vio el video solo por ser se Jhon Wich
stubbornscorpio7 Hace 2 meses
I wanted Aurelio’s men to pull guns out and fuck them all up. At least beat the shit out of them with wrenches...something.
Shane K
Shane K Hace 2 meses
Was the cardinals ring poisoned or something?
DOVAWIRL Hace 2 meses
Wait, is he talking about an mr2 😢😢😢 i have one
puan juliana
puan juliana Hace 2 meses
In the future you'll be made it the best
hateUmankind Hace 2 meses
Glad John Kill that mother fucker
HA Prison Run
HA Prison Run Hace 2 meses
Big Don
Big Don Hace 2 meses
How man got kickd in the balls 😂
Action Albert
Action Albert Hace 2 meses
“Fortune favors the bold.” Nice line.
Action Albert
Action Albert Hace 2 meses
“Tradition is the enemy of progress.” Interesting. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. It depends . You have to use your judgement on these type of situations.
Cerberus Hace 2 meses
Hes workers just watch
amelie rogers
amelie rogers Hace 2 meses
Home interior stick give advocate wheel facilitate custom fund word burn.
RussellRoesner Hace 2 meses
The Gay Italian is unintelligible. That's why they deleted most scenes he was in. That dude nees to take some elocution lessons!
Tyra walker
Tyra walker Hace 2 meses
RussellRoesner Stands to reason, Riccardo is Italian lol
Lemuell Cabahug
Lemuell Cabahug Hace 2 meses
Aurelio scene - Bad and glad they removed it, its his own shop and it would contradict his character greatly. Charlie (the undertaker?/cleaner?) - It was good slight shame they removed it. The Pope - I dont understand what was the point of John visiting if it had some importance or significance it might had been more impact.
Legion Hace 2 meses
I'm glad they removed all these absurd scenes. They could've spoiled the movie. Hopefully, the didn't make it to the end.
MrNadie000 Hace 2 meses
Agent 47 is the best mercenary in the video game history and John wick the best in movie history. Period.
techi9 Hace 2 meses
Was that a pope or cardinal?
Chaleamchai Khumpol
Chaleamchai Khumpol Hace 2 meses
SuperDenizen Hace 2 meses
Rules areeant to be broken Winston.... That's why you got kill in the continental. These scenes really makes look like the real ass he was meant to be.
Dr Deuteron
Dr Deuteron Hace 2 meses
Every John Wick scene I watch makes me like the movies even more. These scenes did not, so I'm going to try to forget them.
Misael Montes
Misael Montes Hace 2 meses
It's me or in the last scene whit John and the Pope. The place it's the same as the fight in resident evil when Alice woke up in the mansion.
Kuli Elit
Kuli Elit Hace 2 meses
Pilem e iki kapan tayange lurr??
Travis Kerr
Travis Kerr Hace 2 meses
I am Gus
Cogzed Hace 2 meses
68 Camaro! ROFLOL IT’S A 69!!!
MrSpeedyAce Hace 2 meses
He tells Aurelio, "I like you....that's why I'm not killing you"
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