JORGE MASVIDAL: Usman, Diaz, Askren, Contract Negotiation + Pizza

Chael Sonnen
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Chael Sonnen chats with UFC BMF Jorge Masvidal during UFC 251 fight week on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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8 jul 2020






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The Casual Longsword
OneFC has it right with their weight cutting policy.
tdubz Hace 12 días
when he said "ben took it right on the chin and kept smiling " LOL literally
M H Hace 22 días
So his poker strategy is all in or not every hand? Lol wtf
Sancho Vegas
Sancho Vegas Hace 25 días
Everyone knows he is a Pizza freak.. lol Masvidal should open a Pizza franchise when he retires, would be great.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hace 26 días
I love this guy. He's got a huge future after ufc if he wants it. I wish him the very best.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace 27 días
Jorge "one bite pizza " masvidal
Andrew Roman
Andrew Roman Hace 27 días
Spirts are such more of a joke
Andrew Roman
Andrew Roman Hace 27 días
Low pro he’s sore loser
Harry Manback
Harry Manback Hace 28 días
Professional guy right here. Things he says makes total sense. Feel your body. If being on the Matt every single day is going to more harm then good. And he could feel that. Awesome. He wasn’t being lazy. Like he said he doing tons of conditioning. And that’s the best at his level. He is already so skilled at Marshall arts. It’s like muscle memory. I agree. Keep up the conditioning. Jeorge is a professional. He going to be logged into the history books far more then a Mcgreggor. Shit Connor wouldn’t fight George. He too big and bad
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hace 26 días
Jacoman S
Jacoman S Hace 28 días
Chael, good move taking that call, Jorge seems like a cool guy, you guys seem to have a mutual respect for one another, that was great btw. On another note, you beat the crap out of Anderson Silva and it was great to watch you shut him down, I know it’s old history, but just had to say you put your money were your mouth was, kudos!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace 27 días
"I won't let a stone take my glory"
John David
John David Hace 28 días
He called him ''Horhee'' to his face but George when he's not there, lol
Weirdo_760 Hace 29 días
My son and my
Weirdo_760 Hace 29 días
nick arellanes
nick arellanes Hace 29 días
I wonder if Marty went back and finished off all those ants that were in the ring
OkieGrower75 Hace 29 días
Pizza cost Jorge the fight!!!
Sean Mayo
Sean Mayo Hace 29 días
Does anyone know how much Instagram an ESvid is worth on paper money? It's just paper
Charm301 Hace 29 días
Masvidal is a master of making excuses !!!😡
Troy Kell
Troy Kell Hace 29 días
7:47 The Siege of Troy, narrated by historian Jorge Masvidal > _"Brad Pitt is fighting some dude who trips upon a pebble & he goes "no no, get up homie! I ain't gonna let no pebble take away my prestige n' sheeit!"_
Amen Morfreeus
Amen Morfreeus Hace 29 días
I can now quite happily call jorge a big foul mouth plastic gangster...and a lame hype job...the hype train was well and truly detailed...punk talk shit now..???🤣🤣🤣😋
Dennis Schino
Dennis Schino Hace 29 días
I hope he didn't bet him self
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 Hace 29 días
He did lol
Dennis Schino
Dennis Schino Hace 29 días
This guy is Aces
Andrew McKerron
Andrew McKerron Hace 29 días
Fighters always choose the wrong time, except Jorge
Andrew McKerron
Andrew McKerron Hace 29 días
You'll wander the underworld forever blind thinking I'm the man who killed achilles. I won't let a stone take my glory. Awesome fight scene. Slow it down and its not so. Great film though
Chris Arvizu
Chris Arvizu Hace 29 días
Hell yeah i even messaged masvidal ob twitter saying give my boy nate diaz that title shot and he liked it so i knew back then this really how he feels masvidal 100 just like my boy nathan diaz
Starko1 ss
Starko1 ss Hace 29 días
"I won't let a stone take my glory"
Jason Contreras
Jason Contreras Hace 29 días
Im still a fan #JorgeMasvidal Just know u didnt let us down Minor loss to a major comeback.#Teammasvidal #supernecessary
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace un mes
“ get up Prince of Troy, I will not let a stone take my glory”.
Mutorcsym1391 Hace un mes
Connor, the sexual assaultist, MacGregor who..? Dont wait too long Connor, the UFC can make new mega stars....
SnacPacZack Hace un mes
Jorge had a talk with Mark hunt an got some sense
Superior Trading
Superior Trading Hace un mes
Masvidal with 14 losses(most losses of any current fighter) calls Usman(ties for GSP with 12 straight wins) a bum. 😂
Charm301 Hace 29 días
@eioshen boboi but your king 🤴 Jorge got manhandled by Usman even though Usman only had 6 days . BTW Usman body shots will have your king pisses blood for the rest of the year
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace un mes
Jorge brings the 👀and 🔥and 🧨. Marty not so much......
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Hace un mes
THE MERCENARY 2020 on amazon....................VIVE LE MORT ex 2 REP
Green Mountain
Green Mountain Hace un mes
Turn AC off and you'll get free sauna in Abu Dhabi
Leeann Legore
Leeann Legore Hace un mes
Money made him happy
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Hace un mes
"Get up prince of troy, i will not let a stone take my glory."
lj fury
lj fury Hace un mes
Very cool of Chael to throw in a funny about Askren. Class :)
cheemwasabi Hace un mes
Jorge is a personality itself. He is a BMF!
Nicholas Atkins
Nicholas Atkins Hace un mes
Your picks fucking sucks!!!
TurkyMurky Hace un mes
Nice to see the current fighters giving Chael the respect he deserves as a fighter and for bringing so many eyes to the sport
Throw communists out of helicopters
There's a reason why practically every fan likes Masvidal. He's real and he loves to fight. A great fighter.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Hace un mes
Gamebred loves Chael, Chael loves Gamebred. We love Chael AND we love Gamebred. How could this have gotten any better lol
Chad Applin
Chad Applin Hace un mes
Hope he gets paid
Chad Applin
Chad Applin Hace un mes
I do like Masdival....deserves everything he gets in the fight business.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace un mes
Jorge all the way 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
I love Masvidal. No homo
Disgusting Clips only
"I won't let a stone take my glory" Brad Pitt Daddy
Clayton Davenport
Clayton Davenport Hace un mes
I hope masvidal gets exactly what he wants.
Goukhan Akul
Goukhan Akul Hace un mes
Game bred gonna drop a large pepperoni and a side of wings on usman
Mr Blanc
Mr Blanc Hace un mes
Jorge brings the 👀and 🔥and 🧨. Marty not so much......
Chris Cuenca
Chris Cuenca Hace un mes
Get at me my g fb Christian Cuenca Cuba stand up
s1de w1nd3r
s1de w1nd3r Hace un mes
Pretty awesome this - it just shows Masvidal has pure respect for Chael.
Dj Williams
Dj Williams Hace un mes
Jorge go to my website @ JorgeMasvidal.com Chael cool George I gotta tell you something Chael is a legend
Lolita Davidovich
Lolita Davidovich Hace un mes
Definitely buying PPV to see CUBAN JESUS! and Namajunas vs Andrade.
Knighttus Hace un mes
If he has access to social media? Stop living in your little bubble Dubai is richer than the US they can afford having internet on the moon.
D Smoooth Rich
D Smoooth Rich Hace un mes
Glad you guys had this exchange👊
Sokak Canavari
Sokak Canavari Hace un mes
"But I was gonna get what I was worth or nothing. That's the type of player I am. When I play poker it's the same thing, I go all in or not.. " 😂
Bams World
Bams World Hace un mes
Gamebred loves Chael, Chael loves Gamebred. We love Chael AND we love Gamebred. How could this have gotten any better lol
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem Hace un mes
I hope he wins, Usman is boring and Usman better not be a wet blanket because he’s gonna be booed.
Abu Jihad
Abu Jihad Hace un mes
Jorge Masvidal is a very intelligent, brave and honourable individual with a ton of integrity. Hard act to follow...
RipCity 503
RipCity 503 Hace un mes
3:1 underdog. Hopefully masvidal wins against. Marty
Daz Morland
Daz Morland Hace un mes
Brilliant, Chael pretended he didn't know why Jorge wanted to speak to him at 'daft-oclock' in the morning, but of course he knew exactly why! Anyway Chael got his telling off from Jorge for the previous comments he used during one of his online chats about fighters pay, and in particular referencing Jorge as an example! I thought Chael handled the dish well, and Jorge served it was maturity and class! Gentlemen, as you were................
1911indi Hace un mes
305 home boy !!!
Caden da best
Caden da best Hace un mes
Two goats 🤘🔥
Gabriel de Oliveira
Whenever Chael speaks a sequence happens: he gets pink > then red > then purple > then his neck pops LMAO
K T Hace 28 días
Cannot unsee...
Xero-TheBig-Boss Hace un mes
The word Achilles (Brad Pitt) used was GLORY
Thomas Orr
Thomas Orr Hace un mes
Jorge masvidal knows the business inside and out. He has been training continuously. I believe the whole time he knew he was going to fight but if you know Vegas and Dana. Which I somewhat do working in Dana's office. I would say the whole time Jorge masvidal knew who he was going to fight. Discussions were already going down to fight u s m a n. But Jorge masvidal was holding out. I think everything was planned just to make Jorge masvidal the underdog. Then people like Dana and all those who knew the inside baseball like Jorge masvidal well come out big time when they bet on Jorge masvidal to win. These fights are fully about making money and hype. Just like us man said. Even if Jorge masvidal losses. He already has the excuse saying he went into this fight with six days notice. Then the hype for Jorge masvidal will still continue and they will just run things back and have them fight again to make more money.
croshad Hace un mes
"Jon Jones shouldn't get paid to go up to HW but they got paid to go up", wonder who he is talking about *cough*eyepoke*cough*
margot cappello
margot cappello Hace un mes
Go on "Gamebred" Preach it!!! WURZO 2020 - 1968 -
unknown dy
unknown dy Hace un mes
Dream Podcast: Michael Bisping, Chael Sonnen and Ben Askren.
Matt Zeccardi
Matt Zeccardi Hace un mes
He wants the Diaz rematch cuz it’s an easy fight!!🤡
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift Hace un mes
chael ; "jorge's public UFC/negotiations is all wrong..." jorge mgr calls chael for itw chael ; good for you buddy , you pulled it off jorge: hmmm
EMB220 Hace un mes
He’s seems like such a good dude but I don’t think has a chance to win.
Oz Diaz
Oz Diaz Hace un mes
Jorge get your W tonight. Thanks Chael great interview.
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift Hace un mes
jorge with the usman upset ufc251
Richard Anthony Renteria
Chicanos in Phoenix are down with my man's Masvidal, cono! Love you brother!
Chris H
Chris H Hace un mes
Great interview
Nelson Medina
Nelson Medina Hace un mes
Just remember George don't get too cocky just has a champion for some reason
Alexander Hudson
Alexander Hudson Hace un mes
Street Jesus and the bad guy!
Chris H
Chris H Hace un mes
That's living large....pull over in the plane IN ITALY for some Original Slice🍕🍕🍕 A true battle of Good Vs Evil..... Which ever way you wanna waltz
frank rodriguez
frank rodriguez Hace un mes
How can you NOT love Jorge?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace un mes
always done. PS please don’t finish him Ben Askren style.I would really like to get my moneys worth although I won’t be disappointed if you do it in four seconds. Go Jorge
Mt.Rush- More
Mt.Rush- More Hace un mes
How about the fact chael reenacted his portion of the interview. (Genius) He must've been nude when it happened in real time.
Media Thor
Media Thor Hace un mes
Doug Morse
Doug Morse Hace un mes
Good interview chael .. I met you n almaden early 2000nds on a jobsite i was a plumber then ... Always followed your career and listen to you here...
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace un mes
Hoping Masvidal wins, thinking usman is going to win
W Hartin
W Hartin Hace un mes
Best interview Awesome!
Broly Hace un mes
I can’t let you get close
Heem Uhfer
Heem Uhfer Hace un mes
Top notch interview chael you have found your bread and butter thanks for the channel
Brother Johnson
Brother Johnson Hace un mes
Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge Jorge
k ugan
k ugan Hace un mes
jorge is a real nice dude for a bad mafaker
#TEAM TRUMP Hace un mes
I love this guy
#TEAM TRUMP Hace un mes
I'm buying because only Masvidal oh reason
ramsy420 Hace un mes
They're both accurate rofl
michael murphy
michael murphy Hace un mes
Never understood the moor money issue until he just expplined it
michael murphy
michael murphy Hace un mes
Ron's Hobbies
Ron's Hobbies Hace un mes
How about, when a person buys a PPV, it's requested for them to pick 3 fighters in precedence order (most wanted to see first) and pay out PPV percentages according to the fan's picks percentages.
Yosvel Quintero
Yosvel Quintero Hace un mes
Make more like This Interview please! - Masterpiece!!
Cameron Hace un mes
No disrespect to Usman, he's very good and an awesome dude but I'm pulling for Jorge to grab this title, it's been a long time coming and he's the best he's ever been. Let's do this Jorge!
Marmota Digitala
Marmota Digitala Hace un mes
Chael and Joe Rogan should be the only legit ever MMA live commentators, ever !
Derek Davila
Derek Davila Hace un mes
He is the most honest....straight forward guys ever. Want Jorge to smash Fake usmoan up. My best thoughts go out to Roberto Duran....another of thfe greatest warriors EVER
EddieE Clark
EddieE Clark Hace un mes
Hoping Masvidal wins, thinking usman is going to win
boston 7781
boston 7781 Hace un mes
All the fighters are doing that to acclimate to the time change it’s not just Jorge being a beast.
Nicholas Rourke
Nicholas Rourke Hace un mes
Yeah the virus is brutal. I had it and nearly killed me it gets crazy the body aches and the lungs hurt so bad you can't lye on you're sides or lift your arm it's to painful. No joke to all you ppl that think it's not real. Plz take it seriously it felt like I was breathing through a straw for a week and infection fucked up my eyes for months it's a brutal virus
BLAGA Hace un mes
Great talk!
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