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3 mar 2019






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TH sol
TH sol Hace 44 minutos
TH sol
TH sol Hace 45 minutos
JB 💕
hülya koca
hülya koca Hace 50 minutos
cmon guys, more stream , they deserve more :) 30M-40M-50M +xxxx
wassabi face
wassabi face Hace 51 un minuto
i can't stop listening to it ,my bias and bias wrecker together is killing my heart
nongla_ igot7
nongla_ igot7 Hace un hora
zahraa Mohamed
zahraa Mohamed Hace un hora
Paw LR grand
Paw LR grand Hace un hora
Why am I in love with the way JB walk.😅😅 I'm not alone am I? 😕
anne' nemesis
anne' nemesis Hace un hora
You are not alone 😄 JB's runaway walk.
Singularity Tae
Singularity Tae Hace un hora
They're so hot 😩🔥🖤
nit nit
nit nit Hace 2 horas
เจบี ยูค 💚💜
ninni Hace 2 horas
This is such a great song for chilling ! Im so proud of our boys :,)
Tart Marquex
Tart Marquex Hace 2 horas
GOT7 is FLOP7 GOT7 is the first K-Pop Group to chart on Billboard Artist 100 Chart and Psy was the first K-Pop Idol. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Group to reached 1 Billion+ Hearts on VLIVE App. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Artists to have a 4-City Tour in Thailand, they're actually the Most Famous K-Pop Artists in Thailand, there's no argument about that. GOT7 was always on Japan's Chart. It was also said that GOT7 is the Most Popular K-Pop Star in Brazil. GOT7 is the K-Pop Artists that was chosen by Chinese Netizens along with T-Ara as the Most Famous Artists in China. All of their concert ticket were sold out within a short period of time. GOT7 is the first K-Pop Group to be featured their photos on Shinsegae Duty Free Wall and that's historic according to Shinsegae's staffs, they even said that many fans internationally chose GOT7 as Shinsegae's next models. GOT7 is the second K-Pop Group to won an award in MTV European Music Awards after BIGBANG. Jackson was the first K-Pop Idol to have ads on India, Jackson Wang is the first Chinese Artist to reached 5M+ views for an MV 'Dawn Of Us' on VEVO within a short period of time. GOT7 is well-known GLOBALLY: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Japan etc. Doni once said in 'Weekly Idol' that GOT7 is really famous on East Coast, he even said that if BTS controls the West Coast, GOT7 is controlling the East Coast. GOT7 was chosen by Thailand teenagers as their rolemodels. JB being called by Vietnamese as Vietnam's Son-In-Law. Jackson being famous in China and Bambam being called as Prince of Thailand which apparently became King Of Thailand. If you want some proofs why they're branded as Worldwide Kings. Here it is, GOT7 spokes different languages and they usually give their speeches with these languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean language, Japanese' language, English, Thai language etc. and they also have members with different nationality. Mark was born Taiwanese/American, Jackson is Chinese, Bambam is Thai and Yugyeom was actually born in Saudi Arabia. GOT7 is also well-known for their talents, if you ever doubt that then you must open your eyes for our rapper turned vocal slash actor Park Jinyoung, our meme and talented leader slash composer, producer, songwriter, photographer, B-boy King Lim Jaebeom, our rich and flying member of GOT7, his specialty is Martial Arts Tricking Mark Tuan, our rapper and also a great vocal, King, a former Olympian, great at doing back flips, a Fencing Champion Jackson Wang, our Prince Of Thailand, model, dabber, rapper, rich and also a great dancer and vocal BamBam, our great and powerful vocal, a guy who can fit the whole slice of pizza in his mouth, the innocent sunshine Choi Youngjae, our vocal and ever great dancing machine, maknae Kim Yugyeom. GOT7 is well-known for having rappers being vocals or vice versa, they have members who can do Martial Arts Tricking, B-Boying and back flips. Boy, they even wrote and composed their own songs and choreograph some of them. iGOT7s are not powerful? Well, Ahgases/iGOT7s won on Soompi's Twitter Best Fandom Award for 3 consecutive times, Thai Ahgases broke a record already for making 1942 Aircrafts, if this ain't powerful fandom ehh. GOT7 was one of the Boy Groups that will receive a Platinum Album Certification by GAON. GOT7 is the third K-Pop Group to reached 200M views for an MV on ESvid. GOT7 doesn't have many awards? Let's talk about that after you see all of these👇👇 🏆Best New Artist (2014 SBS MTV Best Of The Best) 🏆Best Rookie Group (2014 SBS Pop Asia Awards) 🏆Best New Artist (2015 Golden Disk Award) 🏆China Goodwill Star Award (2015 Golden Disk Award) 🏆Rookie Award (2015 Seoul Music Award) 🏆Chinese Netizen Popularity Award (2015 SBS Awards Festival) 🏆Popular Asian Artist Of The Year (2015 SEED Awards) 🏆Asia Style Best Style Group (2015 Fashion Power Awards) 🏆Best Korean Newcomer (YinYue V-Chart Awards) 🏆New Asian Group Award (2015 Youku Night Awards) 🏆Most Promising Newcomer Award (Overseas Category of 2015 Top Chinese Music Festival) 🏆Best Worldwide Act (2015 MTV Europe Music Awards) - 2nd group to won an award after BIGBANG👑 🏆iQiYi Worldwide Favourite Artist (2016 Mnet Asia Music Awards [MAMA]) - 2nd group to won this award after BIGBANG👑 🏆Best K-Pop Act In A Drama (2016 Drama Fever Awards) 🏆Best Performance By A Boy Group (2016 Simply K-Pop Awards) 🏆Best Male Group (2016 SBS Pop Asia Music Awards) 🏆Random Play Dance King (2016 ATK Awards) 🏆Best Album For Flight Log: Departure (2016 Album Awards) 🏆Best K-Pop Concert In Thailand For Fly In Bangkok (2016 Hallyu K Fans' Choice Awards) 🏆Best Boy Group (2016 Hallyu K Fans' Choice Awards) 🏆Bonsang Award (2017 Seoul Music Awards) 🏆Disc Bonsang (2017 Golden Disk Awards) 🏆Global Artist Top 10 (2017 Global VLIVE Award) 🏆Best Of Best Hot Star (2017 SBS The Show) 🏆Disk Bonsang for 1st Quarter Flight Log: Turbulence (2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards) 🏆Album Of The Year for 1st Quarter Flight Log: Departure (2017 Gaon Chart Music Awards) 🏆Hot Performance Of The Year (2018 Seoul Music Awards) 🏆Disc Bonsang (2018 Seoul Music Awards) 🏆Top Music Chart Of April (2018 MWave Music Chart) 🏆Best Male Group (2018 Annual Soompi Awards) 🏆K-Pop Artist Of The Year (2018 JOOX Thailand Music Awards) 🏆Latin America Popularity Awards) (2018 Annual Soompi Awards) 🏆Best Twitter Fandom For IGOT7s Which Won For 3 Consecutive Years (2018 Annual Soompi Awards) 🏆Best Worldwide Influencer (2017 VLIVE Year End Party) 🏆World Hallyu Star (2018 Golden Disc Awards) 🏆Bonsang Awards (2018 Golden Disc Awards) 🏆Hot Performance (2018 Gaon Chart Music Awards) 🏆World K-Pop Star (2018 Gaon Chart Music Awards 🏆Best K-Pop Music Of The Year for 'Never Ever' (2018 Top Music Universe Awards) 🏆Best K-Pop Male Group (2018 Top Music Universe Awards) 🏆Best Fans For IGOT7s (2018 Top Music Universe Awards) 🏆Platinum Album Certification For 'Eyes On You' (2018 Gaon) Individual awards still weren't included and that list is not yet completed Is this what you really called Flop Group? And if you think there's something wrong with what I've shown, feel free to correct me. Anyways, I love to stan Flop Groups ehh😊😉 © Denice Micaela Angeles
anne' nemesis
anne' nemesis Hace 56 minutos
I read it, and I made it because I'm an ahgase/igot7. Thank you for this BTW👍
Paw LR grand
Paw LR grand Hace un hora
I can't believe I read it till the end, and I love it 😄,I'm proud to be an AHGASSE/IGOT7💙
Lhamo Chhudru
Lhamo Chhudru Hace 2 horas
This song is so addicting 💕
Adce Xy
Adce Xy Hace 2 horas
Did I just hear GOT7 in 2:40?? 😅
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom Hace 2 horas
I regret so much for not listening on the day of release!! But here i am and this song is on loop. What a talent!! NOW FOCUS ON JUS2 ( GOT7)
RYAM 99 Hace 3 horas
kdrama site
kdrama site Hace 3 horas
it looks like i am playing SMASH IT !!!
TH sol
TH sol Hace 3 horas
Jus2 💚 JB 💚 yugyeom
M L Hace 3 horas
JB my love❤️
กรรณิกา ตรีสันเทียะ
Jimmi Brown
Jimmi Brown Hace 5 horas
Only just realised you can see the camera at 3:05
IGot7 MONBEBE Hace 5 horas
mint mint
mint mint Hace 5 horas
army- bts
army- bts Hace 6 horas
Please ahgases😭😭🐦🐦🐦vote for JUS2 IN IDOL CHAMP DOWNLOAD THE APP💪💪💪💪
nit nit
nit nit Hace 7 horas
Nurfi Ambar Purwanti
Current Ranking GOT7 "SOOMPI AWARDS" Artist Of The Year #4 Album Of The Year #5 Song Of The Year #5 Best Male Group #3 Latin America Popularity Award #4 Music Video Of The Year #3 AND 6 DAYS LEFT :D FIGHTING..!!!
KimNamAnne Hace 7 horas
Hello..... Am I welcome here?
anne' nemesis
anne' nemesis Hace 55 minutos
Anytime anyday 💚
Mei Chi
Mei Chi Hace 6 horas
everyone is welcome here. 🤗
ѕaмple тeхт。
ѕaмple тeхт。 Hace 7 horas
мне жалко тех, кто занимался монтажём.
Emily Milsom
Emily Milsom Hace 8 horas
Totally dig this song - it's so chill to listen to!
got7 with igot7 TH
got7 with igot7 TH Hace 8 horas
TeamWang / Got7
TeamWang / Got7 Hace 8 horas
Go Go Go ✌✌✌✌✌
TeamWang / Got7
TeamWang / Got7 Hace 8 horas
100M soon Ahgashe :)) Fighting ❤❤❤❤🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
Anything 4 you
Anything 4 you Hace 9 horas
This is good...
XxNinjaStarz Hace 9 horas
This is the most creativity kpop video I ever seen. Even though this isn't my type of genre of song I usually listen to but it's very soothing & relaxing to listen to and just think about how aesthetically it is. I like it. :)
Shine Yui
Shine Yui Hace 9 horas
Ahgases, if you can, spread more of JUS2 and GOT7! Spread their music and their MVs so that more people will hear their music! A lot of us are ranting that the public should not sleep on them. Don't just rant, make an effort to promote them and let the public know more of them! Think of ideas on how you can encourage others to listen to their music. I've been playing their songs at work and now some of my officemates appreciate their music. I've been asking professional dancers to do a dance cover of FOCUS ON ME and other GOT7 songs. Exert an effort to promote GOT7! Recommend Jinyoung's drama He is Psychometric to Kdrama fans you know. Stream and give hearts to the clips of the drama on Naver so that it will draw more of the Korean audience! Vote for GOT7 on Soompi. Vote for Youngjae on Idol Champ, he deserves that month long subway ad, the gap now is so close, lets bring him to no.1! Stream on itunes, cooperate with ahgases on Twitter every time we have something to trend. Recommend their songs and variety shows to others. Stream their MVs on ESvid, their songs on itunes and spotify and most important spread to others how talented and humble they are and how good their personality is. Lets anticipate their upcoming group comeback and lets make this their most successful comeback ever! 💪💪💚💚🐥🐥
Hatice Güneş
Hatice Güneş Hace 9 horas
Morning habit~~♥
Priyanka Das
Priyanka Das Hace 10 horas
I am literally listening to this song and VAV's Thrilla Killa the whole day while travelling ,in between classes, before going to sleep and while studying like literally 24/7.These songs are freaking addictive .
Gigi Kim Hunnam
Gigi Kim Hunnam Hace 10 horas
Hermosa canción no paro de escucharla!!!! Argentina los ama 😍😍😍
Tram Bui
Tram Bui Hace 10 horas
chix and sexy
chix and sexy Hace 10 horas
Stop sleeping guy's
chix and sexy
chix and sexy Hace 10 horas
Do it again do it again baby
NARY MI Hace 10 horas
Ahgases I never knew we was this lazy until Jus2 come out with Focus on me. This song deserves more than one win. We could have won on show champion if every one of us voted ! Why are you guys are so biased af? Do u guys think that jb and yg are selfish just bcoz the came out with a unit first? They sacrificed and come out with a masterpiece like this but didnt got any love in korea or international.
NARY MI Hace 9 horas
+Shine Yui We all know that tgat is why some ahgases keep on telling us to stream mv and vote as that is tge only think we could do. Hmm
Shine Yui
Shine Yui Hace 10 horas
Yeah, we could have won but votes are also not enough to win. Big part of the criteria to get nominated is the digital streaming in K-sites and unfortunately it did not chart well on K charts. 😥
andrea94 Hace 10 horas
loveee this song!💓💓💓
Project! R2
Project! R2 Hace 10 horas
Remember to vote on Soompi guys, which you could do while streaming on Spotify, just saying
milagros sanchez
milagros sanchez Hace 10 horas
I’m sad. This song deserves so much more recognition. The vocals are amazing and their visuals are art. :(❤️
ต้นข้าว'ว- จ๋า'าฯ.
enidlareg allat
enidlareg allat Hace 13 horas
No puedo creer que aún siga en 27M😦
Norma Tambriz
Norma Tambriz Hace 13 horas
son tan lindos ... me encanta
Norma Tambriz
Norma Tambriz Hace 13 horas
los amo
Taiy Phimmasone
Taiy Phimmasone Hace 13 horas
Naomi Def
Naomi Def Hace 13 horas
Perfecto ❤
Vanessa Hace 13 horas
Armys here to support Got7... lemme see ya! !!😊
S 987
S 987 Hace 14 horas
Amazing song! So well composed.
nit nit
nit nit Hace 14 horas
erisa prasetyati
erisa prasetyati Hace 14 horas
Love love love
hoy max
hoy max Hace 14 horas
B Bb
B Bb Hace 14 horas
Cristina Flournoy
Cristina Flournoy Hace 14 horas
You know what is sad I kept hearing "MotherF*ckers" on me but i have know become a fan of them. And can't wait to hear more music from them in the future
Mei Chi
Mei Chi Hace 13 horas
welcome to the fam. 🐣💚
Pornpana Umpaivit
Pornpana Umpaivit Hace 14 horas
Good Morning Jus2 :)
Narumon K
Narumon K Hace 15 horas
Jus2 love
Grizzy Playzzz
Grizzy Playzzz Hace 15 horas
Grizzy Playzzz
Grizzy Playzzz Hace 15 horas
JYP had a lot of groups debut this year huh?
Diane Obeng
Diane Obeng Hace 15 horas
Vote on Soompi please there only 7 days left.
Gacha Crystal
Gacha Crystal Hace 15 horas
*this is the most recent one so lets- lets check it out ya know?* FRACK YOU BAM BAM YOU SO RUUUDE
พุธิตา บุญคุ้ม
primooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jackson ♥
Nurfika Osman
Nurfika Osman Hace 16 horas
JB and Yugyeom has pushed their artistic boundaries with this feel-good vibe song, Focus On Me album, and the concept of JUS2. Sexy, strong, and sweet at the same time. 👍💚
Thu Hoài
Thu Hoài Hace 16 horas
Love jb
Olivia Lopez
Olivia Lopez Hace 16 horas
I got the album ❤️🥰 there so cute and I got both of them in a clear photo card💜😋
Allie Alligator
Allie Alligator Hace 16 horas
Total jam. Whole album is so chill. Definitely my type of music. 💙
nit nit
nit nit Hace 17 horas
Jus2 Got7 ✌✌🐦
GHALA :-: Hace 18 horas
عيالات انا احبكم
baebytae Hace 18 horas
TH sol
TH sol Hace 18 horas
Viendo mv Focus on me Escuchando lullaby en español Spotify 😀😀😀😀 Es algo raro 😊💝
aleesha Hace 18 horas
as far as im concerned this is the best kpop song of 2019 so far 👑
JB GOT7 Hace 18 horas
lv you Jeabommi Yugyeommi💚
HDS Hace 19 horas
you know that feeling when you love the video, styling, concept, song, and dance so much and it all has a consistent aesthetic that you just like aggressively love it. That's me rn
TH sol
TH sol Hace 19 horas
Yugyeom 💓
TH sol
TH sol Hace 19 horas
JB 💓
Zahra Waseem
Zahra Waseem Hace 19 horas
The song is so good and so soothing. The video is damn damn good. I'm happy to see this duo. Handsome hunks with beautiful complimenting voices. The mv is super awesome
Manatsawi Saisawang
Manatsawi Saisawang Hace 20 horas
Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy Hace 20 horas
A Hace 20 horas
can y’all believe that this is the best mv not just in kpop but in general
Multi Fandom K-pop
Multi Fandom K-pop Hace 21 un hora
Soumia Azzergui
Soumia Azzergui Hace 22 horas
Stream itttttttttt
B o
B o Hace 22 horas
TH sol
TH sol Hace 22 horas
👌 Jus2
DAYAMO YUKI Hace 23 horas
This is art. I'm so glad the unit is making real music instead of pleasing the Korean public.
M L Hace 23 horas
let's go to stream "hard carry" and "focus on me"
Jb Aegyo Please
Jb Aegyo Please Hace 23 horas
People who not support jus2 coz their bias are not in here. Watch ur self. Karma are real the same things gonna happen in your bias unit. Don't cry a river when your bias unit are gonna get the same result or even wrost than jus2
Jb Aegyo Please
Jb Aegyo Please Hace 10 horas
+Mei Chi good for you then.
Mei Chi
Mei Chi Hace 11 horas
+Jb Aegyo Please I believe we're not. The ahgases I have known supports all the members and the group as a whole. I surround myself with that kind of fam that spread positivity to the fandom. I think others who wants the fandom to break are fake and just want to spread negativity.
Jb Aegyo Please
Jb Aegyo Please Hace 12 horas
+Mei Chi we already divided tho
Mei Chi
Mei Chi Hace 12 horas
+Jb Aegyo Please I hope you push that feeling aside. 😅 Lets just work hard for them. The boys don't want us to be divided. 😊
Jb Aegyo Please
Jb Aegyo Please Hace 12 horas
+Mei Chi the feel of betrayel are so fresh I wouldn't forget this feeling
Daizybabo Prime
Daizybabo Prime Hace un día
👌 Illuminate symbols in every kpop mvs hh
MiRACLE LOVE Hace un día
A 100M 😝😍😍
Amita Kundu
Amita Kundu Hace un día
Now stream Focus on Me
MTBB Tuan Hace un día
MTBB Tuan Hace un día
Rika Greciela
Rika Greciela Hace un día
still here and will always come back here💚🐥 let's get 30M before the week ends! fighting ahgases!💚🐥
TH sol
TH sol Hace un día
Jus2 💚
Narumon Lovely
Narumon Lovely Hace un día
Sudarat srisarn
Sudarat srisarn Hace un día
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