John Wick 2 - Gianna's Bath

Margin Walker
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9 jul 2017






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bum bam
bum bam Hace 2 días
Just imagine how hot she was 20 years ago! My my!
NoFaceGamer Hace 3 días
First death scene to make me erect.
noah stump
noah stump Hace 19 días
Couldn’t he just said no
Vinstinctify1 Hace un mes
When youre an assassin that is able to cause your target to willingly kill themselves 😂
Daryl's fan
Daryl's fan Hace un mes
john was like " you got a nice tight bod, but you're not trinity"
Geo Boy
Geo Boy Hace un mes
Omgggggggg 3:26 such a SEXY WOMAN!!!!! I would have saved her!!!!!! AMD married Herr
Alleyup1994USA Hace un mes
She's a MILF of every 20 year olds dreams
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Hace 6 días
Monica belucci any day and night
Attano Corvo
Attano Corvo Hace un mes
Yesss!! Now i know where to cut to kill myself
Moses Gunn
Moses Gunn Hace un mes
You get body armor, you get body armor, everybody gets a body armor!!
Ambuj Bansal
Ambuj Bansal Hace un mes
I get a Polly Pocket ad before this video
miguel angel de la fuente
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Hace 2 meses
that killing seen is so sad
Rehaan Niaz
Rehaan Niaz Hace 2 meses
I like this movie and this scene because of the candles
TheMrEpicsounds Hace 3 meses
John you workin? Wick: Nah I'm on mah break Oh
Spetsgruppa V Kapkan
It's not necrophilia if the bodies fresh
Abozer Sadat
Abozer Sadat Hace 3 meses
The background music are fire 🔥
owais hashmat
owais hashmat Hace 3 meses
John wick is definitely impotent
The dumb Cousin’s
The dumb Cousin’s Hace 3 meses
Dude he said my name
Hyun jung Kim
Hyun jung Kim Hace 3 meses
I am so dumb. now I understand the whole scene.
Marky D
Marky D Hace 3 meses
That's why slitting wrists is one of the less famous suicide method
xV0iD Tamago
xV0iD Tamago Hace 3 meses
Whos gianna in real life?
Joana Ruby
Joana Ruby Hace 3 meses
Such a spiritual and beautiful scene.... Death is Indeed so peaceful and puré.
Kiyoko Mori
Kiyoko Mori Hace 3 meses
I prefer the first movie, but this is my favorite scene from the two. There is a morbid beauty about it and the dialog between both John and Gianna and the exchange with Cassian that follows is so amazing and loaded with subtext.
mewantcool Hace 4 meses
4:31 imagine if John suddenly said."It's just a prank bro...but I wasn't really going to kill you..."
Captain Commonsense
Captain Commonsense Hace 4 meses
Tig 'ol Bitties...
S.R Hace 4 meses
Gross, those rolls of fat on her back
Dinesh Sharma
Dinesh Sharma Hace 4 meses
The only way to escape from John is suicide, but he would still shoot you.
Emilio Gardose III
Emilio Gardose III Hace 4 meses
So, we should not talking about how big her bathroom
Big Time Raynell
Big Time Raynell Hace 4 meses
Pause at 4:23 you're welcome
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard Hace 4 meses
I find this scene oddly satisfying... I have watched it more times than I can remember now. I always skip to the wrist slitting part.
Smithers Withers
Smithers Withers Hace 4 meses
Dont understand why he had to shoot her
Tia Delimuerta
Tia Delimuerta Hace 4 meses
Why'd he shoot her after she died? The slits on her wrist should have been enough.
Donie Redwine
Donie Redwine Hace 5 meses
In Pararel universe : Gianna : John, who told you to kill me ? John : Your brother, Santino Gianna : What if i kill Santino, then i will cut off your mark... John : that would be great Gianna : Ok, So lets fuck in this bathroom John : Gracias...
Michael De La Rosa
Michael De La Rosa Hace 5 meses
Slitting wrists is the only thing in the world that makes my stomach turn Even my wrists feel warm when watching scenes like this
Asparapiss _
Asparapiss _ Hace 5 meses
Yo I thought that taking off the extra skin on your finger hurt
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin Hace 5 meses
I came here just because of his black Suit
Zhongyi Ding
Zhongyi Ding Hace 5 meses
She is a MILF
navylaks2 Hace 5 meses
She's not a good woman but man that's painfull way to go
Lyda Caceres
Lyda Caceres Hace 5 meses
Anyone else think she was gonna fight back/attack him/throw with that hair clip?
aapddd Hace 5 meses
Goes out on her own terms, just like Marcus.
Jose Luciano
Jose Luciano Hace 5 meses
6:27 A who conversation with deep meaning in such short words
Jose Luciano
Jose Luciano Hace 5 meses
5:51 He never hesitates....even when it hurts him
Cinereo Hace 5 meses
After seeing how it was censored on the Paramount Network, I was hoping there would be nipple action.
DANNY M Hace 6 meses
Damn John appeared like a fucking ghost!!!
Gerald V Woodall Jr
Gerald V Woodall Jr Hace 6 meses
Why are beautiful women so bat shit crazy! This is a sexy cougar who kills herself because she knows John is going to do it? Fucking nuts...you'll have to catch my ass John, F that.
Justin Balalilje
Justin Balalilje Hace 6 meses
John Wick is like markiplier
Iam Matrix
Iam Matrix Hace 7 meses
My dick Hurts
Narayan Chandraker
Narayan Chandraker Hace 7 meses
This the first time when I notice another person in John wick
ABC OF LOVING69 Hace 8 meses
Gianna is warrior....salute....💪💪💪💪💪
1,000,000 subscribers without a video
I thought this was a pool
Vijeybareth Vijayan
Vijeybareth Vijayan Hace 8 meses
She know that she don't has choice to survive so she choice her own way to die and that also she forced because don't want to get kill by John. Even the higher people knows well what he capable of
Wrigley Hardt
Wrigley Hardt Hace 8 meses
I hate the fucking wrist slit
Bdhacker101 Hace 8 meses
When you think about it, Wick could've resolved his marker debt easily if he just asked Gianna to use her HIgh Table power to kill Santino
navylaks2 Hace 5 meses
Was she declared a member yet? plus in this movie anyway the marker stands above even the high table i know they changed that in the 3rd movie.
after image
after image Hace 5 meses
@Mahesh C Achuthanna i would if i knew he/she sent a hitman to kill me
Mahesh C Achuthanna
Mahesh C Achuthanna Hace 6 meses
Like you'd go against your own siblings anyday.
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy Hace 8 meses
John should've blown Santino's head off from the start (he knew the snake would turn on him). Yes he'd have violated the blood oath, but at least he could have sought Gianna's protection in exchange. Regardless, beautiful scene. The first movie was a fun action romp, but the sequel was a bona fide work of art. One of the most visually arresting movies in recent memory.
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Hace 8 meses
Could have at least do a quickie before she died
Izzu Anuar
Izzu Anuar Hace 8 meses
Nooo.. that was wronggg.. fuck her first, then take a shot. 😂😂
Gin's Variation
Gin's Variation Hace 8 meses
I don’t know this movie I just looked up my name and found this.... wooow
homes24 Hace 9 meses
Why not show the whole fucking scene. You never see any nude actors now days
ncala Hace 9 meses
Its terrifying how he just appears behind her with no fanfare or sign. Every now and then the movie likes to remind us that Mr Wick is, underneath all the stylish gun-play, a true assassin. Had he not had a previous connection with this woman, this scene would have ended at the 44 second mark.
Syed Noore Rasul
Syed Noore Rasul Hace 4 meses
Yeah na that appearing when the camera pans to a different angle has been used in several movies, it's not terrifying anymore. But yeah the rest of the scene is awesome
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