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JOY, Mijoo, Sowon, Jiho, Tzuyu, yeonwoo - Hush [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]

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* 2018 KBS Song Festival Play List
* MC : Chanyeol(EXO), Dahyun(TWICE), JIN(BTS)
- LIVE Dec 28, 20:30 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- With English sub : Dec 30, 08:40 (Seoul,UTC+9)
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28 dic 2018

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Comentarios 26 020
Jenna Polon
Jenna Polon Hace 51 un minuto
It's happening fast! Sowon's already maturing into this concept and she did great!
mehreen gilani
mehreen gilani Hace 4 horas
For once, Joy isn't a giant compared to others on the stage
chairene #stream_rbb_you_uglies
Damn joy 😩
Rohan Prince
Rohan Prince Hace 7 horas
Joy and Mijoo looked so sexy. They were the best in this video. Especially Joy looked perfect for the setting.
cess23 Imperial
cess23 Imperial Hace 7 horas
Crown of roses
Crown of roses Hace 8 horas
Joyyyyyyyy 😍🔥💗💗
Tzuyu Twice
Tzuyu Twice Hace 8 horas
90% of the comments are about my baby tzuyu 😢😢 they are happy tears ❤❤
janet lili
janet lili Hace 11 horas
beautiful and hot Joy
R28Lovely Hace 11 horas
Riri Victoriano
Riri Victoriano Hace 12 horas
/drinking water/ *Saw Leader Sowon Sexy aura* /Spits water/ //Waiting for GFriend's Next Comeback with *Sexy* Concept//
Maruko I
Maruko I Hace 12 horas
Priyank Priyank
Priyank Priyank Hace 13 horas
Tuzyu please marry me
Дарима Очирова
I love Joy ☺my hot Queen!!!👑
Clai Cañamo
Clai Cañamo Hace 14 horas
Tzuyu 😍
jungkook 1132
jungkook 1132 Hace 15 horas
tzuyu💜so sexy 🐯🐕
Zeke jaeger
Zeke jaeger Hace 16 horas
tzuyu in EVERY comments 😂😂
quynh huong quynh hoa
quynh huong quynh hoa Hace 17 horas
tzuyu is killed me
Wiz*one Love
Wiz*one Love Hace 17 horas
In comment Tzuyu 65% Joy 20% Sowon 10% Other girl 5%
Rainbow Hoseok
Rainbow Hoseok Hace 17 horas
Mijoo’s high note 😍
Im Nayeon
Im Nayeon Hace 17 horas
tzuyu the best and more pretty
Im Nayeon
Im Nayeon Hace 17 horas
tzuyu the best
Number One
Number One Hace 18 horas
Joy's sexiness in on another level
Number One
Number One Hace 18 horas
JOY a.k.a The Cutie Sexy Visual ✅ checked Vocal ✅ checked Dance ✅ checked Stage presence ✅ checked Bomb ✅ checked Dynamite ✅ checked 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Number One
Number One Hace 18 horas
Sexy dynamite JOY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Number One
Number One Hace 19 horas
JOY owned the stage
Number One
Number One Hace 19 horas
JOY is so hot omg
Robot Rhinosaur
Robot Rhinosaur Hace 20 horas
sowon is crazy hot
Chan Chi
Chan Chi Hace 20 horas
Egg cell
Egg cell Hace 21 un hora
looks like people have nothing to say other than visual?? Is visual considered as talent in kpop?? R.I.P. Singing, dancing, stage presence.
princess jumiah
princess jumiah Hace 21 un hora
Why is no one talkig about Sowon? I mean like she makes me drool.....Just kidding😂 But seriously shes superrrrrrr sexy here😂😍
อ๋อมแอ๋ม ภษร
Tzuyu 😙😙
jamaica macalalad /virgie espeleta
Yeonwoo tzuyu and joy they so pretty
J o h L D A
J o h L D A Hace 23 horas
I wish this is on Spotify 😞😢
ifta chariska
ifta chariska Hace un día
Joy joy joy joy joy💚💚💚💚
Gfriend and blackpink Eunha and lisaaa
What if these girls are in a group. They cab slay every girlgroup.
Gfriend and blackpink Eunha and lisaaa
Sooo goood as fuvkk I was wondering if doyeon(weki meki) is here
Athena Asuncion
Athena Asuncion Hace un día
Sexy dynamite
Athena Asuncion
Athena Asuncion Hace un día
Park soo young
Athena Asuncion
Athena Asuncion Hace un día
Crown of roses
Crown of roses Hace un día
Wow joyyyyyyyy 😍✨✨✨💓💓
fashion me
fashion me Hace un día
sowon from smaller fandom slayedddd 🔥🔥🔥🔥
fashion me
fashion me Hace un día
sowon a visual queen 🔥🔥🔥 best dance
Fire Fist
Fire Fist Hace un día
Joy is not come to playing
ikazulfa Hace un día
Sowon is so freakin beautiful
Jas Min
Jas Min Hace un día
Joy ! Tsuyu and yeonwoo
BaeJin :3
BaeJin :3 Hace un día
Sowon my queen 😍
Be ab
Be ab Hace un día
if miss A kept producing such bops kpop would be awesome i miss them QUEENS
Cryss Julienne
Cryss Julienne Hace un día
JOY ❤❤❤
Man Truong
Man Truong Hace un día
Joy ❤️
JU NO Hace un día
Mijoo so swag 👸👑
Chibi Hace un día
No one talking about Yeonwoo... :'(((
na ra
na ra Hace un día
Highest joy
Jeanne Na
Jeanne Na Hace un día
I kept on repeating this video to see talents + visuals. Rip replay button. :((
Jeanne Na
Jeanne Na Hace un día
All of them slayed ohmygodjagsgs-
Mia Fathiah Abg Fadly
Jiho is from which group?
Mia Fathiah Abg Fadly
+Caitlin The Pentaholic thanks
Caitlin The Pentaholic
Oh My Girl.
Jensila Sharon
Jensila Sharon Hace un día
Oh my bby tzuyu is being appreciated 😍
Ghusty Wee
Ghusty Wee Hace un día
I'm not even a Joy bias but admit it she was the best here.
Ikke Intan Pratami
Ikke Intan Pratami Hace un día
Suzana Etik
Suzana Etik Hace un día
Tzuyu tzuyu slayyy
Suzana Etik
Suzana Etik Hace un día
Tzuyu tzuyu tzuyy OMG
Arvin Jaylo
Arvin Jaylo Hace un día
Imagine spending a night with one of this girls in a room locked up. That would be heart flattering. Especially JOY and Tzuyu :(
Stella Chambers
Stella Chambers Hace un día
Jisoo would have been great for this
Mr Cool
Mr Cool Hace 2 días
Joy 💖tzuyu 💕💗jiho 💘
Zeke jaeger
Zeke jaeger Hace 2 días
90 % comments about tzuyu 😂
chijeu・゚ Hace 2 días
am i the only one who laughed when tzuyu said "aha" and stared into the camera.. xD
Lusita piano cover
Lusita piano cover Hace 2 días
devra anggara
devra anggara Hace 2 días
Tzuyuuuuu only
Dragon God
Dragon God Hace 2 días
You know, Tzuyu and Yeonwoo should be like sisters since they almost look a like
Hustle L
Hustle L Hace 2 días
Sexy Dinamite JOY💘
GOT 7 Hace 2 días
Aoi_ Yui
Aoi_ Yui Hace 2 días
sad hirai
sad hirai Hace 2 días
Zeniux Hace 2 días
Mijoo, Jiho and Yeonwoo wasn't metioned in the comments so, here i am!
Zayena Freed
Zayena Freed Hace 2 días
Momoland Yeonwoo 💓
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon Hace 2 días
Sowon sexy
冰雪人 Hace 2 días
PROMISE Hace 2 días
tzuyu sowon joy yeonwoo they are really perfects
Nishtha Hace 2 días
Tzuyu babyyyyyyyy
amer hijazi
amer hijazi Hace 2 días
the best 😍 joy 😘
Tasha Valerie
Tasha Valerie Hace 2 días
I can't take my eyes from tzuyu
İrem Sözbir
İrem Sözbir Hace 2 días
Joy so hot 🔥🔥🔥
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos Hace 2 días
Tzuyu always slay
Hiro Hace 2 días
Sowoon hair is GORGEOUS
Princess Abi
Princess Abi Hace 2 días
I like this cover but I really prefer the original Miss. A I guess it’s mainly be they were my first kpop girl group
Chan DO
Chan DO Hace 2 días
Joy own the stage with being naturally sexy. Ofucc can't take eyes off her
reveluv -joy
reveluv -joy Hace 2 días
vacuumisallinone Hace 3 días
All sexy beautiful girls!
Leah CPA
Leah CPA Hace 3 días
They all slay. But Joy's facial expression is different from the others. She's born to slay this kind of concept. Just the look of her eyes is already oozing with sexiness.
Lucas Dutra
Lucas Dutra Hace 3 días
It's the first time that Joy looks smaller than others
jamesguibone 26
jamesguibone 26 Hace 3 días
Bafi Queen
Bafi Queen Hace 3 días
MiraxMikey95 Hace 3 días
I don't know about you but Joy is the only one I can see. She owned the stage. And big respect to Mijoo and Joy for life vocal not sure about the other. All of the girls have their own charm and sexiness.
Họ Đàm
Họ Đàm Hace 3 días
I love you Yeonwoo Joy
ohronl Hace 3 días
Na Thỏ
Na Thỏ Hace 3 días
KaYa Hace 3 días
Tzuyu...watch out...your voice are killing some people OKE!
Jin And 2 Jin And I
Jin And 2 Jin And I Hace 3 días
My girl Joy
Ianhil Salazar
Ianhil Salazar Hace 3 días
Joyyy yessss? Slayeddd
ixiquies aesthetic
ixiquies aesthetic Hace 4 días
Yes sis
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