Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

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Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund.
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11 jun 2019






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Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Hace 10 días
'Time...the one thing they're running out of'
ilovebrandnewcarpets Hace 20 días
I had to come back to watch this video again Imagine the Fed printing endless money to prop up the stock market, but can't pay for the healthcare of the literal heroes who answered the call when it was needed most. " *Shameful* "
KAI CK H. Hace un mes
Why isn't a valiant man like this the president is beyond my comprehension
sniffmycheeze Hace un mes
Good acting
sniffmycheeze Hace 15 días
@Marshall Garcia so because I've got Aids there's something wrong with me?? Homophobic fucker.
Marshall Garcia
Marshall Garcia Hace 16 días
What’s wrong with you?
Brandon Timm
Brandon Timm Hace un mes
Wouldn't be a problem if his Israeli Zionist buddies didn't do the attack in the first place.
Bryce Hace un mes
He hates President Trump, but he also hates congress that hates Trump. So does he honestly like anyone??? He only does what is good for himself. 911 heroes forever will be in my prayers, but I do not blame this on Trump. Get your sh*t together and stop hating republicans.
I G Hace un mes
Jon Stewart for President 2020 🇺🇸
mychoclabwinston Hace un mes
The passion that John speaks with, no pre-written speech, no teleprompter, he is a brilliant man, something the White House is missing today. The man is fearless, because he can back his facts up.
Charlie Teljeur
Charlie Teljeur Hace un mes
The resolute dignity of the big guy behind Jon.
Daniel Bristol
Daniel Bristol Hace un mes
Bless you Jon Stewart. George Carlin is looking down and smiling at you.
Nas Sam
Nas Sam Hace 2 meses
Ive been watching Jon Stewart speak for long time, and he is second to none. He is also very knowledgeable man. He should run for President!!!
Good 4You
Good 4You Hace 2 meses
There are 2.9 k dislikes, looks like they are the members of the lobby groups
zero boy
zero boy Hace 2 meses
The land of the free ... yeah right! Keep telling yourselves that!
zero boy
zero boy Hace 2 meses
roseviolet1 you would have had a point without calling me an ass. Now you sound like a moron that read that in a book once and thought it sounded good. Get an education for yourself idiot
roseviolet1 Hace 2 meses
Freedom is never really won. You have to constantly fight to keep it. Quit being such a cynical ass.
Thomas Boeve
Thomas Boeve Hace 2 meses
CNN this is a disgusting title. The whole point of this speech was not about Jon Stewart. It's about the men and women he is representing. Those who are being wronged. Don't be so vile as to erase these people like congress is doing. Shameless sensationalism.
Absolutely Nothing
Absolutely Nothing Hace 2 meses
"We don't know what's gonna happen in 5 years" 2020: *evil laughter*
John Stewart
John Stewart Hace 2 meses
If I become a history teacher I’m 100% using this to describe the feelings of distrust in the American people over the state of congress ever since Bush
Mark James Meli
Mark James Meli Hace 2 meses
Danii Decay
Danii Decay Hace 3 meses
He’s entirely correct. These people should have recieved the BEST medical care for the rest of their lives, and it’s a fucking embarrassment that he had to say all of this.
Punky Brat
Punky Brat Hace 3 meses
I've said it 100 times....Jon Stewart for President of the United States of America. Want to drain the swamp for real?? That's the guy. Want to hold congress and the senate accountable?? He's the man. Want the end of nepotism and elitism once and for all in this country he's the guy. He is what our nation needs to be strong again without arrogance. Strength in unity and justice. Wish he would just stand up and take about 8 years for the team....be our President.
cuki-Face Hace 3 meses
One of the greatest speeches given on the floor. Remember. Otherwise be a sheep and fool. "This should be flipped". No truer words spoken.
Scott Godfrey
Scott Godfrey Hace 3 meses
They should have done this BEFORE the pandemic
raven johnson
raven johnson Hace 3 meses
Ive watched this a few times...it never gets old.
Lsone350 Hace 3 meses
I'm late to see this but I find myself with more time on my hands recently.... God damn, for real why was this ever a question, all the money this country pisses away and they deliberated this, absolutely despicable, on top of that half don't even show up, I don't care what side of the line you fall on wtf are we doing letting these people be our representatives? How could you ever even question not taking care of first responders. I'm an a American and this is not my country, we stand for nothing to even question this, a go fund me would have a better response time, I'm sick to my stomach
Kiko Jones
Kiko Jones Hace 3 meses
Those who gave this video a thumbs down are nothing but a pure disgrace.
Savy Yancy
Savy Yancy Hace 3 meses
Bro, forget your political views and give this man his props. THIS IS NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE!!! These first responding HEROES should be taken care of because they took care of us!!!! Congress makes me so sick sometimes
Chocolatetown Forever
One thing is for sure. Jon Stewart will NEVER receive a speeding ticket in NYC.
Steven Humphrey
Steven Humphrey Hace 3 meses
Thank you, Jon Stewart.
Stephen Hargrave
Stephen Hargrave Hace 3 meses
So this is where they have been hiding john stewart. The new propaganda machine doesnt like John stewart very much. They like ripping off HIS platform the Daily Show with petty South African propaganda otherwise known as Trevor Noah and ArkAngel. You get that? Trevor NOAH of ARKANGEL? Thats some obsession with apocalypse to give your company and stage name.They like manipulating the "stars" HIS format produced to serve their interest; memes doritos game of thrones, the new nikes and a happy meal contentedness of yuppie apathy, ie Colbert. But the man himself they have buried deep down in the American Psyche
Stephen Hargrave
Stephen Hargrave Hace 3 meses
Is anybody surprised that the country who massacred its own poor starving ww1 veterans hasn't changed
Defer Hace 4 meses
The committee members who were missing are Eric Swalwell (CA), Madeleine Dean (PA), Sylvia Garcia (TX), Veronica Escobar (TX), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), Jim Jordan (OH), Guy Reschenthaler (PA), Ben Cline (VA) and Kelly Armstrong (ND). Let's make sure these scumbags never hold elected office again in this country.
AA M Hace 4 meses
"Shameful." Yes, Sir. This should be played at the beginning of every session of Congress.
Red Dog
Red Dog Hace 5 meses
TL;DW: John Stewart says fuck you to Congress in the most elegant way possible
Benny Amelo
Benny Amelo Hace 5 meses
The only video I'll like from CNN
Doctor F
Doctor F Hace 5 meses
Those people are true heroes and John is a champion of justice
spacededman Hace 5 meses
If he’d run for president I’d vote for him
BrokenWolf1990 Hace 5 meses
I applaud Jon Stewart for not yelling at any point during this speech.
Justin Legault
Justin Legault Hace 5 meses
One of the most important personalities of our time
Edon Stewart
Edon Stewart Hace 5 meses
Such a fighter
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy Hace 5 meses
Fuck all democrats Have a nice day. 🙏😀
Umadaikon Hace 5 meses
The sad thing is: Mitch still tried to block this after the testimony. Goes to show you how much the GOP cares about the America they claim to love so much.
Jack Medlock
Jack Medlock Hace 6 meses
It should be against the law to stick one bill into another bill. That’s what prevents our country from moving forward.
Jack Medlock
Jack Medlock Hace 6 meses
“There is not an empty chair on that stage that didn’t tweet out ‘never forget the heroes of 9/11. Never forget their bravery. Never forget what they did- what they gave to this country.’ Well here they are. And where are they?” - Jon Stewart
Mike Orndorff
Mike Orndorff Hace 6 meses
AMEN Brother!!!!!!!!!!!
David Pietarila
David Pietarila Hace 6 meses
If you set aside this speech, John Stewart is pretty far left and about half the country really isn’t going to like him all that much... and yet he still had better numbers than congress! When a guy that half the country doesn’t agree with yanks down your pants and publicly spanks and humiliates you, in your own house, and gets a standing ovation from both sides of the country... you pretty much suck.
Desi and Cody
Desi and Cody Hace 6 meses
What a bunch of spineless wastes of sperm and egg. I miss John Stewart. He is the only thing that got me through 9/11 and the anxiety that came for the years to follow.
Bryan Wong
Bryan Wong Hace 6 meses
911 1st responder invention that will assist the victims esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-K31k-IdwiNY.html
Thomas Downey
Thomas Downey Hace 6 meses
My god Jon Steward is amazing. If anyone is a true American it’s him. I have never seen anything more beautiful than him eviscerating Congress. The sad thing about it is that they are all so dumb it probably won’t make a difference anyway
indy himori
indy himori Hace 6 meses
i dont wanna have to keep going back to this video and keep jon stewart suffering
e causey
e causey Hace 6 meses
add to the fact..that the CURE for this malady,is being hidden..the doctors whotry to share use, and extoll it- are suicided? or taken tocourt for mail fraud??so THE EVEIDENCE..OF PATIENT FILES WILL NOT BE REVIEWED IN COURT ..OF LAW?? GcMAF!!
Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner Hace 6 meses
Regardless of his political stance, his heart is in the right place. God bless John Stewart.
tnightwolf Hace 5 meses
In any country, politics should only come after the needs of the real people of that country. No ideology should be above any Human.
Stephanie Daye
Stephanie Daye Hace 7 meses
Wow...just... the man with the last word on this...left me tearing up and speechless... the BEST proactive stance? When he told that panel (on a pedestal..oh the irony) that they should switch roles and they should ask first responders the questions. Brilliant. Well done..I'll be watching this again and again.. and again..
Art I
Art I Hace 7 meses
Imagine what kind of a president he would make?....... Just a thought.
Kyle Schaff
Kyle Schaff Hace 6 meses
There is no one (and I’ve been looking for years) that I respect in the public sphere more than Jon Stewart.
Amanda Hace 7 meses
Jon mutherfuckin Stewart . Thank you so much for fighting so hard for the 9/11 first responders. More than that. 9/11 mutherfucking responders! You ALL have to know how much you mean to all of us that witnessed that disaster. You are amazing. Thank you!
John De Santi
John De Santi Hace 7 meses
90% of the men and women, if you can call them that, in Congress should be beheaded
Summer Runner
Summer Runner Hace 7 meses
This was a God damn oscar-worthy movie scene. Except it was real life.
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton Hace 7 meses
I learned about this today, in a different country. There’s a picture of this speech in our history text books, and our teacher showed us this clip. I don’t know this man but during class I teared up
Apeksha Adhikari
Apeksha Adhikari Hace 8 meses
John Stewart has aged so much in the last few years
David Hale-Mowry
David Hale-Mowry Hace 8 meses
What an extraordinary man, what a talented, thoughtful, and passionate person. Thank you Jon stewart
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk Hace 8 meses
John Stewart is a hero for 9-11. Maybe not a 1st responder hero, but a hero for 1st responders!
Roger Redford
Roger Redford Hace 8 meses
Irrespective of what you believe happened on September 11th, this is one of the great speeches of our time. And I say that without the 9 day wonder effect of a youtube video... you can come back to this time and time, and its words still resonate to the core.
Justin Keys
Justin Keys Hace 8 meses
Alex Ruhmann
Alex Ruhmann Hace 8 meses
2.9k dislikes!? WTF!? Are you mad he was loud?
Jon D
Jon D Hace 8 meses
Watching this video should be mandatory in high school American civics classes
Trey Warnock
Trey Warnock Hace 8 meses
THIS is how you protest and express anger at a situation without sounding like a fucking little child. Which is why he wasn’t immediately tuned out like most protestors are. Very well done, Jon.
brian milligan
brian milligan Hace 8 meses
I'll say it- death to Tribeca!
ernest747 Hace 7 meses
brian milligan
brian milligan Hace 8 meses
If individuals and businesses who scammed the system and claimed benefits of 9-11 funding for lost revenue gave just half of it back there would be no issue here. Fly fishing outfitters in Montana and Wyoming said" a lot of our clients in the financial industry were killed so we need 20 million dollars " and billionaire hedge fund managers said " well we lost our offices we need 20 million for new office space " and politicians who's districts are thousands of miles away with no ties to NYC said " we need 10 million for a 9-11 memorial on main street" not to mention thousands of frivolous cash grab lawsuits. Do a little digging and you'll find so much fraud and waste and opportunistic human garbage you'll be sick to your stomach. Middle Americans are the worst kind of people. They all hated us New Yorkers until they saw a horrible tragedy could get them free money.
Hope Carmouche
Hope Carmouche Hace 8 meses
Jon Stewart is the best
nick fonseca
nick fonseca Hace 8 meses
Abhilash R J
Abhilash R J Hace 9 meses
The fact that 2.9 k disked this video’s is the reason that I have no faith in humanity
Kypalgo2469 Hace 9 meses
I really hope this speech takes off and is shown in history classes down the road. In addition to the content of the speech itself this is how you be angry, but get results. This speech moved me personally and I give many kudos to Jon Stewart for doing this. Great guy with a great message.
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising Hace 9 meses
Am from India .. love Jon Stewart ... salute him for the cause he has taken ..
Amanda Hace 9 meses
Freaking Jon Stewart. I adore you. More than that, thank you so much to everyone who worked on that day. I love you.
Copper BinTime
Copper BinTime Hace 9 meses
Ameirican is A JOKE.
JacobW151 Hace 8 meses
America is not a joke, we are a melting pot of amazing people from all over the world. Our congress and government is a joke.
WareN The Gamer
WareN The Gamer Hace 9 meses
gotta love how goerge bush & his supperiors did this to American citizens & still people have no shred of logic to see how these evil human beings & their little underlings (congress etc...) will just not care & never assume consequences
Charli Blake
Charli Blake Hace 10 meses
Given the recent anniversary I was saying this exact same stuff that Stewart is w re to these HEROES! Shame on those in a position of power not taking complete care of these men and women. Go back and watch the footage of the day the towers went down and tell me you don’t agree! It’s fucking deplorable that any one of these people are struggling to have health care while keeping their heads above water financially. Gross!
DollyPartonFarts Hace 10 meses
Quite an acting job Stewart puts on here. "I can do without the insincere sincerity" -G.C.
KingJay Hace 10 meses
Why is this even a debate? It should be a given. Fuck Congress!
Polly tics Piche
Polly tics Piche Hace 10 meses
“ by the way that’s your jobs anyway “ tell them Jon.
Vilém Válek
Vilém Válek Hace 11 meses
he didnt need to be that theathrecal...but he told the ugly truth
Ramon Gomide
Ramon Gomide Hace 11 meses
Did people get cancer from 9/11? wtf.. Can someone explain what that fund is about?
Mister Marathon
Mister Marathon Hace 10 meses
Ramon Gomide People inhaled numerous amounts of toxins that were there as a result of a collapsing building. Too many of those toxins together can, in fact cause cancer.
Octagon Count
Octagon Count Hace 11 meses
Today is 9/11/2019 as we remember the tragic day that happened years ago, we remember the first responders who gave their lives to save others but this year we should honor the person who fought for first responders to get the benefits they needed! June 11, 2019 never forget this speech.
XKaLiBaR 1.06
XKaLiBaR 1.06 Hace 11 meses
Doesn’t he know that it was a false flag in the first place, so everyone who died and is sick now, is because of the same people brushing them off.
Meligoth Hace 11 meses
@Videos should we tell him his Koch brothers check will only be half since the other one died?
Videos Hace 11 meses
Soonthorn XKaLiBaR here we go
daytripper Hace 11 meses
the guy on the right to john is trying to not break down the whole time. as a german im not even that effected by 9/11 and all thats surrounding it, but if i was in the position of all these first-helpers, id start a riot.
Benjamin Crout
Benjamin Crout Hace 11 meses
Jon Stewart is a bitch, but even he’s right on occasion.
tnightwolf Hace 5 meses
Jon Stewart was less of a bitch, during his entire life, than you've probably already been until this day. Do something first, then complain.
william clark
william clark Hace 11 meses
Jon Stewart really stepped for these 911 first responders.Those in the hall behind him are broken people who do not deserve the short end of the stick by being pushed aside like trick of treaters.He really rubbed the members of Congresses noses in this problem and they really got the message
Joe Wiedmeier
Joe Wiedmeier Hace 11 meses
My boy
George Morris
George Morris Hace 11 meses
gee no joke writer's jon?
Joe Friendly
Joe Friendly Hace 11 meses
Lacking in the discussion is what was in the dust that the 9/11 first responders breathed in that had such horrible health consequences. Scientists published finding in the dust a new high-tech super-explosive, nanothermate. It was designed for spraying onto surfaces and apparently sprayed under the World Trade Center Towers' flooring, which is what caused virtually all the 110 floors of concrete in each of the towers to turn into extremely fine dust rather than appear as chunks in the rubble. Also in the dust was asbestos, along with thousands of filing cabinets, computers, toilets, etc. and humans! that weren't in the rubble pile. Recently the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District have sided with the Lawyers' Committee For 9/11 Inquiry petition to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York for a Grand Jury investigation of 9/11 crimes, with these words included in the fire fighters' resolution: ". . . the overwhelming evidence presented in said petition demonstrates beyond any doubt that pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries - not just airplanes and the ensuing fires - caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings, killing the vast majority of the victims who perished that day. . ." www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org/
Patrick Meier
Patrick Meier Hace 11 meses
John stewart should run for president
Inspector Mayhem
Inspector Mayhem Hace 11 meses
I watch this video every time I can't seem to figure out how Curropt and Broken our Government has become. And although I never really saw eye to eye with Jon on many Political issues. I've gained nothing but respect for the man after he did this. Because it's not Political. It's about right and Wrong. It's real. And from the Hart. And God Bless this man for using his voice to speak on behalf of many that were brushed aside with no voice. He's absolutely correct. And ever American should be Pissed off at these Buricrat's. For the Vast majority of us knew nothing about it until Jon and these folks went in front of Congress. Thanks MSM. I guess the Agenda on both sides to Divide us was more important than to inform us. I guess Jussie , and racebating along with a stupid politicized wall was more important than informing us about this disgrace that Buricrat's had no intention on correcting. But then again. I myself should have known. Because this is how the Buricrat's feel about our second responders that they send to fight wars as well. Defunding and politically hacking the VA . Meanwhile Many of my Brothers and Sisters who served as well couldn't get the proper treatment they needed. Getting ran around all over the place just to be told that the liability is with the VA . Then after establishing that. Having to wait up to 8 months to be seen. Seen by Dr's treat people as a case instead of a patient. And meanwhile... We wonder why so many end up either commiting suiside or Homeless after losing their families, because Dad is not able to be as we known him before. etc. Let's not forget about our Vietnam Vets as well . Very similar to our 9/11 responders . Breathing in crap. Being pushed aside. VA is useless. Most are too far gone in the head because PTSD wasn't a diagnosis back then and was not treated. They were passed on as being shell shocked. Even though PTSD would have been diagnosed if the Government gave a shit about them from the beginning. Many of these men developed lung Cancer. As my Good friend Jim did by breathing that shit in there. And even when he was at the beginning stages and having problems. He waited 9 Months to see a Dr. Through the VA. By then it was too late. He passed two years ago. Didn't even get to enjoy his retirement with his Grandchildren. So as these Buricrat's try and act as Humanetarians . Like they care about issues such as Poverty, health care, education, wages, and every other Political issue to use for election. I just want people to remember those that are out there that are suffering and losing everything. Those same people that risked their lives for others, and this Country. Because they Political hacks don't care about them. Nor do they want to have them pulled out from under the rug that they brushed them under. But they will sure act patriotic when there is another War or disaster to fight that benefits their employer. The Fed Reserve. Only creating future castaways and burdens once they are done with them. At least those who survive.
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers Hace 11 meses
Health care and benefits? In america? ROTFLTMGRO!! (rolls on the floor laughing til my guts roll out).
Alfonso Medina
Alfonso Medina Hace 11 meses
Complaints for what they signed up for it don't complain it's your job
Myles Marrero
Myles Marrero Hace 7 meses
If your family member was sick and dying you would feel very differently
Alfonso Medina
Alfonso Medina Hace 11 meses
9/11 really
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Hace 11 meses
nothing but respect for this men.
Kevin-Ate-Nine Hace 11 meses
I know jokes are always made about it but how can anyone actually dislike this?
Takeshi Kitano
Takeshi Kitano Hace un año
the absolute state of the "land of the free"
Flat Top
Flat Top Hace un año
Stewart on Clown News Network perfect match
Adam Holland
Adam Holland Hace un año
I disagree a lot with John Stewart in general but this was brilliant. He didn't have to do this. He fought hard for what he thought was right and succeeded on behalf of his fellow New Yorkers. Much love from New Zealand.
John Nostro
John Nostro Hace un año
I cant stand to see this shit 9/11 was done by are government, they did the crime they are not going to help the witnesses F.D.N.Y.. people need to open there mouths and say it 9/11 was an inside job. C.I.A. set up and killed SEAL TEAM 6 . delta force killed PAT TILLMAN. The world trade center was blown to shit!!!! Time to wake up people. I'm on a ship of fools, fools. F.D.N.Y. should have investigated the attack. It was there job. Did there inspection teams look at anything?? The fires burned for 3 months. COME ON!!!!! There is so much proof it was an inside job its stupid. FUCK WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
Videos Hace 11 meses
John Nostro seal team 6 is alive your argument is completely invalid
Dewayne Thomas
Dewayne Thomas Hace un año
Man, I can really go for some Deer Park water.
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