Josh Brolin Reads Trump Tweets As Thanos

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Sicario: Day of the Soldado' star Josh Brolin reads Trump tweets as Thanos because... 2018.
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20 jun 2018

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Comentarios 9 134
LI BP Hace 43 minutos
Oh shit cable
CosmicSong Hace 2 horas
Josh Brolin is a treat to humanity.
James Walker
James Walker Hace 7 horas
James Porter
James Porter Hace 10 horas
I watched the whole thing, Brolin is hilariously real.
Abel Cayabyab
Abel Cayabyab Hace 13 horas
1:51 The Godfather reference
Telfore Nyte
Telfore Nyte Hace 17 horas
why does everything have to bend to a bad Hollywood Trump misinformation...this is why i do not get cable...this is why i do not watch the garbage on television...this is why i don't watch this show hardly anymore. The Anti Trump media blitzkrieg isn't funny and is boring...Hollywood is not a moral anything to preach like this
Daniel Radina
Daniel Radina Hace 20 horas
Great actor.
GrindHardPeezy Hace un día
Damn near click bait
Alison Jones
Alison Jones Hace un día
I died when Josh started snapping at 9:30 😂😂😂
Bryce Apollow
Bryce Apollow Hace un día
K? ... K!
REKAI Hace un día
I did the job! Pouts
UWotMete mette
UWotMete mette Hace un día
Confused why people absolutely hate trump. Im not a full fan but he has done a great job for our economy and the African American community in terms of home many more are employed now than under obama.
xX_ LongTailKitCat3333 _Xx
Matt Strange
Matt Strange Hace un día
When does this guy ever stop talking about trump.
no1nestandsalone Hace 2 días
He sounded like marlon brando!
Scott K
Scott K Hace 2 días
Brolin isn't as funny as he thinks he is.
Lord Sonno TeVe
Lord Sonno TeVe Hace 2 días
this cabrón is incredible make him batman please
Luka Miseljic
Luka Miseljic Hace 2 días
8:18 Wrong, he did not doubled the resources bc he wanted to impress mistress Death by killing half of the Universe bc he was in love with her...buuttt ok
Ju D
Ju D Hace 2 días
Nawww.. I like how Mark Hammel read as the Joker..
Dianna Schroeder Romero Schroeder
obama started separating children from parents.. BUT LIBERAL WILL LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH. NOT TO SPEAK THE TRUTH.
Joseph Tuscher
Joseph Tuscher Hace 2 días
Stephen’s dependency on trump for comedic humor is pathetic and just flat out hard to watch.
Farman Ali
Farman Ali Hace 2 días
Josh talks and almost looks like Ryan Reynolds dude he is awesome he deserved to play cable for Deadpool 2.
Brandon Riggle
Brandon Riggle Hace 2 días
When PewDiePie has 70 million more subscribers than your channel, you should rethink your material lololol.
Marcel Schindler
Marcel Schindler Hace 2 días
Damn. I liked Brolin when he was Mikey's Brother in Goonies and now I think, this guy so so awesome.
Kieran Hace 2 días
Seeing Thanos as not Thanos just sounds like Geralt of Rivia and it is excellent.
Ralf Strauch
Ralf Strauch Hace 2 días
Josh rocks...
TacoHorse Hace 2 días
Colbert knows exactly how to act. He used to be a right wing pundit, now he's a left wing late night host. Have you read his book 'I Am American And So Can You?' - those are his real beliefs. This anti-right-wing thing he does on his show now is for RATINGS.
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro Hace 2 días
Hes the perfect deadpan to ryan reynolds deadpool.
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro Hace 2 días
Brolin is underrated. His facial expressions were awesome in deadpool2.
Sam Verrelli
Sam Verrelli Hace 3 días
“You didn’t know it was me and I’m not Fredo” I have a new favourite actor
Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon Hace 3 días
Not as funny as I was hoping
the mad clown
the mad clown Hace 3 días
Thanos actually can't double the resources cause you need materal to make materal
Alex Lex
Alex Lex Hace 3 días
I saw this guy first in a role as a badass biker killer. With a tear tattooed under his eye. He killed it in that role
MrMikkosy Hace 3 días
Can he act that there is some liquid in the cup..?
Miracle Leveston
Miracle Leveston Hace 3 días
He even looks like Thanos...
Aeron Sumilong
Aeron Sumilong Hace 3 días
That vito corleone impersonation thooo
james ortega
james ortega Hace 3 días
Nemesistyx Hace 3 días
I came for Josh, and was disappointed that they cant make content without attacking trump. Please if you can't be original why call yourself a different company. Just say you are a hate group against trump. Stop making potentially good content garbage by making it political.
D1ce Gam1ng and Sports
Lmao what children are brought into it he was making such a good point smh
Tim Hace 4 días
Josh Brolin on Hot Ones please
Nova 29
Nova 29 Hace 4 días
Zachary Collie
Zachary Collie Hace 4 días
Wrong hand when he was snapping
Veyonce Gonzalez
Veyonce Gonzalez Hace 4 días
0:48 Josh-like I’m not even sure if you have your pants on right now? Stephen-what?! Josh-uh nothing... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
BGoodTheArtist Hace 4 días
this is just too weird to watch.
Dorsey Hilliard
Dorsey Hilliard Hace 4 días
Brolin and Ryan Reynolds together are comedic gold !!!!!
Juan Ortega
Juan Ortega Hace 4 días
Brolin for president
Pro Skillz
Pro Skillz Hace 4 días
Orangemanbad I believe celebrities :(
EliteC64 Hace 4 días
Brolin as president, hey stranger things have happened 😎
samuel chia
samuel chia Hace 4 días
Came here after I watched President Trump snap his finger
Underdark Fantasy Scribe
[°°] That's it!? Dude; i was expecting at least Top Ten Thanos quotes, you dig?
Sylvia Zapata
Sylvia Zapata Hace 4 días
Love josh brolin !... I want me some brolin . I can’t wsit for Avengers 4: endgame
Xove Hace 5 días
thanos 2020
Pat Gogan
Pat Gogan Hace 5 días
He's come a ways since Goonies lol
Matt Kaeder
Matt Kaeder Hace 5 días
Wish humans were actually intelligent to the BS and the manipulation that is acuring right in front of them. They sprinkle hate and racism and enough primtive and selfish minds eat it up like candy, beliving that they are doing the righr thing supporting a rich man that will never have OUR backs and literally showing almost 100% characteristics and tactics of a Hilter type tyrant. Well. That shows how far America has NOT moved forwards. Going actually backwards to the 60's and further still with race and women. But don't be scared as women and the youth are making a tremendous fight to lead and help make this country, actually, better fighting all the hate and racism and pure ignorance along the way. Better IS coming and it is NOT with those who think like 45. It is far better then that.
Adam Kelevra
Adam Kelevra Hace 5 días
WHAT WAS THE DAMN QUESTION!! Dammit now I'll never know what Brolin wanted to ask Colbert
Archer S.
Archer S. Hace 5 días
Guys I have a theory josh brolin is actually thanos
jason johnston
jason johnston Hace 5 días
The 2nd tweet sounds like something kanye would say about himslef lolol
Mr. Beats
Mr. Beats Hace 5 días
The best food eating scenes are 1: The intro in Paid In Full (Mitch, Rico, Ace Boogie all where eating Chinese food. 2: Inglorious Bastards Strudel Scene. 3: Deathproof Stuntman Mike eating nachos scene. Jus my opinion.
Lam Tang
Lam Tang Hace 5 días
Tweets start around 9:48
Fadloon Abdullah
Fadloon Abdullah Hace 2 días
Not all heroes where capes, thanks cap
GamesDoesLiam Hace 5 días
Lam Tang the hero we need but don’t deserve
The Ghost of Winterfell
"I don't even know if you have your pants right now." "What?" "Nothing." I'm gonna find this interview.
SharadRR Hace 5 días
can't stand colbert... but wow, Josh Brolin has bucketloads of personality. Very charismatic. Glad I watched!
Gayle Marie Clanton
Gayle Marie Clanton Hace 5 días
Take the pants off and be free
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson Hace 5 días
I’ve got one of those weird boners
Ean _
Ean _ Hace 5 días
Trump 2020
bad1080 _
bad1080 _ Hace 5 días
these pretzels are making me thirsty!
Ahmed Soliman
Ahmed Soliman Hace 5 días
Brad Sheridan
Brad Sheridan Hace 5 días
Why??? Why is late night TV obsessed with Trump?? More political than ever...sad
Luke Secrest
Luke Secrest Hace 5 días
Cause he's a bigger joke than pretty much any political figure in recent history? Lol besides late night TV has always been political.
Fordy McFord
Fordy McFord Hace 5 días
Atmospheric nitrogen Plasma Will allow us to live to 200+ years Atmospheric Nitrogen Plasma sends muscle and bone cells Into regeneration Built a TESLA COIL and use it in a treatment room and add maybe a little extra nitrogen in the room ...
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Hace 5 días
Why does Stephen promote Trump with nightly free advertising?
James T.
James T. Hace 5 días
Hes a closet gay for him.
sutrkane Hace 5 días
Orange man bad
Marvin G Moreno
Marvin G Moreno Hace 6 días
Reading President Trump's line in Thanks mode is cool
Virtual_Viking Hace 6 días
HA. Grandpa Thanos Yoo-hoo-hoof shudif gun fur de het sonny. Snap fingers And my thumb is now broken.
MrStensnask Hace 6 días
So, Thanos is just intense Josh Brolin with a slightly sore throat
Sunspot Dawn
Sunspot Dawn Hace 6 días
Go ask Alice.
Ashish Saundade
Ashish Saundade Hace 6 días
PHARM1RECON Hace 6 días
not because of his accent but this guy always reminds me of tommy lee jones
PHARM1RECON Hace 5 días
+Marco Arreola yea i forgot about that
Marco Arreola
Marco Arreola Hace 5 días
He played a younger Tommy Lee Jones In men in Black 2 or 3
Alex Da MF Lion
Alex Da MF Lion Hace 6 días
Randy Orton got old
Stacey Vermilyea
Stacey Vermilyea Hace 6 días
Hamill does this sooo much better.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Hace 7 días
#makemarvelgreatagain! (Too much SJWism for me).
the_gifted_one Hace 7 días
Good lord bring back Letterman!! Colbert is seriously stinking it up permanently
TheDjcobra2001 Hace 7 días
Was that a permanent marker?
Shaken Grain
Shaken Grain Hace 7 días
Hollywood takes EVERYTHING to their hatred of Trump. Old news. Trump lives in their heads now.
Kaura Loft
Kaura Loft Hace 7 días
I loved the whole thing, but just in case someone was just here to hear the Tweets read aloud, it starts @ 10:00
Default Name
Default Name Hace 7 días
Josh... you're great
Default Name
Default Name Hace 7 días
Steve... you're funny as hell
Vishal Other Guy
Vishal Other Guy Hace 7 días
10:05 you're welcome
Flavio Castro
Flavio Castro Hace 7 días
what u came to see literally starts at 10:12
L. D.
L. D. Hace 7 días
Only idiots would watch Colbert.
ECKO723119 Hace 7 días
Love Josh Brolin lol he’s the man
MonsterHunterRoon Hace 7 días
I want to see Thanos vs. The Omni King Lord Zeno. I'd like to see who disintegrates who first.
The Thunder
The Thunder Hace 7 días
He looks amazing, a real man.
Big Fax God _
Big Fax God _ Hace 7 días
Thanos for President!!
raze dragon
raze dragon Hace 8 días
wow very deep
Faiz Jalal
Faiz Jalal Hace 8 días
That vito impression tho
Slappy Stapley
Slappy Stapley Hace 8 días
10:11 you're welcome.
RK800 Prototype #1000
Adder K.
Adder K. Hace 8 días
Yeahhhh...its all cgi.
Teague Hayes
Teague Hayes Hace 8 días
Does this host sway more to the left or right politically?
Luke Secrest
Luke Secrest Hace 5 días
You can't tell?
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Hace 8 días
Bringing your young kids to illegally cross a border is more callous imo.
Giovanni Gonzalez
Giovanni Gonzalez Hace 8 días
Thanos for president ✌✌🇺🇸🇺🇸🎖🌎
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