Josh Brolin Reads Trump Tweets As Thanos

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'Sicario: Day of the Soldado' star Josh Brolin reads Trump tweets as Thanos because... 2018.
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20 jun 2018






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Comentarios 9 757
Welfare Queen
Welfare Queen Hace 2 horas
I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias
Steven Squire
Steven Squire Hace 4 horas
6:15 Colbert has no idea what to say because its not a joke about Trump
Matt Ayers
Matt Ayers Hace 7 horas
love him
Shurchil Hace 9 horas
This video should have more dislikes just because of the bad title.
Gabriel Go
Gabriel Go Hace 9 horas
2:56 you you know you you you you
Jawad Ahmed
Jawad Ahmed Hace 11 horas
shit it is very real
Chris Avery
Chris Avery Hace 12 horas
Is it me or does he seem way to cocky about hisself not in a good way
WildFox Hace 17 horas
Holy shit, the title only applies to 7% of the video, Jesus Christ.
tRapdontRap Hace 20 horas
The reality stone cannot multiply resources, it can only warp what is already there
Darth Khan
Darth Khan Hace un día
Is it just me or dose anyone else just here Thanos
M_Stanfield5441 Hace un día
Stephen Colbert is a joke. It's in the 3 minutes of the video
Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming Hace un día
I came for Thanos, and he was insulted by being compared to Trump.
Isaac Yeow
Isaac Yeow Hace 3 días
Nah sounds more like Optimus prime
R Haagsma
R Haagsma Hace 4 días
Thanos a alien with a greek name😑🤣🤣🤣
Vicky O
Vicky O Hace 4 días
Two handsome 40 something year-olds 😍
Emma Campbell
Emma Campbell Hace 5 días
1:47 is when he gave up completely
Ashley Sutton
Ashley Sutton Hace 5 días
I just want to listen to him read me a story. lol.
mpomrenke Hace 6 días
Click bait for views. What a tool
Big Nutty
Big Nutty Hace 4 días
How you idot
Derick' Ackerman
Derick' Ackerman Hace 6 días
I could barley hear thanos
nooch27 Hace 6 días
Missed opportunity to draw a Dick on someone's chest.
808JOKER Hace 7 días
Trump - hello thanos that glove you got, still functioning.... I'm wanna borrow for while
Ash R
Ash R Hace 8 días
He doesn’t sound like Thanos in the film.
Big Nutty
Big Nutty Hace 4 días
It could just be the acoustics in the room or the mics
Marino Buneta
Marino Buneta Hace 9 días
this guy is briliant
BH_ Soccer
BH_ Soccer Hace 9 días
I love how he said if i lasted that long I'm Captain America😂
Xanthor The D&Demon
Xanthor The D&Demon Hace 13 días
You can't double the resources because you cant create matter or something, that's why the avengers became dust not just disappeared
sbusiso cya
sbusiso cya Hace 14 días
That true talent, right there!
AverageLuke Hace 15 días
robert simpson
robert simpson Hace 16 días
Trump 2020! MAGA baby
Anas Elshobakey
Anas Elshobakey Hace 16 días
What the hell brother hahahah 😂 😂 😂 😂
Uxas - Darkseid
Uxas - Darkseid Hace 17 días
Thanos VS Trump who is win?
Zeremy 92
Zeremy 92 Hace 18 días
I'm not gay. But I loooooove Josh Brolin.
Jessica Pacella
Jessica Pacella Hace 20 días
CheckMyDoubles Hace 24 días
Stephen Colbert can't get through one fun and lighthearted segment without injecting politics in it.
277imperator Hace 25 días
I want to hear josh brolin read fifty shades of grey as Thanos
KFranco58 Hace 26 días
Colbert is a talentless hack.
Swift Justice
Swift Justice Hace 29 días
And we had to talk about politics...
Daniel Lehman
Daniel Lehman Hace un mes
I used to like Stephen colbert. Then trump got elected and all he can talk about is that hilariously brilliant man. How tf did he manage to talk about thanos and somehow talk about trump!?
A2 9S
A2 9S Hace un mes
The first 6 min I actually thought Colbert wasn't going to talk about Trump. I'll try again in 5 years.
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson Hace un mes
He's hot! 😍
Richvin Panca
Richvin Panca Hace un mes
I was thinking josh brolin is calm guy
Adil Ahmad
Adil Ahmad Hace un mes
Purple man bad
The Jesuist Monastery
Skip to the end for the purpose of the video
Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma Hace un mes
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Mikoru MCOC
Mikoru MCOC Hace un mes
Grampa Thanos😂
Danielle Absent
Danielle Absent Hace un mes
Anybody else think this man is just fckn sexy!!!!
j williams
j williams Hace un mes
Josh broken was hungry
Yama Basir
Yama Basir Hace un mes
I had no idea who Josh Brolin was until I watched both Sicario movies. Now he’s one of my favorite actors! 😌👌🏼
Omar Barrios
Omar Barrios Hace 14 días
Men in black 3? Gangster squad? The GOONIES!!?
msgsgt Hace un mes
Trump is kinda like Thanos. Both strong will, not fake, doesn't play politics, makes promises and keeps them. There is pretty much one difference between them, Pres Trump was freely elected by a free people. In that regard Thanos is kinda like anti fa and the left. Goes on and on about the environment, willing to hurt and kill just because people have a difference of opinion.
Fariss D.
Fariss D. Hace un mes
This show bored af
Midori -21
Midori -21 Hace un mes
"I'm not even sure, if you have your pants on right now." "What?" "I'm-nothing." Man I love Josh Brolin.
adam smith
adam smith Hace un mes
I think he was just hungry. He really wanted that food 😂
wxwarrior76 Hace un mes
So good! Brolin kicks ass. I like Thanos even tho he's evil
Devastator Hace un mes
It would be funnier if he read Hillary Clitóris emails, It would be way longer
Johnny Adams
Johnny Adams Hace un mes
I loved Goonies has a kid watched over and over went on to each very other movie he was in but never knew it was him lol.
Darryl Thompson
Darryl Thompson Hace un mes
This guy will always be hellboy to me😎✊😈
TheSweetestJerk Hace un mes
9:43 and it was lame.
NCERT at your tips
NCERT at your tips Hace un mes
This show is always politics
Myleen Lujan
Myleen Lujan Hace un mes
👀 Have mercy!
Mitch no
Mitch no Hace un mes
Orange man bad
Marc Socalif
Marc Socalif Hace un mes
We want anti-Semitic prospectives??
Caipira Benson
Caipira Benson Hace un mes
But Thanos is a good guy.
Cole Lamar
Cole Lamar Hace un mes
mike carr
mike carr Hace un mes
Hilarious that he used to know POTUS and took pride in that, and now he doesn't. As if the moment Trump bHilarylary he instantly became something he wasnt before lmao. liberals are such soft people lmao
Chocolate1White Hace un mes
Democrats and Thanos one in the same. . They both wanna snap their fingers to kill living things
Adam S.
Adam S. Hace un mes
captainslam Hace un mes
Hey, its Brand from Goonies.
Emppu T.
Emppu T. Hace un mes
Is it Coal Baire or Cold Bear ?
Can we get this to 10000 subscribers?
Thanos snaps half of america
Jerom Hace un mes
10:52 wtf
Eric Davis
Eric Davis Hace un mes
Dread it, Run from it Destiny still arrives
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Rhaenyas Phoenix Hace un mes
Love how this interview is totally crazy, unstructured and random.
Lacey Kuntz
Lacey Kuntz Hace un mes
Odd display of posturing. Chill out Brolin.
johnnybaddsee Hace un mes
Why did he sound like Alex Baldwin lol
Vincent Ciccone
Vincent Ciccone Hace un mes
No Country For Old Men is a brilliantly awesome movie
Vincent Ciccone
Vincent Ciccone Hace un mes
They said I'd never be able to colb hair again. 😂😂😂
Christoffer Boman
Christoffer Boman Hace un mes
Bring me Thanos!!!
Alyx Dishan
Alyx Dishan Hace un mes
He is so on spot with the manifestation of callousness when it comes to actions with intent
eazy14 Hace un mes
Hmm it sounds like they edited his voice for thanos, its do different here...
William Buckley
William Buckley Hace un mes
Worse night show host so political
Mark Torres
Mark Torres Hace un mes
Josh Brolin is a treasure and we must protect him.
sam wegener
sam wegener Hace un mes
He actually was just very hungry lmao
Sun Solstice
Sun Solstice Hace un mes
Infinity Stones still followed logic; he wouldn't have been able to snap in x2 resourcesp
harvester Hace un mes
Great actor! And a pleasing face of course
Ramses Amon RA
Ramses Amon RA Hace un mes
Jjj Ww
Jjj Ww Hace un mes
...it's all fun and games Hollywood as long as the common folk keep slinging shiny pennies at you fools...
Tayler Hwang
Tayler Hwang Hace un mes
Thanos + glasses = Bruce Banner. Just a bit
Tissa Vissula
Tissa Vissula Hace un mes
Thanos is nothing like that idiot! Why compare the two???? Don't insult a genius with an idiot.
Sami Saadat
Sami Saadat Hace un mes
Too many spoiler 👎
Riim Johb
Riim Johb Hace un mes
Damn, Brolin’s got charisma
Sandy Panensky
Sandy Panensky Hace un mes
Dan Hansen
Dan Hansen Hace un mes
Thanos talks like a lot of environmentalists.
HolyCrusaderKun Hace un mes
Orange man bad
Brngsh Hace un mes
Unwatchable. Lame American peacocking. Just horrible.
Bryan Asare
Bryan Asare Hace un mes
Is this guy drunk
Matthew Tran
Matthew Tran Hace un mes
Trump 2020 here we go!!
jeremiah the Song Rains
Good show
Migi Show
Migi Show Hace un mes
Thanos just snapped 3times in the video. Does that mean that life was cut in half 3 times leaving only 12.5% left???
ario118 Hace un mes
Nope. He didn't wear the gauntlet this time around.
Ken Hace un mes
6.25 if you include the 1st time he did in infinity wars
no name ginger
no name ginger Hace un mes
Most of you are idiot's who dont know why you hate trump except for the lies about him
Docs 412
Docs 412 Hace un mes
Lmao it’s funny how this show try’s so hard to bash trump but they end up making him look even better
Tarran lewis
Tarran lewis Hace un mes
Thanos for president
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